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          February 6th, 2019

          Dear Bob, Thank you for consistently making the best Holsters on the market. To many trusted gun leather companies have slowly lowered the quality and raised the price. I see most of the people I work with wearing cheap plastic Holsters and they are constantly replacing them. One of my fellow instructors bought a $1,200 SIg Sauer and wears it in a $25 holster. Anyway, thanks again and be safe -Gary

          December 28th, 2018

          Finally got to try my shoulder rig with 18 loop paddle and love it even more than my PS6SA if that's possible. I still use the 12rd belt slide as well. Got black to fit 5.5in Vaqueros per Bob's suggestion that would keep my 4.5 and 3.5in guns protected too. I have 30 single action 45's which are my favorite ccw guns over 9mm double action and 357 snubbies. I feel pretty well protected with those old school guns. Rugers, Piettas, and Cimarrons. Great holsters! Jeff W.


          May 17th, 2018

          Hi Bob, I just took the firearms out of the plastic bags, where they spent about 48 hours. The fit is perfect. The paddle holster with neutral cant is a work of art. Both holsters are handsome and functional. Be assured I have not purchased my last Mernickle holster. Thank you again for great service and a great product. Bill B San Antonio, Texas

          May 15th, 2018

          I Just want to say I love my PS6SA. It is everything it is claimed to be. Makes my NM Vaquero disappear! Simple functional and excellent quality. In a word, perfect. Thanks for a great product. -William C

          May 11th, 2018

          Here are some pictures of your holster.. That I purchased from you about 5 years ago.. It has been a wonderful and working companion for my guide gun... As you can see.. I wore out the harness straps.. And had a local custom belt maker, make new ones for me.. and I added a Chicago screw right where the lever slips into the holster.. But other wise.. it has been perfect.. I work as a Black & Brown Bear guide about 6 months of the year.. And wear that holster.. all day most everyday day, on the job... It truly has stood the test of time.. it has been rained on, soaking, dripping wet.. but.. with care.. dried, and with no ill effects.. It has saved my rifle from many a ding, and scratch... I thought I would report back about your fantastic work.. keep it up...


          April 27th, 2018

          Hi Bob, Just wanted to give you an update on the excellent holster you made for my Charter Arms Bulldog 44 Special! I have been using it frequently, and find that it is an excellent fit for this revolver. I have 5 other holsters from you, and just want tell everyone that there is no holster maker that can compare! Mernickle Holsters are quite simply the finest, highest quality holsters available in todays market! Congratulations to you and yours on such a fine product! Sincerely, David Green

          April 3rd, 2018

          Bob: Received my double shoulder holsters and belt Saturday, everything is perfect as I knew it would be. Now I am able to carry my matched set of Colt 1911’s that served me so well in the 1968 Vietnam Tet Offensive. You have made this Wild Weasel EWO proud to show them off in such a fine rig. Thanks: Billy

          March 19th, 2018

          Hello Bob, I just had to write and say how great my holsters/belt rig is and how well it fits me and my Ruger’s. The measuring guide was perfect. They were made and delivered fast, earlier than I expected. I met you and Sherrie at the 2016 Calif. State Championships where I got to see your great work, I decided I wanted one of your rigs.
Thanks for the Great Job. Donald "Rick" Monseth

          March 9th, 2018

          Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that Cherokee Gal aka my wife, Debbie, loves her holsters. She was very pleased when we were able to add some new grips to her .32 Rugers to complement the rig. Seems every time she shoots, she get compliments on her guns and holsters and we are always pleased to say they came from Mernickle (as did mine). Thanks again, Roy Sackett aka Phyl Brinkley


          January 17, 2018

          I just got my holster for my Ruger new Bearcat and it is great! Put the gun in a plastic bag then into the holster overnight, perfect fit! The quality of your holster is amazing, better constructed but more compact than my other holsters. Thanks for your great product. Tim Ward


          January 16, 2018

          Bob, I just want to thank you for the awesome holster. I have purchased many holsters over the years but none that has matched the quality and workmanship that is in this holster. One of the more impressive things for me is the inside of the holster is as smooth as the outside. I used the break in procedure as recommended but rubbed the inside with a leather lotion and let it set for 24 hr. Awesome fit, snug but free. Worth the wait for the build, thanks again. Frank


          January 3rd, 2018

          Hey Bob and Sherrie, Im really sorry, that it took me so long, to write you a full review. When i started using your new designed CrossDraw Rig, i had some problems, reholstering the CrossDraw Revolver, about 20 out of 100, specially when i’ was reholstering in movement. I was hitting the loop on the inner side of the cross draw.. So i practiced a lot to get rid of that issue, but couldnt get rid of 15% while reholstering. Then i videoanalysed it, i figured out, that the agressive angle is perfect for my stand, but that changes a lot while im trying to reholster on the move. So i bended the loop of the crossdraw a little bit further inside to get about 5 degrees less angle and used the bigger loop space to bend it a little bit more into a wider funnel shape. After that configuration, i got better and better with the reholstering on the move and way better, then with my old rig i used before. The new crossdraw rig really changed my game! Thank you very much! What i love the most about this rig is the improved metal lining. I’ve never tried a rig that stable. Its always in the perfect spot! I won the European Championship 2017 shooting your rig and really improved my holstering times. In the attachement i added some videos shooting your rig. I wish you a great start of the year and hope to see you soon.

Bob's Reply: Hi Helmut Thanks for the review. You hit the nail on the head as to what you did. The thing as with most of our metal lined holsters; is you can bend them to suit your style of movement. Once you have that in place you are good to go. No one is built the same and no one stands and draws/re-holsters the same. So it is pretty much impossible for a maker me included to build a one style fits all product. I will say to you as I do to all users of our products that are metal lined; set it up and then leave it alone. Some people get into a bad habit of continues bending of the shank. Doing so is only going to fatigue the metal and now there is a bigger problem. Glad you found your sweet spot and congratulations on your win. Well deserved. Bob Mernickle Designer


          December 19, 2017

          I received my concealed carry holster (PS6SA) for my Ruger Vaquero. Beautiful craftsmanship and fits like a glove. Holds very tight to my body and allows me to carry concealed with just an untucked button down shirt. Love it!! Thank you and Merry Christmas! Ron Weisberg


          December 03, 2017

          I hope you are never tired of hearing this because I am sure you have received messages of this type before. I just received my new holster set, HP1, KC1 and the ammo holders. Why I did not do this before, I am trying to figure out since I am just thrilled with the items you have made for me. It fits perfectly, and everything about this whole set has me wishing winter was not just starting in Iowa and that the shooting season was just beginning. I still have a few beads of sweat on my brow from pulling the holsters onto the belt, but now I know why the Chicago screws were loose. I have tightened them up since I have the holsters exactly where I want them. Now if it will just make me shoot faster and straighter, it will be perfect. I certainly will have no excuse that my holster rig is holding me up from shooting better. Nothing else at this point, just wanted to let you know I got the rig and am very happy with it.This is a Christmas present from my wife and she will be pleased that I am so happy with it. Thanks again!!! Roger Schultz aka Round Rock SASS No. Life 8212


          August 01, 2017

          I just got my Bearcat holster from Ruger, and I love it.  You guys do great work.

          Thanks, Kirt.

           May 17, 2017

          Model:  PS6DA REF1

          Hello Sir,

          I promise this will be the last time I bug you.  I got my holster this afternoon and I'm wearing it now.  It is 100% worth the wait.  I absolutely love it and from this point forward
          the only Holsters I will buy in the future will be yours - as soon as I'm able I'll place another order.

          Thank you again,
          Sincerely, Gary.

          Another PS6DA REF1 Testimonial           

          April 26, 2017

          Model:  CFD3 REF1


          Checking on my D3 order I won the WFD Thumbing in Greenville Ohio last weekend with my old worn out Mernickle D3 - hoping to get the new one before the OFD contest
          in two weeks.  Also won some fastest series.  The buckles won last years 4th place all Mernickle rig!!



          April 13, 2017

          Model:  PS6SOB

          Hi Folks,

          Wanted to let you know that I received my small of back holster for my S&W Snubby 38 Monday.   The belt and holster match very well - more importantly the holster
          works great.  It rides where it ought and I'm not aware of it.  Very very nice and I am well pleased.  Thanks for the craftsmanship.

          Carl Groh

          Another PS6 SOB Testimonial

          April 03, 2017

          Model:  SH6

          Hello, UPS delivered my holster, your SH6 today.  I am very happy with it and am now breaking it in.
          Thanks for a high quality item.

          Eric Johnson

          Another SH6 Testimonial.

          March 29, 2017

          Model:  HPSG1 REF1

          I purchased one of these at Winter Range and wanted to let you know it has fast become my favorite SG belt! 
          Wow!  I've had leather and canvas loops, but yours is by far the best I've used!

          Thank you!

          Another HPSG1 REF1 Testimonial       

          March 28, 2017

          Model:  HP1 REF1

          It was really great to meet you at Winter Range, and thanks for taking the time to get me the right holsters.
          The belt has just arrived in the mail.  Have to tell you how great it its and how pleased I am with the fit and workmanship.
          It is going to make shooting even more fun.


          Another HP1 REF1 Testimonial.         

          March 24, 2017

          Model:  HP1 REF1  HPSG1 REF1

          I just want to send you a thank you email.  Your HP1REF1 and HPSG1REF1 are absolutely top notch.  I have really enjoyed using them
          thus far and cannot conceive of ever replacing them with something different.  I will definitely recommend Mernickle Holsters whenever I'm
          given the opportunity.
          All the best and continued success>
          Rene Correa aka El Mesteno SASS#48466

           Another HP1 REF1 Testimonial

          March 21, 2017

          Model:  CFD15
          Pictured here is Oregon Ranger (aka T.J. Vonfeldt) of Oregon USA wearing his winning CFD15.  This picture was taken right after he won the
          2016 World Championship for the 3rd time.  No other man in the history of the sport to date and at the time of this picture being taken has
          ever won it twice!

          From all of us at Mernickle Holsters - We are proud of you!         

          March 20, 2017

          Model:  BW1 REF9

          My name is Ken Tucker and you made me a b-western sunset holster with matching shotgun/belt. I got it back in early December.
          Wanted to say how much I really really like my rig.  I've had lots of comments from the cowboys at Diamond Dicks Cowboy Town
          outside of Sacramento.  Once again, thanks a lot.

          Ken Tucker

          March 13, 2017

          Model:  FC13

          I ordered a holster in the left hand for a 2.75inch ruger redhawk.  Came in today - fits well. Workmanship is great.
          I was having a lot of trouble finding something that fit this revolver due to its large cylinder.  But you got it right the first time.

          Ron Weddle

          Another FC13 Testimonial

          February 20, 2017

          Model:  HW1 REF1

The rig arrived today and is just what I was looking for.  The tomahawk loop is just right and the whole rig goes together real well.
          Thanks again for all your suggestions - once again you have come up with the goods.  REF: cus78-3.html

          Major Crimes AKA Tony Devine

          Another HW1 REF1 Testimonial

          February 9, 2017

          Model:  QCSG1 REF01

          I just got the shotgun belt today, less than 1 week after the order!  Fantastic service.
          This belt is BEAUTIFULLY made, wide & thick, double stitched and fits me like a glove.
          It's easy to see that this belt is made to last.  I can't thank you enough.


          January 31, 2017 

          Model:  PS6DA

          Hi Bob, My holster arrived and it is exactly what I was looking for.   The workmanship is outstanding as well.

          Thanks, Roger

           Another PS6DA Testimonial   

         January 30, 2017

         Model:  PS6SA

         I just received my PS6SA for my Ruger New Model Blackhawk.  I couldn't be happier.  The color and quality seems to belie how much you charge,
         it is worth far more than you ask.  Looks aside, it's how it performs the task you claim. I am happy with how it wears, I can verify it fits the firearm
         to the body just as you claimed it would.  It is comforting and comfortable!

         In addition you got me the holster in under 5 weeks. I am very impressed with your work.  The fit of the holster to the firearm and to my body and, your deliver time.
         I'm including a picture of my Blackhawk and your holster when they first met!

         Tym O'Byrne

          Another PS6SA Testimonial

          January 9, 2017

          Model: AWS1

          Received my holster and belt ... it is awesome. Thank you so much.
          I did notice a stiffness but after reading a couple feed backs, I put my Taurus in it and am letting it set in a warm room while the 2 get used to each other.

          Thanks again for an awesome job and work of art.
          Bob Diemond

          Another AWS1 System  

          December 29, 2016

          Model:  PS6

          I just wanted to write you a note and tell you how pleased I am with your PS6 holster's. I have one for all my carry guns.   

         I have several 1911’s and I am now carrying a Glock 19.
          Like all people who carry guns, I have a box of holsters that I have tried and they just don’t seem to work out and they end up in the box.
         I have tried kydex, kydex/leather combos and various other brands of leather holsters. Granted some of the kydex holsters are a tiny bit thinner than the PS6,
         but they are just not comfortable. When I put on the PS6 with my G19 along with the combo mag/light pouch that you made also,
         I can literally forget that they are there. They are that comfortable.
         All the other holsters that I have tried are just not as comfortable and concealable as your holsters.
         You make great products and when I purchase more guns in the future, my second purchase will be a PS6 for it to ride in.

         Thank you for your great products.
         Ron Hood

          Another PS6 Testimonial   

          December 19, 2016

          Model:  PS6MR REF1

          Thanks Bob, Well as usual follow the man’s easy instructions and everything fits like it should. LOL.
          I really don’t know how the plastic bag does it, but it does…here are A COUPLE OF PICTURES AFTER IT SAT FOR 20 HOURS IN A BAG….
          I think I now own 5 of your holsters !

          Michael Veitch

          Another PS6MR REF1 Testimonial

           December 03, 2016

          Model:  PS6SA


          I have received my new PS06SA holster in the mail and I want you to know how impressed I am with the quality of the workmanship and how well my Ruger
          fit the holster on the date I received it. I followed your instructions on wrapping my weapon in the plastic bag the holster came in and inserting it in the holster overnight.
          The fit after this time was fantastic. Based on the excellent quality of this holster, I am going to order a field carry holster from you after the first of the year for this
          same weapon.

          Roger L. Taylor

          Another PS6SA Testimonial        

          December 02, 2016

          Model:   HW8

          Well, I cannot be more pleased.  It is a fine example of skilled craftsman.  The stitching is a great finishing touch.  Very impressive rig.
          But what makes it the best is that I will have to go off my diet so it won’t be too big.  Are you kidding me.
          What more could one ask for unless it was a republican President going into the white house in January.   Holy Mackerel!   Maybe Dirty Harry is on TV tonight.

          Jeff Martin

          Another HW8 Testimonial            

          December 01, 2016

          Model:  SH5

          I received my shoulder holster yesterday. While I was getting admittedly a bit impatient, I can say it is a truly beautiful piece that meets
          my expectations and looks to be well made.  My pistol fits nicely, especially after the break in period.
          Color is attractive and I am pleased I went with it over the black I had originally wanted.  Thank you from a satisfied customer.


          Another  SH5 Testimonial

          November 16, 2016

          Model:  PS6MR

          Angie… Well, you can imagine my total surprise and joy at discovering a box from Mernickle Holsters in my mailbox this afternoon.
          I don’t know how you did it, but thank you very much.  I immediately wrapped my pistol in the plastic bag and inserted it into the holster
          per the enclosed directions and will leave it there for a few days.

          The holster looks beautiful and of course extremely well made… you did a wonderful job and it is going to be a shame to hide it under a cover garment.
          “Outstanding” is the only thing that comes close to describing my experience with Mernickle.  I will send you a photo of how it looks as soon as I get it broken in.

           Stay safe,
           Pete Passick, Muskego, WI

           Another PS6MR Testimonial

          November 15, 2016

          Model:  PS6SA

          Hi all,

          Enclosed is a picture of my Ruger Montado-with a set of Chigg’s grips—I love this rig—this is without a doubt the best holster I have ever purchased.
          I field carry and use it for concealed carry as well—very comfortable and the gun is kept secure, well done. I am looking forward to ordering a holster from you folks
          for my Ruger SBH Bisley in 480 Ruger; just have to decide which model.  I just spoke with Bob on the different holsters for this gun; the time and advice was greatly

             All the Best,
          Cloud Condon

          Another PS6SA Testimonial

          November 10, 2016

          Model:  WB1 REF1

          Just wanted to thank you for my Wild Bunch rig.  I received it a couple of weeks ago and have now given it a workout at the single action club here in Canberra.
          It is both functional and looks terrific.  Thanks Again.

          Kind Regards,
          Tim O'Brien
          Canberra, Australia

          Another WB1 REF1 Testimonial  

          September 14, 2016

          Model:  PS10 (custom fit for a Korth handgun)

          Once again; a beautiful design beautifully executed.  Your 3 for 3!
          Of course, the prior rigs were not cookie cutter either.

          Talk to you soon,
          A. Niosi

          Another PS10 Testimonial

          August 22, 2016

          Model:  PS6MR

          Received my holster for the BERETTA/WILSON COMPACT CARRY 92G, it is perfection in every way.
          You guys make the best carry holsters bar none, you can bet I will be a returning customers.

          Respectfully, Juan J. Robles=

          Another PS6MR Testimonial

          August 02, 2016

          Model:  FC4

          I recently received my custom made FC4 holster for the  S&W Model 69 revolver which is on the L frame with a 4.25" barrel.  PERFECT FIT!!!!

          The holster is great, very comfortable to wear on the 2.25 inch belt and easy to draw and holster the revolver.
          Thank you very much for an excellent product.

          Kevin P. McCloy

          Another FC4 Testimonial

          August 01, 2016

          Model:  LADY HP

          Thank you so much for my holster set.  I love it.  You couldn't of done a better job. 
          The back name plate was a complete surprise.  Pictures to follow going to the Idaho shoot next week.

          Thank You
          Debbie Pease

          July 19, 2016

          Model:  PS2APX

          Received by latest holster, the IWB PS02APX for my early model Sig P238.  As usual, the craftsmanship is top notch and the fit is absolutely perfect.
          That has been the case with every Mernickle holster I have purchased. There have been many.  Your leatherwork is a great value.
          Thanks again for a great product.

          Dennis Potter

          Another PS2APX Testimonial

          July 14, 2016

          Model:  PS6 REF1

          I received my system yesterday an just wanted you to know how great it is an how happy I am with it. Thank you so much for such great service an an incredible system - 
          again thank you.

          I absolutely love it and the quality of craftsmanship that you put into making it for me, I've had many holsters in the past but yours is truly by far the best. 
          Please feel free to incorporate this into my testimonial.  Again, thank you so much and I look forward to getting more of your fine outstanding work.

          Tony Massey North Carolina

           P.S.  Yes Bob that would be fine to use it, I want to go an buy another Pistol just so I can order another Holster, Belt, an Magazine holder from you.
           Tony Massey

          Another PS6 REF1 Testimonial 

          July 12, 2016

          Model:  PS6MR

          Angie ..

          Well, you can imagine my total surprise and joy at discovering a box from Mernickle Holsters in my mailbox this afternoon.
          I don’t know how you did it, but thank you very much.
          I immediately wrapped my pistol in the plastic bag and inserted it into the holster per the enclosed directions and will leave it there for a few days.

          The holster looks beautiful and of course extremely well made… you did a wonderful job and it is going to be a shame to hide it under a cover garment.
          “Outstanding” is the only thing that comes close to describing my experience with Mernickle.  I will send you a photo of how it looks as soon as I get it broken in.

Again… thank you so much.  Please pass my best on to Bob and Sherrie.
          Stay safe,

          Pete Passick
Muskego, WI

          Another PS6MR Testimonial

          July 03, 2016

          Model:  PS6MR

          Just now found time to comment on the holster that arrived 2 days ago. It carries the pmr30 well, conceals well, and draws smooth.
          It took some time to adjust it to dad's 6'3" 270lb frame, but has thus far fulfilled all expectations. My thanks to the whole Mernickle family, but especially to
          a singularly extraordinary employee who not only understands, but defines what customer service should be.
          Such a person as to invoke envy in the eyes of other business owners even in her own field of endeavor.
          A person who is nothing if not a credit to the entire female portion of the human race. A person I know only as Angie. Mr. Bob, give this girl a raise!

          Laramy Watson

          Another PS6MR Testimonial

          May 20, 2016

          Model:  PS2 REF5

          I just got it today.  It's perfect and beautifully crafted.  Thank you for your assistance and please tell whoever made it how impress I am
          and that this was the deciding factor for me to purchase one of your elaborate rigs in the near future.

          Thank you again.

          Joseph Elliot

         April 09, 2016

         Model: PS6DA, PS31  Customer Photo Album - Customer reference #77:

         The holster has arrived and it is just perfect - wonderful craftsmanship - thanks a lot!!         

          Sincerely, Swen

          Another PS6DA Testimonial

          April 01, 2016

         Model:  PS6MR

         Want to say thank you for a beautiful holster - broke it in over night - fits perfect.
         You guys came through for me when others couldn't.  Nice touch on the stamping on the back of the holster. All that in less than 6 weeks.
         Again, thank you - we will be doing business again.


          Another PS6MR Testimonial

          March 25, 2016

          Model:  PS9-3

          The holster is perfect!!  It's everything I was hoping it would be.
          Thank you very very much for making it and doing the quality work that you do.

          Casey Bishop

          Another PS9-3 Testimonial

          March 21, 2016

          Model:  PS6SYS REF3

          I just wanted to let you know my order arrived, and it's beyond expectations!  It's a spectacular piece of work, it fit the gun perfectly out of the box.
          Bob's signature makes it even more special.  It's an extremely classy piece of leather artistry I will treasure and use with pride for the rest of my life.
          I couldn't possibly be more pleased with the holster and the fantastic customer service.

          It's a priviledge to do business with such a world class company and fantastic group of people. 

          Thank you all so very much - especially you Angie!

          Most sincerely
          Dan Schneider.

          Another PS6 System Testimonial

          February 15, 2016

          Model:  CA5/5

          I AM IN LOVE!!  They are a perfect fit.  Thank you so much Mr. Mernickle.
          After the Holidays I intend to pick your brain about another item I've seen in a movie and would like your thoughts.
          Till then, be safe and I wish you and yours the best.

          Jeff Woodman - Testimonial Photos

          Another CA5/5 Testimonial

          February 09, 2016

          Model: PS6MR

           Thank you so much for the holster I received today .... it's beautiful.
           I really do appreciate the quality product that you deliver to your customers.
           I hope Bob is doing well after his surgery.

           Bob Vanderpol

          Another PS6MR Testimonial             

          January 28, 2016

          Model:  HP1 REF1

          Hi Bob,

          Just wanted to let you know I received my holsters this week and they are even better than I expected. J

          I'm taking them to the range this weekend so I can show them off and brag about how good they are!
          Unfortunately, it is only a Working Bee so I won't be able to use them yet but, while no one was looking, I have been parading around my house wearing the holsters
          and with my Vaqueros.

          The way the pistols are away from the body and that slight cant is fantastic, different to what I normally use so I will be careful to start with but I reckon I will get used to it
          very quickly.

          I've always encouraged the cowboys here to look at your products and it's even better now I can show them the Gunfighter rig along with my Wild Bunch rig,
          both made by Mernickle.

          Nothing like being able to see and touch the real thing!

          Best regards,

          Another HP1 REF1 Testimonial

          January 18, 2016

          Model:  FC13 REF1

          I just got my FC13 REF1 holster in the mail today and WOW!!  It fits the Model 60 S&W with its 5" barrel like a glove!!  The quality and craftsmanship are wonderful
          and the fast turn around on my order was super fast!!  Thank you again for making such a great product!!

          Ken Schuler
          Shenandoah Valley of Virginia

          Another FC13 REF1 Testimonial         

          January 06, 2016

          Model:  HP1 REF1


          I'd like to thank all you good folks at Mernickle Holsters, for making me this fantastic rig - an HP1 REF1, with an extra strong side holster.
          A very special thanks goes to Stormie, for all the help.  You're the best!

          Jock "Sixgun Swede" Peterson, SASS #25395       

         December 19, 2015

          Model:  PS9-3

          I thought I would send a couple of pictures of my new Mernickle PS9-3 holster for Glock 43.
          I love it, same great craftsmanship as my other Mernickle products.  Recognize the nice belt?

          Warmest Regards,
          Rusty Harris
          Congers, GA      

          December 18, 2015

          Model:  PS6SA

          Recently I ordered a concealed carry holster from you for my Ruger New Model 3" Blackhawk.  I was very pleased with the short turnaround time
          from ordering to receiving it in my mailbox.  I am extremely impressed with the high quality of workmanship and the fit is perfect!  To say I am very happy
          with it would be an understatement!  I will be placing another order from you before Christmas for my Smith 686.  I have attached a picture of how it
          fits me on my daily walks on our rural road.  Thank you!


          Sid Rieff
          Garfield, AR. 

          Another PS6SA Testimonial 

         December 17, 2015

          Model:  BW1 REF10


          I’d like to thank all you good folks at Mernickle Holsters, for making me this fantastic rig - an BW1REF10, with an extra strong side holster.
          A very special thanks goes to Stormie, for all the help. You’re the best!


          Jock “Sixgun Swede” Peterson, SASS #25395.

          November 16, 2015

          Model:  PS6DA

          Just wanted to let you know that UPS did finally deliver the holsters.  As always, they are perfect!  You are an artist!  I will be ordering another soon, Again.
          Thank you for the holsters

          Thanks for the info on my requested shipping mode!  That is great news!  I will therefore be ordering again soon.  As for my comments .. feel free to post them
          on your site!  I think there is no finer holster on the market than Bob's work and, he is always willing to go the extra mile to satisfy the customer.  He and others
          in the company also are quite knowledgeable in guiding the customer to a holster which is appropriate to the gun in question. 

          One of my latest was in Iver Johnson 32 S&W, 1st Model.  Who would have though someone could make a holster for that!  But, Bob did it without a problem.
          His stitching is superb!  Bob's leather offerings are quite simply works of art!

          A satisfied customer ... I won't quit ordering from Bob till I have one of his holsters for each of the handguns in my extensive collection!

          David Green

          Another PS6DA Testimonial

          November 15, 2015

          Model:  PS6DA

          I have 3 of your fine holsters.

          I have one for my Ruger New Vaquero, one for my Cimarron Arms Doc Holiday Special and one for a 9mm Cobra Derringer which also nicely fits my NAA Pug! Love them all!
          I am an Ambassador for your fine work! Can you make a Belt Slide Holster for the Beretta Tomcat 3032 in Saddle Tan Leather? If so. what would be the price?
          I am carrying it in a no name belt slide, but it is not made specifically for the Tomcat so is not molded to the exact shape of the gun.
          I would prefer one of your molded Belt Slide holsters, right hand which fits the Tomcat perfectly, giving me a bit more security for carrying concealed.
          Would like the trigger completely covered and hammer protected like the Ragsdale holsters for the Pug.

          Please advise if you can do this and the price for same.


          A satisfied customer,
          David Green

          Another PS6-DA Testimonial           

          September 21, 2015

          Model:  PS6-SA

         Received my PS6 holster for my 4.6" Blackhawk. This is my first custom holster. The quality was every bit as high as I expected, and there was an unforeseen benefit -
         this holster has helped me improve my draw. After the break-in period, I was still having difficulty drawing. The gun would hang up. Not knowing what was going on,
         I stood in front of a mirror and drew, looking for what might be going wrong. I noticed my elbow would swing out from my body, causing my wrist -
         along with my hand and the gun it was drawing - to rotate in towards my body. Up until now, I've used off the shelf holsters like Triple K,
         which I've been satisfied with but their leather holsters for single actions were pretty close in price to yours, and I figured just once I'd go first class and get a custom holster.
         But off the shelf holsters aren't as form fitted to the gun, so it didn't matter if the gun didn't come straight up out of the holster.
         The fit was casual enough that the gun slid right out regardless. Not so with this one. When the gun rotated in the holster,
         the fit was close enough that it bound up the gun and it wouldn't budge. I don't know if it was intentional, but this feature would also be useful in keeping someone
         from snatching your gun out of the holster. At any rate, it helped me correct an issue I didn't even know existed, the gun flies out of the holster,
         and it's also improved my draw from my off the shelf holsters, too. Good job all around.


          Another PS6-SA Testimonial

          May 25, 2015

          Model:  PS10

          Great work as usual.... Just what I expected.


          Another PS10 Testimonial

          May 24, 2015

          Model:  PS6 Ref18

          Bob and all at Mernickle.

          Received my PS6 REF18 a couple of days ago.  This is my 4th PS6 (one SA model, 2 DA models and now this PS6 REF18 for my Ruger SR1911.
          This holster is beautiful!  Love my other 3 but this is the best!  The picture on your site does not do it justice and like the description says, it looks so
          good I do not want to conceal it.  However, that is what I bought it for.  I was not sure what the flap on the back was for at first, thought it might be to use
          it as a paddle holster but, once I put it on I figured it out.  That little widget really keeps the butt of the pistol tucked into my side and hidden under a cover
          garment.  I'm tall and kind of thin and thought it would be hard to conceal a pistol that size but it looks like it will be no trouble at all with this holster.
          Thanks to you all for a beautiful, quality, American made piece of craftsmanship that I am sure will outlast me.

          George Goddard, Lakeside, AZ.

          Another PS6 REF18 Testimonial

          May 19, 2015

          Model:  PS2 Ref4,   PS2DA,   PS10DA,   PS2

          Hi, I just received my latest holsters from you and I wanted to tell you what great work you do.  I know have 4 holsters made by you a PS2 REF4 for my
          Ruger 357 4 5/8" Blackhawk, a PS2DA for my S&W 4" 586, a PS10DAA for my S&W 6" 586 and a PS2 for my S&W 5" 1911.  The fit and finish are
          great and they are very comfortable.  I will be ordering again form you the next time I need a holster. Thank you all from one satisfied customer.

          Donald Brown.

          Another PS2 Ref4, PS2DA, PS10DA, PS2 Testimonial      

          May 01, 2015

          Model:  PS6SYS REF1

          I was sitting down this evening with my wife to watch Gunsmoke on the Western Channel when the doorbell rang.
          It was the UPS Driver with my PS6SYS for my Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander.

          WOW!!  I'm speechless!!

          Let me start by saying, Bob was most gracious in answering my questions about what to order when I wasn't quite sure what would be the best system/fit for me.
          As I am tall and slim I had concerns about wearing a High Rise Hoslter.  I even had doubts that a 1911 Commander size would work for my EDC.

          Not anymore.  I wear the holster at the 4 o'clock position and the dual mag pouch at the 9 o'clock position.  Comfort is exceptional even with the 1911 Commander.
          The holster hugs very close to my body and printing is not an issue at all.  As noted in the product description - Tipping would not be an issue .........very true.
          No issues at all.  The belt supports the weight of the dual mag pouch with 2 loaded clips and the firearm effortlessly.

          Quality of product .. Unsurpassed!!  Even the way everything was packed in the shipping box.  The PB1 Belt, PS23 Dual Mag Pouch and the PS6 High Rise Holster
          all in Mahogany/Brown are excellent.

          Simply put ...Nicely Done!!

          Thank you again, One and All,

          John W. Pawloski
          Middletown, CT

          Another PS6SYS REF1 Testimonial          

          April 30, 2015

          Model:  PS6 Extreme High Rise for Autos

          First I'd like to report on a PB2-5 Belt I ordered about two years ago:  fabulous product.  I have worn it virtually every day, with jeans as well as casual
          dress slacks, and it looks like new.  I don't think I'll wear it out before the 5-year warranty is up ... if ever.

          Second, I'd like to inquire about a PS6 Extreme High Rise.  I have a Springfield Armory XDM .45 ACP Compact (3/8" barrel).  Your order form asks a
          yes/no about a light/access rail. This firearm does have a rail, but I don't intend to put any accessory on there.  Should I indicate this on the order form?

          Thanks very much.

          Another PS6 Extreme High Rise Testimonial

          April 29, 2015

          Model:  PS6MR

Thanks again Bob.

          I just had a most pleasant conversation with Connie.  What a sweetheart.  She walked me through an order for the PS6 Mid Rise, and the staggered
          double stack mag pouch for a Glock 19 Gen-3/

          She noted the fiber optic sights, and extended mag release I have on it.  I didn't know the barrel length but the Glock 19 (9mm) is an extremely popular
          gun and you made the same holster for a friend who has the Glock 19.  Connie said you would know the barrel length.  Then, since Patty was close and
          Connie asked how much more it would be to have my nickname "HOSS" stamped on it.  I went for it.

          She told me about your upcoming show in Reno too.  Which I could be there.  You have a great product, at a fair price and a fantastic group of people (artists)
          working with you.  Which all proves you and your good wife are very special people.

          It's a privilege doing business with you and to own a piece of your artistry.  I'm looking forward to having my new rig.

          Thank you Bob

          Sincerely, Dan Schneider

          Another PS6MR Testimonial  

          March 25, 2015

          Model:  CFD5

          To all at Mernickle Holsters,

          After purchasing on of your CFD5 rigs for fast draw I was in immediate appreciation of the performance and style of this rig.
          So, when I wanted a good CCW holster for my Vaquero you were undoubtedly my first choice.  I have received my PS6SA and must say
          I didn't think it was possible to tuck a single action that nicely for concealed carry.  It makes for a comfortable carry and I don't have to wear
          extra bulky clothing to hide my revolver.

          My compliments to your staff as well on their consideration when I called.  Calling with a question is always met by a friendly and helpful answer.
          Mernickle will definitely continue to be my first choice.

          Many Thanks.
          Dan Smith

          Another CFD5 Testimonial.

          March 24, 2015

          Model:  FC3

          I received my FC03 for my Ruger Talo Birdshead today and it is awesome!
          The fit and finish is outstanding!  I'll be back for another in the future.

          Thanks, Dan Gruzd

          Another FC3 Testimonial

          March 19, 2015

          Model:  SH7

          I got my custom made holster yesterday in the mail and I am completely pleased with it!  
          My S&W500 fits the holster perfectly.  The quality of work is EXCELLENT! 
          The holster fits me perfectly!  I am very, very pleased!  Thank you. 

          Rudy Salisbury
          New York.

          Another SH7 Testimonial             

          March 12, 2015

          Model:  HW3 REF1

          The holsters arrived today.  One word - PERFECT!
          Thanks so much, they look amazing and are exactly what I was after:)

          Cheers, Justin.

          Another HW3 Testimonial

          February 16, 2015

          Model:  PS6

          I am pleased and amazed at the PS6 hi rise I purchased for my P220.  It conceals the large auto very well and even the weight of this large pistol is hardly felt.
          Best holster ever!  I am throwing out all others I bought.

          Blas Hernandez

          Another PS 6 Testimonial.           

          February 11, 2015

          Model:  PS6DA

          Just wanted to let you know how much my husband loves his new conceal carry holster.  He couldn't be happier!!!
          Although I ordered it last minute & it wasn't here in time for Christmas it was totally worth the wait.
          We'll definitely recommend your shop in the future!  Thanks so much. 

           Beck Snorek

            Another PS6DA Testimonial

          February 05, 2015

          Model:  ERSG1

          I just received my ERSG1 shotgun belt, the fit and finish is excellent.  My ER1REF1 gun belt and holsters I received in
          December are also perfect.  My complements on your fine products and friendly customer service!

          David Dewees

          Another ERSG1 Testimonial

          December 19, 2014

          Thank you for your excellent prompt service for my new PS6MR Conceal Carry Performance Series Holster.
          A quick picture shows it fits both my 1011/Government Series 70 .45 and government .38 Super equally well.

          Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
          Michael G. Veitch aka Kid Sopris

          Another PS6MR Testimonial 

          December 05, 2014

          Model:  FC13V

          I just checked the mailbox and it did indeed arrive this morning.  The mail arrived about six hours earlier than usual today.
          The holster looks awesome, fits the firearm nicely, and is comfortable to wear.  I'm happy with it.
          Merry Christmas to you and your family.

          Scott Lent

          November 25, 2014

          Model:  PS6 REF1 and PS23

          Came home today & what do I find?  Oh yes indeed, yes indeed!  My Mernickle holster and & magazine carrier - Customer Reference 72
          Without a doubt a holster truly worthy to carry my Colt Commander in.  Thank you bob & Family for your superior work!!!
          My colt Defender seems to be a little jealous.  Again Thank You!

          Tommy Jeffries

          Another PS6 REF1 and PS23 Testimonial

          November 11, 2014

          Model:  PS6MR and PS6DA

          I received two holsters yesterday, one for a 5 inch 45 auto, one for a 5 inch 8 round Smith and Wesson 357.
          I knew as soon as I un-boxed them, that these were high quality pieces.
          The fit and finish are outstanding.  Both weapons are sitting in their new homes, just breaking in. My son and I can't wait to strap them on and test them out.
          As a retired Law enforcement Officer, I can't tell you how important it is to me, to have my weapon properly concealed, properly secured, and protecting
          what I carry on a daily basis. Again, great job! Definitely worth the wait. I will be ordering again soon for my single action 45!


          Bob Henderson

          Another PS6MR and PS6DA Testimonial

          November 07, 2014

          Model:  PS10DA

          Howdy Bob!

          I am very pleased to have received your radical cross draw concealed carry holster for my double action .44!

          Combined with your saddle tan belt and belt slide for extra ammo, it makes for an excellent concealed carry combination.  The holster is comfortable
          in daily use and keeps my weapon secure and accessible while walking or driving.  My wife and I have enjoyed your work for many a year, and though
          our orders may be infrequent, a Mernickle holster on order is akin to waiting for Santa.

          Well done sir and thank you again.

          Mike Marshall

          Another PS10DA Testimonial          

          September 22, 2014

          Model:  PS6SA

          I got your PS6SA for my Ruger Vaquero's 4 5/8 45''s and want to comment on them again.  I've been carrying ccw in Illinois getting my permit right away.
          Mostly carrying one of my P95's.  This week I've been taking my Vaquero's and have become much more comfortable carrying and, not feeling self conscious.
          I love your PS6 holster.  The Vaquero is not really a ccw pistol but your holster works very well.  I just wear a light button down shirt and nobody even
          gives me a second look.  I even wear it in the house when home for the night.

          Thanks, Jeff Waterman

          Another PS6SA Testimonial

          August 30, 2014

          Model: CA13/14

          Received the new rig today and just can't get over the quality and workmanship.  I expect to use this belt and holsters
          for years to come.  Oh, and thank you for calling to make sure the order was right.  Again thank you.

          Jeff Hayes
          Battalion Chief

          August 29, 2014

          Model:  SH7 and CA4 System

          Hello Brian,

          Just got back from a patrol yesterday, my order was here when I got home.
          I believe the slip said since the 19th.  Everything seems to be what I ordered.
          Fits my gun, fits my waist.  Couldn't be happier.

          All the best.

          Another SH7 and CA4 System testimonial.   

          August 18, 2014

          Model:  PB1


I received my new belt Monday afternoon. Being back in a "Real Belt" was such a great feeling. There was no holster sag, just a solid feel of comfort knowing my holster
and sidearm and extra magazine were secure    and that belt task was done in style and comfort. My original belt was too long and after shortening for whatever reason
was too short. I was prepared to move on and you jumped in to make it right. I give you my deepest thanks!
Anyone who makes the decision to carry a gun needs to seriously consider how they will do it. Whether at stores, gun shows or almost any place I see people looking at gear
and it is always the holster. I was guilty of that myself until about 12 years ago. I started using good quality belts and never looked back. After buying one of your 1 3/4" belts
at Winter Range two years ago I would be hard pressed to use any other belt. If I could give one single piece of advice to someone looking at their carry options it would be to
look at the belt first and gear up from that point. My old belt was worn every day for two years and carried a pistol or revolver every single day and speed loaders or spare magazine as well.
If on a Ranger duty it also carried cuffs and a light. There was never a sag, holster tip out or any type of stress at all. Most of the time I carry a full size Govt. Model 1911 and a spare magazine.
I use your high ride holster which is an amazing holster itself and the muzzle is almost level with the bottom of the belt. That is a lot of weight held high above the belt.
It is always secure, easy to conceal and good looking on top of everything else.
It is easy to hold your products in hand and see the quality. I learned early on running a business that good service is easy to talk about but you cannot hold it in your hand
and say how good or shiny or better it is than someone else's. You have to perform and let your actions speak as they do it best. Your service is as good as it can be.
Thank you again for a well-made holster that will last the rest of my life I'm sure. We will talk again when I need my next holster. I have the foundation!
Jack Kellum
Lifetime NRA Member
SASS 57566


        August 05, 2014

        Model:  PS6 REF1

        Thanks for all the information.  I tried my 1911 in the holster yesterday and it fit perfect but I didn't want to use it till I made sure it was the one for my pistol.
        I really love the way my 1911 rides high in the holster and fits snug to my side and is very comfortable.  I was searching the web for a high rise holster
        for concealed carry and was so glad when I found your web site.  Thanks for making the perfect holster I was looking for and will be searching for
        something else to order from you.  Good luck with your business.


        Another PS6 REF1 Testimonial

        August 04, 2014

        Model:  PS6SA

        Bob --

        I'm about to take off on another trip into bear country and thought how nice it would be to have the PS6SA for my 7.5" .45 Blackhawk.
        But, since I ordered it on 7/23 I know there was No Chance.  But there it was in my mail box this morning!
        You outdid yourself on this one, but my lips are sealed.

        I was a bit skeptical about this holster for a 7.5" barrel.  Wow, was I wrong.  It CAN be draw strong side!  But it's in the cross-draw position
        that comes into its own: out-of-the-way, easily concealed, tucked high and tight, great for vehicle carry, and very speedy.
        I love it.  It is the perfect holster for what I want to do with this pistol.

       Many thanks, once again, for your fine work.  Attaching a pic.

        All the best,

        Another PS6SA Testimonial.

        July 27, 2014

        Model:  PS2

        Thanks for the holster.  Beautiful workmanship and a real winner.

        Thought you might like to see this:

        A very pleased customer.

        Joe Long

        Another PS2 Testimonial

        July 25, 2014

        Model:  PS6

        I've just received by holster and I couldn't be more pleased with the fit and finish.  The quality of the stitching and tooling far exceeds my expectations.

        Randy Hodges, Utah

        Another PS6 Testimonial     

         July 15, 2014

        Model:  PS10DA

        It's a great holster and the gun fits perfectly.  I'm very pleased and will be back for more.
        Thank You.
        Rick Ryan

        Another PS10DA Testimonial       

        July 14, 2014

        Model:  CFD5

        My goodness Bob, I am SO in awe of what your company has made me!
        My thanks to everyone who works there and special thanks to your Carver who did a fantastic job.  (It looks just like my tattoo).
        In fact, the entire crew is responsible for my wife NOT being able to push the button two times on the stopwatch as fast as I am on the draw .......
        in two hours practice time.  
        Thanks again my friend.

        Another CFD5 Testimonial

        July 11, 2014

        Model:  SH5V

        Greetings - Thank you for sending me the tracking info.  The holster showed up today.  It is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.
         I will recomend you to anyone looking for a high quality holster.  Thank you for your time and work.

        R. Scott Snyder

        Another SH5V Testimonial 


        July 09, 2014

        Model:  PS10

        I received my holster yesterday and what a wonderful job you have done.

        Thank You

        Carmi Guyette

        Another PS10 Testimonial           

        July 08, 2014

        Model:  ERSG1 REF1

        I just opened and tried on my Evil Roy shotgun shell belt.  I can't wait for Saturdays shoot to show off this beauty.
        Thanks guys, I really appreciate the fine craftmanship.

        Soledad (ADA Ron Loving)

        Another ERSG1 REF1 Testimonial

        July 07, 2014

        Model:  PS6LR

        I just wanted to tell you folks how much I love my PS6 Low Ride holster.  I prefer to carry my pistol lower on my hip than the higher concealment rigs allow.
        This holster fits the bill perfectly and the buttery smooth draw is the best I have experienced in all my ears of carrying a weapon on duty.
        I own many holsters that have ended up thrown in a box because they just didn't work right.  I'm glad I finally found a holster maker that doesn't cut corners and
        delivers a high quality holster.  I bought the belt, double mag holder, and the cross chest holster also.  These products ere of the highest quality and the
        mahogany finish matched perfectly on all the items I purchased. The thickness of leather and the heavy duty stitching indicates many years of reliable service
        with no failures in the field.  I am completely satisfied with my holsters and will recommend your holsters to all my friends.

        Thank you
        Patrick Lawson     

        June 09, 2014

        Model:  PS10 and PS6LDY

        I love your holsters!  The fit is perfect after performing the suggested break-in period.
        The leather is robust and ready for a lifetime of carry.

        Thanks again.

        Another PS10 Testimonial

        June 07, 2014

        Model:  FC4

        Regarding Order #0000 for a Field Carry model holster (RH) for Colt Frontier 44 spl with 5.5" bbl.  ----well, I received the holster in the mail the other day.
        You should know that I am absolutely 100% satisfied with the holster and the customer service you provide.  Now, I see why your company has such a good reputation
        among firearms enthusiasts who demand high quality.

        Thank you for such a handsome, sturdy, well designed holster for my Colt revolver.  I will be letting my friends know where it came from and what a pleasant
        experience it was doing business with you at Mernickle Holsters.

        Thank You.
        A satisfied customer in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
        Thomas L. Lewis

        Another FC4 Testimonial

        May 21, 2014

        Model:  FC13

        Received my field holster for my Wiley Clapp revolver yesterday.  Excellent craftsmanship.  Very pleased. Well worth the money.  Wiley is impressed too.

        Thank you.

        Another FC13 Testimonial

        April 21, 2014

        Model:  CA5/6

        Hi Chris,
        I received my new rig on Friday and it looks awesome.  It came out exactly as I hoped and fits perfect and looks great.
        Can't wait to use it next week.

        Please thank Bob for the time he spent with me at Winter Range.  I learned a lot from him.

        Thanks for the quick turnaround time of 6 weeks.

        Rene Bourque

        Another CA5/6 Testimonial        

        April 09, 2014

        Model:  CFD3

        I just wanted to take a minute and thank you guys for a great holster - The Evil Cowboy I've been shooting Fast Draw for about eight months now but only
        the last three or four with your holster. I had been borrowing gear until I figured out that I was hooked and now I'm having an absolute blast!  I have all my own
        gear now and I'm holding my own and, if nothing else, I'm just plain having fun. Thanks for your support of Fast Draw and for making great gear.

        Best regards,
        Ken Kirby
        Slim Jim Garrett CFDA #3334
        Another CFD3 Testimonial

        March 25, 2014

        Model:  PS6MR

        I did receive it today!  I put the gun in the bag and into the holsters as instructed.
        It fits perfect.  I am glad I was referred to you guys!
        Thanks again.

        Another PS6MR Testimonial

        March 15, 2014

        Model:  PS6 & PS23

        Was looking through your Testimonials and noticed that just about all were people just receiving gear from you.  I would like to add one of my own.
        After 3 years with my PS6 and PS23 for a Glock 19, I would like to say it works just like the day I received it, and I use my holsters hard.
        It's been ground into the pavement and sand shooting prone, used in the rain and temps ranging from 100 - 30 degrees.  It's had 1000s of draw strokes and mag changes.
        I use if for daily carry and IDPA matches.  It still holds the gun nice and tight, I have no worries of losing it while running.
        Most of all it still carries the Glock nice and tight to my body.

        Another PS6 - PS23 Testimonial

        Dirk Hagenah

        March 13, 2014

        Model:  CA19

        My CA10 arrived last Friday.  I'll be 75 years old next month and I've bought a lot of leather for my guns over those many years,
        but without a doubt, this is the finest I have ever owned.  Outstanding job!

        This is going to be my walkabout rig when I go out on my property.  Plenty of feral hogs who have no fear of humans.

        I only wish I would have discovered you sooner.

        Again, thanks,

        Ron McCabe

        March 11, 2014

        Model:  PS02SOB

        Late yesterday morning I received my new PS02 SOB holster.  The testimonials on Mernickle's website were validated as I inspected the new rig.
        I am absolutely delighted with this fine example of leather craftsmanship.  It is quite simple, yet an elegant holster that, more importantly, functions perfectly.
        Following the break-in instructions, the holster was stored overnight in the safe.  This morning, my Sig filled it and I wore it comfortably for hours - nice!
        I have a 2001 Porsche 996 Turbo, in quintessential black.  This automobile is never advertised on television yet, most people know of its character, quality, and
        performance.  I cannot remember ever seeing an advertisement for Mernickle Holsters, but like Porsche, you will not regret an investment their merchandise.
        I have another little gem that will most likely need some formal attire soon.  When I am ready, I will be placing another order with Mernickle.

        Southwestern New Hampshire

        Another PS02SOB Testimonial

        March 01, 2014

        Model:  PS6 REF1

        Received my PS6 REF1 holster for my Smith & Wesson Shield .40.  A perfect fit and is comfortable to wear all day.
        Very happy with the workmanship.  High quality all the way.  Well worth the wait.  There is limited products
        available for the relatively new Shield.  I highly recommend Mernickle Holsters for all your firearm needs.
        This is my third Mernickle, each and every one a joy to use.

        Paul Hoeft
        Powell, Wyoming

        Another PS6 REF1 Testimonial

        February 13, 2014

        Model:  SH6

        Got the holster today.  I did not have to make an adjustment - fit perfectly and, as expected, looked real good.
        Again, thank you so much for unbeatable customer satisfaction.

        Sincerely Yours,
        Larry DeBreto

        Another SH6 Testimonial

        February 10, 2014

        Model:  CDF3, CDF5

        My Wife and I received our new holsters a few days ago. 
        Wow!  Incredible workmanship and quality.  And they work!  Fits my gun and nice smooth draw.  Now if I could just hit the target ...
        Thanks so much for a ver high quality job and product..
        We luv em.


        Another CFD3 and CFD5 Testimonial       

        February 03, 2014

        Model:  CA5/6

        Hello to all at Mernickle Holsters,

        Received my CA5-6 holster this week.  It looks and wears FANTASTIC!!!  Cannot wait to get out and use it.
        Only wish I was able to wear it out where ever I go.  But the general public probably won't get it.
        Oh well!

        Dave D.
        Sparks, NV

        Another CA5/6 Testimonial

        January 30, 2014

        Model:  PS6SA

        Bob and all at Mernickle,

        Received my PS6SA the other night.  Fits my 5 1/2" .45 Blackhawk like a glove and as always looks great.
        Makes a gun that size a pleasure to carry and not to tough to conceal under a light jacket.
        If you remember, I am the one that bought a PS6SA from some other dealer and it did not fit and after a chat with Bob, sent it back to you
        and a new one was made up and sent back to me in less than 2 weeks.  Bob, you even called my house and gave my wife an update on the progress!
        That's what I call Customer Service!  This is my 3rd holster from you and it will not be my last.
        Thanks much and my best to you in 2014.

        George Goddard,   
        Arizona Territory

        Another PS6SA Testimonial

        January 29, 2014

        Model:  HT1 REF1

        Hi Bob,

        Just received my new rig. It’s fantastic and will have its debut in NZ in a couple of week’s time. Hopefully it will improve my shooting also J

        One very happy shooter !!!

        Thank you so much again for your support in Australia and look forward to meeting you in September.


        Another HT1 REF1 Testimonial

         January 22, 2014

        Model:  PS6SA, FC3


        Just wanted to let you know that I received the first of the two  holsters I ordered today (the PS6-SA).  It is fantastic!  It fits my New Vaquero like a glove!

        Great workmanship too!  Just wanted to let you know that I'm quite happy!  Can't wait until the other one arrives (FC3).

         Keep up the great work, and I'm sure I'll be ordering something else in the near future! 


        Another PS6SA  and FC3 Testimonial       

        January 21, 2014

        Model:  SH5V-REF1

        Hey Bob!

        I'm glad you showed me that new shoulder rig (SH5V-REF1).
        Ordering this model was the best decision and after using it for over a month now I'm proud to say it has lived up to and beyond my expectations!
        Great craftsmanship, fits comfortably (been wearing it everyday since it arrived, minus the break in period) and best of all it arrived way before I had anticipated it too!
        Great Christmas present for myself that arrived for Christmas! With the holiday season approaching, I was told that it would not arrive until January so this was truly
        a great package to open!!

        Thanks again,
        Cody Ward
        Bennet, Nebraska

        Another SH5 Testimonial

        January 20, 2014

        Model:  CFD9

        Thank you for my Christmas present of my 2012 US National Championship Rig!
        Fits great, looks fantastic, and I'm shooting great with it.  It makes me very proud!

        Thanks again for creating this for me, it is greatly appreciated.
        See you all soon on the shooting line.

        Bob Meyers aka Marshal Cooper

        Another CFD Testimonial      

        January 12, 2014

        Model:  PS6MR

        Thanks for the fine work again.
        Received holster just before Xmas, & very happy with them, one for my 1911& the other for my Glock. with my stiff gun belt, they hug your waist tightly.

        Thanks again Bob & Sherri.
        DAVE V.

        Another PS6MR Testimonial

        January 02, 2014

        Model:  SH5 REF1

        I received my SH5 holster and wanted to let you know the great craftsmanship that is in this product. Perfect fit for my Beretta PX4 and it is so comfortable to wear.
        This is my first purchase but will not be the last.

        Thank you.


        Another SH5 Testimonial         

        December 23, 2013

        Model:  ER2 REF1

        Hi, Bob!

         I received my new rig today and it exceeds all expectations! WOW! What great craftsmanship and attention to detail. I feel like I have just acquired a family heirloom.
        MY FAMILY's heirloom. The way this rig is built it's bound to be handed down from generation to generation and remain usable into the next century, for sure.
        The fit is just right and the color is magnificent. I wish my truck was that color!

         I said I sure would like to have it in time for Christmas. You said you'd "make it happen" and by golly, you're a man of your word. Thank you sir! 

         Merry Christmas and wishes for a blessed New Year to you and yours.

         Gregg Harbison

        Another ER2 REF1 Testimonial

        December 17, 2013

        Model:  CFD3H        

        Thank you for getting my holster out so fast.  I am 62 and have owned many a holster.  This is the finest I have ever had. Lightning fast (for an old fart).

        I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

        Gary aka The Gambler

        Another CFD3H Testimonial

        December 16, 2013

        Model:  PS6DA


        Just received my #2 holster from y'all, a PS6DA for a 6" K-38, for wear on a 2 1/4" River belt.
        I have to say that in 44 years of carrying a handgun on a daily basis I have never worn a more comfortable holster on a duty belt.
        It's more comfortable seated with my 6" K-38 than all my other holsters were with an S&W M&P 4"(revolver), Model-19 S&W 4",
        Colt trooper MK-III 4", Ruger Security Six 4", and finally a berretta 96D brigadier.
        If I were able to stand on my head (which I'm not at age 71) I have no doubt the PS6DA would retain the weapon and,
         the draw is amazing for a 6" with the the cut down front.

        Looking forward to holster #3 that's on order as I write this.

       Thanks for being there, and for such great products.

        Kent Williams (US Border Patrol - retired)

        Another PS56DA Testimonial

        November 28, 2013

        Model:  SH7B

        I ordered this with an extra 6 loops for 6 more bullets.
        Awesome set up.  Great job!!  I love it.


        Another SH7B Testimonial

        November 20, 2013

        Model:  Evil Roy Shooting System

        Hi Bob and all your colleges in your shop.

        I got it.  Thanks for excellent workmanship - everything fits perfect.

        Many Many Thanks and Best Regards from Germany.

        November 19, 2013

        Model:  PS2APX, PS2 and a PS2DA


        I just wanted to take this moment to give you a very big Thank You !!!
        You truly are a class act, with a great product.  I just received my new holsters and love them.

        Again, Thank You very much.

        John Hutchings
        West Hills, CA.       

        Another PS2APX Testimonial.
        Another PS2 Testimonial   
        Another PS2DA Testimonial


        November 18, 2013

        Model: PS21DC, PS2APX

        As you can see in the attached photos the SIG P938 fits perfect! 

        Thanks again for another fine holster.

        T.L. Lewis
        Haggerstown, MD

        November 15, 2013

        Model: ER2 REF1

        I hope that this email gets to the right people.

        Today, I received my new left handed cross draw rig.  First, I would > like to thank you for participating in the Rampage shoot.
        Along with that, I would like to inform you of my delight when I opened the box containing two holsters, belt, and two shell holders.
        The quality, the craftsmanship, the functionality and the perfection are unequaled in your profession.
        Frankly, I was a little overwhelmed when I first saw them and then reality set in and I just marveled at them.

        Thank you again for your exceptional products.

        Bill Lowe, Salt Lake city, Ut

        Another ER2 REF1 Testimonial

        November 14, 2013

        Model:  PS6SA

        Love your holster!

        I bought one of your concealed carry holsters for a single action and a cartridge slide and I have used them quite a bit while riding horseback.
        I ride quite a bit in bear and mountain lion country and I always like to carry my Colt in the back country.
        I especially like the way the holster carries the gun high enough that it is not jammed between the cantle of the saddle and my butt.
        After carrying it for awhile I don't even feel it. Another thing is that after miles and miles on horseback the bluing on the gun is not showing holster wear.
        I have attached a picture (link below) of me riding up a trail in northwest Colorado.I hope that you like it. Thanks for a great holster.
        Images of Joe on Hero up above and East/West Marvine.
        Joseph Haberstroh
        Gerald, MO

        Another PS6SA Testimonial

        November 13, 2013

        Model: PS6SA

        Hi Guys and Sherri too,

        Just a quick note to let you know my Uberti 45 Colts new clothes arrived.  It fits perfectly and the ride is outstanding.
         I was not surprised at the quality over all but it still amazes me.  A work of art.
        The PS6 for my 1911 is still going strong and looks as good as the day I got it too after 8 or 9 years being worn daily.

        Now even this wheelchair guy can play cowboy too.

        Another PS6SA Testimonial     

        October 31, 2013

        Model:  HW3

        Hi Bob and Staff at Mernickle Holsters

        I received my rig this morning. I can say without predigests it outshines all my other holsters.  I give credit to you and your team for the wonderful workmanship. 
        I shall only buy from you in the future and, I shall also recommend your work to our club members.  Thanks for your quick response to my repair.

        Well done  Mernickle - thank Chris also.

        Dave. UK

        Another HW3 Testimonial.

        September 22, 2013

        Model:  PS6DA

        To all at Mernickle...

         I ordered a PS6DA System a few month back for a J Frame I carry and love it, so I thought I would get another PS6  for my Ruger GP 100. Received it last Friday.
        Did the overnight break in thing and put it on the next day. My first thought was, yeah, it looks great but this is a big, heavy gun, I might have made a mistake.
        {Remember what I had been carrying} Anyway went out for a day of rifle shooting and left it on all day. What a surprise, after just a little bit of wandering around and what not,
        I almost forgot I had it on! It really made a revolver that big a pleasure to carry! As with my first one, the fit and finish/ workmanship is second to none.
        Like it so much I’m already saving up to get one for my Super Blackhawk. Oh, and I almost forgot, it got here in 3 weeks from order date!
        You must have bumped some other poor soul to the back of the line.
        Said it the last time and will say it again, You have a customer for life.

        Many thanks again.
        George Goddard,
        Arizona Territory.

        Another PS6DA Testimonial  

       September 21, 2013

        Model:  CFD3H REF1

        I would like to take a minute to thank the Mernickle organization (especially Stormy) for the outstanding dedication and customer service I recently received.
        I was at the Nationals Fast Draw completion in South Dakota in August and during my gun and holster inspection I was informed that I had an illegal holster.
        After a number of people examined it Stormy happened to come by and was asked to look at it as well. At that time she noticed a number of things that were wrong with it.
        She apologized for the problems all from when the holster was produced and immediately instructed me that Mernickle would replace it as it was their fault.
        I have since received my new holster and what a difference. I am truly impressed with the customer service and the pride this organization has in their product.
        You can bet that every member of the Prairieville Desperados fast draw club and anybody else I have a conversation with about holsters will be told that this is where you want to go.
        If there is anything else we can do to help promote your products, please let us help. 

        Stormy, thank you again for your help and true concern

         Five Shot Frank
        AKA Frank Vincze
        Prairieville Desperados Fast Draw Club

        Another CFD3 Testimonial

        September 10, 2013

        Model:  PS6SA       

        Yep, I finally found my leather goods craftsman.

        Not that I am well to do, but I have accrued about 50 holsters over the years.  A while back and I ordered three holsters initially and then one from Y'all.

        One had a 6 month wait and costs $200.00.  One had a 3 month wait and cost $225.00 and one took about 6 weeks at a cost of $125.00.
        Well your PS6SA arrived several days ago and it literally blew them all away!!  What outstanding work and fit!
        Add that to your willingness to make modifications for your customers and, as I said in the subject, "I have found it." 
        I had been thinking about putting my older holsters on Gun broker (as soon as I figure out how to do it), and now I think I'll put the above mentioned
        new ones on there too so you can expect more orders in the future.

        Thanks for an outstanding product and a fast turnaround time.

        Kent Williams (US Border Patrol - retired)

        Another PS6SA Testimonial         

        September 08, 2013

        Model:  PS6SYS REF1

        I just received the Concealed Carry Performance System for Autos (PS6SYS REF1) that I ordered.  I have NEVER been so thrilled with a system!
        I have been toting a gun for almost 30 years and this is HANDS DOWN the nicest system I have ever owned.
        Straight out of the box the equipment was perfect (except the belt, but that’s okay… I lost 4 inches in my waist since the order… I am not
        complaining!). The draw is deceptively smooth, and the release ideal, for gear that provides for positive retention as it does.
        I will be handing off my tack of other makes (some high-end merchandise there, too – to which my wife would happily attest!) to my family
        members… nothing but Mernickle on my hip from now on.  You have a customer for life.

        Very best regards,

        Roy Edmund Romans II, MA, CPRP
US Army Veteran
        USPSA Member

        Another PS6SYS REF1 Testimonial

        September 03, 2013

        Model: HW3

        Hello Bob !

        I wanted to say thanks again from another satisfied customer, or should I say returning satisfied customer.
        I have ordered a few rigs from you over the years and you never let me down.

        Love the quality, workmanship and attention to detail. I DO believe you are the best holster maker there is and I am looking forward to ordering some more over the years.
        Particularly now that I am living where I can enjoy my passion for firearms much more freely.

        My thanks to the great people that work for you too, for getting the job done and keeping me appraised of whatever needed to be done.
        You guys are not only Professionals, but the nicest, most courteous people I have ever done business with.

        Thanks again.

        Semper Fi,
        F.L. (Freddy) Portillo

        Another HW3 Testimonail

        August 28, 2013

         Model:  PS2 REF2    

         I just received my PS2 Ref1 modified with the slide protection for my Springfield XDS 9.

         It is exactly what I hoped it would be-a extremely well made, concealable and comfortable rig!!!!  Thank you very much.|
         I like it so much that I just ordered a PS2 SOB for my Springfield XDM Compact 45ACP. 

         Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

         Paul G.
         Reno, NV

        Another PS2 REF1 Testimonial

        August 27, 2013

        Model:  PS6SYS REF1

        I mentioned that I was leaving on a cross country trip 4 weeks after ordering, and amazingly, my belt and holster arrived in two weeks.
        Above and beyond! Thank you, your service makes me appreciate the quality of your work even more! Naturally, the belt and holster are beautifully crafted.
        This is a basic EDC rig but I will wear it with pride and comfort.


        Another PS6SYS Testimonial

        August 07, 2013

        Model:  Wild Bunch Rig

        I just received my new Wild Bunch holster for the Government issue M9 Beretta and it is the hit here in Kabul, Afghanistan.
        I have purchased over nine holsters from your company and I have been impressed with the Service, Price and Craftsmanship each and every time.

        Keep up the good work and I will order more when I return stateside.

        Regards: Ricky
        Emergency Services NCO

        Another Wild Bunch Testimonial

        August 06, 2013

        Model:  FC13

        My new holster and accessories arrived today, and all I can say is WOW! and WOW again!

        What a fine piece of work.  Materials and construction are top notch. Great job guys and gals.
        It' s hard to say what I like best, so let me tell you a few things that really stand out.\\

        First, let me say that I own a dozen or so holsters, so this ain't my first trip to the rodeo (as they say around here). The design and shape of the holster is very very good.
        Mine is a 3 inch GP100 Wiley .357 mag Clapp model.  A short barreled revolver that has a full size grip tends to look ridiculous in a short holster.  Not this time. 
        The way the belts loops are spaced adds extra width to the holster for a nice look. The trigger is covered so I am less like to shoot myself.
        Self inflicted gun shot wounds are not only painful, there are the ultimate in humiliation.

        You made this holster exactly as I requested; it extends 1/2 inch beyond the barrel. On most thumb break holsters,
        the strap that extends over the hammer is so short (as received)         that I have to spend days stretching it to fit.
        This holster fits perfect in every way including the thumb break.

        I like the way the holster is relieved to clear the rear sight and formed to allow a nice pathway for the front sight..

        And, I don't know if you get credit for this or not, but the color is perfect.  My GP100 has mahogany colored wood inserts in the black rubber grip.
        And with the mahogany brown holster, this is a sight to behold. Ok, go ahead and take credit for the color match.

        The accessories are a perfect match to the holster in design, quality, and construction OK, I'm done so everybody get back to work.
        I'm sure by now you know how good you are; i just wanted you to know how happy I am.

        The more I look at this holster (I have not put it down in 2 days) the more I love it !!
        I tip my hat to the designer; the fit and functionality are perfect.  As a former Product Engineering Manager, I appreciate a good design.

        Thanks again for the great product and workmanship.



        Another FC13 Testimonial

        August 05, 2013

        Model:  CFD5

        Hi Bob and family. My holster arrived today. Great quality and a great price. This will improve my speed for sure.

        Thanks for the fast service.

        Bob Faley ( Badwaterbob ) CFDA 1071

        Another CFD5 Testimonial

        July 18, 2013

        Model:  PS6SA

        Thanks Bob and Chris.  Received it tonight.  Just as I expected... Beautiful, well made and fast... even for such a long barrel.  I'm very pleased!!!  More business to follow....


        Another PS6SA Testimonial

        July 09, 2013

        I just received the custom Hotshot rig you did for me and I have to say, it is awesome! I can't believe what a difference it is from the Texas-made thing I was using before.
        First off, the two holsters are an amazing fit for my Pietta SA .45's, adding security and ease of operation for the weapons.
        It is hard to imagine what a difference this makes until you have them on.

        For my fast draw, trick draw and holstering routines and overall feel it is a completely different experience and worlds above any other holster I've used.

        The look of the rig is only out-matched by the quality of the craftsmanship. It is exactly as I wanted it to look and fits like a glove.

        As you know I am performing trick and fancy gun handling in my one man Wild West Show. Fast draw target shooting, trick shooting and fancy gun spinning and flipping
        moves, etc. You can see more at my website;
        The function of the Mernickle holster has added a new level of ease to my moves that is outstanding.

        I recommend Mernickle Holsters to anybody who wants the very best equipment for their weapons needs. For design, function and quality of craftsmanship,
        it's Mernickle for me.

        Thank you.

         Johnny Hotshot

        World Champion Western Showman              

        June 03, 2013

        Model:  PS6DA and PS30

        I received my 44 mag holster and shell carrier.  Thank you for the beautiful job.  I get many complements on the holster. 
        This is my third holster and I have two belts you have made for me before.  Thank you Bob and Stormie for phoning me to ask about shipping.
        Thank you again from your Canadian friend in Fallis Alberta, Canada.

        Archie Callioux

        Another PS6DA and PS30 Testimonial

        May 20, 2013

        Model:  PS6DA

        Hello All,

        Received my PS6DA and 6 Shell Holder 3 weeks early.  Great fit and great service.  Thank you so much.

        George Klarmann
        P.S. Love the crossdraw.

        Another PS6DA Testimonial

        May 10, 2103

        Model:  PS6SA REF01

        Just received my order PS06SA REF01.  One word:  WOW!  What a great holster!  Fits like a glove!  I will be back, your product is simply amazing
        in fit and quality!  Very, very pleased  ... more than that ... wowed!

        S. Dickerson

        Another PS6SA Testimonial         

        April 30, 2013

        Model:  PS6DA

        To All!  Received my PS6DA Friday.  It is all that I expected and more.  Fits my revolver like a glove.  I have a bunch of other holsters but none like this one.
        The quality and workmanship surely live up to the reports from other customers.  Love the Mahogany color.  The cartridge carrier is a bit snug by hey,
        I'll not loose my spare ammo.  I'm guessing it will loosen up a bit in time.  As to the belt, wow.  It is something!  Stiff enough so the holster doesn't sag
        but not stiff enough to be uncomfortable. I'm guessing in a pinch I could use it as a tow strap, HA!  don't think I'll ever wear it out.
        To top it all off, it got here 2 weeks early!  I'm gonna have my wife order my birthday present from you soon and it will be for something to show, not conceal.

        Thanks a bunch.  A new customer for life.
        George Goddard
        Arizona Territory

        Another PS6DA Testimonial

        April 26, 2013

        Model:  PS6

        Ok, I had my doubts about your claims and cost of the PS6.  But mine came today, I unpacked it and started wearing immediately.
        All I have to say is WOW and wish I had bought one a long time ago.  Best money I have ever spent for Gun leather.

        Jim T.

        Another PS6 Testimonial

        April 23, 2013

        Model: PS7

        Received my rig last week.  Extremely pleased with it.  Excellent quality, looks awesome and perfect fit for my Ruger Redhawk.
        Worth the wait.  When needed I will order agian.


        Another PS7 Testimonial

         April 10, 2013

        Model:  FC13 RT       

        The UPS man delivered my holster yesterday. I just wanted to tell you "Thank you".
        I love it and all my buddies at work thought it was the coolest thing ever to have a camo leather holster that would accommodate a scoped revolver.
        I can not tell you how many holster makers out there that told me that could not make a holster for my revolver and yet you did it and did one hell of a job.

        Mark A Bell

        Another FC13 RT Testimonial

        April 08, 2013

        Model:  ER1 REF1

        My holster and belt set arrived on Friday just like you said it would.  The holsters fit the guns great so the wait was definitely worth it.

        Virgil Davis

        Another ER1 REF1 Testimonial

        April 02, 2013

        Model:  FC13

        I purchased one of your cross draw holsters in black for my Ruger GP100.  The holster arrived in the time promised, the break in was easy and I am completely satisfied.
        Thank you!

        Steve Calovich
        Merriam, Kansas

        Another FC13 Testimonial   

        March 31, 2013

        Model:  PS6SA

        HI Bob,

        You are quite the artist and craftsman of our time.  This product is everything you said it was and then some.  You might have said it does not even squeak like leather.
        The raw materials are so perfect they must come from  hand feed   Holy Cows or pigs raised on your ranch. 

        I never thought my favorite cowboy action revolver could be concealed so well but you have created a masterpiece of design and function.
        The weight of the revolver is so evenly distributed and held so close to my body that I forget I am wearing it most of the day.
        All I can say is thank you and I want more of them.  

        Now was the gun made for the holster or was the holster made for the gun?  I mean it is like the chicken and the egg.  Absolute Perfection!

        Many Thanks,

        Kevin Oerther

         Another PS6SA Testimonial

        March 28, 2013

        Model:  PS6 PS23

        I received the holster today.  It is beautiful!  Good things take time and I ham happy to get it.

        I appreciate it very much.  Thanks.

        Perry Langis

        Another PS6 - PS23 Testimonial       

        March 21, 2013

        Model:  FC13 REF2       

        I recieved my Mernickle handmade holster in the mail today and I have never been more pleased with a online purchased item in my life.
        It arrived even better than I had expected, the intricate workmanship and design is exquisite I would highly recommend your Company
        to anyone wanting a lifetime leather keepsake that will be passed down and enjoyed by the future generations to come.

         Again I would like to personally thank you the owners and staff, I am very satisfied with the skilled professional artisan team  that so diligently and painstakingly
         made this Crossdraw "Bear Claw" Field Holster for me thanks to everyone @ Mernickle Holsters.

        G.W. MUSE

        Another FC13 Testimonial       

        March 10, 2013

        Model:  SH5 REF1

        I received my SH5 REF1 shoulder holster and I must say, as expected, the quality and craftsmanship is superb.
        It is every inch a true high quality handmade product and it shows. My Beretta 85F .380 automatic perfectly  fits in the holster without the gun sitting in it too tight;
        as do machine made heavily boned holsters do which is all too common.

        I want to compliment and thank your family too for such fine customer service and speedy delivery in spite that your business is very busy these days;
        your people worked hard in doing the best they could in getting my order completed and out to me as soon as possible.
        So, a big thank you to you, Stormie and Chris for a job well done.



        Another SH5 REF1 Testimonial 

        March 06, 2013

        Model: PS10-2

        Hi together,

        Last week I received the PS 10-2 and I must say I am really happy with it. Not only the funktionality is great ,but only
        to have a look on this piece of best workmanship reconciles one with the long time of waiting.

        With best regards


        Another PS10-2 Testimonial       

        February 05, 2013

        Model:  PS6 SA

        My Ruger New Vaquero fits in the holster like a glove.  Love it ...

        Rusty Harris

        Another PS6 SA Testimonial

        January 23, 2013

        Model:  PS2APX

        Once again I am impressed with the quality and value of your fine leather work.
        The new holsters for the Kimber Solo CDP LG are very nicely constructed and the pistol fits perfectly.
        Thanks for fine product.  I appreciate your craftsmanship.

Dennis Potter

 Another PS2APX Testimonial

          January 09, 2013

        Model:  PS6 SA  

        I have received a PS6 SA-stingray inlay black full carved holster for a 357 Blackhawk 3-screw flattop 4 5/8" that I had ordered a while back.

        Holy Moly!!!  WOW!  Realization was better than anticipation.  I have a box half full of holsters that I have accumulated in the last 30 years or so for my old Ruger
        flattops but I never was really satisfied with any of them.  This holster works perfect.  I can't find anything that I don't like about it. 

        Please tell the people who had a hand in constructing the holster that I truly appreciate their craftsmanship.
        The design is flawless and it sure does have an eye catching appeal to it! 

        Thank you, 
        LP Kelley  USA 

        Another PS6 SA Testimonial

        December 10, 2012

        Model:  PS2DA-SOB

        Dear Bob:

        Well done on the holster I just received. It is great!

        I know this was a custom order on a holster you have never done before (N Frame in SOB). It is wonderful! This is my fourth holster from you
        I will only do business with you.

        Happy Holidays,

        Dr. Tom Kubistant
        The Performance Coach

        December 07, 2012  

        Model: PS2APX

        Thank you Bob, I am going to order one after Christmas.

        By the way, I ordered a PS6 for my Glock19 last year; did not use it much in the hot weather, but have recently started using it with a sweatshirt covering it.
        Great holster! Rides high enough to use just a sweatshirt or light jacket, is very stable, and looks great.
        I also ordered a PS6DA last year for my JFrame and it is the best belt holster I have ever tried for a JFrame. Very light, concealable and comfortable.

        Thank you for two very nice holsters, Bob.

        John Treaster

        Another PS2APX Testimonial

       November 12, 2012      

       Model: PS2APX


       Received my holster today----excellent workmanship!!  Well worth the wait!  Thanks for the update on when to expect shipment last week....

       By the way, a perfect fit on the little Commander.  All the best for the holiday season!


      October 01, 2012

       Model:  CA4

       Dear Mernickle family;

       My name is Bob Kolesar and I just recieved my CA-4 holster for my S&W 625 that you have made for me.
       It is beautiful!  My 625 looks nice in it but then I think any pistol would look good sitting  in it.  I have never owned anything like this.
       Thank you for such a beautifully crafted holster. I can't wait for the next speed steel match!  I am a novice but I'm going to look good.
       The Field Carry Crossdraw holster for my S&W model 63 is also very nice.
        Thank you so much and will contact you for another holster for my S&W 617-6 in the near future.

       Thank you Very much,  Bob Kolesar

       Another CA4 Testimonial

       September 25, 2012

        Model:  PS6DA REF12

        Dear Bob (and staff),
        My latest Mernickle Custom Holster arrived safely. 
        This latest purchase pleases me as much as my first, maybe more. 
        I'm very impressed with the quality of your work.  Very!  I believe this most recent purchase is fairly priced.
        When the craftsmanship and artistry are closely examined one finds no flaw, not one!
        The care, patience and   knowledge of the person taking my order was very helpful in getting exactly what I wanted, more importantly exactly what I needed. 
        I expected a good product; what I received was an excellent product! 
        Mernickle Custom Holsters enjoys my highest recommendation. 
        One supposes you may get tired of letters such as this.  I assume you've received a mountain of them.  But I had to get my two cents in.
        Thank you very much.
        D.P. "Pat" Nash

        Another PS6DA Testimonial

        August 24, 2012

         Model:  PS2 REF1

         Received the holster I ordered and love it.  Best CC IWB I have tried. EXCELLENT DESIGN.



         Another PS2 REF1 Testimonial. 

         May 07, 2012

         Model:  PS6

         I Received my PS6 holster yesterday. I was not expecting it for another week. I was immediately struck with what a beautiful piece it was.
         I am glad I went with the Mahogany instead of the standard black.  My first attempt to holster my Sig GSR 1911 was met with a bit of concern,
         as it would only go in about an inch. I was kind of disappointed after reading such good customer reviews but, after contacting customer service
         I was  told to put the pistol in the holster and leave it sit overnight, as this would reshape the holster to fit the gun better.
         Well, this afternoon I was able to work with the gun and holster at the range and It is truly a fine holster.

         Fit is very good, still a tiny bit tight but I am sure in a month it will be smooth as butter. I really like how it draws.
         I purchased this holster for range work and wearing around my property. I have found that it is excellent when seated,
         which will be a plus while driving or riding the tractor.  The draw and presentation from the seated position is EXCELLENT!

         This has to be the most comfortable holster ever for being in a seated position. I even checked for interference from the seat belts in the truck, no issues there either!

         Thank you for a wonderful holster. I will gladly recommend you to my friends and customers.

         PJ Daley

         Another PS6 Testimonial

         April 15, 2012

         Model: PS6MR

         Hi, Bob.

         I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the replacement holsters you sent.  They're excellent quality and fit my guns perfectly.

         I also want to say that your customer service is the best I've ever experienced. You took what could have been a bad customer experience and
         turned it around on a dime to become an extremely positive one. To have the owner personally call me just a couple of hours after sending the email,
         accept responsibility and tell me what went wrong, and then inform me that leather is already being cut on the replacement holsters is absolutely phenomenal!

         The quality of your holsters and your outstanding customer service have made a loyal customer out of me.
         I'll order from you again and have already recommended your holsters to my friends.

         Dan Lutts

          April 02, 2012

          Model:  PS6SA

          My PS6SA holster and PB1 belt arrived today and I could be more pleased!

         The fit and finish is excellent!  I really like the compact size of the holster.  Just what I wanted.

         Thank you!

          Bob Young
          Fort Wayne IN

          Another PS6SA Testimonial

          February 17, 2012


          I’m sure you’ve heard it to the point of nausea.  Let me be another to make you a little sicker.
          Fit & finish was spot on and above, service (Amy) was helpful and tolerant of a novice.
          To top it all off you were about two weeks early.  I’m a fan and will recommend you wherever & whenever.

          Thank you,

          Joel Miller
          Sylvan Lake, Michigan 

           February 06, 2012

          Model:  PS8

          Bob, this is long overdue, I started out with your PS6SYS for my Kimber CDP Ultra .45, I’m more than satisfied, it’s comfortable, and easily concealable. 

          I next purchased your PS2SOB for my Colt Mustang 380 Light, and it was so nice and comfortable I purchased one for my
         Smith and Wesson 1911PD  4.25 inch barrel, .45 in the PS2SOB you almost forget that your wearing it.

          I don’t wear either one in the small of the back, more to the strong side above the kidney, easy to get to and comfortable to wear while driving, and easily concealable.

          My last holster is the PS8REF for the S&W 1911PD, if I’m in a hurry it’s easy to slide on or off your belt and again it’s comfortable, and as Clint Smith says in his video’s
          it’s supposed to be comforting, which it is, but it’s great that it is comfortable.

          Bob, in dealing and talking to you and your staff by phone and E-Mail, is like talking to friends you’ve known for years.
          You all have handled any problem I’ve had fast and satisfactorily.

          I have a lot of holsters I’ve bought over the years, but since buying your holsters, belts, and magazine holsters, they are the only ones I use now.

          I hope the holidays were great for you, your family and staff.

          Robert (Bob) L. Farmer

          Another PS8 Testimonial

November 07, 2011

          Model: FC13


          Received my new holster earlier than expected and am quite pleased - it is superb.   even nicer to deal with nice people who are true professionals.

         I know you will keep up the good work.   More business will be coming your way..... very refreshing these days to deal with company / people that "do it right" and "make it right".

         Thanks, Tom Dixon

         Another FC13 Testimonial

          November 02, 2011

         Model: ER2 REF1

          Hi Guys/Gals:
          I ordered my 3rd custom leather rig from Mernickles today, the ER2, Ref 1.  I usually order from Amy, but this time a leather craftsman, Chris, helped me through the process.
          I was quite surprised to hear a male voice answer the phone, but Chris helped me and made sure it was correct, read it back to me, and had me read a few things back to him
          just to make sure it was 100% correct. If you're looking for quick and easy these are not yourguys, if you're looking for pinpoint accuracy, assurance of a product,
         and personal attention, and quality craftsmanship then don't call anyone else, this is the company you're looking for. The 800 number took the expense out of it and no one was rushed.

          If all businesses had this customer service, perhaps the country would not be in the shape it's in today.  I have had nothing but success in dealing with Mernickles,
          and if you are considering ordering a custom made holster, belt, or system, look no further; Go with Mernickles they are professionals and want to make sure everything is exactly as YOU want.
          No pressure, no pitches, just professional's who deliver what YOU want, when you want it!

         Maurice Langston
          Another ER2 REF1 Testimonial

         July 25, 2011

         Model: PS6SASYS-REF1

         I ordered my PS6SASYS-REF-1 because it was less expensive than expected.
         I received my order yesterday and was surprised because it was faster than expected.
         I opened the box and was surprised because it looked better than I expected.
         The quality was better than I expected.
         Most important, I must have measured well because it fit better than expected!!!

         I couldn't be happier, thank you, C. Tait Palm Coast, Florida

    Another PS6SASYS-REF1 Testimonial

       July 25, 2011
      Model: PS

       To the very talented people at Mernickle:  I just recieved (today) my new PS6SA holster for my 4 5/8" Ruger Blackhawk.  What can I say but...WOW! 
       It fits.. it fits me.  It fits my gun.
       I didn't ever think that I would be able to       carry my Blackhawk concealed.  Was I ever mistaken!  WOW!  I am duly impressed.  Kudos to you.
       Most definitely the finest holster I have ever owned and believe me, I've owned a  few.  Thank you!

       Manfred (Fred) Harriman

       Another PS6SA Testimonial

         May 10, 2011

        Model: PS8


         I just received my holster in the mail.  Words do not give the quality of your work its due  It is absolutely beautiful and I will be especially proud to wear it, and of course,
         show it off a bit. I have not tried my weapon in it yet but I am sure that it will fit like a glove.  Again, you all do fantastic work and I will recommend your company
         with the greatest of confidence.

         Larry K. Noller

         Another PS8 Testimonial

         May 02, 2011

        Model: ER1

         " I have received my Cowboy Memorial Chapel Raffle Evil Roy Rig, and allow me to say that it is absolutely BEE-YOO-TEE-FULL.
         The construction and carving is far beyond what I had expected from the website illustration.
         I feel very proud to have been the lucky recipient of this rig, and intend to show off  to all what a great rig this is.
         Thank you for providing this donation to the Cowboy Memorial Chapel.

         Nota John SASS # 51089 "

         Another ER1 Testimonial  

April 15, 2011

Model:  AWS1 System

          Hi, Bob.

          I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the replacement holsters you sent.  They're excellent quality and fit my guns perfectly.

          I also want to say that your customer service is the best I've ever experienced.
         You took what could have been a bad customer experience and turned it around on a dime to become an extremely positive one.
          To have the owner call personally call me just a couple of hours after sending the email,  accept responsibility and tell me what went wrong, and then inform me that leather
          is already being cut on the replacement holsters is absolutely phenomenal!

         The quality of your holsters and your outstanding customer service have made a loyal customer out of me.  I'll order from you again and have already recommended your holsters to my friends.

         Dan Lutts

         Another AWS1 System Testimonial

         April 2, 2011

         Model: PS6

          My PS6A holster and PB1 belt arrived today and I could be more pleased!

          The fit and finish is excellent!  I really like the compact size of the holster.  Just what I wanted.

          Thank you!

   Bob Young
   Fort Wayne IN

    Another PS6 and PB1 Testimonial

          February 16, 2011

         Model: PS6SA

         I’m sure you’ve heard it to the point of nausea.  Let me be another to make you a little sicker.
         Fit & finish was spot on and above, service (Amy) was helpful and tolerant of a novice.
        To top it all off you were about two weeks early.  I’m a fan and will recommend you wherever & whenever.

        Thank you,

        Joel Miller
        Sylvan Lake, Michigan

        Another PS6SA Testimonial 

January 8, 2011

Model: PS6SYS, PS2SOB,  PS8

Bob, this is long overdue, I started out with your PS6SYS for my Kimber CDP Ultra .45, I’m more than satisfied, it’s comfortable, and easily concealable. 

I next purchased your PS2SOB for my Colt Mustang 380 Light, and it was so nice and comfortable,
I purchased one for my Smith and Wesson 1911PD  4.25 inch barrel, .45 in the PS2SOB you almost forget that your wearing it.  

I don’t wear either one in the small of the back, more to the strong side above the kidney, easy to get to and comfortable to wear while driving, and easily concealable.

My last holster is the PS8REF for the S&W 1911PD, if I’m in a hurry it’s easy to slide on or off your belt and again it’s comfortable, and as Clint Smith says in his video’s it’s supposed to be comforting, which it is, but it’s great that it is comfortable.

 Bob, in dealing and talking to you and your staff by phone and E-Mail, is like talking to friends you’ve known for years.

You all have handled any problem I’ve had fast and satisfactorily.  I have a lot of holsters I’ve bought over the years, but since buying your holsters, belts, and magazine holsters, they are the only ones I use now.

I hope the holidays were great for you, your family and staff.

R. Farmer

          Another PS6SYSPS2SOBPS8  Testimonial.

         November 23, 2010

         Model: ER1 REF1

         Hi Bob

         Last week I received the holster, it's even nicer than I expected.

         I've sent Boogie pictures of the holster and asked him to send to you, since he is the organizer of the GTR seemed to me that much nicer.

         Everything is perfect and fit's, and the guns fit perfectly also, The color and finish of both the shotgun belt and the extra holster  (cross-draw) and rig are so amazingly beautiful,
         too beautiful to start using.

         You understand of course that I feel very honored with this set, there are so many differences with my (old) holster that I can not even mention how much.

         But.... The biggest difference from my old one, it stays where I want, not what he wants. As you explained in your description, it is totaly perfect.

         My wife wants one to, so we start saving now.

         Thanks a lot Bob

         Marco"Gold Digger"Looy

          Hello Bob, Here are some photos of Gold Digger, who won the Mernickle Holster on the German Territory Regulators Match in June 2010.

         Best regards

         Another ER1 REF1 Testimonial

         November 09, 2010

         Model:  FC568

         Bob and Family:

         I received my FC568 for field carry.  The fit was perfect, custom crafted and the quality is top grade.
        The attention to detail in tooling, stitching and craftsmanship was of the highest standard. Mernickle's gives a whole new meaning to Personal Custom Service
         which is a fading and failing cliche', craft and art.  You are true to you word and your profession and I appreciate a man who's word is his bond.
         Honesty and Integrity in business reveals the character of the man at the top and flavors the whole business.

         Your staff (Amy) walked and talked me through the order process over the phone.  She was kind, courteous and patient with me and helped me
         by suggesting I pay attention to the little details.  Therefore, thank you.  I plan to carry this FC System for the duration of my career in Law Enforcement.

         Again, thank you.
         Major Maurice Langston
         Crawfordville, Florida

         Another FC568 Testimonial

         October 26, 2010

         Model:  PS6 REF1

         Mr. Bob Mernickle,

         We spoke several days ago about trying to get a PS6 holster sent out expedited because of my quickly approaching trip overseas.

         I called and spoke to two very nice and professional ladies who were, friendly, extremely professional and helpful and informative.
         Its rare, especially in this economy to find someone willing to take the time to assist you and be so happy and excited to do it.
        I apologize for not remembering their names, (I want to say Amanda and Stormy) (The 2 people who took my order and called me back to confirm it.)

         I am very excited to receive my holster. I have heard NOTHING but excellent things regarding your products.
        I also cannot thank you enough for your support of the US Military and its personnel.

         Please keep doing what youre doing, and how your doing it.

         I hope to return soon and if the holster is anything like I have been told by many many trusted sources,...order some more for my other weapon systems and accessories.

         THANKS A TON!


         Another PS6 Testimonial

         September 20, 2010

         Model:  FC2 RT

         Hi Bob and Amy,

         Thanks, thanks, THANKS!!!!!!

         I received my holster, belt, ammo belt slide and speed loader holster. Wow! So neat, so very very neat! So cool, so everything!
         I think you folks have wonderful products and very, very, VERY great Service:  The belt fits, the camouflage is really great looking and the holster fits the gun perfectly!
         I especially appreciate the fact that you modified your FC2-RT design for me: making sure that the rear sight is completely covered.
         I hunt in very thick jungle and now won't have to worry about the rear sight getting snagged.

         Yes, you can use this email in your testimonial section. I'm proud to help tell the world about Mernickle Holsters.

         Again, THANKS and Aloha,


          September 17, 2010

          Model:  FC13 REF1

          Hi Bob,

          Just wanted to say thanks for the holster, a great piece of work and already in use!

          Perfect fit, great leather, no complaints!

          Again, thanks for your fine work and best regards from Germany,


          Another FC13 Testimonial  

          September 08, 2010

          Model:  HW5


          I bought my HW5 from you last December at the SAAS convention in Las Vegas. It was very nice to talk to you and I really like my rig.

          Enclosed is a picture of me shooting at Western Legends Roundup in Kanab Utah August 29th 2010.  I shot a .24 just before this shot, but we didn't get a picture of that one.

          Thank you for the GREAT holster.

          Larry Lawman

        Another HW5 Testimonial

        August 17, 2010


        Hi Bob,

        Just wanted to say thanks for the holster, a great piece of work and already in use!

        Perfect fit, great leather, no complaints!

        Again, thanks for your fine work and best regards from Germany,


        June 14, 2010

        Model:  ER1 REF1


        I've been waiting for too long to write and tell you thanks for the great work you did on my Evil Roy rig.
        I ordered it with a forward cant and different Conchos.

        I'm sorry it has taken so long to let you know how pleased I am with the  holsters and belt. I won't go into my excuses (I do have some good ones too!) but the one thing I was waiting
        to do was actually get to use the rig at the range. I've spent some time with it in my basement but have only been to the range once.

        So please accept my late thanks for a great job. I am very happy and pleased with your work.

        Thanks again,

        Greg Rider

        Another ER1Testimonail

        May 21, 2010

        Model:  PS6 | PS2


        Last fall I ordered two of your holsters for my Colt 380 Government, a PS6 Ref 1 and a PS2 IWB.
        The holsters arrived in November and looked great, but at that time I had no pistol to try them with because my little Colt was still at Novak's.
        Last month the 380 came home and, as expected, Novak's did a really great job as the attached photo illustrates.

        So, I finally had the chance to try out my holsters.  Bottom line -- I love them both, but especially the PS2.
        With the slender Colt the PS2 is very comfortable and the spring clip works perfectly. I'm in CA without a CCW permit, so I've been trying them out around the house.
        I have to tell you that, when I first inserted the Colt into the PS2, I was a bit puzzled as to why the holster extended about
        an inch below the end of the gun barrel.  Once I slipped it into my wastband and wore it for several hours I understood.  That extra holster length helps keep the holster stable and,
        every bit as important, it prevents the gun/holster combination from poking into the top of my buttock when worn at 4 o'clock or into my pelvic bone in the 3 o'clock position.

       Thanks for your excellent work.  I am completely pleased with both holsters and have included a picture of the 380 in the PS6.

        Mark Allison, CA

        Another PS6PS2 Testimonial

        May 21, 2010

        Model:  PS6

        Hello, I come receive the parcel.
        I am satisfied,  is magnificent.
        Jean marie, France

        Another PS6 Testimonial

        May 20, 2010

        Model:  CA23/23

        Dear Amy,

        Received the Gun Rig today and it is beautiful. Please thank Mr. Mernickle and everyone involved. I will most definitely be proud to show mine off.

        Frank Willoz.

        Another CA23/23 Testimonial

        May 19, 2010

        Model:  HW3 REF1

        Howdy Bob, 

        Just wanted to drop a quick line and let you know my new belt arrived today, and its absolutely perfect!

        I swapped over the holster and speed loaders you made for me previously, and it looks grand and works like a charm. Thank you so much for doing a great job! 

        Kind regards, 

        Matt Smith

        Another HW3 Testimonial

         May 10, 2010

        Model: PS

Bob: The holster has arrived and I've worn it for the past couple of days. You 100% solved the problem and I want to thank you very much.

         You have been a real gentleman too in coping with my whining, bitching, and complaining. I suppose customer service is so rare nowadays that I just expected
         a hassle and never got one!

        Thank you again, Bob.
        Jo Ann Wheatley

          Another PS6 Testimonial

        April 21, 2010

        Model:  PS6DA

        I have been wearing my PS6-DA for about 2 weeks now. It is light, yet tough, rides high enough for carry under a t-shirt, and the natural brown color is perfect.
        The fit on my snubbie is perfect.

        I am making you first on my holster   list from now on. Great work and I received my holster way ahead of schedule. Many thanks.

        John Treaster
        Glen Allen , Va.

        Another PS6DA Testimonial

        April 12, 2010

        Model:  QC1 REF1

        The rig is SUPERB, and is EXACTLY what I wanted.  Thanks for your patience and consideration in working with me to make a rig to my arcane requirements.

      Your firm is truly a CUSTOM holster manufacturer that provides excellent quality and customer service.  Please feel free to post this endorsement.

      William K. Weddendorf

      Another QC1 REF1 Testimonial

        April 05, 2010

        Model:  EB1 REF4  B Western

        Hi Bob, and crew at Mernickle Holsters,

         Received my new rig a week or so ago, and it is simply gorgeous, and the fit is exactly spot on. Thank you  for the excellent work.  Wore it to

        our local shoot this past Saturday and it was the talk of the posse.  Maybe you will get a few new jobs from it, as if you need the added advertising.  I am sure you are as busy as can be.

         Anyway, I made sure that everyone knew it was a Mernckle, and was proud to wear it.

        Thanks again.

        Bob Martin

        Another B WesternTestimonial

        March 23, 2010

        Model:  PS8

        I received the paddle holster for my Sig .380. I have purchased many holsters over the years, this one is by far the best I've ever gotten.
        It fits the pistol perfectly, and the workmanship is excellent.

        Thanks,  Al

        Another PS8 Testimonial   

        March 22, 2010

        Model:  CFD3

        Howdy Bob.

        Thanks for the cfd 3 its better than I expected 100% better than my cowboy action rig. well better get a heap of practice in for the Nationals at Millmerran.

        All the best from the West.


        Another CFD3 Testimonial 

March 17, 2010

Model:  HW3 for a 12" Buntline special. 

        Just a quick note to say that we received our drop loop belt and holster for the 45LC Puma, 12 barrel pistol yesterday, and it was much more than we expected.

        Its excellent dark mahogany finish, soft inner belt lining and the cartridge loops when loaded with brass really set it off.  Thanks for a great job!  We can’t wait to show it off. 

        George and Brenda Beasley   
        Columbia, TN

        Another HW3 Testimonial

March 10, 2010

Model:  PS6 for the PX4 Berretta Storm

As always a work of art !! Everything fits and looks fantastic !! The guys on the Beretta forum have been waiting for pics of my new rig, cause they can not find holsters for the pX4's. I am going to take some pics and post them for all to see !! I have been letting them know where to go for a great holster, and now i can really show them what a Mernickle holster is all about.

Thanks again......
Scott Mann

Another PS6 Testimonial

January 29, 2010

Model:  PS6-REF6 | PS10-2

Hey there to the Mernickle Family,

I wanted to send you all a note of thanx.  I just received my order of a PS6-REF6 carved in saddle tan and black and a PS10-2 in the same carving and colors - and I must tell you that they are some of the nicest workmanship I have ever owned.  Just fantastic!  The carving is deep and truly done by an top notch artist in his trade.  The fit to my pistols is perfect.  I know they will give me a lifetime of use and pride.

 Thank you for being masters of your trade.

 Gary Basin - Salem, Oregon

Another PS6-REF6  and  PS10-2 Testimonial

January 14, 2010

Model:  FC13

Hi Bob,

I just received the FC-13.  It’s an outstanding piece of work!  Thanks for the craftsmanship and the help in choosing this style.  I am sure I will enjoy it.

 Best regards,

 Harvey M

Another FC13 Testimonial

January 04, 2010

Model:  PS23

Amy and Bob,


Received my Double mag holder today. I absolutely love it! Conceals very well and looks fantastic! Please feel free to use this as a testimonial and thank you for the outstanding customer service!

Josh Lee

Another PS23 Testimonial

January 02, 2010

Model:  CFD5

Amy and Bob,

My CFDA belt and holster rig arrived yesterday.  It is a professional work of art.  There is not a flaw to be seen any where on it.  And thank you for the prompt filling of my order in spite of a busy Holiday season.  I received my Colt revolver back from Bob James this last Monday.  He did a CFDA tune and action job on it.  So, pretty soon I will be the fastest gunslinger in Surprise, AZ!  Thanks. 

Jan D. Huber

Another CFD5 Testimonial

December 22, 2009

Model:  SH9

Amy and Bob,

I just rec'd my holster - it is really really nice.  I am so happy with it.  

It is so comfortable... The pistols fit beautifully... wow is all I can really say.  The leather is really nice, too.  It smells good, feels good.  Damn nice product.

Can you make me another for dual Walther PPS AS 9mm pistols?  Perhaps in black this time? 



Another SH9 Testimonial

December 21, 2009

Model:  PS10DA

I received the PS10DA today as I expected in plenty of time for Christmas. Your honesty and integrity is unmatched in the modern world. Also as expected it looks perfect in every way.  My son will be very very happy.  I can't thank you folks enough.  For us people that wait till the last minute you just put it in overdrive and deliver.  Lets see, one for me, one for him, that means the next ones for me.  Cool.

 Thanks again



December 20, 2009

Model: FC2

Bob and Chris,

I recently obtained several holsters from your company and to say the least I'm excited about their functionality and general good looks as well as their quality of construction.  The most recent one you sent me was your FC2 field holster with the Sting Ray insert. It was fashioned to ride on my hip vertically and it does just that holding the pistol close in and firmly so that it is secure without a retention strap.  This variation is only offered if you ask for it and I'm encouraging you to make this as one of your advertised options. The exact holster I received from you several months back designed for both the FBI tilt and cross draw seems to ride either too much one way or the other and the butt of my single action moves a little too far laterally in either position.  This new vertical draw holster is the best looking and most secure holster I now own and even though it's advertised as a simple field holster it's way more than that.  It's easily concealed and positions the butt of your pistol close to your body so that it leaves no imprint on a light jacket and yet it feels so comfortable that you don't even notice what you are carrying.  Clint Smith from Thunder Ranch has often stated that if you carry a gun carry one big enough to really help you if you are forced to use it. For those who want to conceal a big single action with extreme comfort your FC2 with belt loops cut for vertical carry is without question the answer. At my age and considering the quality of this holster I doubt I will ever need another one. My hat is off to you and your company.

Very appreciatively,

Jack from Oregon

Another FC2 Testimonial

December 18, 2009

Model:  PS6SYS REF1

Hi Bob:
My concealed carry system came in today (Friday), it's quality, roughness, couple with beautiful craftsmanship.  The diamond diagonal design on the holster matches my SASS set.  I wanted to get the diagonal diamond design on this belt also, but I'm not sure that I communicated that clearly.  If after the Christmas rush, may I send this belt back to you and the diagonal diamond design be imprinted on the belt?  Everything that I have will match then.  Also, I will be ordering another concealed carry system, and if permissible, when I mail the dress belt back, I will mail my new order in for a PS6SYS for an automatic in black, with the diagonal diamond design on holster and belt.

I also want to compliment Miss Stormy on helping me with the appropriate belt size.  She nailed it, it fits perfectly and I am using it to carry on-duty in your holster. I know your staff worked hard getting the orders out before Christmas, Miss Stormy said I would be here and she was right. 

Needless to say, I'm elated with your products.  Let me know if the diagonal design can be put on the belt I just received.  Merry Christmas to the Mernickle's and Staff.
Maurice Langston

Another PS6SYS Testimonial


December 17, 2009

Model:  PS6

My new holster arrived today, and it is just fine!  It is excellent workmanship, fits the gun well, carries comfortably, and is just exactly what I wanted.  What’s more, it is unique: no other maker offers a holster like this.  Thank you very much; I am now a fan of yours!

Michel Masson
Santa Barbara

Another PS6 Testimonial

December 16, 2009

Model:  PS10-2

hey bob

received my {ps10-2}  yesterday wore all day today WOW !! extremely pleased with the fit excellent work. will highly recommend MERNICKLE CUSTOM HOLSTERS,   



ps merry christmas to you and your staff

Another PS10-2 Testimonial


December 11, 2009

Model:  PS2


I received the holster for the Sig 238 today and as usual, it is another fine Mernickle product.  Your leather goods are far and away he best value I have ever seen.  Reasonable prices with exceptional

workmanship.  I have ordered several holsters from you over the years and the fit, right out of the box is amazing every time.  Keep up the good work.  When I need leather work for any of my hand gun needs, I

look no farther than Mernickle.

Thanks much,

Dennis Potter

Another PS2 Testimonial

November 27, 2009

Model:  CFD5


 Rig arrived yesterday, it is beautiful. Only one question, if she outshoots me can I send it back,LOL.

Thanks for your great contribution to the sport of Cowboy Fast Draw, we are better because of you.

Thanks again

Take Care

Shoot'em Clean & Quick

El Batjista  aka James Bartton

Another CFD5 Testimonial


November 18, 2009

Model:  PS6DA


Am I surprised. My order for a PS6 Extreme arrived today, weeks sooner than expected and that alone would have made my day but then I placed the holster on my belt and holstered my pistol. That was almost like a marriage made in heaven between me, my holster and my Ruger. What a team :-)

Thank you for the speed with which you filled my order, the excellent workmanship and the customer service in helping me resolve the CC question which was my bank's error.

Now I need to go out and buy another pistol so I can order another holster!!!

 Best wishes,

 Elmars Mateus

Another PS6DA Testimonial

November 10, 2009

Model:  PB2-5

I knew from your website that you use only top quality materials and build with careful attention to detail, but nothing could prepare me for the experience of seeing my brand new belt in person. It's so beautifully crafted, you have even surpassed my already high expectations. I can't wait to order another!

Enclosed are some photos I took today. Please feel free to use them on your website if you wish, or to print excerpts from my email as you see fit.


Bob Granata
New Rochelle, NY

Another PB2-5 Testimonial

November 09, 2009

Model:  FC567

Hi Folks;

I just received my FC567 for my Ruger P-90 and I just want to thank you  for the great job you did on it. It's everything I'd hoped it would be.

Rest assured that I will be informing all my shooting friends that are in the market for leather about you. I will be returning to you for cowboy stuff and any other needs I have.

Once again;Thanks.

William "Pete" Peterson
Mesquite, NV

Another FC567 Testimonial

November 05, 2009

Model:  PS6 REF18  |  PS22

Bob -

The PS6 for my S&W 1066 arrived today.  All I can say is ...  fantastic workmanship.  It makes carrying that heavy handgun exceptionally comfortable .... and I can't say enough about the sunset duo tone .... beautiful.  Two of the best things I've done with that 1066 were replacing the stock grips with Tulipwood ... and slipping it into your PS6.

Thanks ...


Another PS6 Testimonial

Another PS22 Testimonial

October 31, 2009

Model:  FC13

My new Ruger Alaskan "Bear Paw" just arrived today.  What a beauty!  Your service and quality is greatly appreciated.  I am extremely happy with the product and look forward to dealing with you all in the future.


Art Ingram

Another FC13 Testimonial

October 23, 2009

Model:  PS6DA

Subject: AMY the wonder lady!!!

 Amy I picked up my holster this afternoon and It is impossible for me to have been more pleased.  It is superbly done, including the lining which I am thrilled was standard, and is the perfect size and weight for my new Ruger LCR which it fits like a glove!!!  As I mentioned I have dealt with Sparks, Rosen and Kramer, all top notch manufacturers but this one holster tells me you all are more than their equal and as good as it gets!!  The fact that you could turn it out in less than a week insures your enclosure in my will though you may have some competition from 3 Grandchildren!!

Thanks very much again.  It certainly was a pleasure in dealing with you.

Dan Boone

P.S. I have seen Mernickle many times at the 2 shows here in Reno and particularly admired your Western Rigs but since I am not into that area I had not paid attention to your name.  That certainly has been rectified!!!

Another PS6DA Testimonial


October 21, 2009

Model:  PS10-2




October 20, 2009

Model:  PS6DA

 Re: Ruger Montado 3 3/4" barrel

 Got my Holster yesterday! THANKS!!! Exceeded my Expectations! A great piece of Work. THANKS for Quality workmanship.

Boyd Whitfield

Tunnel Hill GA

Another PS6DA Testimonial

October 17, 2009

Model:  PS6

Hello Bob and Sherrie,

I just purchased another PS6, making this the fourth holster I've bought from you.

Every Mernickle holster I've bought has exceeded my expectations. They are intelligently designed and well crafted. They fit my guns like a glove.

I'll be back for another one sometime soon.

Best regards,
Joe McDonald
Whittier, CA

Another PS6 Testimonial

October 14, 2009

Model:  PS6SOB

Friends at Mernickle:

It is rare to find a product exceeding MY expectations.  The PS6SOB and matching belt did so with ease.  Your quality, timeliness, and customer service are all superlative.  Feel free to share this testimonial.

Jon, The Reformed Skeptic

Another PS6SOB Testimonial

October 07, 2009

Model:  PS6DA  |  PB1


 My new conceal holster and belt for my Smith M 327 arrived today and both are PERFECT.  I really like the way the gun fits in the holster!

 Excellent design and construction.

Thank you very much
Bryan H.

Another PS6DA Testimonial

Another PB1 Testimonial

October 06, 2009

Model:  PS6SA

Dear Bob and Amy: 

Wow, talk about fast service; my holster arrived today!!!

Even better than the very fast delivery time is the quality of the holster! - In a couple of words: Absolutely Outstanding!!

 The craftsmanship, finish, molding, sewing and fit on this holster are simply superb!!  Both my 5-1/2 inch and 4-3/4 inch barreled USFA Single Action revolvers fit perfect, the holster also holds each revolver very securely and it is still easy to draw.  I never thought I would be able to conceal a single action revolver so well; it carries even better than my Sig P239, designed for concealed carry!

 Thank you for the super fast delivery and also for making the holster exactly as requested.

 In appreciation,

Robert Huston
Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada

PS. Thank you again for the beautiful and functional holster; I am still amazed by the quality and geometry of the stitching.

Another PS6SA Testimonial 

September 28, 2009

Model: PS2

I received my PS2 holster last week and have been wearing it daily since then. I am a retired LEO, have carried a 1911 concealed for many years, and owned numerous IWB holsters from the cheap to the custom. Your holster is well made, comfortable, and the only one I have ever seen that actually takes only one hand to reholster!  A lot of companies advertise it but yours does it. Thanks again for a quality holster at an affordable price. 

Bill Gardner
Wendell, N.C.

Another PS2 Testimonial

September 23, 2009

Model: PS6 Full Carve with Inlay

Bob and Amy, 

I just received the combo with the fully carved black leather with python inlay.  Magnificent!  My 1911 looks amazing in your rig! Thanks for taking the time to work with me. 


Cliff Pender

Another PS6 Testimonial

September 18, 2009

Model: PS10

Hey Bob,

I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for a job well done! I have purchased custom holsters before, some good, some well, lets say questionable on how they were crafted! Being disabled it's hard to come by a Crossdraw holster that meets my specifications and quite frankly I was a little leery ordering from you as I had never done so before, I didn't get a chance to actually talk to you, and was just doing so on a recommendation!

On first appearance I have to say out of all my holsters to date so far yours certainly appears to have the best quality leather, Your stitching is meticulous, the leather has a great luster and the holster is far from bulky. Most importantly was the fit, this is the first holster I have never had the need to wrap my pistol in Siran wrap in, it slide into the holster immediately and after 2 dozen draws was sliding out like glass!!!! A true sign of a true Craftsmen! You have no idea the peace of mind it gives me knowing that besides a reliable pistol I have a holster that works with me and fits my piece properly, Since becoming disabled I'm forced to rely on my pistol and it's equipment probably more then others, so little things mean more to me ,I really shouldn't say little things as a quality holster is just as important as a quality pistol is in my opinion. You certainly have proven to me that you make a quality holster, and I know where my next Crossdraw holster will be purchased from! Once again Thank you for a great job. From a very satisfied Vet, Hoorah, for the fast draw you enabled me to get.................

 Sig P6

Another PS10 Testimonial

September 14, 2009

Model: Evil Roy Shotgun Belts

Hey Bob,

We got the belts OK. They are bloody terrific. The shells are flying out so quick I can get 'em into the gun smoothly????

Really comfortable & you don't know it's there.

Thanks a lot....Talk a Lot!!!

Will be in Texas in Nov. if you're coming down.

Kind Regards,

Jack & Kat.

September 02, 2009

Model: HW8

Howdy Bob,

I just wanted to drop you a brief line to say "thanks!" for the fine job on my holster! I could not be more pleased, it is exactly as I hoped it would, and fits my Colt Python just perfectly! (I've attached a picture I took of it last night)

Thanks also for the ball cap, and for returning my replica as well. It was well worth the wait, and I am looking forward to showing it off to my friends. I will certainly give you folks credit and my best recommendations!

Kind regards, 

Matt Smith

Another HW8 Testimonial

August 20, 2009

Model: PS6


Received the holster today. You told me 4-5 weeks and it was 5 weeks and 3 days, great service. This is a really nice holster,  excellent craftsmanship and a perfect fit for the gun. I have only worn it for about an hour now but it’s very comfortable and the weapon is high & tight even on my flimsy dress belt I wear for work. Weapon conceals well even under a t-shirt.  I think my IWB days are done. May have to get one for my XD45. Thanks for a great holster. 


Another PS6 Testimonial

August 18, 2009

Model: PS22

I have received your PS22 mag-holder and have used it on a daily basis. It is possibly one of the most rigid, sturdily built pieces of equipment I have ever owned.  It is exactly the type of leather goods I have sought for personal use over the last 30 yrs. As a retired Deputy Sheriff, I have tried many different holsters and mag pouches, all with the same results. They would become loose and sloppy, not holding equipment tight. I hope you continue to make these excellent products and that I am around long enough to see how long they really last. Thank you.

Marion, Ohio

Another PS2 Testimonial

August 17, 2009

Model: PS2SOB

Yes, I have no problem at all with you guys using my letter in your testimonials, especially if it helps someone else find the right holster for them.  Though I would prefer that you didn't use my last name.  (I don't like anyone to know I'm carrying when I can help it.)  As far as I'm concerned the more of us good guys carrying the better, especially lately.  Well made holsters, like those from Mernickle, play a big part in that.  I'll be getting one for myself as soon as possible.


Another PS2SOB Testimonial

July 08, 2009


My friend Jim Jennings told me your goods were as good as it gets. I got my new holster today. I will now be telling others the same.

Thanks for the best holster I have ever owned. You will be getting another order from me before too long.

Feel free to use my comments any way you would like. 

I wore this thing all day, while working on equipment, it was never in the way, it rode in the same place all day, comfortably.

When I'm happy, I let everybody know. It's the same when I am not.


June 13, 2009

Model: ERWB1REF1 Wild Bunch Rig


I received my customized WB rig last week and have finally been able to use it instead of just admiring it. The whole effect is very impressive! The set of the holster and the overall workmanship is just perfect. I have had lots of working and competition leather over the last 40 years but this rig is just all around great. And it doesn't hurt that it is FAST!


 David (Olen Rugged) Cross

Another Wild Bunch Rig Testimonial

June 11, 2009

Model: PS6REF2

Hi Bob,

Received my PS6-REF2 holster, Just wanted to say how extremely please I am with it. My 9 MM PDA fits it like a glove. I carry a concealed weapon at my place of business for protection and the way it is made, conceals very well. Would highly recommend this model. Thanks for such a well built quality holster.

Dale Stanley

Another PS6 Testimonial

June 01, 2009

Model: PS6DA

got my leather today. excellent fit and finish. I'll be proud to wear this stuff.

 thank's a ton

 larry magill

Another PS6DA Testimonial

May 27, 2009

Model: CA5/5

Dear Bob

 Received my rig this morning. I am over the moon. It is absolutely fantastic.

 Thank you to all of you.


 David Seymour

May 19, 2009

Model: CFD5


I cant say enough about how great the quality and functionality of your rigs are,  including the conceal and carry. which I wear every day.




Here are some photos of one of my rigs for your web site. its a "The Quick Cowboy" 

Another CFD5 Testimonial

May 12, 2009

Model:  Evil Cowboy CFD3

Hi, just wanted to let everyone that was involved with my order know how pleased I am with the service. Items were nicer than I could imagine. Especially want to thank Chis and anyone else involved whom helped correct my error on the size of my sons belt, and the prompt attention and service which I recieved in getting it replaced. Again, thanks for a top notch product and first class customer service!   

Wyatt Pumphrey

Another CFD3 Testimonial

May 11, 2009

Model: PS6SA

Bob I would like for you to know that I just got my new holster for my 44-40 SAA and I love it. The craftsmen ship is one of the best I have ever seen thank you for a great product keep up the go work.

Gary Neill

Another PS6SA Testimonial

May 08, 2009

Model: PS6

Hi Bob,

 I received my PS6 today via UPS.  Please accept my thanks for a well made and good looking holster.  


Robin Hughes

Another PS6 Testimonial

May 07, 2009

Model: PS6SYS


Sounds great, I’ll touch base after the 4th of July to see how things are going.  In addition to the PS6SOB, I think there would be a lot of interest in the PS6 style holsters with this type of flexibility and ease of putting on/removing.  Milt Sparks Axiom and De Fatti LP holsters seem to be real popular.  Combine that with your craftsmanship, carving and other design ideas, I think you’ll have a winner, particularly if you continue to be as competitive as you are on your prices.

 Wanted to provide some feedback on the Sunset PS6 system.  Belt, holster and double mag pouch were your usual outstanding craftsmanship.  Couldn’t be more pleased.  Fit on the 1911 was just right and the high rise setup is something I’m really starting to enjoy.  Does a great job hugging the body and it is fast getting on target.  Great job combining fit and function in an beautiful piece of art. 

Having said all that, I’ll be giving you a call to purchase one of your medium rise PS6 holsters with a double mag pouch in Saddle tan.  My right shoulder has a tendency to act up and the medium rise appears it would be a little easier to work with when my shoulder is out of sorts. 

That should tide me over at least until you new design comes out and then we’ll begin again.  I think by the time we are done, I’ll have two or three of your holsters for each one of my pistols.



Another PS6SYS Testimonial

May 05, 2009

Model:  PB1


1 1/2 yrs ago I got a belt from one of the big box makers and liked it  but wanted a 2nd  belt . Saw you web site, called and  ordered a pb1.  Ffast turnaround time and a great looking belt but the best

part is it carried my full size 45 acp 1911 all day and forgot I had it with me!!!!!   I will order again.

Thanks Clint Wells    Grand Ledge Mi

Another PB1 Testimonial

April 30, 2009

Model: PS6 | PS22 with snake inlay

I just wanted to drop your company a note and thank you for producing such a great product. I really like my holster and magazine holder. Like I told Sherrie when I ordered them, other company's work with exotic trim looks like someone stuck a wad of chewing gum on their holsters. Your product definitely shows off your fine craftsmanship. I am enclosing 2 pictures of my carry gun in it's new home. Feel free to use the photos in any way that you would like.

 Thanks again.

 Bill Hamm
The Woodlands, Tx

Another PS6 | PS22 Testimonial

April 14, 2009

Model: FC3

Just a note to say my ordered holster just arrived.  I am very happy with it. Fits like a glove and does carry this revolver very well. Everything looks great. Thanks for the speedy delivery.  Now I got to figure what the next one I will want.

Thank you, for the nice product.

David Sutcliffe. Have a a great week.

Another FC3 Testimonial

April 11, 2009

Model: CFD5 Custom Finished

Bob, Joe,

Here are some photos of the holster by Bob Mernickle for CFDA and the engraving by Joe Bowman on my .45 stainless Vaquero.

They are individually really nice and even better together;  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Best regards,
Mike Fifer

Another CFD Testimonial

April 04, 2009


Bob Mernickle
I received my new holster this week.  WOW!  You did a great job.  Thank you for your fine work, I will definitely be a return customer.  I will e-mail you a customer photo later on, I have some buffalo horn grips on order and after I get them mounted I'll send the picture.
A Happy Customer
Nathan Grubbs

April 03, 2009

Model: PS6

Just received the PS 6 for my 45 compact, looks great and I am amazed at how easy the draw given how high the gun sits on the belt. I thought I was taking a chance on the holster ( I am a first time customer). Will not hesitate to order again. Thanks.

 H. Alan Davis

Another PS6 Testimonial

April 02, 2009
Model: QC1REF1
Mr. Mernickle
I talked to you on the phone last week in reference to an order I placed back in January that was taking a longer time than I was initially told to be completed. You took the time to speak with me and explain your current
backlog of orders. You also told me you would make it a point to ensure my order was being completed ASAP. Well, I received my Quick Cal outfit and hotgun belt yesterday. The quality and workmanship is outstanding. In this
day and age, I commend you on your customer service and professionalism.
Thank you!
Sgt. Keith Lichay

April 01, 2009

Model:  FC568


The field rig arrived this morning.  Great work, fits perfectly, I couldn’t be more pleased with it. 

Many thanks, 


March 31, 2009

Model: PS6

Article in "American Handgunner" by Sammy Reese  |  Click her to see actual article (3mb jpeg) with images!

The word master is put in front of other words to describe those who have reached the pinnacle of their chosen profession. In my quest to find a word exceeding the master label, I had to go Don King and make one up to describe Bob Mernickle. "Fanister": meaning a master who is fanatical in his pursuit of perfection.

When you talk with Bob you'll need to take notes and have your Canadian-to-English dictionary handy. It takes less than a minute to realize Bob is fanatical in his pursuit of perfection and he's not shy about telling you of his quest for perfection in all aspects of holster building. In Bob's case, I'd go a step further and call his concealed carry system engineered rather than built.

Bob refers to perfecting the system as a quest/obsession to make the most concealable carry system on the market. I believe he's done it. Bob admits it took a few variants to get the design where it is today. The high ride configuration, once properly placed on the belt, stays locked into place as if bolted there and conceals even large handguns like they were derringers. The draw takes some practice, but once mastered it's smooth and fast.

Bob sent three different holsters, one for the Glock 23 and two for the 1911. One of the 1911 systems is Bob's personal hand-carved rig. If a picture is worth a thousand words, holding it in your hands and absorbing the feel of this hand-carved masterpiece is worth 10,000. Sadly, a picture really doesn't do it justice. I had to promise on a stack of Bibles I'd send it back after photography. I was tempted to come up with a fairytale of how it was taken hostage by holster terrorists--the flaw in my plan would be when Bob would catch me wearing it.

After wearing the system for a few weeks of daily carry and a few trips to the range, I showed it to a friend of mine who works for one of those "special" agencies. Since his job requires carrying a gun all the time he asked to try it out. I knew there was good chance I'd never see it again, but he's a friend and he actually goes to bad places where usually more than one gun on your person is the rule, not the exception.

I received an e-mail from him a few days ago, "I've used the holster system every day wearing suits and cover-up shirts. I've been on my feet 18 hours a day, seated in cars and on airplanes for really long periods of time. I don't forget it's there--but it's comfortable and I can get to it faster than any other holster I've ever carried." He didn't have to say he was keeping it. I've known him long enough to know I'd have to sneak into his house at great peril to retrieve it. It's a thought--it might be worth it--we haven't had a good SWAT mission in a while.

Another PS6 Testimonial

March 16, 2009

Model: HW1REF1

Hi Bob,

I received your western rig yesterday, HW1REF1. It is a work of art. The leather and hardware are impeccable. I cannot get over the quality of the work ! It is a truly beautiful rig. Hard to believe such a heavy duty leather rig can be turned into something that looks this great! You and your gang are truly among the very best at your craft. Love your attention to detail. The special hardware was worth the expense and really add to the overall appearance. If the Lone Ranger was real, Im sure he would get his rig from you, LOL. Thank you and all involved for the great craftsmanship and great customer service. You will be getting more orders from me as time goes by. All the best.

Semper Fi,
Freddy Portillo

Another HW1 Testimonial

March 05, 2009

Model: PS6SA

Dear Mernickle Family,

Last year I bought a holster (PS-6SA) for a 6" Freedom Arms model 83. Your design is definitly one-of-a-kind. For the first time, I have a holster that is comfortable to wear (It feels like it's not even on).. I liked it so much that I bought another one for a Ruger Blackhawk and it came as a surprise because it arrived sooner than expected and the quality is once again unsurpassed! I feel that my great grandchildren will get alot of use out of it-P.S. I'm 35years old and my oldest child is 5 years old!!

Thanks Again I'll call again soon!!

Matt R.

Another PS6SA Testimonial

March 02, 2009

Model: SH5


 I received my SH5 Ref 1 with cuff attachment last week, and my black dress belt today.  What wonderful workmanship!  This is sturdy stuff.  It’s just amazing to me that I can get custom-made leather at prices competitive with mass-produced gear already in the can.  All I have to do is just wait.  And, the wait is not bad.

 I’ve had the new PS6SOB since last year (I guess I was one of your guinea pigs), and it’s holding up as if it’s still brand new and tight.  No flop for something riding that high?  It’s like magic.  That is why I ordered again.

Thanks for the wonderful phone-ordering experiences provided by Pat, the first time and Amy, the second.

There’s a hundred-plus other cops I work with in my department, and several more I’m in contact with throughout my county.  I will do my best to make sure they come to know your product and your service, for your recognition is well-deserved.

If you need this for a testimonial, go ahead.  It’s only the truth.

 Thanks again.

 Phil Hardin

Another SH5 Testimonial


February 10, 2009

Model: PS10

I received the PS-10 holster yesterday afternoon.  Delivery was six weeks and one day after the order was placed.  The fit and finish are perfect.  Great workmanship.  It should easily outlast me.  Thanks a million for the quick service and exceptional quality. 

 Tom Menzie

Another PS10 Testimonial

January 30, 2009

Model: HW5 REF1

G’day Bob

 Just a quick email to thank you for the fantastic holster you sent to me, it is exactly as portrayed on the website , if not even better, and exceeded my expectations

It is a work of art and a big thank you from me to you and your team for creating such a beautiful piece of leather – I will treasure it – I also have a feeling that you may get some more orders when the guys at the gun club see it next week.

I will be in touch again, as I will probably need a cross draw holster to match, later down the track

Please feel free to use this email as a testimonial on your site

Once again thank you

All the best Don and Diane

Another HW5 Testimonial


January 07, 2009

Model: PS6DA

Good Afternoon All,

I recently ordered and received from your company a ps6da holster, belt , and moon clip holder.  This was my first order from you, and I wasn't sure what to expect.  I have used the rig daily for two weeks now and I would like to share some observations with you:

 I ordered the basic belt and holster with no embellishment.  I could not be more pleased!  The appearance and the quality of the leather reminds me of the work done by the best saddle makers in Texas back in the 1960's.

 The design of the holster is truly first rate.  As you may know, IWB holsters are by far the most popular on the Texas Gulf Coast.  It is simply too hot here for most of the year to wear a coat.  So I didn't know if an outside the waistband holster would work.  Your holster can be concealed under a shirt tail or light vest and  is more comfortable than any IWB could ever be.  The moon clip holder (which I assume is the same pouch that you use for .44-.45 speed loaders) is just the right size and weight to do the job without unnecessarily bulk.

 The fit of the holster to the revolver is perfect.  I was a little concerned on this account because 2.5" N frames are not that common and I was prepared to accept a little "slop" in the fit.  I need not have worried.  Two range sessions have given me a holster that is secure, but presents easily.

 Your company did a great job and I will be ordering again from you in the near future.

 Charles Hebble

Another PS6DA Testimonial


December 31, 2008

Model:  PS6SA - PS30

First Merry Christmas to all at Mernickle Custom Holsters and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. I wanted to say thanks for your prompt delivery of my order. I had ordered one of the PS6-SA holsters and 2 PS-30 Cartridge pouches. I am very impressed with the overall quality, craftsmanship and finish. I even had the privilege of placing my order directly with Bob and enjoyed a nice conversation with him! Again great job and I am sure I will be a return customer!

Daniel J. Larson

Another PS6SAPS30 Testimonial

December 30, 2008

Model: ERWB1 REF1 (The Wild Bunch Rig)

Just received my holsters. The fit is amazing. I couldn't be more pleased. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY, PRODUCTIVE NEW YEAR !!!

Rio Shooter SASS

Another ERWB1 REF1 Testimonial

December 23, 2008

Model: ER2 REF1

I received my order yesterday, everything arrived in good shape, and just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with all the products. The workmanship is beautiful. Thank you very much

Where can I find information concerning proper care of the leather? I'd like to keep them looking nice and functioning properly

Larry Micheau

December 22, 2008

Model: CA23/23

Hey Bob,

I got my rig Friday and wore it today at our annual Christmas match. I really don't know where to begin to describe how impressed I am with your work. I thought I had a nice rig before, but there's simply no comparison to the style, fit, and function of the rig you made for me. Your reputation is indeed well deserved. I look forward to the next time we can do some business together.

November 26, 2008

Model: FC3

I just received my FC3 holster. Wow! Was that fast!

The workmanship is excellent and the holster sits at exactly the right angle. I have trouble believing how fast and inexpensive  you can make such  a quality holster.

I will recommend your work without reservation to all my friends and family.

 Thank you,
 Donald Plunkett

Another FC3 Testimonial

November 24, 2008

Model: HA2 REF1

thank you for making me my new ha2 ref1 holster.
it is perfect!
Thank you
Peter Saladino

Another HA2 REF1 Testimonial


November 19, 2008

Model:  HW3


Received my holster yesterday after I got off work. I had to try it on immediately. Everything fit fine and it is truly a work of art. I put it on this morning to show my wife and she got tickled at me showing off my fast draw but she did agree that the workmanship was excellent.

Jimmie Prater

Another HW3 Testimonial

September 09, 2008

Model: CA12


Just wonderful to talk to you today regarding my order of the CA12 set. Your help, and friendly approach, meant much to me, and just confirmed that I've made the right choice - I've spent weeks looking at different makers, but kept coming back to your web site. Now I know why.

I'll be looking to you for any future leather/holster needs.

Thanks again,
Anthony Mele

Another CA12 Testimonial

September 08, 2008

Model:  HW3 REF5


Hi Bob and Chris, the  leather belt and holster came to my house without problem. It is very beautiful, caring all the details, congratulations. It is part of my collection of Western Guns and Holster.

Thanks Again

Another HW3 Ref5 Testimonial

September 02, 2008

Model: FC5629


Here is a pretty good photo of the rig you built me.  I was saddling Red River Willie when the picture was taken.  I thought you would like the detail.

Thanks for the great work and customer service. 

Craig L. Carlson

Another FC5629 Testimonial

July 12, 2008

Model: PS6 System Ref2 & PS6DA System Ref1

Bob & Sherrie,

My order consisting of the two concealment systems (PS6SYS REF-2 & PS6DASYS REF-1) have arrived. Thank you very much for the excellent turn-around. I haven’t had the opportunity to wear either of them yet, but the workmanship and overall quality is outstanding. The leather inlay on the PS6SYS REF-2 is beautiful. I can’t wait to start “field trials” with them and I’ll let you know how they work. Thank you again and you’ve won another customer for life.

Best Regards,

Daniel (Dan) E. Strecker
Farmington Hills, MI

Another PS6 System & PS6DA System Testimonial


July 17, 2008.

Model:  PS6SA

Great holster / Even better company!

Thanks to all!!

I just received my holster for a Ruger Single Six that I sent back because of fit issues. I received a call from Bob him self and we talked about my problem and how he was going to fix it. The conversation was great and Bob was out standing! I got the holster back and it work perfectly.

I really appreciate the help, and the personal touch. This is my fourth holster that I have purchased in 12 months. I can honestly say they are the best holsters I have ever owned. I will purchase more from you in the future, and will spread the good word about your products and amazing customer service.

Thanks a million!

John Look

Another PS6SA Testimonial.

July 06, 2008

Model: PS6DA System

Thank you for the quality and workmanship that you put into this product. The PS6DASYS with the holsters, belt and speed-loader holders are fantastic. Everything fits and is better than I expected. All day carry with this system is easy and very concealable. I can't say enough good things about this product. If I buy another holster or belt it will be a Mernickle.

Gary Radtke

Another PS6DA System Testimonial

May 22, 2008

Model: FD7 REF4

Bob and Sherrie,

I received my perfect Mernickle holster today I'm as happy as a kid in a candy store I aint never takin it off!!!!!Do ya know when Laura's holster will be done she is jealous of me now!!!!!!!!!!Last night she rolls over in the bed and say's Terry either take off the Mernickle Holster of get out of bed!!!!!!!!!So being the cowboy I am I got out a bed!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a million, really and thanks everyone on your end for a perfect job, well done!!!!!!!!!!

Terry Campbell


Another FD7 Testimonial

May 12, 2008

Model: PS6

Dear Bob and the Mernickle Family,

Just received my PS6 REF 15 holster and I am in awe. It is unbelievably beautiful. The hand tooling and carving is incredible.

Now for the quality.... UNSURPASSED. The gage of leather, quality of leather and the stitching is of the highest quality I have seen.

The fit... perfection on how you remade the extreme high rise pattern to fit my Beretta Brigadier to make it the mid-rise I wanted

I'm going to be proud to wear this holster. The guys at the gun range will be all in envy. And they'll know who made it for me, too!

CowboyRJB2 ........ Robert J. Baranda

Another PS6 Testimonial

May 08, 2008

Model: HC1 REF1 Holy Terror Sweetheart Series

Hi, Bob and Sherrie – I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for my new B Western rig. I received it about a week or two before our State Championships (5 Dogs in Bakersfield last weekend) and wore it for the entire match – including the Plainsman side match on Thursday and the Deadly Duo top 20 shoot off on Sunday. It was flashy, flamboyant and HOT – everything a B Western rig should be – and was given a lot of attention by the other attendees (they were all searching for their sunglasses to combat the brightness of the Bling!). Of course, I mentioned your name every time a comment was made. You’ll be proud to know that this fine rig belongs to the 3-time California State Champion in the Ladies B Western category! Yeehaw! Now I really look like I belong in the category with this awesome rig.

Thanks, again

Fannie Mostly, SASS #41799
(aka Debbie Edgin)

May 06, 2008

Model: PS6

Great holster!

I ordered a left handed PS6 Extreme concealment holster for my Ruger  P345 a while back, and when it arrived this past week I was well  pleased by the way it looked. After wearing it and carrying the  pistol in it for the past several days I have to say that it's the most comfortable concealed carry holster I've ever experienced. Not  only that it holds the gun solidly, but give a smooth and easy draw  from the very beginning. I'm too old to do handstands or much jumping around upside down so I can't attest to how well it would hold the pistol through such antics, but for my purposes it is IT. If anyone  asks me for a recommendation for a holster your firm will be the first  mentioned!

 Larry Elliott

Another PS6 Testimonial

May 01, 2008

Model: ER1 REF1

My new Evil Roy rig arrived yesterday. A week sooner that you said! I have to say it is a beauty. What a work of art! Perfect fit and finish. It is so nice I don't even want to use it!!! But I am going to anyway. This Saturday!! Yee haw!

Thanks Guys.

Doug Lowe

Another ER1 REF1 Testimonial

April 24, 2008

Model: ER1 REF1 & ERSG1 REF1

Hi Bob and Sherrie

Rigs arrived last Sat. all OK. What a great job you guys have done, I am completely and totally impressed with your product and workmanship.

Big thanks to you and all your team for a superb job great service.

Do you do a steel lined slim jim holster?

All the best to you all.

Kind Regards


Another ER1 REF1 & ERSG1 REF1 Testimonial

April 23, 2008

Model: FC4


Received my FC-4 holster today. I am very pleased with it. Happy to recommend your products to my friends.

LM Harris III

April 17, 2008

Model: PS6DA

Bob, I just received my new holster and it is outstanding. Thank you very much retaining the lost art of handmade quality craftsmanship. In my earlier note I had mentioned my interest in having an exotic belt and holster made for a 4” Kimber 1911. The belt size would be a 34 I think. I would really like to explore the possibility of a brown quilled ostrich. What would the cost of a system like this be and what are some of your recommendations? Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you. Dan

Daniel R.Wolff

Another PS6DA Testimonial

April 15, 2008

Model: ER1 REF1


I wanted to tell you that I wore/used my Evil Roy rig in a recent match here ACSA (was the ATR weekend match) on April 11th, 12th and 13th and I loved it! I also received from you my ammo pouch and it was very good for me in taking the correct amount of ammunition to the loading table. Again it was a pleasure and I wore the rig all day and it was very comfortable. Thanks again.

Jim Sarbo

Another ER1 REF1 Testimonial

April 11, 2008

Model: CFD

Bob, Joe,

Here are some photos of the holster by Bob Mernickle for CFDA and the engraving by Joe Bowman on my .45 stainless Vaquero.

They are individually really nice and even better together; Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Best regards,
Mike Fifer

April 10, 2008

Model: SH9


just wanted to tell you that I received my holsters today and man I love them! The workmanship is outstanding and the quality is fantastic. The holsters were way better than I ever expected. The fit is one of a custom design and my guns fit excellent. I will order more from you and recommend you to all of my friends.

Thanks again Bob and the wait was well worth it

Edward Turner

P.S.  I wore it all evening last night and never would have believed you could forget you have a full size 1911 on your hip. Thanks again, it's a beauty.

Another SH9 Testimonial

April 09, 2008

Model: PS6


I'm filled with joy. My PS6 arrived minutes ago and it's a thing of beauty. It was really tight, I thought too tight but gently tried to holster the gun several times and alas it slipped in and fits like a glove. You even read my mind and left the diamond off. I couldn't make up my mind and went with it then was kind of changing my mind. You left it off and I'm liking it.

All this and 20 days ahead of schedule. You are the man, you made my day, heck you made my month.  Now I can't wait for the whole Texas Barbecue setup.

Thanks very much. In a world of lies, broken promises and poor business practices you renew my faith. I gotta go roll around the station now and show it off.

Thanks again


Another PS6 Testimonial

I just now faxed in an order for a Slim Jim Cross Draw for a left-hander (worn on the right side), mahogany ,border tooled,  

I want to tell you, and others, that the CA-5/6 system I ordered a while back is exactly perfect and was made to my special requests. I'm sending a snapshot of it and a couple shooting-iron partners. Thanks for the best rigs a guy can get!

 Bill Schmittler

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

March 31, 2008

Model: PS6 - PS23

Hey Patty,

What a pleasant surprise!  Thank you.

I ordered my PS6 holster & PS23 clip pouch on March 13.  I received both yesterday March27.  “Order to Delivery” was only two weeks to the day.

And that is not even the best part. The best part is:

I got just what I ordered.  The quality is well worth the price. The fit to my 1911 and clips is “Perfect”.

Thanks again for such a timely effort and high quality product.


North Ogden, Utah

Another PS6 - PS23 Testimonial

March 28, 2008

Model: PS6DA

Hey guys wanted to say thanks!  Just received my PS6-DA in the mail yesterday, great holster!

This is my 3rd PS6-DA holster and I am consistently thrilled with the craftsmanship. The only problem is choosing what gun to carry!!

Thank you for a quality product at a fair price, and most importantly comfortable enough for all day carry.

John Look

Another PS6DA Testimonial

March 25, 2008

Model: CFD3 Evil Cowboy

Just wanted to let you know that my gunbelt arrived today and that I am very happy with it. It looks marvellous. A great piece of craftsmanship.

Thanks a lot Bob!

Take care


Another CFD3 Evil Cowboy Testimonial

March 12, 2008

Model: PS6

Dear Mr. Mernickle:  I received my PS6, mid-ride, muzzle forward, for a PPK, yesterday.  I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that the fit and finish is outstanding.  More importantly, it is soooooo comfortable.  I can, from being seated in a chair, or the driver's seat, purchase and present my PPK with no effort.  Needless to say, standing-up, with or without a suit coat, the result is also the same--secure, but fast.  I am so glad you took the time during my phone call to tell me about the mid-ride option.  You should be proud of your work.  I am.  Once again, thank you. 

Detective Sergeant Andy Giglio

Another PS6 Testimonial

March 11, 2008

Model: PS6DA

I just wanted to let you know that the 44 Mag. Dan Wesson VH frame fits perfectly in the holster. I appreciate you taking the time to make the necessary adjustments for that perfect fit. I have already recommended your company to some of my associates. Thank you for the quality workmanship and excellent customer service. It was a pleasure dealing with you and your people. I look forward to future dealings with Mernickle Holsters.


Shawn Windom

Another PS6DA Testimonial

First let me thank you for the OUTSTANDING PS6-SA holster you made for my Ruger Montado New Vaquero.  It is as perfect a holster as I can imagine.

Now I am looking for a holster for my 5.5" New Vaquero that I can wear while hiking with a pack with a waist belt on or while riding my ATV.  I was wondering if this holster will work with this barrel length?

Thank you again!

Maurice Miller

Another PS6SA Testimonial

February 24, 2008

Model: FD7 - CFD5

Dear Bob, Sherry, and family...
 I am not one to take the time to write a letter, but in this case, I had to take the time to say a heart-felt thank you for the wonderful holsters. They are truly beautiful! I have become the envy of all who have seen them...and they make me appear as though I actually know what  I am doing! When I told Bob to "be creative"...I assumed he would produce something amazing, but I was unprepared for the artwork, the carving, and the beauty that was delivered to the farm here in Ohio.

 I am so looking forward to future orders, future deliveries, and future friendship. You are very good people who produce a very good product.

Thank you for taking the time to make something wonderful...

Again...a "heart-felt" thank you...

Tim Richardson

Another FD7 & CFD5 Testimonial

February 22, 2008

Model: ER1 REF1 & ERSG1 REF1


I just received my longer replacement Evil Roy belt and it fits just right.  Thank you for being so prompt in completing the work. 

And another big thank you for being so honorable and considerate in doing this work without charge to me.  When I placed my order, you warned me that my dimensions didn't appear quite right, but you accepted the order anyway.  You had every right to charge me for a new belt, but you didn't.  Thank you for that! 

In our email conversations about getting a replacement belt I totally forgot to mention how pleased I am with the design and quality of work done on my Evil Roy holsters and shot shell belt.  I have been in SASS for eight years and have done a lot of shooting in southern California and now in Utah.  During that time I purchased more than just a few rigs including one of similar design from, what I believe, is your closest competitor.  None have completely satisfied me until I received your Evil Roy outfit.  The materials used, the design, the tooling, workmanship and finish are all absolutely superb.  The revolver fit and release is just perfect.  I find your Evil Roy rig including the shot shell belt to be clearly the finest and best looking outfit I have owned. 

Thanks again,

Malcolm Ray aka
Beau Quigley, SASS 28474

Another Evil Roy Testimonial

February 15, 2008

Model: PS6SA

I just wanted to write and say thank you for the new holster for the ruger .45lc.  It is perfection! High ride that I conceals the Ruger and yet it's quick to get out and just as easy to put the pistol back. I believe this is my third or fifth holster and they all work just fine.  The Taurus shotgun pistol(.45lc/.410) is a cross draw as is the cross draw for the 7 1/2" Ruger...O.K. that one is not concealable unless its the dead of winter with two coats but it fits great! This new one is perfect. I have a N Frame S&W Model 25 in 45LC with a 4" barrel that I have to call you about to get an idea....Again, many thanks for this great holster.

Tom Cunningham 

Another PS6SA Testimonial

February 14, 2008

Model: PB1

Just wanted to say thanks! I received my PB1 belt a couple weeks ago and am very pleased with the look, comfort and quality, I have not worn another belt since it arrived. I will be ordering a couple holsters in the near future. Thanks again for your help with my purchase.

Michael Anthamatten
Tulsa Ok

Another PB Testimonial

February 02, 2008

Model: PS6

Just got my PS6 Extreme today and it is indeed EXTREME!!!!! The fit and finish is amazing....... I have bought a couple of other holsters for my Smith & Wesson M&P 40 but just was not happy with them.. The hi-ride on this is exactly what I wanted... This PS6 looks better than my $600.00 Bruno Malli shoes and I'm not kidding!! Thank you so much for your craftsmanship, I could not be more pleased........I'm going to order other variations of your products and Im sure my friends will to........Thanks Again

John Farrington
Council Bluffs IA

Another PS6 Testimonial 


January 31, 2008

Model: PB2

Hi Bob:

 My 10-year-old PB2 black belt is separating where the two laminate pieces where sewed together - the stitching has worn through.  First, this is not a complaint.  I love the belt and it has served me well for a decade of being worn almost daily in some tough conditions.  I recall that when I bought it from you, your shop was still in Canada!  I would have gone through 10 other non-Mernickle belts in the time it took this PB2 to show its age.

My question is this:  Do you suggest I send you the belt for repair or is it a better option to send you the belt and have you make me an identical replacement.  The leather seems to be in good shape, although the black dye has worn off in sections.  One thing I really like about the belt is its thickness. 

 I intend to pay for either the repair or the replacement.


David Perrodin

Another PB Testimonial

January 29, 2008

Model: FD7

Hi Bob & Sherrie,

Best decision I ever made was ordering the FD7 from Mernickle Holsters!  I started shooting Fast Draw in August of 2007. After trying rigs from other shooters I decided in September 2007 to order an FD7 from you.  Sherrie, you were a great help with getting just what I wanted.

After I placed the order I decided to go to my first competition!  I thought that my rig may not be in in time so I called you and explained my situation.   You worked it out and got it to me the week before and I had time to practice with it. 

WOW!!!  What a difference it made. I was shooting in the high .400's before I received it and right away was shooting in the low .400's. I even was able to shoot my fastest time to that date at the competition with a .380 at 8 foot and place 12th the second day!  After practicing the past 3 months I can now shoot in the mid and high .300's up to 10 and 12 foot range!

Your workmanship is the BEST and your FD7 is everything you say it is and more. I will recommend Mernickle Holsters to anyone and the FD7 for a great Fastdraw rig.

 Thanks  sincerely,

Johnny Perry

            Another FD7 Testimonial


January 27, 2008

Model: Evil Roy


Don’t want to be a pest, but was curious about any estimated delivery dates for my Evil Roy Rig and Shotgun belt I purchased the Las Vegas SASS Convention.  Any idea of potential ship date?


Chuck Emery
Aka AZ Chuck

P.S.  The rig arrived yesterday – WOW!!!!!  It was worth the wait!!!  THANKS for a GREAT JOB!!!

Another Evil Roy Testimonial

January 26, 2008

Model: PS6SA

Just to let you folks know, I received the holster you built for my 3  1/2" barrel Colt SAA. The fit was excellent. It works well and I am  very pleased.

Captain Ron Ballenger
Texas Peace Officer

Another PS6SA Testimonial

January 24, 2008

Model: ERWB1 REF1 (Evil Roy Wild Bunch)


 I received the Wild Bunch rig today.  Absolutely magnificent!

Richard Tomich

AKA: Lt Col Scratch


January 21, 2008

Model: HW3 REF1

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Mernickle,

 I received my HW3 two gun rig the day before my 53rd birthday.  To say the least this is the birthday present I’ve wanted since I was a kid watching Roy Rogers and the Lone Ranger.  I’ve wanted a two gun rig ever since those days and it’s only taken me 45 years to get exactly what I’ve dreamed of.  I can not tell you how please I am with this outfit.  It’s no wonder you’re the standard by which others are judged.  Everyone I’ve shown this rig to is totally and rightfully impressed with the quality and the look.  I guess I made a pretty good choice on where to buy and what to get.  I truly look forward to doing more business in the future.  Let’s just hope it won’t take me another 45 years.

 Thanks once again,

 Bob Pierce

Another HW3 Testimonial


January 8, 2008

Model:  Holy Terror System


I just wanted to drop a note to say that I received my 'Holy Terror" system and I love it. It fits perfectly, my Uberti Stallions fit the holsters perfectly, and the workmanship is just beautiful.

Thank you so much for getting this rig to me so quickly. You are great!

Happy New Year!

Diana Riley (AKA: Curly Anna)

San Leandro, CA

Another Holy Terror System Testimonial


January 7, 2008

Hey guys! Your holster's seem to be the answer to my problems and for that you guys completely KICK ASS!

My question though is this... I am about to turn 21 (woo hoo!) and I want to buy myself a Taurus Ultralite 444 .44Mag revolver and as such, I want a good holster. I enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting, horseback riding and other outdoor activities and I need a holster that will stick with me and not slap around, even if I want to do jumping jacks, run through the woods, or any other number lighthearted activities. Do you guys make a holster for this weapon? What kind of holster do you recommend? I also plan to apply for my CCW permit (I live in Kali, so my fingers are crossed!) so I might end up buying another holster to suit my concealment needs.

I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for being cool!
Nathan Wolanyk


January 6, 2008

Model: PB7


I just received my PB7 Dress Belt Gun Slinger it matches my HW 14 belt and holster great. It was also a early Christmas present as it came in the mail on December 24,2007. Thank you so much.

 I'm just glad  you  were not building belts back in the sixty's and early seventy's. My dad would have had one and I would have been on the receiving end of it... haha time out around

my house growing up.

 I do want to ask one question, can I use the hw14 on any of the cowboy shoots. ssa or any.. I am just starting to learn about the cowboy shooting . do you know of any type shoots in Alabama.

 Thank you for your help. 

Ken Borrell

Another PB7 Testimonial


You may use the letter and again thank you for  the leather goods that you are selling. I work at Academy Sports in the Birmingham Area. We have a hundred stores nation wide. Anyone that comes to the gun counter and ask about  real leather holsters and belts, guess who I have been talking about..... I have been in the sporting goods and law enforcement field for over 30 years. Your leather is by far the best on the market. The only other leather that was close is the OLD BIANCHI  when John worked out of his house in the early 70's and I was a Birmingham Police Officer.

Again Thank You 

January 04, 2008

Model: PS6DA

Hey guys! Your holster's seem to be the answer to my problems and for that you guys completely KICK ASS!

My question though is this... I am about to turn 21 (woo hoo!) and I want to buy myself a Taurus Ultralite 444 .44Mag revolver and as such, I want a good holster. I enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting, horseback riding and other outdoor activities and I need a holster that will stick with me and not slap around, even if I want to do jumping jacks, run through the woods, or any other number lighthearted activities. Do you guys make a holster for this weapon? What kind of holster do you recommend? I also plan to apply for my CCW permit (I live in Kali, so my fingers are crossed!) so I might end up buying another holster to suit my concealment needs.

I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for being cool!
Nathan Wolanyk

Another PS6-DA Testimonial


December 31, 2007

Model: PS6-DA

Just received my PS6-DA holster for my S&W 629.  Great fit and finish, oh and it carries very nicely!!

This is my second Mernickle holster in 6 months, and it won't be my last!!

Thanks for the great product.

December 18, 2007

Model: PS6

Need to know if the PS 6 is available for the Smith & Wesson M&P .40............ I have one for my Kimber that I found at a show in Iowa for 5 bucks.... It was well used but I took it to an old time shoe guy and it looks brand new... I was not familiar with your holsters until now... The 81 year old shoe store guy said This was some fine leather work and I have to agree!!!!!!!!!  So if you dont make the PS 6 for my M&P I will have to settle for MUCH less......... Thanks, John

Another PS6 Testimonial

November 28, 2007

Model: SH7B with Scope | Customer Photo

Bob, just got back from a Colorado Elk hunt and forgot to get some pictures up there with the holster on.  So, from sunny Phoenix, Arizona, here are a couple of pictures for you with the monster holstered.  Thank you very much.  This rig was awesome.  I didn’t feel the fatigue that I usually do carrying a rifle slung on the shoulder.  Thank you again.


Rex Miles

Another SH7 Testimonial


November 23, 2007

Model: SH9 | Customer Photo

Outstanding Rig. Perfect fit my Glocks couldn’t ask for a better home. Got it right on time, Im sure that a few of my friends will be ordering from you soon.


Another SH9 Testimonial


November 20, 2007

Model: SH7B | Customer Photo

Hi Bob, here is a pic of me and my 8 month old son, I'm wearing your shoulder holster with my 4.25" Ruger SRH 454 Casull the loads you see are Beartooth 405gr WLNGC's that give a 1330fps in this gun and 1500fps in my 7.5" gun. Oh the 7.5" works in this holster as well the barrel just sticks out a bit.

If you look at the cross belt you will see that I have your 6 round belt holder which is only a 1 1/2" belt slot on located exactly were I want the speed loader pouch to hang. So I was thinking on the replacement belt that I ordered we had settled on 6" of 2" belt if you haven't already cut the belt could you make it 8" of 2" instead then taper down to the 3/4".

I am extremely happy with the rig and as you can see I have it hanging fairly low which is perfect for what I do.

If I were to put waders on I would adjust the holster to hang higher up on my chest.

Thanks again for everything,
Cam Cooke

Another SH7 Testimonial

October 05, 2004

Model: PS6

Wanted to drop you a note - I have been a Kydex Holster guy for years…  But, I Just received my holster (PS6-REF9) and it is the best holster I have ever owned!
Great workmanship, beautiful finish. It looks perfect with my S&W 13-3.

Thank you for the wonderful product, it is the perfect concealed carry holster!

Thanks again,

John Look

Another PS6 Testimonial


October 04, 2007


Bob you guys did a great job on my order. Now I can carry my 2in Sheriff's model with no problem. Your system keeps the revolver close to the body and comfortable to wear. You guys are Ace's and Eight's in my book.

Thanks again

Frank W. Ruple Jr.

Another PS6SA SYS Testimonial

October 1, 2007

Model: ER1 REF1


Last year at the Maine State CAS Championship I was wearing another big name companies holster's, my holster's failed to hold my gun securely. This could have been partly my fault for " hopping" from one side of the stage to the other. But nonetheless my pistol was never very secure in those holster's. Friend's told me to try out there holster's, Mernickle rig's specifically  an Evil Roy Rig. I tried them, I hopped around and my gun's never moved. I ordered the holster's and have used them this year with good success. I also won the Maine State CAS Championship Sept. 30 2007! Thank you Mernickle! This win was a true shock to me I really was not expecting a win I was just hoping to do well. I did. Thank you all again!! I never had to worry about my guns in the new holster's, they where secure at all time's.

Sincerely Dapper Dan new Maine State Champion

Another Evil Roy System Testimonial


September 28, 2007

Model: FC2 | Customer Photo

Bob -    As I mentioned in our telephone conversation, I couldn’t be happier with my field holster for my Clements’custom ‘Old Model’ Ruger Super Blackhawk.  I’ll be elk hunting with it next month, and your FC-2 holster keeps ‘er high and tight against my side.  What a beautifully-made and functional combination?!!  [See attached picture.]  My sincere compliments on a wonderful holster. 

 Semper fidelis -      /Bob Depp       Owensboro, Kentucky

Another FC2 Testimonial


September 25, 2007

Model: HW3 - Double

Dear Bob,

I received the rig. As the others before this rig is also in a very good quality.  To do business with you makes fun.
All the best for you and I would say that this was not the last time that I contacted you for a mernickle product.
Take care.

Frank Zippel

Another HW3 Testimonial

September 24, 2007

Model: PS2SA (PS2 REF4)

To all at Mernickle Holsters:

I am so pleased with my new PS2 REF4 IWB concealment holster, I do not know how to thank you appropriately.

Let me begin by saying that as soon as I opened it up, I was astounded to see that this concealable holster is made and finished as well as any holster I have for "open" carry. And I have them all. I collect western holsters for my many Single Action Colts,(all barrel lengths, including a buntline 12 incher), Schofields,( 3 barrel lengths) sheriff models, derringers and pocket pistols. Plus a boatload of automatics.

The next thing, as I slipped my Colt 45 into the holster, the fit was like it was spray painted on. In other words, perfect. 

Next, I tried it on my belt and it rides like it's not even there. I got it two days ago and have worn it all day at the office both days. It is on right now. (My company officers see nothing wrong in wearing your iron to work) I'm very lucky in that regard.

Also, the delivery of only three weeks was wonderful.

Again, I want to thank you for a wonderful product and timely delivery.

Happy Birthday to me!!!! Yeah!!!!!!

Vincent Gallagher

Another PS2SA Testimonial

September 20, 2007

Model: PS6 REF6

On 08/28/07 I ordered a PS6-REF6 for my Colt 1911 Gov’t. in .45acp.  I was told it would arrive about seven weeks from the order date.  It arrived yesterday, 09/19/07, well before the seven weeks were up.  The fully carved holster looks great, fits great and feels great.  Thanks for the quick delivery and the exceptional quality.  I carry every day and am confident that it will serve me well for many years to come.  I’ll be referring to those who ask about the holster, as they are certain to do, to your company for sure.

 Thanks again,


Another PS6 Testimonial

September 12, 2007

Model: PS10 | PB1 | PS23

Hi Folks,
Received my PS10,PB-1, and PS23 a few days ago, all in good order, and when promised. They all three are breaking in really good and feel great. I am very impressed with the quality of workmanship too! I was a little concerned that my Glock 21 SF would be too top heavy and the gun would lean out from my body, but that is not the case at all. Great job folks!
Larry Holley

Another PS10 | PB1 | PS23 Testimonial

September 06, 2007

Model:  CFD3

My CFD 3 came this last weekend. It works and looks good. Even a 60+ year old can move with something like that. My thought is that a fast draw holster should pretend that it is not even there when it comes  time to draw. This one will do it.

 Jim Mehl (AKA Dirty Jim)


August 01, 2007

Model: PS6SYS REF1


My husband received his holster today and he was so excited about it.  He said he had never owned a holster of this quality before and wanted me to tell you how wonderfully made it is and that is very happy with it.  He said he couldn't believe the care that was taken to create this masterpiece.

Note from me:  He left to show it off and has been gone for 3 hours+.  So, I know he is showing it to everybody under the sun.

Thanks again,

Brenda Caudle

Another PS6SYS Testimonial


July 25, 2007

Model: SH3


SH3 came yesterday.  I was getting a little concerned about the delay.  I have to say now, ... WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!!. When I'm concealed, nobody is going to see what a really beautiful piece of work this holster is.  However, when at SASS .... different story!  When viewed, I'm sure questions will be asked.  I don't have any of your business cards, but I have mine with me all the time ... and I can write down enough info for them, or whoever, to get in touch with you.  I know I'm sure glad I took the time to contact you, for my first SH3, and again for this one!!  $$$ well spent!!

Great work!!


Pete (JP) SASS8620

PS... Kudos to your tooler ...Really great work!!

Another SH3 Testimonial

July 17, 2007

Model: PS2 REF4

I've been carrying my Uberti Cattleman .357 in the PS2 REF4 I ordered from you for a couple weeks now and I love it.  I received the holster just five weeks after ordering it opposed to six months for a holster I ordered from someone else.  It is extremely comfortable and meets everything I was expecting.  Your customer service was top notch.  I will definitely be a returning customer.

 Thank you for a great holster.

July 09, 2007

Model: PS6SA | PS30


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to compliment your work on this holster and ammo carrier. In a word, they are beautiful. When I first opened the box (which came about 2 weeks earlier than I anticipated), I was very impressed. This initial impression carried through when I put the holster on. It must be the most comfortable holster I've ever  worn.

Even my wife, who has never taken an interest in holsters before,  commented on the detail and workmanship. She has asked why I've never  ordered from you before and has suggested I order a rig for my 1911s. I will have to take her up on that soon.

Thanks again for the quick service and excellent product.

Jonathan Owens
Las Vegas, NV

Another PS6SA | PS30 Testimonial

June 22, 2007

Model: ERSG1 REF1


I have been meaning to get this out sooner to you but you know how life is.  I ordered a shotgun belt from you folks back in march on short notice for our annual shoot in April.  I am greatly impressed with the quality of the belt and the customer service I recieved.  Boothill Bandit (Jake Jacobs) told me to call you and I'm glad I did.  I think I called and placed my order with I think 5 weeks to the shoot.  I was told you would do your best on such short notice to get it to me.  I called again with about 2 weeks to the shoot and found my order hadn't been pulled yet,  I was nervous at that point but was told my order would be pushed.  I received the belt a few days before the shoot and am completely satisfied.  GREAT CRAFTSMANSHIP!  Thank You.  beautiful fit and finish.  I will be ordering my next gun belt from you guys.  Thank you also for sponsorship of the Ft Dalles Defenders Annual Shoot.  I look forward to meeting you folks down the trail somewhere.

Thanks again

Will Windom

"Wildfire Willy"

Another ERSG1 Testimonial

June 19, 2007

Model: PS6

Bob and Sherrie

Hi guys,  tried to find the place where i can submit a testimonial about the holsters for my Sig and my Springfield XD 45. Like I told You at the Crossroads show it has to be the most comfortable holster I have ever worn. I have been in law enforcement for almost 20 years and have tried allot of concealment holsters over the years and I can even carry while I drive and it's almost like there is no weapon on my belt. GREAT JOB!

Brad C

Another PS6 Testimonial

June 13, 2007

Model: HT1REF1

Hi Folks,

We just received my wife's Holy Terror rig yesterday and we are both extremely pleased.  The quality, fit and workmanship is flawless.  Attention to detail is evident everywhere and, best of all, it arrived early.

Great job!

 Kelby & Carla Marlett

AKA Colonel Clayton Pigeon and Scarlet Rose

Another HT1 REF1 Testimonial

June 12, 2007

Model: PS2SOB

My SOB clip-on for my .38 and just like the other piece I ordered from you, it is truly "spot-on" and finish are superb!  Thanks!

James L. (Jim) Edwards
Harrisburg, NC

Another PS2SOB Testimonial


June 11, 2007

Model: PS6SYS


I received the PS6 holster with accompanying belt and dual mag holder  recently. I was greatly impressed with the quality. The holster and  belt are very attractive and the fit excellent. Though sturdy, the  belt was comfortable for wear almost instantly. The holster retains its charge securely (and did so during a very bumpy ATV ride) and also facilitates a quick, smooth draw. I am extremely pleased with both the quality of your work and your customer service.


Dave Lenzi

Another PS6SYS Testimonial

June 05, 2007

Model: CA5/6

My new holsters just arrived.  I now have 8 guns that I feel very comfortable hunting with and each one is now housed in a fine Mernickle Holster.  Without a doubt, these are the finest holsters available anywhere.   

Many thanks.  Will have to call you again when I visit another gun store.  I really need to stay out of those places, but it is difficult. 

Tom Swaim

Another CA5/6 Testimonial


June 04, 2007


Note of Appreciation.

I ordered your PS6DA holster, belt and speed loader package during  March of 2007.

Your ordering department was absolutely wonderful to deal with, very pleasant, and the staff's overall attention to detail to ensure an accurate product speaks volumes towards Mernickle's professionalism.

I felt like a child during Christmas when I received the PS system and was extremely pleased with the excellent quality and workmanship.  The local IDPA club I shoot at had nothing but high praise for the holster, belt and speed loader carrier and I have noticed decreased times in weapon availability and reloading.

Thank you again for the PSDA package.


Steve W. Duich
Spicewood, Texas

Another PS6DASYS Testimonial

June 01, 2007

Model: PS6

I had to email you about this:  

You made me a PS6 for my HK USP Compact 45. I like the holster and have always thought it was well made. But I was going to purchase an additional holster because I wanted a level of retention, like a kydex modeled holster or a holster with a snap. Not anymore, I was just in a motorcycle accident (two hours ago). A car pulled out in front of me, I broadsided the car and I flew over the car, landing at least 15 feet away. My brand new HD Super Glide is totaled and I'm banged up, but my HK stayed in the holster. It's one of the first things I thought of when I stood up and checked myself for broken bones. Good holster. This is a true story. There was a witness and there is an accident report to prove it.  

May 25, 2007

Model: FC2

Good Morning,

 Thank you for the quick responses! My check and order form are in the mail.

 As a side note:

I bought a pistol form my father 2-3 years ago, and in the deal he through in a fully carved custom holster for it. This is the most beautiful holster I have ever handled, or even seen up close, but I never paid attention to who produced the holster. On a whim last night, as I was filling out my order form for you, I pulled that holster out of the closet and look it over. Low and be hold it is a Mernickle Holster!!! This just re-confirmed that I’m making the right choice in choosing your holster. Ya’all make spectacular stuff!!!

Thank you very much,

Ian Cole

Another FC2 Testimonial

May 14, 2007

Model: PS6SA | PB1

Dear Mernickle's Team,

I returned home from work today to find my new holster had arrived.  Allow me to thank you for a job well done. I wanted to express my feelings about a few things with you.

First, when I called to place my order I was taken aback at how helpful and nice your staff is. It was truly a pleasure to speak with you all.  Second, the product that I ordered arrived exactly when I was told it  would, again a pleasant surprise. Third, I opened the box to find the finest example of leather I have  ever seen. My PS6-SA holster and PB1 belt are exceptional in both craftsmanship and function. To say it fits like a glove does not do it  justice.

To sum up, you were polite when I called, kept your word and delivered on time and gave me a product that exceeded my expectations. You should be very proud.

Thank you for a job well done.

Dennis Looney

Another PS6SA | PB1 Testimonial

 Thank you for the "sweet" belt and "small of the back" custom holster for my S&W model 66. I have attached a picture of the your work and the revolver which has S&W factory engraving. They look great together.

 Thanks again,

 Tom Curry
Grapevine, Texas

Another PS7DA Testimonial


April 09, 2007

Model: PS6

I purchased a PS6 for my CZ40P and I couldn't be happier with it.  The fit and finish are excellent and I "Will" be buying more holsters for my other pistols very soon.  Thank you for an excellent product!

Tom Gay

Silver Springs Nv.

Another PS6 Testimonial

March 20, 2007

Model: PS6SYS | PS7DA

Hi Bob, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I received my PS6YS REF1 & PS7-DA REF1, last week. One word "UNBELIEVABLE" I have carried firearms since 1991, & have had many holsters, some were even so called "custom" holsters, but your's are by far the best of the best, I have been wearing the PS6YS system since the day it arrived. It amazes me, carrying a full size Kimber 1911 .45, & I can hardly feel the weight of the gun, it conceals so easily, even with a light jacket on, & the draw is as smooth as smooth can be, but retention of the gun is great. This holster/belt/mag carrier combo has exceeded my expectations, I'll be ordering again, soon. The other "custom" holsters I have are being retired, they no longer cut the mustard. You have another friend for life. Again Thank You.

Tom Jeffries

Another PS6SYS | PS7DA Testimonial


March 14, 2007

Model: PS6SA | PS30 | Customer Photo

Hi Folks, 

I received the PS6SA holster and PS30 for my 50th Anniversary Ruger yesterday. The craftsmanship is superior, well worth the wait. I have tried many other holsters but yours is the first that I have found that will truly conceal a single action. I also was amazed at how comfortable your holster made the heavy Ruger feel. look forward to ordering from you in the future for my other SAs. Keep up the great work.

 Attached a photo of the flattop in the PS6SA.


D. Chris Whisler
Sardinia, Ohio 

Another PS6SA | PS30 Testimonial


March 05, 2007

Model: CA6

I just received my CA6 and it fits perfectly and is awesome in finish and style. It is everything I had hoped it would be. I wanted a holster befitting of a real "peacemaker" and it surely is. The quality and the craftsmanship is superb. I can't wait until I have another "need" for your products. I can highly recommend Mernickleholsters. Thank you ! Sincerely,

Davey Clark,

Central Florida

Another CA6 Testimonial

February 21, 2007

Model: CFD5

Mr. Bob Mernickle

I slept in my new CFD5 the first night I got it. Beautiful leather, and first rate workmanship. Oh, and of course the rig is fast. Hope to thank you personally on the firing line someday.

Chris Pagan (Frank Ace)

Another CFD5 Testimonial


February 12, 2007.

Model: PS6

To Mernickle Custom Holsters,

I recently ordered a PS6 custom made for a Springfield TRP Operator. I received my order last night. I couldn't possibly be happier. This is the best holster I've ever used for a 1911. The fit to the gun is flawless and the quality is outstanding. When I tried it on I was simply amazed at it's comfort and how well it fit. As you probably know the TRP Operator is very heavy for a 1911. The PS6 is one of the few, true, high ride concealed holsters out there. Not only does it fit well, conceal well but it also makes it much more pleasant to carry heavier sidearms. I immediately noticed the better distribution of weight  compared to other holsters I own for the same gun. Since I began communication with the Mernickle Company I've been given great customer service, I even received my order about a week earlier than anticipated. I will recommend Mernickle Holsters to everyone in my shooting circle.  

Thank you for ending my quest to find a holster I agree with. You are truly a master craftsman in this trade.


 Remy Yamauchi

Another PS6 Testimonial


February 01, 2007

Model: PS6T

Patty and Bob,

Thanks for a great holster, received it yesterday PS6T for Alaskan Super Redhawk. Comfortable as can be fits like a glove. When you conceal a pistol like the 454 Redhawk with comfort, that is saying something.

The craftsmanship is will hear from me soon for another holster for my Sig 239 and you will be highly recommended to others.

January 07, 2007

Model: PS19 - Desert Eagle | PS23 Mag Pouch


Just wanted to drop you a note and say "Wow" the holster and mag/cuff case you made for my Desert Eagle are amazing. And you shipped it WAY  faster than quoted, thanks!


Jon Flaxman

 Little Rock, AR

Another PS19 Testimonial

January 3, 2007

Model: PS4-2

Bob, I got my PS4-2 in time for Christmas, and all I can say is...WOW!! I've never had a nicer piece of leather in my life! Unbelievably comfortable, tight retention, and conceals like a charm. I've been showing it off at work for a week now and everybody has been impressed with the workmanship. When teamed up with the belt, it is by far the most all-day wearable concealment holster I've owned. This rig will definitely NOT find itself living in a drawer! Thanks to you and your staff for getting it to me in time for the holidays, and happy new year to you and yours! I look forward to ordering from you again in the (near) future.


Mike Lilly


Another PS4-2 Testimonial

December 21, 2006

Model: SH9

Hi & Howdy Bob and kin,

 I would like to check on the pricing on a PS6 plain black,RH draw for a Colt 1991a1 5" Gov't Model in .45 acp (what else?).Also would like to get one of your baseball caps for when I can't strut around with your holsters.

I bought of your SH9's for my Colts 2 yearsago and I'm still bananas about it.I had never imagined it would be as comfortable and concealable as it is.Now when I think holster,I think Mernickle!

Have a fantastic holiday and thanks,

Joe Vogler  

Another SH9 Testimonial                  

December 2, 2006

Model:  Evil Roy


Just wanted to thank you for an outstanding rig and it was delivered faster than what I was told when I ordered it. Great leather and service.

John Krieger aka smokin john SASS 26727L

Another Evil Roy Testimonial

November 28, 2006

Model:  FC2


My FC2 arrived yesterday, unexpectedly early!

I love it! The mahogany brown color is gorgeous, and really complements the gun. Is there anything I should do to help break it in? Should I beeswax the contact points? Clearly I'm going to need a more substantial belt.

Here's a pic in the fading sunlight (I'm sure you've seen thousands). Thanks!!


Another FC2 Testimonial

November 6, 2006

Model:  PS6DA

Hi Bob:

Just a note to let you know that my new Mernickle PS6DA arrived on the day you told me. You must know the magic words to get UPS to jump and run.

As before, my latest Mernickle conceal-carry holster was beautifully finished and exactly what I expected. My Ruger SP101 fit perfectly the first time. Not too snug, just the right amount of light tension to keep my CCW in place but easy to draw.

Thanks again for your personal attention and my thanks to the folks who consistently turn out a great product.

Jim Rivard

Cincinnati, Ohio

Another PS6DA Testimonial

October 20, 2006

Model:  HW3

I´ve got my  HW3 belt on the 27 of September. It´s great and I really like the style, the quality and the workmanship. My Colt fit perfectly in the rig, and  the rig on me is great.  I also appreciate the great service and friendly correspondence on the mail.

 I think there will more occasions for me to order another holsters for my other guns in the future.

Thank you very much.

Best regards from Tibor Ragnmark, Gothenburg, Sueden


Another HW3 Testimonial

October 5, 2006

Model:  PS6SA

RE: invoice 8326

After evaluation: arrived sooner than expected, prettier than expected, fit better than expected, gun carries better than expected.


now.. which gun needs a new holster next....

RE: invoice 8326

Another PS6SA Testimonial

September 30, 2006

Model:  PS6DASYS Ref1

I just received my holster, belt & speed loader today.  It has to be best looking set I have ever seen, great job.  This is the first holster I have owned that I did not have form fit it to the gun by soaking it in water and letting it dry with the gun in it.

Again, gold stars, brownie points and atta-boys for your craftsmen.    I have been shooting IDPA, USPSA & SASS for years and have bought both kydex and leather holsters.  As I stated yours is the only leather holster that I did not have to form to my gun.  You have a customer for life. 

Mike Roberts

Another PS6DASYS Testimonial

September 28, 2006

Model:  SH7B


I recieved my SH7B holster that you made for my scoped ruger hunter, it is truly a great looking and fitting setup.The pistol and scope setup fit in the holster just fine and the straps are big enough for me and the hunting clothes. Thank you very much I will be back for another holster soon.

kevin  Broussard

September 27, 2006

Model:  CFD5 REF1


Just a short note to express my appreciation for the incredible service I received from you and your staff. The CFD5 REF1 Quick Cowboy exceeds all expectations in quality and usability. My hat is off to all the fine folks at Mernickle Custom Holsters.

Many Thanks,


Another CFD5 Testimonial


September 12, 2006

Model:  HA2 REF1

Bob, I can not thank you enough for the card and Picture, I have the card hanging in our common area so that all of 2nd Platoon can read it.

The holster is beyond anything I had expected, fine craftsmanship and the most comfortable rig I have ever worn. My last holster was held together with 5-50 cord as my daily duties are tough on any gear. My new Mernikle holster looks to stand up better than any thing I have ever worn, and in this desert combat environment,  there could not be a tougher test.

Thank you again and my best wishes to you and your family, we all thank you for your support.


Another HA2 Testimonial


September 6, 2006

Model:  PB7, PB3 Inlayed, PB9 Ref2, PB8 Accent Carve

Hi Bob and Sherrie,

 I received my four dress belts thanks very much! This is my second order with you and i would like to thank you Bob, Sherrie and your team at Mernickle Custom Holsters for such personal service and top quality belts. I got the Gun Fighter Stitch, Ranger Style Fully Carved, the Accent Carved and the Exotic Inlay. 

The belts truned out even better in real life than the pictures on your website and i was stunned just how much carving goes into the Accent and especially the Ranger Style. The design of the belts Bob fits perfectly and the Carving is out of this world! The Gun Fighter stitch is so eye-catching and intricate. I asked you Bob for a custom Exotic Inlay arrangement and you did it brilliantly. I really am a very satisfied customer! Looking forward to working with you on more custom belts and rigs.

 Thanks again,

August 29, 2006

Model: SH9 and SH8

Hello Bob.  I just wanted to tell you how incredibly happy I am with my very expensive double holster and spare.  At first I was mad at myself for spending so much, but now I am very happy.

Thank you very much and take care,

Lance Ferguson

Another SH9 Testimonial

August 10, 2006

Model: FC13

Great job!!!

Total satisfaction! Perfect fit…… superb craftsmanship….. top quality materials! Thanks for exceeding all my expectations on the Field carry Bear Paw carving for my 3” S&W. Lots of compliments so far, and everyone wants to know who the Craftsman is. Even the belt is a thing of beauty.

Robert D. Lipscomb


Another FC13 Testimonial

August 9, 2006

Model: PS6SA

Hi Bob, just wanted to let you know that my holster arrived today, many, many thanks, it's just superb and has exceded my expectation.  It's a wonderfull color and the 'strong side' and 'cross-draw' both work really well a great design.


Kind regards,
Roy from Washington

Another PS6SA Testimonial

August 8, 2006

Model: HW3

I received the holster my wife ordered for my birthday yesterday. I am really impressed with its quality and workmanship. It fits me perfectly, also it fits my gun like a glove. I like the holes in the bullet loops, nice touch!

Great job! Thanks alot!

Hein Bos
Camrose, Alberta,

Another very satisfied customer.

Another HW3 Testimonial

August 7, 2006

Model: PS6SA

Thank you so much...I have worn it almost everyday for a year, and so love it.

The Gun is a Ruger Super Blackhawk 4 5/8ths 44mag. 

Thanks...Fred K. Aron

Another PS6SA Testimonial

July 31, 2006

Model: CFD5


 Received and thanks you for the outstanding work you did on the holsters I ordered.  I have shown them to a few friends who were very impressed and you may be hearing from them. 

Sometime in the recent past when we talked, you had given me the name and address of a gunsmith you would recommend to work on single action revolvers.  I have misplaced that and would appreciate your sending that information to me again.

Warmest regards

Bill Hopper

July 28, 2006

Model: HW3

I received the holster my wife ordered for my birthday yesterday. I am really impressed with its quality and workmanship. It fits me perfectly, also it fits my gun like a glove. I like the holes in the bullet loops, nice touch! Great job! Thanks alot! Hein Bos RR#2 Camrose, Alberta, Canada T4V 2N1 Invoice# 8085 --Another very satisfied customer.

Another HW3 Testimonial

July 27, 2006

Model: Evil Roy System - Evil Roy Shotgun Belt

WOW !!!






Another Evil Roy System Testimonial

July 25, 2006


Bob - Just wanted to thank you guys for such an outstanding job. I ordered a FC567 holster and magazine pouch about three years ago for duty wear in Iraq and Afghanistan, configured for the standard issue Baretta. I would like to report that not only has it stood the test of time (I wore it daily for almost two years) it REALLY worked the couple of  times I had to "use" it. The draw and release was smooth and confident. Since I am still here to write this, clearly, this is a very fine "working mans" holster. It still looks great although well worn - nothing a little shoe polish won't fix. When I go back again this fall you can bet I will be wearing it!



June 27, 2006


Hi Bob,

I received the HW3 and matching dress belt and i have to say they're works of art!! I could stick a frame on 'em and hang 'em in an Art Gallery! The qualiity is incredible and so detailed, your design for the HW3 rig fits perfectly and is top class. I must mention the carving also since it's absolutely stunning. The whole rig looks and feels beautiful, i can't emphasise how good it is now i've got one after seeing the examples on your website.

Can i just thank you Bob and Sherrie and your family, your skilled carver and all your staff at Mernickle Custom Holster... Bob you're the best in the business!!


June 20, 2006

Model: PS7

Several months ago you made a PS 18 holster for my Beretta Model 85. I have used this holster consistently since its arrival and I am very happy with everything about it. The holster's fit, finish, retention, and comfort are perfect. This feat is even more impressive because you did not have a Beretta Model 85 to work from. Thank you so much for making with wonderful, custom holster for me. Now I need to ask you for single mag holder for my Beretta.

John Booth

Another PS7 Testimonial

May 15, 2006

Model: PS6


Thank you, thank you & thank you!!! I just received the PS6 system for my new Kimber, it has to be the most comfortable outfit I've worn, can't wait for it to be broke in. You wouldn't be interested in making a duty rig would you?

James W. Jackson, CBPO

Another PS6 Testimonial

May 9, 2006

Model: FC3


Thank you for the superb quality and fast production on my FC3 crossdraw holster. I ordered on April 12th and received it on May 2d. That's rocket fast for a custom holster.  My 3 1/2" S&W model 27 fits perfectly and the rig conceals beautifully under an untucked shirt. I've enclosed two pics- I am really pleased with the service and quality. There's an N frame Smith & Wesson under that Hawaiian shirt! I'll be ordering one for my 3" S&W 66 soon.


Dave Merryman

Another FC3 Testimonial

May 7, 2006

Model: Evil Roy System

Hi Bob and staff

What can I say?  the initial feed back I had with you guys. prompt email responses, the rig finished well inside the predicted time table.  The finished article?, wll let me say it arrived last night, and I haven't slept a wink, like a kid at xmas ... superb!!!

Steve Garnett aka stagecoach
New Zealand
Triple Tui

Another Evil Roy System Testimonial

May 6, 2006

Model: PS6

Subject: even a mixup is good
When I ordered my third holster from you, I wanted a PS8, the metal-lined paddle model. Returning from a trip, I found the order had arrived, but it was a PS6 with the tab behind the belt.  Must have been an error somewhere, but I'm going to just keep it.  I think you could send me one for the wrong gun, and I'd have to buy one to fit it. Have never carried a 1911 so comfortably. Thanks once more for your fine design and  raftsmanship.

Mervin Johnson
Meeker, CO

Another PS6 Testimonial

May 5, 2006

Model: FC13, PS7DA, PB7, PS30


I received my FC13 (Bear Claw Field Holster), PS7DA (Behind the back), the PB7 (Gunfighter Stitch Belt) and the PS30 (44 mag. Belt Slide cartridge holder). They are absolutely the best looking and best fitting holsters I have ever owned. I teach the South Carolina Concealed Weapons Course and I will be showing my students the superior work you do during each class.

You have made me a loyal customer with my first order and you will be receiving additional orders from me in the future.

Michael D. Bryce

Aiken, SC

Another PS7DA, PB7 Testimonial

May 01, 2006

Model: PS6M

Hi Bob,

Today, I received my holster/mag holder for my Star Model BM and fits the gun and magazine perfectly.  If anyone else wants a high quality custom holster for their Star model BM, you can tell them you have a very satisfied customer that ordered one.  I think I have 8 or 9 of your holsters now and all of them are top quality and fit the guns I ordered them for very well.

Thanks for the fine products you offer and the excellent customer service.

 Dan Lewis


April 20 2006

Model:   Holy Terror

Hi Bob,

Just want to thank you for doing such a beautiful job on the Holy Terror Rig that I ordered. The fit is perfect and I am really glad that I had you put the extra ammo on the holsters. The concho's would have really been pretty....but the ammo is alot more practical for reloading. I have received numerous complements on the rig and they all want to know who made it.
Thanks again!

Candy McKay

Another Holy Terror Testimonial

April 18 2006

Model:   PS6SA

Hi, I got my holster today that I ordered from you for my Ruger Single Six. All I can say is, wow! Very nice looking, and perfect fit for my revolver. I’m looking forward to getting some more holsters from you for my other pistols!

Thanks for the great leather!

Jamie Schmidt

Another PS6SA Testimonial

April 14, 2006

Model:   PS4-02

Hi Sherrie and Bob.

Recently got my PS4-2 for my Smith 342 Snubby and love it. The most comfortable and concealable holster I have ever worn for this gun. As usual your attention to quality and detail is unsurpassed by anything else in the industry. I’m thinking of even selling your holsters in my wine shop if you’d like. What a concept, pick up a bottle of Cabernet and a rig! One stop shopping. By the way do you make any pocket holsters? I have a .32 Seecamp that would love to be in a Mernickle.

Take care,

David Bergman,
The Wine Vault Norwood, MA

April 12, 2006

Model:   PS6

Bob and Family,
Received the PS6 and belt combo. It is a good quality set up and I like the design. The commander size 1911 is more concealed than my previous holster and there is no slop. The pistol is held firmly, but not too tight. It is easier to draw than I thought it would be and it is not in the way when seated. Thank you and your family for the good work and helping me decide which set up was best.

Take care,

Another PS6 Testimonial

April 11, 2006

Model:   FD1

I received my FD1 yesterday. The FD1 not only shows an elegant figure but also makes me possible to draw quickly. Getting the excellent rig in my hand, I 'm so grateful for your thorough work. I hope you to show your incomparable skill again when I order another rig in near future.


Taro Ando

Another FD1 Testimonial

April 10, 2006

Model:   Evil Roy System

This is to let you know I received the excellent Evil Roy Rig .

Needless to say I was very happy and pleased when it came. I know this was your donation to Winter Range's Prize draw. I for one am grateful that sponsors like you do donate these prizes.

I was the winner of this Prize and I expect the quality and workmanship that goes into all Mernickle holsters is as well made as my holster rig you should be proud of all the products you sell. The fit and function is perfect ,the color, design and stitching is superb. I'll use it for years to come.

Even though I was the recipient of this rig when I need another or a holster for someone in my family I will consider Mernickle Custom Holsters first and foremost.

Thanks Again for a Great Holster Rig and the Fast courteous Service


Hank (Pigpen) Dykstra

Another Evil Roy System Testimonial

April 7, 2006

Model:  PS6 & PS6SA

Hi Bob, Here are some of the pictures of the holsters you made for me, and the guns they were made for. I didn't expect the person who took the pictures would email all of them. Use any that you care to.

Happened to catch you one one of the gun shows a while back, GunTec, or Shooting Gallery. Told my wife to come see the guy who builds my holsters. Her comment was, "He's got more hair than you do". Glad to see you got the exposure.


Ken Douglas

Tavares, FL

Another PS6 - PS6SA Testimonial

April 5, 2006

Model:  PS6SYS REF1

Good Morning Bob,

Just want you to know I recently received the PS6SYS Ref-1 for my S&W 1911 SC Commander in the natural leather with gunfighter stitch.

This is absolutely the best of the many pieces you have done for me. Thanks for the fast turnaround.

My kindest regards to you and your family.

Dave Lesslie

Another PS6SYS Testimonial

April 4, 2006

Model:  HW8

Thanks very much, great rig.

Bob I've been meaning to send this for weeks. The double HW8 rig you built for my Rugers is excellent.
Looking forward to using it this weekend. Thanks again for the excellent work.

T L Hubler
Jeffersonville IN

April 3, 2006

Model:  SH7


I received the holster today. I have been anxiously waiting delivery. You told me about 5 weeks and it was 5 weeks to the day. You did an excellent job. You really do have the talent for making the customers ideas come to reality. I feel that the SH7 with the modified FC13 holster has created the ultimate field carry rig. If it ever stops raining here I will send some pictures. Tomorrow I will call you about another order.

Thanks again,

Dave Dyer

Another SH7 Testimonial

March 31, 2006

Model: HW3 Double

Got the gun belt  yesterday. Thanks for a job well done - the fit is perfect. It is a real pleasure to do business with a company that stands by its product. When the time comes for another new rig, you can be sure that I'll buy it from Mernickle's. I would recommend your products in a heartbeat. I have enclosed some photos of my Rugers with the rig. Once again, thanks.


Another HW3 Testimonial

March 30, 2006

Model: PS10

Dear Mernickle,

I just wanted to send this note concerning the PS10 Cross-Draw holster you recently sent me for my Glock Model 21. The quality and fit are just wondeful. I have purchased the PS10 before but for a SIG P226 9mm. I am considering purchasing your PS6 (Strong Side Carry) also for the Glock 21 should I decide to try my hand at IDPA competition. Again, thank you for the fine product.

Yours truly,

Tom Redmond


March 29, 2006


Thanks so much for making me my Evil Roy Holsters and Shotgun Belt. The fit and finish is excellent and I  couldn't be more pleased. Thanks for sending along a hat!  You will get a lot of Kudos from when people ask me about my new gun belt!

- Arthur J Saarinen

aka A.J.McDraw SASS# 52088

Nashoba Valley Regulators

Harvard Sportsmen Club - Harvard, MA

Another Evil Roy System Testimonial

March 28, 2006

Model:   PS18

I have the belt slide, PS 18, for a Smith and Wesson K-Frame revolver. I used this holster for the better part of 18 months. It is wonderful. I have used it to comfortably carry a Taurus model 445 with a 2"barrel, a Smith & Wesson Model 15 with a 4" barrel, and a Smith Model 64 with a 3" barrel. In every occasion the holster holds the weapon securely, conceals well, and yet is easy on the draw. Here are some admittedly poor quality picture of my Model 64 with your PS-18. Thank you for providing me with a great, versatile holster.

John Booth,
Pensacola, Florida.


March 27, 2006

Model:   CA25 Badge Holder

Hi Bob,

Badge holders arrived Friday, have fitted my BWSS badges and I'm very pleased with them, great quality on such a small item.  Next on my list is one of your excellent fast draw rigs, so much choice though will need time to decide which one.



March 21, 2006

Model:  HA2


I lost your other e-mail address, I hope this works its way to you. I just want to say thanks for the beautiful holster that you did for me with the Paladin Chess Knight on it. I love it! Whoever did the carving should get a raise, it looks fantastic. I'll send a picture when I get a chance, my wife took one but its still stuck on her camera and I don't know how her's works. Thanks again, I'm sure you'll get more orders from me in the future.

Jeff Dirkse


March 15, 2006

Model:  PB4

Dear Bob,

The belt is gorgeous and he loves it and my apologies for the belated thanks. Wonderful job! Thank you!


Another PB4 Testimonial

March 14, 2006

Model:  Holy Terror Shooting System

Hi Bob

Holsters have arrived, and they are great! Excellent fit, and they look really good. I'll be the best dressed cowgirl at the South Island Champs next week!!!

Thanks heaps

Joanne Bayne
New Zealand

Another Holy Terror Testimonial

March 9, 2006

Model: HW3 REF1

Hi Bob

I see my email and your shipment crossed each other in route. The  holster and gun belt arrived today and they are everything I could have hoped for and more. I think your workmanship and materials are fabulous. Thank you very much for a very fair deal.

I was wondering if I would be doing anything wrong to treat the  leather. I was thinking Neetsfoot Oil but wanted to check with you.  The leather is pale and seems like it could use a little coat of  something. What do you recommend?

Again, thanks so much for creating such a beautiful piece for me.


Bob MacDonald

Another HW3 Testimonial

March 8, 2006

Model: PS6

Just received my PS6 System. I have never seen such craftsmanship and attention to detail in any type of leather goods period. You truly are a master at your craft. It’s also nice to hear an owners voice at the other end of the line for any orders and questions. Sherrie and Bob you rock guys! You have a customer for life.  All the best. Sincerely,

David Bergman, Norwood, Massachusetts.

Another PS6 Testimonial

March 7, 2006

Model: SH3

Hey Bob,
Use away,,,you know my thoughts about the SH3....and you are welcome to use them. You also have my E-Mail address, and if you need it, I will be glad to hear from anyone, who wants owner/ user comments. They will get a big thumbs up, on the best rig, in my opinion) on the market ,today!

Best wishes on continued success!


Another SH3 Testimonial

March 3, 2006

Model: PS6DA

Hi Bob,

Received my new holster for my Ruger GP 100. I think it is easily the nicest holster I own. I'm more than satisfied. Thank you very much. Was wondering if you by chance make any shotgun scabbards for double barrel coach guns? If so how much would one cost? Hey, I can't thank you enough for my fine holster and look forward to a reply on the scabbard.

Thank you Bob Gray

Another PS6DA Testimonial

March 2, 2006

Model: B Western - Evil Roy


Bob- got my new B- Western Rig today. AWESOME is the only word that keeps coming out of my mouth!!! Thanks so much for making this rig for me. You are a TRUE craftsman of leather. This as you know, is my second rig that you have made for me. You definitely have my business as well as my unbiased referrals to fellow SASS shooters.

Awesome man!  Thanks a bunch. Look forward to seeing you at convention again this year.

Sincerely-- Greg aka Citizen Kane #11717 LTG

February 28, 2006.

Model: PS6

Just received the holster for my HK P-7. As always, your quality and service are without equal. I know it's a hard weapon for which to make a cross-draw holster, but you did it. Every time I get a new pistol, I'll continue to order from you. Again, My thanks.

Bob Florsheim

Another PS6 Testimonial

February 27, 2006

Model: B Western "Lady Cut"

The new rig came today, and it is spectacular! Fits perfect, and is done so beautifully. Thank you! And my UPS man thanks you, no more traps to make him stop!!!!

Mae Lynn

February 23, 2006

Model: PS6

Hello Sir/Ma'am:
Last week I had the pleasure to speak to a very nice lady as well as Mr. Mernickle about the PS6-SA holster. I wanted to thank you for explaining the various aspects of the holster to me.

The reason for this email is simply to let you know that I have sent an order for the above holster (Ruger Super Blackhawk, 44 Mag, 4 5/8" bbl) via snail mail with a money order enclosed. I'm a sucker for redundancy and figured I'd simply let you know that an order is coming your way via email.

I've used the PS6 for a Sig 229 and was simply amazed at the speed in which I was able to draw (worked better than any other holster I've used for IDPA, including Kydex rigs) as well as the security it afforded. You make an outstanding product and cannot wait to pack my faithful six shooter in the same rig!

Thank you for your attention.


Evan "Slim" Carter

Another PS6 Testimonial

February 16, 2006

Model: Evil Roy and Holy Terror Shooting Rigs

Hi Bob, Sherrie, Steve and staff:

Gravedigger & I received our beautiful holsters and shotgun belts yesterday and they were surely worth the wait--although it was not as long as you had estimated it to be. We just love them and the fit is perfect.

We appreciate your excellent service, prompt attention and response to our inquiries, and excellent product. We'll try and get a photo off to you showing our "rigs" in use.

Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you "down the trail."

Bad News Betsy & Gravedigger

AKA: Dennis & Betsy Lutge

Tehachapi, CA

Another Evil Roy and Holy Terror Testimonial

February 14, 2006

Model: FC5629

Bob all the hype is true you do make the best holster's. I spent a lot of money on my python and did not want it to nest in a generic holster that you can buy anywhere. I just received the field carry system for my 6" python.. it is unbelievable the quality that you put into this thing.. I will call you next week and order a concealed carry system for my Kimber. Also i want a western rig for my colt frontier scout in (22 Mag.). You guys are the greatest to deal with and quick service.(3 weeks early).

Thanks again

Tim Gardner

Phoenix, Az.

Another FC5629 Testimonial

February 9, 2006

Model: FC9

Bob and Steve:

The holster arrived a few minutes ago.

It's perfect in every way. I especially like the way you cut out the top of the holster to allow for the red dot 'scope. The thumb break / snap across the back of the pistol ain't half bad either!

And it rides up close and personal, right under my elbow, just the way I asked.

My Daddy was a dentist for 55 years. Right next to the receptionist's window, he had hung this sign:


                        is like buying oats.

          If you want nice, clean fresh oats,


         But, it you can be satisfied with oats


                That comes a little cheaper.

You folks do quality work and I purely do appreciate it.

George Mitchell

Blairsville, GA

February 8, 2006

Model: Quick Cal Shooting Rigs


I have been singing the praises of the Quick Cal belt to a friend. He directed me to the letter from Cal on your site about breaking-in the loops. FYI, what I did was load the belt with my dummy rounds in each loop. It was so difficult getting them in that I almost returned the belt. Fortunately, I had to leave town for two weeks the next day so I left the belt with the dummies in place. By the time I returned, the canvas had stretched just enough that the shells now come out as if they were greased with butter.

Jim "Tightwad" Longley

Another Quick Cal Testimonial

February 7, 2006

Model: HW5 - Double

Dear Bob,

How are you these days? Sorry for the delay of my letter.

We FD Korea had 4th match last month. It's a real fun to share times with fellow Western enthusiasts.

I took a picture at the match with your rig. I attached it. Hope it is useful to you.

Say hello to Sherrie, too. Good luck and stay safe.



Another HW5 Testimonial

February 4, 2006

Model: FC3

Dear Bob,

I received my custom order just a few days ago, and I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with it. I got the FC-3, custom carved, with a dark brown finish. I knew of your quality from the website, but the actual product greatly exceeded my expectations! The craftsmanship was outstanding, and your carver did a beautiful job with the artwork I sent in. It fits my Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan like a glove. I shopped several companies before deciding on Mernickle, and it seems I made the right choice.

Steve, my sales rep, was great - he answered all my questions in a timely manner, and kept me up to date on the progress. In short, I could not be more pleased with my Mernickle holster, and you will have all of my business in the future, as well as referrals to my friends.

Thanks again for a fantastic experience!


Joe Urh

Another FC3 Testimonial

February 3, 2006

Model: PS6


Rig number 2 (finished product) arrived today. I love it! (thank God the final hole on the belt worked.) One last question: How would you treat the leather? Mink oil?

Testimonial: I had been involved in combat handgunning in in the late 1970s. Gave it up during the 1980s/1990s. When I decided on re-introducing myself to the sport, my one goal was to have a state-of-the-art system. I did a fair amount of research.

Money (within reason) was not a consideration.

As a .45 ACP shooter all of my life, I decided to go with the Ed Brown "Custom Classic." It helps reduce problems from a life of too much booze, caffeine, and cigarettes."

I put G-10 grips by Simonich on the gun.

Last, but not least, it was time to find a rig. By far, Mernickle Custom Holsters was the only game in town. Its "Concealment/Carry System (IPSC certified) was the absolute perfect complement to the pistol. Hell, Bob Mernickle even had my company logo hand carved into the holster, belt and twin magazine pouch. His carver, "Cathy," deserves no small amount of credit here.

All three families, the Browns, Simoniches, and Merinickles were an absolute pleasure to do business (if you could call it that) with.

Todd L. Zoph

Another PS6 Testimonial

February 2, 2006

Model: PS7DA SOB


Received the SOB for my Bob Coogan-customized .38 Taurus today...guess I'm gonna have to be just like all your other customers. I am amazed...the fit and finish are incredible and the "fit" to the firearm is as though you had it there and molded it around the actual piece.

The worth and cost were clearly worth it! Great job!

Now, that Custom Novak Commander and Gunsite Gov't model and, and, and.....oops...just closed on a new home yesterday...guess I'd best wait a bit.

James L.

January 30, 2006

Model: PS6DA

Good morning Bob,

My new Mernickle holster arrived last week. Fits my Ruger GP100 like a glove and performs left or right handed, just as I had hoped. In fact, my larger GP100 rides closer and feels lighter in the PS6DA than does my
smaller Ruger SP101 in a Galco paddle-holster. I will be getting back to
you soon for another conceal carry holster for my SP101.

Please let me know if the PS6DA will work with a Ruger SP101......if I have Crimson Trace lazer grips installed. This is important to placing my order.

Thanks again,
Jim Rivard
Cincinnati, OH

Another PS6DA Testimonial

January 26, 2006

Model: FC2

Hi Steve/Bob
I received the holster last week. It looks great and I look forward to using it for years to come. Its always great to see quality craftsmanship. The quality of your work is refreshing to see. There will be more orders from me in the near future.

Thanks again.

Another FC2 Testimonial

January 25, 2006

Model: HW3 REF5

I just received my new HW3-REF5 and i must tell you it is the finest, classiest, and fastest rig I own. Your design suggestions especially go a long way to distinguish it from all the others. Thank you [you will be hearing from me again]
Paul A. Kramer

Another HW3 Testimonial

January 24, 2006

Model: PS1

Dear Bob,

Thanks for another job well done. I received the PS1 paddle holster you did for my daughters S&W 952. She has the gun out in Pittsburgh where she is a doctor, however my neighbor just bought the same gun and received it the day after I got the holster. So he brought it over and I tried the holster with his gun. A perfect fit and beautiful leather work.

I found it so comfortable and supportive that I may have to order one soon for my S&W 945, I kind of like the convenience of not having to undo the belt if I'm going to be going in and out of areas that do not allow concealed carry. We will be going to visit my daughter for her birthday in a couple of weeks and I can wait to get her reaction to such a nice holster.

When you buy the best in pistols it makes only good sense to buy the best in holsters, and that's something you always provide. I'll be ordering again soon, until then my best to you and your family for healthy and prosperous new year.

Nick Malina

Another PS1 Testimonial

January 23, 2006

Model: Holy Terror Shooting System


Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for my new gun rig. I was VERY pleasantly surprised when I received your call in early December telling me that I had won the December Shoot Magazine Mernickle gun rig. Shortly after we talked, I spoke to Bob at Mernickle Holsters and arranged to pay the extra cost to upgrade to a Holy Terror rig. I received the rig recently and wore it for the first time at a shoot in Eustis, FL, yesterday. It is a high quality, beautifully crafted rig, and I know that I will enjoy it for many years to come. I'm attaching a couple of photos of me wearing my new leather. If you need additional or better quality photos, let me know.

Again, many thanks to Shoot Magazine and Mernickle Holsters for your generous support of Cowboy Action Shooting -- and for my great looking. great fitting new rig. Now if it just makes me shoot like Holy Terror, I'll be one very happy camper! ;-)


Annabelle Bransford, SASS Regulator #11916, SASS New York State Ladies Champion 2001-2004, SASS RO 1 & 2 Certified Instructor, Circle K Regulators Secretary, and avid reader of Shoot Magazine!

Another Holy Terror Testimonial

January 19, 2006

Model:  PS6T







Another PS6T Testimonial

January 09, 2006

Model: Holy Terror Shooting System

Bob- got the belt and holsters. Beautiful workmanship. Getting lots of compliments on the quality and craftsmanship. Good job.

Thx, Jim

Another Holy Terror Testimonial

January 05, 2006

Model:  Holy Terror Shooting System

Hi Bob & Sherrie

We received our new rigs just before Christmas a week ahead of the date you said for delivery, they are just great, Buckeye lady ordered the Holy Terror rig and I ordered the Holy Terror holsters on a mans belt, they are extremely comfortable and very fast, the fit on the guns is excellent, the locking system on the holsters is such a great idea. We will recommend your work to all our friends.

Thanks again
Happy New Year
Deadwood 'Doc' Smith & Buckeye Lady

Another Holy Terror Testimonial


December 31, 2005

Model:  PS6SA


I wanted to tell you how comfortable the PS6SA single action holster is. I've worn all kinds of holsters, but yours is one of the best. It fits the handgun perfectly, it fits on my body perfectly, and it's going to be my primary holster for concealed carry for a long time to come.

Since I now have two Ruger New Model Blackhawks(long story) I guess I'll shortly be ordering another PS6SA holster.....:)

Thanks for a great product...all the wonderful reviews don't do this holster we say in kenpo karate..."feeling is believing"...:)

Talk to you soon about another holster and ammo carrier...:)

Frank "Pancho" Garza

Another PS6SA Testimonial

December 30, 2005

Model:  PS6 System



Another PS6 System Testimonial

December 8, 2005

Model:  PS7

Thank you for such prompt service ! The PS7 holsters for my H&K .45 and H&K .40 are fabulous !
They work exactly as anticipated. Very comfortable and they hold my weapon securely and at the perfect angle.
VERY MUCH worth the price and the wait .

T.L. White III
Ocala, FL

Another PS7 Testimonial

December 2, 2005

Model:  PS11-2

Just got the ps11-2 last night. Wore it around the house all night. My wife thought I was crazy! Great looking holster and fast on the draw. I can't wait to wear it more and more. Definitely be ordering more. John Young

Another PS11-2 Testimonial

October 27, 2005

Model:  Quick Cal Holster Set

Hi Bob & Company - just received my holsters and belt - great job - fits great and excellent craftsmanship - well worth the wait - many thanks.
Frank Hein,
Mico, Texas

October 25, 2005

Model:  PB7


I received my belt last Thursday. Once again great quality, great service and fast delivery. I am very satisfied. Great doing business with you.

Thank you.
Stephane, Quebec

October 20, 2005

Model:  HT1 Ref1

Hello To Mernickle Custom Holsters,

I just received my Holy Terror Rig, (Early Christmas Present) I am just amazed at the difference in my old holster rig to this one, They are like night and day, I just love it. The workmanship is just wonderful. And I received it long before expected. Keep up the good work guys, you did good!

Now! As soon as Holy Terror gets a break from all that school work, I am going to have her autograph the back of the belt for me!

Thanks again!

Jennifer Stewart aka Stumble Leena Sass # 35071

Another Holy Terror Testimonial

October 19, 2005

Model:  PS6SA

My new PS6SA system arrived today. Beautiful work, the best design & execution I've seen in many years of using good tack and outdoor stuff.  I can wear it in comfort driving, working, and probably anything else.

That was always the problem with my big .44, and you've solved it for me. Can't wait for the rig for the little Lightning; should be even prettier. I believe you now, about no need for a retention strap.

Will take it to our Sportsman's Club sight-in tomorrow, as we have as many as 200 hunters per day for 8 days each year. Maybe we can get you even more if you needed more work, huh? If the little one's like this one, you're likely to get to do some more, for me.

Thanks for your service.
Mervin Johnson Meeker, CO

Another PS6SA Testimonial

October 13, 2005

Model:  PS6SA

Dear Bob and Sherrie,

I just received the PS6SA holster for my Ruger New Vaquero eight days sooner than promised and it is beautiful.  But more so, I'm impressed by the fine workmanship and how it fits my .357 mag like a glove.

For fifty years, I've purchased rigs from Lawrence, Ojala and Alfonso and now you've made me a devoted customer.

Thank You.


Another PS6SA Testimonial

October 12, 2005

Model:  PS19

To the Mernickle family,

I really enjoyed speaking with Mr. Mernickle when I ordered the concealment rig for the Desert Eagle in July. This holster is amazing, and my shooting buddies are shocked that the gun can be effectively hidden. I am very pleased with it and plan to do business with you in the future. Thanks again for a great holster.

I hope you don’t mind, but I attached a picture. Yes, there is a Desert Eagle under there…hidden by a thin nylon vest.

Jason T. Ammons

Washington, Georgia

October 11, 2005

Model:  PS6

Dear Bob,

Be sure that I remember all the fine work you did  for me.  Hopefully some of my requests created some new ideas, etc.

I need to convey a direct story to you. (and its been along time, my friend..)

I was working a detail in another country. To keep a long story short... I was faced with two subhumans who were intent on doing harm to me, my team an my protectee.  At the moment I gave the signal to evacuate the protectee, I also drew my weapon. I was forced to
fire as weapons were pointed at me. The ease, speed and real life usefulness of your holster gave me an edge.  The edge was to draw and engage with smooth and swift action. As I am writing you, it would be apparent what the outcome was.

 I've known you for at least 7 years if not more, you have made every piece of carry leather a man can ask you for. In this case, I honestly believe that I saved my own life, but I'll be doggonnned if I didn't tell  you that that the butter smooth ability to index, draw
from your rig, I'm not sure I'd be here....... equipment can make all the difference in the world thank you.

Thanks from your old pal, Dave

Another PS6 Testimonial

October 4, 2005

Model:  HW2

Bob, Got the holster today. It fits both the gun and I perfect. Put a Silver and Gold Western Buckle on it and it really sets off that bright stainless 357 frame Dan Wesson Revolver. Bullet loops are positioned perfect. Another great job. Thanks much for a fine product. I have been impressed by three products in my life. Your holsters, Maas Metal Polish, and Obenauf's Leather Oil. If you haven't tried the other two recommend you do. They both do everything claimed plus. Hope the children checked the Desoto Thesis, very educational. Again, Thanks much and the Best to you and your family.

Richard Patterson

September 15, 2005

Model:  PS6SA

My little sheriff's cross draw arrived last week. It sets on my hip and holster's like a charm. You do great work, Bob. I'm getting great use out of my other rig I ordered a few years back. Top quality/ workmanship and performance. Nice to know ya Bud! Mark


Another PS6SA Testimonial

August 22, 2005

Model:  Evil Roy System

Sorry for the delay in responding... I have been dealing with some family health issues.

Anyway, I received the Hand carved Evil Roy holsters & belt and the Ammo belt last Tuesday and all I can say is WOW...Bonnie Lynn did a fantastic job on the carving...a real work of art. The quality of the work you folks put out is stunning...really! The leather is every bit of what I expected and then some. You have my utmost thanks and loyalty as a future customer.

It was well worth the wait and I can't wait to show it off at the next shoot. Again, Bob and Sherrie and the rest of the your posse...Thank You!


Marc Paillette 
Alias Dog-leg Don SASS #64376

Another Evil Roy Testimonial

July 30, 2005

Model:  Holy Terror with Evil Roy Tooling

My first rig wasn't contoured. If I sat then stood, I'd have to shove it back into place. It was also tapered at the ends, so I took the holsters off and reversed them so the belt buckled in the back. It worked ok for over a year, then I had crescent ejectors put on my Rugers. The holsters were so tight they would not accept that crescent. I was able to shove the revolvers far enough in to be stable... then I stepped to the firing line, the buzzer beeped and I tried to draw... and pulled my rig up to my armpit.
It wasn't pleasant and was close to impossible to shoot Gunfighter.

So, Bob got a call. My new rig is a modified "Holy Terror" rig, with customized borders and airbrushed dye on the edges. It is gorgeous. The belt is contoured and Bob knows how to fit both smaller and larger ladies. The holsters have steel inserts that are unseen. I've been to one match with this rig and it is phenomenal. I don't know what they did to make the holsters like that, but it seems the revolver grips just want to be in my hands. The holsters are held in place with Chicago screws so I could adjust them to my reach and not worry about them sliding.

Here are the pics:

Did I NEED to purchase such a stylish rig? Nope, but the folks at Mernickles combine style with functionality. When I got the rig, I stared and thought: "I am not worthy." I like that. Similar to my '73 which will always be able to out perform me, this rig was crafted at an extremely high standard.

By the way, I shot that match clean.


Another Holy Terror Testimonial

July 29, 2005

Model:  SH6

Dear Bob
I would just like to say thanks to you and your staff for the wonderful shoulder holster you made for me. The craftsmanship is second to none and still looks great after many hard days in the field. As you know I'm a forest tech. in Northern British Columbia and wear this holster everyday and after 2 months of use the holster looks brand new still. My revolver has never fallen out of this holster yet even after tumbles over rock bluffs and blow down. It is also very nice when riding a horse or on a four wheeler. This is by far the best holster I have ever seen or used. Thank you very much Bob for the great holster and kind service you provided.

Best Regards

Joel Runtz

Another SH6 Testimonial

July 26, 2005

Model:  Holy Terror Shooting System

First shoot. Thanks for the great holsters!!!!

Shown Worn - Customer Photo

The Sanders

Another Holy Terror Testimonial

July 25, 2005

Model:  CA 5/6

Bob and Sherrie,

The CA 5-6 arrived today. It's a beauty and fits great. I like the low cut style. I can't imagine getting a revolver out of a holster any faster. Now it's up to me to shoot as good as I look <grin>. Hope to  see you folks on the trail someday.

Jim Mehl

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

July 8, 2005

Model:  ERSG1 Ref1

Hi Bob,

I received your Evil Roy Shot Gun Belt Model: ERSG1 Ref1 and wanted to use it in a couple of matches first before I wrote to you. All I can say is "WOW!" As with all your other rigs of yours I have, the workmanship on this one is excellent. My match stage times have dropped quite measurably since I began using this shotgun belt. No more fumbling to grab shells and the pistol/rifle reloads are right there ready to use. The design of this belt makes all the difference in getting a ribbon at a match! Thanks again Bob.


Boothill Bandit

Another Evil Roy Testimonial

July 2, 2005

Model:  PS2SOB

Bob and Bonnie-Lynn,

I just wanted to thank both of you for the work of art that I received. I ordered the PS2SOB with the Kimber logo on it, and fully carved. I could not be happier. It is beautiful. I wanted nice holster to carry my new Kimber in and got more than I expected. It is the finest piece of leather I have ever seen. The fit and function are also perfect. And now that is too late I will tell you that if I would have known how great this holster was going to be I would have paid twice as much as I did. Oh well, I guess I will let you over charge me on the next order.

Again, thank both of you for my one of kind piece of artwork.

Jason Davis
Jackson, Ms

July 1, 2005

Model:  Red Cent Palmer CA23/23


Tobie Tuesday IS her Alias. Her SASS # is 63328 (She is my bartender on Tuesday nights at the Sweetwater Saloon) My Alias is (Duh, ya forgot already?) Dapper Dan SASS# 27235 We are near Monmouth IL (birthplace Of Wyatt Earp) The photos were taken at the beautiful Shady Creek Shootists home range on May 28th 2005 (St Judes Charity Shoot) As to the title of the picture.......SHE is the BEAUTY....and..........I am The BEAST! (case ya hadn't figured that out) She is wearin your belts with a pair of your "Red Cent Palmers" for holsters. (She stole em off me) I am wearin my OLD rig your recently re-dyed for me (CA-5 or 6???)

I swear Bob, your memory is as bad as mine!


Another CA23/23 Testimonial

June 30, 2005

Model:  Holy Terror

Dear Mr. Bob,


Holster was arrived yesterday afternoon.
So beautiful !
Thanks for your kind support.

I will contact you soon.



Another Holy Terror Testimonial

June 29, 2005

Model: HW1

Hi Bob

Received my Double HW1 Pebble-Diamond finish. I supplied my own buckles of sterling silver. I own a Bohlin Rig, Bianchi and now Mernickle, Bob that's not bad company to keep. The rig is absolutely my favorite. I need to get use to the gunfighter cant and forward position of the cups. Then maybe I will get as fast as you!! I will send pictures as soon as I can .

Robert Arndt

Another HW1 Testimonial

June 28, 2005

Model: PS6SA System Ref 1

Hi Bob
Just a Note to say that after a year of daily wear I have enjoyed my PS6SASYS and find it very comfortable and durable.
thank you
Roy L.Pennington

Another PS6SA System Testimonial

June 15, 2005

Model:  Holy Terror Shooting System

Great. Bob, just want you to know that I love this rig. Enough that I'm willing to fork out for a matching set of holsters for my non-primary guns. I was carrying it around EOT trying to match up some accessories to it and I had more than one of the leather makers stop me and ask to look at it. So it has definitely gotten some attention out there. I get numerous compliments on it every time I wear it.

Just thought that you probably would like to know that your work has been appreciated.


Another Holy Terror Shooting System Testimonial

June 10, 2005

Model:  Holy Terror Shooting System
                & CA17/18

Bob and Associates

I would like to thank you for the quality holsters and belts that we received yesterday. They far exceeded our expectations and the time that you took to assure a proper fit shows in the fit.

Randell and Mary Sanders

Another Holy Terror Shooting System Testimonial
Another CA17-18 Red Cent Palmer Testimonial

May 12, 2005

Model: PS6SA System Ref 1

Hi Bob
Just a Note to say that after a year of daily wear I have enjoyed my PS6SASYS and find it very comfortable and durable.
thank you
Roy L.Pennington

Another PS6SA System Testimonial

May 11, 2005

Model: FD1


UPS just dropped off my new FD-1 Fully Carved black Corbin with twenty .45 Colt loops.
This is the third or fourth rig I've ordered from you and each time I'm waiting to have one built, I get antsy. After seeing the quality of the first rig, I always looked forward to the others with growing impatience. After four months of waiting for this FD-1, I was starting to twitch and walk a little crooked but when I opened the box (which I did instantly on the front porch), all that wait seemed as nothing. Beautiful doesn't describe this rig. Masterful full carving, rich black and a perfect fit for my 3-screw nickel Bob Graham Titanium .45. I loaded the loops with twenty nickel .45s and bent the shank to my body and draw style and all is well in Texas.

Please thank everyone who had a hand in the creation of the perfect work of deadly art. I am, as usual, speechless (or nearly so) at the craftsmanship and practical knowledge that went into my new thumbing rig. I'll use it for years and whenever someone says, "Oh, my God! Where did you get that rig," I'll just smile and say, "Bob Mernickle, of course."

Thank you all.

Don Leach

Another FD1 Testimonial

May 10, 2005

Model:  HW3 REF23

 Hi, Bob & Sherrie

Just picked up my mail and could hardly believe my eyes, Bob it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. All I can say it was worth the wait. The carving is out of this world it's hard to believe the detail and craftsmanship that went in to making it. Everyone I've shown it to is in total disbelief. My gun fits like a glove - the holster fit perfectly every thing about it is perfect,.  All I can say is you DA man, Please tell Bonnie Lynn how pleased i am with her work.  She really is a true artist. God knows I know you are glad to be finished with me.  I hope I can order another in the near future. I already have my eye on another one.  Just wanted to let you know I could not have been more pleased with the finished product. Again thank you for a beautiful master peace that I will treasure for ever. God bless you and your family.

Until our trails cross again
deLacy S. C.

Another HW3 Testimonial

May 07, 2005

Model: AWB10


Well, I've had the cartridge belt a couple of weeks now - just hadn't been near a computer so I could write and say Thank You !!! It really is so awesome and I couldn't be happier !! Everyone I've shown it to has been green with envy. I can't wait for the holster !

I've been visiting this website ( looking for a bowie to go with the whole outfit. I'll have to take pictures when it's all together....


Tom Kollin

May 02, 2005

Model: Holy Terror Shooting System


Thanks for my Holy Terror rig! It turned out great and fits perfectly! I can’t wait to take it out and try it out. It is heads and tails above my old rig!



April 26, 2005

Model: Evil Roy Shooting System

I received my Evil Roy Holsters and Shotgun belt this afternoon. I Just wanted to say thanks for getting them done so quickly. It is by far the best rig I have ever owned, not to mention the best looking. Everything from the fit to the finish is 2nd to none. Thanks for such a great product.

Happy shootin'
Jason Elvey

April 24, 2005


Hi Bob-

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my first order from you. The delivery date was much quicker than I expected and the quality of the PS6SASYS is most excellent.

I enjoyed talking flying with you when I placed my order and will be ordering again in the future.

Take care,

Steve Lewis

Another PS6SASYS Testimonial

April 23, 2005

Model: PB1


Just to let you know that I received my belt this week. Great looking and very well made. Very satisfied with it and with the service provided.

Thank you

Another PB1 Testimonial

April 21, 2005

Model: HW3

Bob & Sherrie Mernickle,

I received the HW3REF16 today. It is all that I expected and more. Thanks a million for all your help and kindness. I know I will enjoy this rig for many years to come. It is sure a beauty. Best regards.

Four Finger Sam

Another HW3 Testimonial

April 20, 2005

Model:  SH7


Thanks for the shoulder holster it is working out very well. I have
attached a photo of our most recent spring turkey hunt. The holster is quiet and comfortable a must for turkey hunting.

This turkey had a 9.25 inch beard and weighed 20 lbs. The Longbeard was taken opening day of Spring turkey season near my home here in Texas. The gun was Model 83 Freedom Arms .475 with 1000 fps cast bullets. Feel free to use the photo for ads, or endorsements.


Chris Keck

Another SH7 Testimonial

April 19, 2005

Model: PS2

First off thanks for the great products. Between the wife and I we use all three that I bought from you. My wife likes my PS-2 so much she has decided that she wants one for her Springfield 1911 sub-compact. Could you please give me a price and also your address again so that I can send you a check for the new holster.

Thanks,  Jason

Another PS2 Testimonial

April 17, 2005

Model: HW3

Hi Bob

Just wanted to let you know that I finally received my order - took about a month to clear Customs. They are great. The 7 & 1/2 " HW3  holster fits my Super Blackhawk to a T. I picked them up Friday and had a shoot Saturday. Unfortunately, my New Vaqueros have been recalled so I haven't had the chance to try them out in the CA 17/18 set. Thanks for the great work.


Another HW3 Testimonial

March 29, 2005

Model: PS2

Bob -

My name is Howard DeWitt. Over the past few years, you have made several items for me, and I've enjoyed them very much. In fact, I own a boatload of holsters...many from top manufacturers, and I always go back to the PS-2 holsters you have made for me. Nothing else seems as comfortable, as easy on and off, or as easily concealed. So...I'm in the market for another one.

Here's the deal. I recently purchased a handgun that I'm finding it difficult to fit for a holster: it is a HK P7 M8. It is a great weapon: accurate, reliable, and very compact....and thin. I'd very much like to have you make a PS2SOB for it, and I'd like it made "deep," like you did for my Commander. Are you set up to be able to make this rig for the P7?

Thanks much!

- Howard DeWitt
(North Carolina)

Another PS2 Testimonial

March 1, 2005

Model: FD4

Dear Bob,

My FD-4 arrived today! It is the most beautifully crafted piece of leather, fits perfectly, and I could not be more pleased. You are  an artist. I will be ordering more of your products very soon. Very impressed,

Kurt Christian

Another FD4 Testimonial

February 23, 2005

Model: PS6SA

Dear Bob,

The holster arrived today - - and it is GREAT!! All is as I requested, it looks terrific, the workmanship is superb - - and I am very pleased with the product!

I am also grateful for the patience and tolerance that you, Sherrie, and Steve showed me during the "go - no go" phase of this order. You are a grand bunch of folks!!

Thanks Again,
Ron Nowlan

Another PS6SA Testimonial

February 16, 2005

Model: HW5

Hi Bob,

Just a note to let you know I received the PS-6DA for my Taurus 605 today. In a word, the holster is, as anticipated, perfect in all respects! I often find myself in situations where it is necessary to carry a small, lightweight, and more easily concealed revolver in place of larger and more bulky auto. The J-frame 605 (loaded with hot .38s) fits this bill nicely, and now the addition of a PS-6DA to carry it in meets this need even more effectively. It never ceases to amaze me how you folks can produce a holster that rides high (which is very important to conceal ability, I think), but still remains close to the body. Until I received the PS-6DA, I was carrying this handgun in an old clamshell holster I had lying around, which was workable, but never truly satisfactory. Though I've said it many times for other holsters you've built for me, thanks once again for producing such a high-quality and reliable rig.

Take care, and may all your shots hit the 10-ring.

--Rich Rollins

Another HW5 Testimonial

February 15, 2005

Model: HW5

Hello Bob

Just a brief note to let you know that I received my HW5R holster last week.

I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with this modern work of art. My respect to your craftsmen who created such a masterpiece. The leather smells and feels great. The gun fits like a glove and it looks great. When you have achieved perfection you should lay back and enjoy the fruits of your labour - "Enjoy Bob!!".

Wishing you, your family and staff and prosperous and happy year. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

All the best

Ken Miller
(a very satisfied customer)

Another HW5 Testimonial

February 14, 2005

Model: PS6

I got my holsters and belt today. They are better than anything I've seen in a store. I really like the way the high rise fits my 1911's. Thanks for the craftsmanship. So I got to ask, do you make a high rise to fit a Springfield XD 4" Barrel and mag pouches. Let me know and I'll order.

John Hemingway

Another PS6 Testimonial


February 4, 2005

Model: PS6


Received my holster this past Wednesday. I'll be honest. I was skeptical when I pulled it out of the box. "How is this going to retain my handgun?" I asked myself.

I strapped it on (using my thick, stiff gun belt) and holstered the weapon...IT FIT LIKE A GLOVE!!!

I have worn this for two days now and am very impressed with the workmanship and how it places my weapon on my belt in a very comfortable position.

I am very pleased with my purchase and can't wait to shows the guys I shoot with at the IPDA range.

THANK YOU for a good product!


Rich Gire
Walton, KY

Another PS6 Testimonial


February 3, 2005.

Model: CA23/23

yes virginia there is a santa, and his name is bob mernickle.....just received my red cent palmer rig ..,it
was christmas morning all over its great even better than the pix on line... I love it and am thrilled....your workmanship is flawless.

sincerely don corvan ..bigfork mt.

February 2, 2005

Model: CA11/11


Received the holsters last week for my pard Bob Lewis. As usual, they we're perfect! Bob is a happy camper! The fit is perfect and the leather color very nice! That's two for two! As I've said before, there's no better leather product on the market regardless of price and I've owned a few! Great service and good prices. Thanks again!

Marshal Joseph James Mountford

January 29, 2005

Model:  CA12 - PS6

Bob, I told you I'd send a photo of my CA12 Slim Jim after I got it, but I kept getting distracted. Now I have a PS6 with my initials on it. Whew! I really value these holsters. They look great and they function just as well. Here are photos of both.

Francis DeRepespinis

Another PS6 Testimonial

January 17, 2005

Model: SH5

Perfect fit! Thank you for the extra time and effort that you put into making this rig for me. I appreciate it.

Ed Smith

Another SH5 Testimonial

January 13, 2005

Model:  PS8

Hey Bob, I was in the hospital for about two weeks and when I got home there was the holster. This is definitely one of the nicest holsters you have ever made up for me! It just is super nice and the weight distribution on the belt is fantastic. Conceals very nicely as well.

Thanks for the good job and getting it done on a rush for me, I really appreciate it.


Another PS8 Testimonial

January 11, 2005

Model: HW1

Bob--The rig was just delivered by the UPS man (even better then Santa Claus) a few minutes ago. The black rough-out HW-1 double. This time it is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I want you to know how much I appreciate your making the effort to do it my way. You are correct that there was nothing wrong with the original but the line of the holsters wasn't what I wanted. The rig that came today is the perfect picture of what I am seeking--thank you. I will be posting on a couple of cowboy shooters web sites how pleased I am with your work and I'll be happy to say good things about Mernickle Custom Holsters to anyone who asks (and even if they don't ask). I feel that I am now in the possession of the sweetest rig anyone could ever want. It is a pleasure doing business with someone who cares what his customer wants.
thanks, again,

 Andy Bullen (Sagebrush Burns)

Another HW1 Testimonial

December 22, 2004

Model: PS6

Morning Bob,

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the fast response on my holster. That bad boy fits like a glove, and rides exactly where I hoped it would. You sure don't have to hang your head when it comes to quality. In a word, it's outstanding! Two of my partners saw it, and I gave them your web address. Anyhow, thanks again. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. May your Xmas be happy and your New Year be prosperous.

 J.R. Chamberlin

Another PS6 Testimonial

December 17, 2004

Model: SH5 in a double vertical.


Feel free to use it on the website, advertising, or anywhere you think it will generate business. I don't usually give feedback, but in this case I really wanted to let you know how impressed I am with everything.

Merry Christmas,
Andy Davis

December 15, 2004

Model: PS6 & PS23

Hi Bob,

I just received the PS-6 and magazine carrier I ordered for my Steyr M9 this afternoon. As always with your gun leather, both are as near perfection as human hands can manage. I couldn't possibly be happier with both products. The holster fits the Steyr so perfectly that normal "break-in" isn't even required, a most unusual attribute with most holster makers, but you folks always seem to manage it. I truly believe a better holster in which to carry this weapon could neither be designed nor built by anyone.

Take care and Merry Christmas to you, your family, and staff.

--Rich Rollins, your loyal customer in the wilds of Colorado.

Another PS6 & PS23 Testimonial

December 11, 2004

Model: FD7

Bob, here is a pic of me at Big Timber this year wearing the FD7 you made me. I got 4th in Mens B class in my first contest!

Dave Livingston
Oklahoma City

Another FD7 Testimonial

December 7, 2004

Model CA5/6

 Hi Bob.

Here is a photo of me with the holsters I won on the draw at the Kelowna SASS regional match last October. I have decided to keep it with the larger bullet loops rather then the hassle of sending them back. Thanks again for your donation and your continued support of Canadian shooting events.
Straight shooting & shoot safely.

Can-Hop [Canadian Hoppy]

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

November 29, 2004

Model: PS6 & PS23

Hi Bob,

First off, I wanted to express my sincerest possible thanks for getting out that PS-6 in time for my son's graduation from the Police Academy in Denver. I realize it was a big favor to ask and I want you and your staff to know how much the effort was appreciated. I received the holster and mag carrier today and, as always with anything I order from you, the workmanship is second-to-none. My son will love it! I can hardly wait until December 3 to present him with it.

On to new business . . . I bought yet another pistol today, Bob (yeah, like I really "needed" another one!). My local dealer made me "an offer I couldn't refuse" so to speak. Anyway, I bought a brand new Steyr M9 (9mm), with three mags, for $450. The quality of the handgun is right up there with an H&K (some experts say it's even better) and the sighting system (trapazoid it's called) is amazing. Obviously, with a new pistol of that quality it must be matched to a Mernickle PS-6 without delay! Before I called in a credit card number for this one, I simply wanted to make sure you can make it. The Steyr pistols are still not too well known in this country, so I wasn't sure you had, or could get, a mold for it. Below is a link to the Steyr website so you can take a look at the pistol if you like, though the site is written in German. Just click on "Pistolen" to see the M series weapons Please verify for me that you can make the holster and let me know. The holster is for me so it will be right handed and I want it in saddle tan. I will call in a credit card number to you on Friday or Monday.

Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving season to you and yours.

--Rich Rollins

Another PS6 - PS23 Testimonial

November 24, 2004



My Carry System just arrived and I figured that I would write and tell you my thoughts on the product. You had some large expectations to live up to. I asked around and did some reading on your product. Everything I read or heard said that you made a great product. The only down that I read about is that the customer had to wait for the product to be delivered. You not met my expectations, but exceeded them. The craftsmanship of the product is far beyond what I was expecting. In short you have made a customer for life.
I will soon be placing another order for a holster and mag carrier for my 1911. I will also be referring other customers to you.

Thank you for a superior product,
Nathan Messler

Another PS6DA SYS Testimonial

November 17, 2004.

Model: PB4

Hi Bob,

The belt arrived today and it has impeccable quality. A work of art that is appreciated for it's style.
Certainly worth waiting for. Best regards.

Larry Kleiman

November 16, 2004.

Model: PS6SA

To the design department--

Just wanted to let you know I received my 2 special order holsters for the concealed carry Ruger 4 and 5/8 in. and Bird's Head 3 and 1/2 in. for my wife. These were the ones that you added the "small of the back" belt slots to the normal side carry holes, so that my wife could carry her smaller .45 Colt Vaquero behind her. I can't believe the quality in these holsters! I ordered the "no frills" black holsters and they fit like they grew on the guns! In fact, they are so comfortable, I find that I'm wearing my Vaquero more than my usual Kimber automatic just because the holster feels like it isn't even there!

Great work! It's very much appreciated, and the ability to add the extra belt slots for just a few dollars more was wonderful. It makes the holsters do exactly what I want them to do, and what nobody else is making. Thanks again, and as soon as I get the cash together, you can bet I'm getting one for each of my Kimbers as well! It certainly is nice to get this kind of service and still have a reasonable price on any item today. Thanks for the extra time you spent with me on the phone--the holsters worked out perfectly!

Kirt, KY

Another PS6SA Testimonial

November 15, 2004

Model CA17/18 REF1


Received my gorgeous new leather Friday as promised! WOW! Very, very
nice! I appreciate the attention and follow up to my order from both
you & Steve. Since we're brand new to CAS shooting, it really feels
good to get the personal "touch" from experts such as yourself & Steve!
My SS Rugers never looked so good! Not sure if your working the SASS
convention in Las Vegas....if you do, hopefully I'll get an opportunity
to thank you in person! You & yours have a great holiday season and
thanks again for a great custom product and outstanding service!

Jim & Shirley Fairbarn

Another CA17/18 Testimonial

November 5, 2004.

Model SH7


A quick note to let you know the holster arrived. It fits like it was custom made for me.

Bob, count me as another 110% satisfied customer. I deeply appreciate the personal service.

Joe, CA

Another SH7 Testimonial

October 28, 2004

Model PS6

Bob and Bonnie-Lynn Master Carver)

I got to tell you ....I was getting a little concerned at the 9 week mark about receiving my new holster but right about then there was a honk at the front gate....My carving had arrived!. I had the box open before I stepped foot inside the house! I have worn the "Carving" for 3 days now and I have to say that.....Great things come to those who wait! The fit is totally unexpected. It fits like a fine leather glove. Please forgive me for my many telephone calls during the completion of my holster as this is the first "custom made holster" I've ever owned...Please understand that it will not be the last.....I promise not to call so much the next time. Please feel free to use this in your testimonials if you like and again Thanks So Much for an awesome piece of Workable Art.

Jeffrey, Florida

Another PS6 Testimonial

October 21, 2004

Model: PB1

Bob received the PS6DA and the belt buckle a awhile back been up to my butt in alligators lately. the holster is perfect as usual carries real nice when riding the HD. Thanks for replacing the belt buckle, which was caused by abuse rather then a defect, like I told in our phone conversation that I had buried my ATV in mud and had to use the belt as a securing strap around a tree then use a strap attached to the belt to reach the winch cable, the belt is fine but the buckle is very distorted, can't say enough about the quality of your products.

Thanks dwight teiken

Another PB1 Testimonial

October 10, 2004

Model CA5/6




Another CA5/6 Testimonial

October 12, 2004

Model: PS7

Dear Bob,

I would like to order another PS-23 plain magazine holder in mahogany brown. It is for a single stack Smith & Wesson 945. You made me one last year and I really like it. I’m going to start shooting IPSC and need to carry a few more mags.

By the way, I really like the SOB holster you just sent it really hides the big 945 and is a very comfortable carry. I had the gun on all day last Friday and by the end of the day didn’t even know it was there. It matches everything else you have made for me and is another fine example of your quality and workmanship.

Thanks again, Nick

Another PS7 Testimonial

October 11, 2004.

Model: PS6


Got the holster today way ahead of time. Love it. Thank you for your quick service. If you ever need any references, please be sure and use me.

Thanks again,


Another PS6 Testimonial

October 7, 2004

Model: CA5/6

Woops I did it again. But those Mernickle holsters saved my ass !

Hey Bob,

How the heck are you doing ? How is Sherrie and the girls. Say hi from me please.

Woops, I did it again. Made an ass of myself.
I went to the 2nd annual SASS CANADIAN REGIONAL competition in Kelowna BC this past weekend and did OK. I placed 3rd in TRADITIONAL and was 8th overall. Caribou Lefty beet me even if he was sick than a dog.

Of the ten stages, I even beat the Canadian Champion's time ( Kanada Kid ). So that made me feel VERY happy. I would have done better but I fell during one stage. I was try hard because I knew I was close to placing well. SO as I was running, I tripped on a piece of 2X4 on a prop and fell hard in the gravel face first. I did not hurt myself but everyone said I just kept moving my feet so fast and was up in no time at all and finished shooting the stage like nothing happened. When I finished and caught my breath, I saw that my hands were bleeding from falling in the gravel. The other shooters could not believe I still had such a good time even after I fell and had to get back up and continue shooting. Apparently I still had the 18th best time on that stage despite falling !

NOW COMES THE GREAT PART ! The part that worried me was my two loaded pistols. As you know, a dropped loaded gun is a MATCH DQ ! As I fell I had to make a choice to either grab the guns or brace for the fall, I chose the latter because I had utter confidence in your holsters Bob. Well they did not let me down. I fell at a full run and bounced off the ground hard, came to my feet and continued to run to the next shooter box, all that time the two pistols sat snugly in those Mernickle holsters without the tie downs on the hammers ! They saved the match for me.

So after words everyone was talking about the guy from Mission, BC who fell and still finished and placed third .

Thanks for the donation of a rig to the shoot. I did not win it ( wish I had ) but the winner was very happy with the prize.
We had beautiful sunny weather all weekend and it was as hot as 25 C, but at night it was cool only 2 C. You remember that cold BC weather ?

I think I want to play gunfighter next year, so I am on the hunt for a new gunfighter rig in black this time. What do you recommend Bob ? It will be for my RUGER VAQUEROS in 38 with 4 3/4 barrels. Let me know what you think.

Talk to you later, Peter Riedel

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

October 4, 2004

Model: PS6

Dear Bob,

I received my holster on Friday, It's Great! My Star PD fit perfectly, really very little break-in is needed, I will feel very confident with it next week when I qualify with it. The workmanship is just excellent. Thanks again and be certain that I will recommend you t many of my fellow law enforcement officers her in New Jersey.

Lt. Joe Britton

Another PS6 Testimonial

September 24, 2004.

Model: CA5/6

Dear Bob and Sherri, just a note to say thanks for rapid response in filling my order for the Cowboy Action rig model CA5-6. There is always some concern when ordering things over the Internet. You never really know what the quality and workmanship will be until the product arrives. I should have not worried because the workmanship and quality are really excellent.

In my career as a Border Patrol Agent and U.S. Customs Officer I have worn a number of gun belts and rigs. Aside from the workmanship it is important that the rig be comfortable to wear. I have had some rigs that were not all that comfortable to wear for a long period of time. I have to say in all honesty, your rig is one of the more comfortable I have ever worn. Given the weight of two pistols, a shotgun slide and what ever else we cowboy shooters hang off our belts, comfort is important. The CA5-6 rig is really comfortable to wear. The rig I was using, after several hours of wear, felt like I was wearing lead weights around my waist. The CA5-6 rig reminds me of a duty rig I wore for years made by one of the top makers in the industry, Don Hume. Both excellent products.

The CA5-6 rig looks great, the pistols stay in, come out when they are needed and go back in with ease. Good job Amigo and keep up the good work. I would and will recommend your products to anyone who wants a good looking, working rig that is comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Sincerely, Dollar Bill SASS 57784, BOLD 595, Mormon Posse 106, NRA Life

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

September 20, 2004

Model: CA15/15

Hi Bob,

Hope you had a nice holiday back in Canada.

I wanted to drop you a line re the CA 15/15 I ordered for myself in that last order. Firstly I used it yesterday for the first time in competition and I couldn't have been happier. Excellent piece of gear, many thanks (there is a picture attached of it in use).

However, (there had to be a "however", my apologies) and this is my fault, the belt is very slightly to long. I think I've lost a little weight, not surprising as I've been trying to. But where as the CA5/6 I got previously has about 7 holes, the CA15/15 has only about 5, so I cant get it any tighter. I'm going to try lining the belt with some foam or such to see if at will take up a little of the slack (or do you have any other ideas), but failing that can you sell me a replacement "tongue" i.e. the portion with the holes in it. It would need to be circa 3" longer in order that I can position it further along the belt, so that a) there are more holes to allow me to tighten the belt and b) so that when I position it it covers the stitch marks left from the original tongue. I would also need some thread.

As I mentioned I will try lining the belt first, but if that doesn't work can you let me know the cost of a new tongue and some thread.

Other than that the rig really is excellent. It was getting a lot of comment yesterday so perhaps I will get some more orders.

All the very best


September 13, 2004

Model CS17/18

Hey Bob & all

I just saw you in the new Shoot magazine. Great looking family! I wish I could get one of the kids into SASS. Oh well it won't stop me. That brings me to the point. I received the gun rig this afternoon. I am very pleased with it. It is a little awkward at the computer but I love it. When the time comes for another rig, and we know the time will come, I won't even shop around. It may be a while but , I'll be back. I was happy with the product but seeing you & family together was a real nice plus.
thanks again,

Seafarer SASS # 60382

Another CA17/18 Testimonial

September 11, 2004.

Model: PS6 SYS1 & PS6DA SYS1

Hi, Bob ~

Received the two PS6SYS rigs exactly when you promised delivery, and have been wearing them for a couple of weeks now.

Re the 1911 rig: this is, without doubt, the slickest and sneakiest hideout setup for full-sized Colt Government autos EVER!! It hides under anything, and hugs tighter than my Grandma! Your anti-tip device works perfectly, and weapon retention is terrific, even with no strap. We've conducted "snatch tests" on it, and the Colt can't be drawn from the front, but for the wearer, it almost jumps into the hand. A truly outstanding design, Sir.

On the DA rig: this one fits the 3" custom Smith 629 like it was born there. Large-frame .44 revolvers are hard to hide, but this rig tucks it away most admirably. Again, retention is excellent, while still allowing a very rapid draw.

As always, your materials and workmanship are truly first-cabin; we haven't yet determined if your belts are, indeed, "grenade-proof".... but we have no reason to doubt your claim.... Ha!! We just may have to forego that testing session. Nonetheless, Bob, we're highly pleased and completely satisfied with these rigs; you build the best!

Many thanks, once again, for maintaining your very high standard of excellence in design, workmanship and service.
We'll be back!


Kirk Likes

Another PS6 SYS1 Testimonial
Another PS6DA SYS1 Testimonial


September 08, 2004

Model:  HW3

Hi Bob,

Just wanted to let you know that my gun belt/holster was delivered to me Tuesday evening (arrived sooner than expected considering the holiday weekend.) It's a beautiful thing.......I was definitely impressed!
I am very pleased with the caliber of your workmanship and design. It certainly is a fine piece of quality work.

I was a little worried about fit with a "here are my dimensions" kind of order, but it's just fine.....buckles right in the center hole.

Thanks much for your fine service,
Walter Schaefer
New Jersey

Another HW3 Testimonial

August 25, 2004.

Model: HW3

Hi Bob ! Yesterday i got your western rig and I must say WOW -  that's a western rig. The handcraft is outstanding, and the rig fits me and my guns perfectly. When I put the rig on for the first time I felt that my dream come true. I'm gonna be proud to wear a holster done by you when I'm shooting Cowboy Action. YOUR THE BEST !! When i want another rig I'm gonna contact you and I will tell all my friends that if they want a rig made by the best they must contact you !
thank you so much, your the KING of custom work !

Sincerely ,
Peter Carlsson
Falun , Sueden

Another HW3 Testimonial

August 20, 2004

Model: PS6SA

Bob and Sherrie:

Got my PS6SA rig today, and couldn't wait to try it out. WOW!! The holster is a perfect fit for my Ruger Sherrif's Vaquero, and even ordering the plain saddle tan, it looks great. My initials really set it off. And it got here a week early. Pretty hard to beat service like that. Just wanted to let you know that you get my vote for holster makers of the year.

Thanks very much.
Take care,
Chuck Buchanan
Durkee, OR

Another PS6SA Testimonial

August 13, 2004.

Model: SH6

Bob, and Company:

I received my shoulder holster from you about two weeks ago. I've used it in the field and must say that it fits and works as good as it it looks. This fine piece of workmanship will help make me the best outfitted in the group for this years deer season. The S6 is a beautiful piece and I will highly recommend it and your other holsters to all.

Thanks again, Russ Meyer St Charles MO.

Another SH6 Testimonial

August 10, 2004

Model: PS6DA

Hi Bob,

The PS-6DA and double moonclip reload carrier for my Taurus 455 arrived early this afternoon. The design and workmanship of your products has once again wholly delighted me. I've been wearing the rig most of the day, but it fits so comfortably that I've hardly noticed it was there--quite an accomplishment for so large a revolver. As usual, the holster is so well formed to its intended weapon that it requires virtually no break-in for smooth operation. I did not realize the holster was a three-slot design since that feature is not shown on your website illustration. This is a most thoughtful "just in case its needed" addition. As always, you add just a bit more workmanship than one anticipates to your products.

I really like how you designed the reload carrier for the moonclips, Bob. The extra rounds extend just far enough above the leather to be easy to grasp. I don't know of anyone else who would have even made a reload carrier for this weapon, much less one that works so efficiently. Suffice it to say, I'm delighted with it.

I hope this finds you and yours enjoying a wonderful--if undoubtedly hot--summer in the wilds of Nevada. If my wife and I find ourselves in the Reno vicinity sometime in the future (I have been known to play a hand or two of 21 upon occasion), I would love to drop by your shop to meet you personally. In the meantime, take care and keep up the excellent work.

--Rich Rollins

Another PS6DA Testimonial

July 21, 2004

Model: CA5/6

Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful rig you made for me.  I know it was going to good looking based on your website photos.  But what really impressed me hen it arrived was how well engineered it is.  Needless to say, it works great!  There is no doubt in my mind that if you had been in business 100 years ago, there would have been only two kinds of gunfighters in the old west; those ones who wore Mernickle gun leather and the ones who died young.

Sincerely, Mark Fox.

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

July 23, 2004

Model: CA11/12

Hi Bob,

Just received the gun belt and three holster set you made up for my 1860 Colts and they are beautiful pieces of work. I really like what you sent me. They turned out much better than I anticipated. You really can not tell from a web photo what you are truly going to end up with, but I am exceptionally happy. Feel free to use me as a reference and testimony to your excellent workmanship.

Thanks Again, Armadillo Joe (Joe Kirby).

July 10, 2004.

Model: FD4

I've been meaning to drop you a note. I bought an FD-4 from you along  about June 1. It's everything you and your web site said it was. It's probably more holster than I really need, but damn it's pretty and efficient. I haven't used it in competition yet (still practicing).

I'm still thinking about a cowboy action model.

Jim Mehl


July 9, 2004

Model: FC5629

I just wanted to drop a note and say that I received my new holster and belt today, and I am very pleased. I have tried most of the upper end holsters, tried yours on a whim, and it is most certainly upper end. I do not think I have ever been so impressed with the quality of any other rig I have purchased. Fit and finish, exactly what I wanted.

I know that in the future I will return to you for my leather needs. I will display my new rig at an upcoming hog hunt proudly.

Thank you for the quality product. I got more than I paid for. I will tell others about you.

David Watson

Wheeler Texas

July 7, 2004

Model: FD1

Bob And Sherrie, I have just recently returned from Paris, incidentally, a wonderful city, but for the French! I was delighted to find upon my return a box in my office, with the Mernickle holster Label upon it. To my surprise I  did not rip into at first glance knowing full well the contents.
Instead I basked in it's presence, like a child at Christmas, leaving what I thought to be the very best present of all till last. One
Christmas (and I know I have mentioned this before) the last was the best! A Red Ryder BB Gun. The following day I opened the box that I knew to be my FD/1. It's always the aroma the strikes the senses first, then the sound of fine treated gun leather and finally the prize itself... whoa, silently rushed through my mind, and there it was: the product of a master craftsman. Three or maybe four rigs later I believe this is the one for me. My times though still sluggish, due in part to my right hand index and second digit surgery, are constant in the low to mid 30's with wax. Black powder may help improve these times, but I am delighted with the position on my body of the FD/1and you offset the buckle perfectly, as to keep it centered when the
holster is drawn around to the middle of my right pocket, and canted, so the barrel points inward slightly, toward my crotch.

Thanks to all Bob, Sherrie and Bonnie.
All the best,
Patrick (J.J. Hanlon) Cashmore

Another FD1 Testimonial

July 6, 2004

Model: FC2


As usual, just like the last time I ordered one of your holsters, it is a perfect fit. The only thing wrong was that I did not order a belt with it. With this holster, deer season doesn't seem that far off. I am already looking forward to sitting in a deer stand with the 44. in the past few years, I have taken several trophy bucks with pistols that were drawn from Mernickle holsters, and this year should be no different.

Thanks again,

Tom Swaim

Another FC2 Testimonial

July 5, 2004

Model: CA5/6

Hey, Talks-A-Lot,

How's my holster doing. Man I ordered the think last week and haven't seen it yet. (Tee Hee)

This old pair I have been using for over four years is starting to look a bit ragged. But, Let me tell you!, they still work better than any thing I have tried, or seen!!!!!

They go in, they stay in, they come out, shoot, and go right back in and stay in. I run, they stay with me. I stop, they stop and the guns don't move!

That's a set of holsters.

Just thought I'd send a note to hassle you. When it gets hot this afternoon, have a cold one and think of shooting.

Take care,

Ol' #4

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

June 30, 2004

Model: CA17/18

Just wanted to say thank you! I absolutely love the holster!!!! It's perfect!!!! The Texas Stars are great!!! The whole holster is great!!! I couldn't be happier with it!!!

You guys looked pretty spiffy in your duds at the Western States! It was fun, sorry we didn't get a chance to chat, but there really wasn't much time for socializing with having dinner and the awards immediately following. Anyhow, it was fun and you all looked great!

Sherrie, if and when you have the time, we would like that garlic salad dressing recipe.

Say hello to Les and everyone!!

Thanks so much!! The holsters are giving me new incentive for pursuing the mounted shooting idea.


June 28, 2004.

Model: PS6


Certainly, you are more than welcome to use the note if it would be helpful. By the way, I took that 455 out to the range this morning. Believe it or not, it shoots like a dream. Recoil with the ported barrel is not more than, if as much as, a Smith "K" frame .38 Special loaded with +P ammo, but one hell of a lot more effective. The revolver shoots right to point-of-aim with 230 grain ammo at 15 yards. Also, I mailed off those two moon clips to you yesterday, so I suspect you should be receiving them within the next day or two.

Take care, and try to keep your rounds somewhere close to the 10-ring.


Another PS6 Testimonial

June 23, 2004

Model: HW3 REF6

I received my HW3 ref 6 holster I finally know what a holster is supposed to look like and work like. Even my wife said, "that is really nice!" . Great construction, highest quality craftsmanship. You obviously care about, and take great pride in what you do.

Here's the "bad" part...I am fortunate (stupid) enough to have acquired a S&W 500 magnum, 8+ in bbl, and I love shooting it (more stupid). The problem is that its current holster is a patio table with umbrella. Further, I tower in height at 5' 7", so chest-high, vertical draw, huckleberry type rigs are not an option unless I want to do a cartwheel, then go back and look for the gun. Maybe another type or angle of draw?

I think I want something like a low drop HW3, or similar holster & belt, but I'm not sure, mostly because I'm concerned that I'm going to have my hands busy trying to keep 4.5 pounds of handgun from dragging both the rig and my trousers down. What do you think?

I would like to get fairly fancy with this one also.

Thanks again, Richard Everhart

Another HW3 Testimonial

June 21, 2004

Model: FC567


I got my rig in on Sat. and it was everything that you promised. The workmanship is excellent, as always. This is a duty rig for a Ruger Vaquero and I have had lots of compliments on it already. It is great to deal with honest folks like you and your crew. You can buy a "bargain" rig that looks like you got it at a garage sale or purchase quality that will last a life time. I recommend your site to anyone looking for something they will be proud of and will serve them well.

Thank you for your straight forward dealings and complete honesty. In this day and time that is rare. I look forward to dealing with you on any further holster needs that I might have.

A very satisfied customer,
Ricki Russell, Texas

Another FC567 Testimonial

June 17, 2004

Model: HW3 REF1

Bob & Sherrie:

My holsters arrived today safe and sound and great lookin'. (I was the guy worried about them being shipped to my house.) Making me 'fess up to my real waist and hip measurements was a really good idea as this rig felt "right" right out of the box. Keep up the good work.

Larry Murphy

Another HW3 Testimonial

June 9, 2004

Model: CA5/6

 I received my holsters on Friday and took them to a shoot on Saturday. They are gorgeous, everything I had hoped for and just as I pictured them. They hold the guns just tight enough to keep them in but not a hint of drag when they come out. They were admired by a number that saw them, I think they could still smell the new leather. When I opened the package I stuck my face in and took a few big breaths.. I do have one question I need to ask. One holster slipped over the belt but the other I had to take apart and wrap around the belt then try to put it back together. The lower screw was no problem but my gun belt is wider at the bottom than at the top. I tried for two days to get the provided screws back in but I finally had to go to the hardware store to get screws just a few threads longer. I thought pulling it in tight with those would allow me to get the screws started, but it was not possible. Do you happen to have those wide head screws in 1/2 inch? The 1/2 inch screws I'm using have very sharp edges that cut my pants the first day. I have been unable to find anything long enough that has a wide head. If you don't I'll try a round head machine screw or if you could give me the name of your supplier I'll try them for a longer screw.

Thank you again for the wonderful work. The dye turned out exactly as I had hoped. I'm grateful for your effort. When the fever comes on me again I'm sure I'll be writing back for more. There is no thing as too many guns or too much leather. The new leather rig creaks like a new saddle and brings back so many memories. I think two of my favorite smells are new leather and Hoppe's gun cleaner.

Thanks again

My sister came in my room today and looked at me like I had lost my mind. I was holding the cross draw holder to my nose and smelling the leather. It takes me back so far. I love the smell and I love the holsters. I told you I used them the day after I got them and I have no recollection of either drawing the guns or returning them, so everything had to fit and function so perfectly that it never reached my conscious mind. It doesn't get any better than that.

Thanks again,

Craig Madsen (aka Danite)

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

June 4, 2004

Model: PS1

Bob and Family,

Thank You ! I received my PS1 holster last week and love it. Rides high and tight and functions great. By far the best holster I own. I will recommend your products to everyone I know. This holster not only works just like I need it to but looks great too. Job well done.

Thank you.

Jeffrey D. Sandhofer

Another PS1 Testimonial

June 3, 2004.

Model: CA5/6


I have just received my rig through the order placed by Bill Irvine. Your work is fantastic and I am over the moon with the rig, I can not wait till my next cowboy action shoot to try it out. The 4 month wait for it to come over to Scotland was well worth it, I would have happily waited another four months knowing what I was going to receive. I will definitely be ordering from you again bob.

Thanks Again.

David Murphy _________

Another CA5/6 Testimonial.

June 1, 2004

Model: CA5/6

Just wanted to take a minute and let you know how pleased I am with the holster rig that you made for me. The workmanship is beyond description. The rig positions the pistols exactly where they should be. It is rare that you find something beautiful and is functional also. Once again, thank you and I believe I'll be talking to you soon about the new Cowboy Fast Draw rig that we discussed when I placed this order. Take care and God bless.

Larry Lake

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

May 27, 2004.

Model:  PS6 System REF1

Dear Bob,

I received my holster, pouches and belt yesterday. Great job! Now I know what class is. I had to add a couple of holes to the belt. But, hey! That just gives me an opportunity to brag.

All the best,

Kevin Burns

Another PS6 System Testimonial

May 14, 2004.

Model: CA5/6

Hello Bob;
You outdid yourself on my rig, OUTSTANDING JOB, everything fits perfect, I love the stitching and color You truly know how to make custom holsters. Bob I don't know if you make wrist cuffs or not, let me know if you do, I might get a matching set made.
Thanks again, it's been a pleasure doing business with you.

Pete Kennedy

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

May 12, 2004.

Model: PS6SA

Hey Bob! Stevie B. here. I recd. my PS6SA holster today for my Ruger Single Six 22 w/5.5"barrel, and you may not believe this, but it fit just like it was made for it. Okay, so you are a straight shooter. The holster was beautiful, & top quality all the way. I really appreciate the service & I look forward to doing business with you in the near future for that quick draw rig we spoke about. Talk to you soon sure as shootten.

Stevie B.

Another PS6SA Testimonial

May 11, 2004.

Model: CA5/6

Dear Bob,

The new CA5/6 rig arrived this morning. To say that "I am pleased with it" would be a gross understatement. Both the design, the fit and the craftsmanship are outstanding. In a word it is superb. You may recall when I first spoke with you about a rig, I said I wanted nothing "Flashy". To the contrary, I wished it to be quietly elegant. That is exactly what you crafted and delivered. Please relay my respects to Bonnie for the immaculate engraving.

This rig truly complements the Bowen converted OM Ruger Blackhawk which carries Roy Fishpaw elephant ivory grips and has the receiver case colored by Doug Turnbull.

Thank you for the attention to detail evident in this work.


Jim Jackson
Athens, GA

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

May 10, 2004.

Model: PS6SA

Thanks you very much for the custom holster. It came out even better than I imagined. You do top quality work.

Bob Garner
Hempstead, Texas

Another PS6SA Testimonial

May 4, 2004.

Model:  PS6DA

If you insist on providing exactly what I wanted, very fast and in perfect condition, how the hell are you supposed to improve your service.

The holster arrived today and other than the fact that I don’t keep the gun in the office and must therefore assume that it fits, it is perfect.

See you soon.

Stephen G. Price

Another PS6DA Testimonial

April 28, 2004

Model: CA5-6


I just want to let you know the Cowboy Action CA5-6 in Mahogany Brown you made for me arrived by UPS today. Good God, son, you do pretty work!

Besides much praise and such, I do need to make one more adjustment in Order #4546-0416 the FD9 Ref 2 in Mahogany Brown I ordered a few days ago. When I put on the CA5-6 rig, which I did as soon as I busted it out of the shipping box, I found I'd lost some weight and am on the next to the last hole. I ordered the FD9 in 42" as I did the CA5-6 but, if I can, I'd like to change the size to 40" so I can snug the rig up. I think that will give me a perfect fit.

Thank you for being the craftsman you are both with leather and a six-gun.

Donald R. Leach

Another CA5-6 Testimonial

April 27, 2004

Model:  PS6 System REF1


I received my order today. Damn, that's nice! The holster looks good, feels good, and draws quickly. You have earned the highest praise any vendor can earn and that is a word-of-mouth recommendation. I shall be back in the future for more of your handiwork. Great job! 

My Sincerest Appreciation,

Steve Bobbitt
Phoenix, Arizona

Another PS6 System Testimonial

April 26, 2004

Model: PS6SA


I just wanted to say thanks! I received my holster
on Friday afternoon and it fits my Vaquero perfectly.
I am sure this holster will provide years of service
due to the quality.

Joseph P. Chirik

Another PS6SA Testimonial

April 7, 2004.

Model: PS6

I received my holster from you in the mail Friday- a real work of art and a perfect fit.

Dennis Rodenburg

Another PS6 Testimonial

March 24, 2004

Model: PS6SA & PS 18


The UPS man dropped off the PS6-SA and the PS-18 I ordered from you and they are great! both the Vaquero and the Makarov fit great, thanks so much, you'll be getting more of my business in the future.....still need something for that J-frame....until then, thank you very much,

Brad Gentry

Another PS6SA Testimonial

March 23, 2004

Model: SH7

Wow... Congratulations, Bob. That is so cool..!!! Another accolade for you to bring to the table for the work/art that you do so very well. It's great to be able to make and use your work to that end. Did anyone take any pictures? I would love to see one. Feel free to use my note.... And if you want a better picture to use, I can do that too. That one was a little in low light, which I like.. But I can take it outside for a better one, and even put some of this long revolver ammo in the picture, just to give it some scale. LMK

I bet your daughter was very proud of her papa!


Another SH7 Testimonial

March 22, 2004

Model:  PS6DA

Dear Bob,

Once again I am beyond happiness with the results of the latest work you have done for me. I received the PS6DA holster for my S&W M-66 F-comp revolver. As you know this is no lightweight revolver, well with your holster with the belt running through the top slot to give it a bit of a forward cant I hardly know the gun is there. The fit, finish and workmanship are all top notch. You have matched the colors on all the various holsters, magazine carriers, speed loader carriers and belt from orders placed over a period of time. I will always come to you with my equipment needs and spread the word to others of your fine work and the friendly business relationship you and Shari foster. Thanks again for another happy experience, I will be saving up my pennies and talking to you soon as I have just purchased the S&W 500 PC need to get it scoped and then will be looking for something in leather.

Best personal regards to you and family,

Nick Malina

Another PS6DA Testimonial

March 20, 2004

Model: PS6DA


I have been wearing the holster you made for my Smith & Wesson 620-2 with a 3 inch barrel and it is the finest holster I have ever owned!  The gun fits it perfect and it rides close to the body nicely!  It holds this 40+ ounce revolver so snug that it feels like you are wearing a gun half it's weight!  Your website doesn't do your holsters justice.  I am having a Ruger MK-2 engraved and I will look to you for a carved holster fo it, possibly a FC9 with Maple Leaf Carving.

Thanks for the Great Product!  I'll be in touch soon!
Doug Campfield

Another PS6DA Testimonial

March 19, 2004

Model: PS2 Holster
           PS26 Magazine Pouch

Hi Bob,

Just wanted to let you know that I think the PS2 and the PS26 with sewn on loop are fantastic. The PS2 is the most comfortable IWB holster I have worn, and the PS26 is very stable with the sewn on loop. The draw on this is silky smooth, yet providing great retention. I will attempt to wear them out as soon as possible.... which to date has proven impossible with any of your holsters.

I thank you for crafting these exceptional tools to meet my sometimes demanding specs.

David Bailles.

Another PS2 Testimonial

March 18, 2004

Model: PS11-2

Just a quick note to say thanks for the custom holster I received today!!! The handgun fits perfectly and looks and feels terrific!!! I cannot thank-you enough!!! I am looking forward to the picture of the coach-gun "rig" that Bob made for a friend when he gets time to get it (picture). I have many friends and family members that shoot and carry here in Pa that are going to LOVE the holster you made for me, and hopefully will generate some business for you all!!! Thanks again and God bless!!!

Chris Horton

February 24, 2004

Model: CA5/6

Dear Bob & Sherrie,

I ordered my holster just before Christmas of 2003, and received it the first week in February of 2004.

The work man ship is absolutely fantastic, I was very anxious to try it out, so I took it to one of our indoor shoots.

It is just a little to cold for any outdoor shoots, here in the great white north at this time of the year.

The compliments a got on your holster where never ending. Several of us compared it with the evil Roy rig, and the consensus was this rig was as good if not better. You certainly give us value for our money.

Thanks again

Tony l’Ami aka Lefty Dutchman
Oakville, Canada

Another CA5/6 Testimonial


February 23, 2004.

Model:  PS6DA

Holster received. Feels, rides and looks beautiful---was surprised, after carrying it for an evening how much more the revolver weight feels in the hand vs the holster.

Thanks so much, and best of luck to you both.

Dick Tenglin

Another PS6DA Testimonial

February 20, 2004

Model: SH6

Just a note this morning to let you know that my wife Debra Roberts received the shoulder holster that I had ordered for her. I must say that she was very pleased with it.
The holster came at just the right time since Monday is her birthday, and I was wondering what to get her.
You can rest assured that you will get all of my holster business, and everyone else's that I know of.

Marion L. Roberts

Another SH6 Testimonial

February 19, 2004

Model: PS6 Ref 14

You guys are the best, I took your advice and put my gun in the holster wrapped in the plastic you sent it in. After just a few draws, the holster was accepting my Beretta perfectly. The tanned vegetable leather was smooth, and seemed as though it was softening before my eyes.

I liked the look of my gun with the holster so much, that I wore it around the house the rest of the evening. (Much to the displeasure of my wife!) I am amazed at how close the holster conforms and hugs to my hip. I have never worn a holster where it is so much like not wearing a sidearm. I liked it so much I think the next purchase will need to be a matching belt.

Thanks Again!
Logan Rees

Another PS6 Testimonial

February 18, 2004

Model: PS6 System


The PS6 system arrived yesterday. It is even better than I expected. With the excellent belt and the design of the high-ride holster, I don't even feel the weight and bulk of a big 1911.

Thanks very much,

Another PS6 System Testimonial

February 12, 2004

Model: FD4

Dear Bob!!

The rig is a beauty! The great attention you've paid to all details in combination with hard-wearing durability makes your work outstanding! It fits perfectly and really hugs my anatomy. I'm very happy indeed! I seem also to have got a lot more than I paid for, so I'm a bit lost for words. My hat's of to you Bob! You've made this my most pleasurable purchase ever. The dedications are also very cool, please pass on my heartfelt thanks to Cal as well!  And of course, to your family, I wish you all the best.

I hope to be able to make a trip to the US within the next couple of years and when I do I´ll be sure to give you a call!

Custom made? It sure is :)

Warmest regards,
Daniel C

Another FD4 Testimonial

February 11, 2004

Model: HW3 Custom
Click Here to see customer photo's

Hello Bob

Finally sending pics. of the criss-cross rig you made to my specifications.

This being the 4th rig you have made for me, you did a tremendous job (as usual) making this rig, & I was so impressed that you kept at it till I was COMPLETELY happy with every aspect of it. If you wish to pass this on, that you actually made this rig 3 times to get everything PERFECT!

My thanks again Bob, for not only your craftsmanship, but the professionalism you display. I recommend you to all my shooting friends.

Wishing you & your family all the best in your new location.

Phil Peterson
"High Country Amigo"

February 10, 2004,

Model: HW16 with HW3 Cross Draw

Dear Bob,
Dear Sherrie,

Here I am back again. I wanted to tell you how satisfied I am with the rig that I bought from you. Everything is just the way I would have wanted it. The dress belts are a delight as well and I love to wear the matching dress belt with the rig, it's such a "watch me". I told you, we are the first Cowboy Action Shooting club over here (CAS is just in it's children shoes in Switzerland) and we are 28 members right now if I get that right. These members were impressed by the quality of your art. Now, there is just one man to impress over here, when it comes to dresses, rigs, guns, authenticity, Hollywood westerns, historically correctness - in short - just everything about the cowboy way. He lives the cowboy way for more than 20 years now - here in Switzerland as (much as you could do that over here). He tried to form a CAS-club already 20 years ago, when IPSC just had learned to walk. He had to wait for a long time until his words were heard and echoed. I am talking about my personal friend and Swiss SASS Territorial Governor "Palouse Creek Hondo", the Swiss guys just call him Hondo. He is the one, consulted by everyone in our club, when one wants to buy a dress, gun leather or guns. He was the one who recommended you, when I was looking for a quality rig. Though he never bought some gun leather from you he told me from the pictures and the way you describe your work on the net, that this must be quality gear. Now that I wear your rig, he could see his predictions proofed. There are just but few guys in our club, that buy from the states themselves, most of the time, Hondo takes care of all overseas orders. This is the reason why I would like to introduce you to my friend. He is going to write you about some specifications for another members holster.

I wish you happy trails, good business... and take care of your Cougar


February 9, 2004

Model: SH7 with Snake Inlay

Bob...picked up the gun and holster today...well worth the wait, the holster and snake skin addition is gorgeous. Fits great and really handles the wait of this big gun great...Thanks again Greg

Another SH7 Testimonial

February 5, 2004

Model: PS6

Hi Bob,

Today I received the two PS-6 holsters for my Glock 33 and my Glock 30, along with the belt I ordered. I felt it only appropriate to drop you a note to let you know I utterly pleased I am with all three items. In short, they are everything I hoped they would be and then some! To be honest, I have never before encountered a holster as well designed, and as well made, as the PS-6. It is the perfect design for my carry needs. Both my Glocks carry high and close with the PS-6 (which I find absolutely necessary for concealment), but the pistols remain rock solid and stable at all times. Perhaps even more importantly, the fit is so perfect that the handguns come out as smoothly as a well-oiled piston in a cylinder when drawn. Frankly, I was amazed at how smoothly they work right out of the box. Most new holsters take a couple of weeks hard wear to break in, and the handgun tends to "stick" until that happens. This is not true with yours. Smoothness is a tremendously important factor for a carry holster, as you obviously understand quite well indeed. The workmanship, weight, finish, and color are also the finest I have encountered. Rest assured, any further needs I have for leather work will be directed to you. Take care. I hope this note finds you and yours well and enjoying a prosperous new year.


Rich Rollins

P.S. I love the belt too, but I am so taken with the holsters I almost forgot to mention it!

Another PS6 Testimonial

January 27, 2004

Model: HW5

Dear Bob:

Many thanks for your very superior workmanship! I've been using your HW5 double rig for over two years now, and so far it appears to be (incoming pun alert!).... bulletproof! No wear spots, no pulled or broken stitches - this rig still looks brand new. Excellent work, indeed, sir!

Now I'm pondering a pair of your PS6SYS rigs, and a question presents itself: Since one of these would be for a S&W Mod. 629 .44Mag with a 3-inch barrel and round butt grip frame (not the Mountain Gun, this is a standard 629 frame (except for the round butt) - standard weight barrel, standard front sight and ejector-rod housing.... but just 3 inches long, as a factory offering about 15+ years ago).... can you build the PS6DASYS to fit this oddball? Big problem, or not? Think of it as just a standard 4-inch 629, with the barrel 1 inch shorter, huh? Hmmm....

Congrats on your move south! Looking forward to hearing from you again -


Kirk Likes
Bailey, Co. USA

Another HW5 Testimonial

January 26, 2004

Model: PS6SA System

Dear Bob,

I received my order about a week ago. Here is my evaluation of it.

In this time, when when the current theology is that ALL holsters must be stiff as a board and wear as comfortable as a short plank, (so that the gun is always kept in the same position when you reach for it). (HAH).
When I first opened the box, I thought, "It looks like a holster, but where's the weight? I can even bend this one." It was a hair on the tight side, but that's good. I stuck the old Colt SA in it and left it for the night. The next morning I examined it and found that it acted as if the gun had grown a second skin. I then tried on the whole rig and found it conformed to my body as if you measured me before building it. Everything totally perfect. I haven't seen this quality of craftsmanship since the days of Chick Gaylord. Only difference I can think of is that his usually cost 2 to 3 times as much as the guns they carried.

You are a true artist, and I thank you.

Ken Douglas
Tavares, FL

January 23, 2004

Model: PS6SA
Click Here to see customer photo's

Hello Bob&Sherrie,

As you know, my PS6SA finally arrived. Although it took longer than anticipated and I was acting like a little kid waiting for Santa Claus to come down the chimney, UPS was not halfway up the walk way and I'm asking where the package is from . This was my first experience ordering a custom made leather product and while I didn't have a point of reference for this type of product, I am very impressed with the quality and service that you offer. Without a doubt, I'll be contacting you again for my next purchase and sharing my pleasant experience with others. Perhaps you will post this on your web site with my compliments along with the attached photos.

John A. Trusewicz
PS.....Please note the snug fit of the NRA's "Silver Bullet Brigade Round" in the PS30 Belt Slide!

John A. Trusewicz

Another PS6SA Testimonial

January 19, 2004

Model: PS6 System REF1


The holster, belt and mag pouch arrived yesterday. Thank you VERY much! I'm extremely impressed with all of the items. The belt is fantastic and the mag pouch is by far the most comfortable I've ever worn in 26 years of carrying a 1911. Everything you told me about the holster really makes sense now. The high ride with the low draw stroke works great. I had the rig on all day yesterday and it was so comfortable that I kept forgetting I was wearing it. I did about a hundred dry fire draw strokes during the course of the day and several dozen reloads. I've never had a rig that didn't need any breaking in and that worked perfectly for the very first draw. AWESOME would be an understatement.

Thanks again! Yours is now my every day carry rig.

Chief Leonard M. Breure

Another PS6 SYSTEM Testimonial

January 14, 2004

Model: PS6

Dear Bob:

Just got my PS6 this morning. I switched it out with what I was carrying, and I really like it so far. I've been having some back problems, which my inside-the-pants holsters seem to aggravate a bit. My full-size 9X23 1911 rides like an alloy Commander in this rig, and it's almost as concealable as what I usually wear, at least under a sport coat. I think it may even help my back! The workmanship is superb. After I wear it awhile, if it continues to work as I expect it to, I'm either going to order another in a different belt width, or I'll order one of your double-thickness belts, or
both! Thanks!

John P. LeVick

Another PS6 Testimonial

January 9, 2004

Model:  PS1

Dear Bob and Sherrie:

I received the PS-1 with the snake inlay. It arrived in a timely fashion just as Sherrie promised. Thank you so much. It fits perfectly and the workmanship is marvelous. It will serve me well as my "grab and go" set up.

I have already recommended you to several others and will continue to do so. Thanks again for a job well done.

I trust you are enjoying your new home.

Ken Little

December 10, 2003

Model:  PS6SYS Ref1

Dear Bob,

Sorry I haven’t responded earlier with how much I like the holster rig you made. It’s unbelievable how well this small compact holster support this rather large heavy weapon. I haven’t a chance to wear it too often yet but when I did it rode well both in an upright standing position or when I was setting. It is still a little tight pulling the weapon out but I’m sure that will loosen up with time and use. You can be assured I will be ordering again when I make my next handgun purchase. Thank you so much for the personal interest you have taken with my order, its fun to do business with people like you and not some computerized system that just sends a confirmation and a ship date.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.



Another PS6 SYS Testimonial

December 9, 2003

Model: SH7 modified to fit a 1911 (government) with a mag under for an easy draw


After using the holster for a season, I cannot say enough good things about it. While it is a specialized rig, for woodswalking n' such, it excels. A couple that I walk with are full of envy, but lack courage to explore custom leather- their misfortune....

Welcome to America and Happy Holidays!

Jim Davidson

Another SH7 Testimonial

December 8, 2003

Model: PS6SA

Bob, I purchased a PS6-SA holster to carry by Ruger Blackhawk off duty. I am very satisfied with the quality of workmanship and the great fit. The main reason I am writing is to thank your great staff for making me feel like a close friend and not just a customer. You still have that personal touch that doesn't seem to exist anymore. Keep up the great service and products cause I'll be back for any other needs I have that you can fill.

Ricki Russell, Chief Deputy Constable

Another PS6SA Testimonial

December 2, 2003

Model: PB2-9

Bob: Received the PB2-9 belt today needless to say it is elegant, the craftsmanship and quality are second to none. You have built 4 dress and 1 cartridge belts, and 7 holsters for me and they have all been five star quality. to anyone who doesn't quit know what they want, I would suggest just tell you what they have in mind and let you take it from there, this is what I did on the cartridge belt and the buckles for the dress belts, the end results were works of art. Thank you for your craftsmanship and quality products.

 Dwight Teiken

November 3, 2003

Model: PS6

Hi Bob,

I received my order some time ago but have been away until now. The holsters are excellent and were delivered in the time quoted.

Thanks for the great work and performance. It was a pleasure dealing with you.

Alan Leeson

Another PS6 Testimonial

October 21, 2003

Model: FC567 for "N" frame .44 mag

Hi Bob!

Just received my holster today and I couldn't be more pleased. The work is exceptional. I look forward to wearing it during many hunting  seasons. Thanks to all.


Mike Rogers
Salina, Ks

Another FC567 Testimonial

October 19, 2003

Model: HW4

Dear Bob,

Just received my holster and belt made for the 500. Smith....much better than I thought it would be. Left a voicemail, it's beautiful and the gun and shells fit perfectly, going to recommend you guys to everyone even considering a custom holster or any for that matter.

Thanks a bunch,

Steve C

Another HW4 Testimonial

October 6, 2003

Model: HW14

Hi Bob,

I tried several holster makers to get a western holster for my Magnum Research BFR 6 !/2 inch 454 Casull without much success. 

I saw your ad in GUNS magazine and emailed you. You answered the same day. A Saturday or Sunday, usually the only days I am home. You said everything I wanted was possible and the order was placed for an HW14. You actually took the time to call me to make sure of the measurements on the holster belt and dress belt, Made me know I was spending my money with the right person. I tried the fit and it was a little tight and talking to you we tried a couple of things to help and then you said return it. It was about 6 months between the time of the order and the return and getting close to Christmas and even though you were busy you fixed my problem and returned it to me in about three weeks. Also, at the time of my original order I had you make a dress belt, double thickness, and I had forgotten over the years how Mag pouches are supposed to ride. As in high and tight instead of leaning out at the top. It wasn't my body ageing causing this but a sloppy, twisty belt, now cured.

The other CUSTOM MAKERS need to remember. It isn't making my gun fit their holster it is making their holster fit my gun. Which you do.

William S. Lupo Jr.
Oxford, Iowa

Another HW14 Testimonial

October 1, 2003

Model: HW3 REF1


I received my order today (9/29/03) and all I can say is WOW. Just wait until I show these off. I am very picky Bob and I can not find any thing wrong. You have done yourself proud.

I just got the Nov./Dec. issue of American Handgunner and want to welcome you and the family to the U.S.A.

Donald L. DeFeyter

Another HW3 Testimonial

September 20, 2003

Model: FD4 (Click to see image supplied by customer)

Hello Bob & Family,

I wanted to do this a while ago, but I just didn't have the time. A few weeks ago I received my fifth rig from you. This is the third
FD4 I have ordered from you. This was the natural tan one with the Accent Carving. I had no doubts about the quality that it would be. You certainly lived up to your reputation. It is absolutely beautiful and my three screw Ruger fits perfectly.

I'm so pleased with it that I'm sending a photo of it that you may put in your customers photos if you wish.

Thanks Again to you and your whole crew

Cary L Chapman

Another FD4 Testimonial

September 15, 2003


You have the best and neatest holster site I have ever seen --------bar none.

Galco, Safariland, Bianchi, and all the others have to take a back-seat compared to yours.

I have one of your holsters-------love it----bought it used, but still great.

Just trying what to buy next.

I will call you about making a dress rig with a ranger-style belt and cuff case.

Keep up the good work.


Don f. Peyton

P.s.-nice article and pictures of your work in American Handgunner----they know good stuff when they see it !!!!!!!!!!!!

September 4, 2003

Model: PS6 SYS 1


I wanted to let you know that the PS6 system you made for my Springfield M1911A1 came through a foot pursuit and physical arrest with flying colors.

I manage one of three branches of a private security services company with about 35 Officers working in my branch. In addition to standing Officers and special event services, we also handle armed patrol work and alarm response. The Police in our city will only respond to "verified" alarms (someone actually on-site to say there has been a crime). At night I have 3 patrol districts running to handle patrol and the alarms (approx. 35-40per week) but since there are so few alarms during the day, yours truly "clears the office" and responds. (ex-cop, its' still kinda fun) On 08/11/03 I went to a residential alarm at around 11am and when I got to the house I found a window had been broken out and the alarm monitoring center advised me that they were getting motion detector
activations while I was speaking to them. To make this story shorter, I ended up in a foot pursuit with the burglar through the house and down a sloping front yard. At the edge of the lawn the suspect "fell down" with my assistance. Unfortunately, this occured at the edge of an embankment and the two of us slid and rolled about 10-15 feet down the hill. At the end of the slide the suspect struggled briefly before being taken into custody. It wasn't until the Police had arrived to take "control" of the situation that I even thought about my new holster. What brought it to mind was one of the Police Officers quietly whispering, "is your weapon secure?". At first I thought he was referring to your product which lacks a retention strap but then I realized he was talking about
the fact that my weapon had its' hammer back. I politely informed the "new breed of Officer" about "cocked and locked" (he didn't understand but left me alone).

Anyway, the holster is scratched (looks tougher), the gun stayed put, and the burglary suspect will do less time than you or I would for running our lawn mower without a muffler.

Thanks for a great rig!
M. Otto
Eugene, OR

Another PS6 SYS Testimonial

August 21, 2003

Model: CA5/6

Hi Bob,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the rig yesterday. My wife called to let me know it was there and I asked her to open the box. She looked in the box and said "My God it is beautiful". She never gets excited about leather but she really loves the look of the rig. She shoots also, and we will be ordering a like rig for her in the near future. I do have one question for you. I put the rig together last night and have quite a bit of squeaking. How can I eliminate the squeak? As I told you in my previous email, if the quality of your work meets the quality of your customer service you will have a customer for life. Well, consider me a customer for life.

Best regards,


Another CA5/6 Testimonial

August 20, 2003

Model: FD7

Bob, I just wanted to let you know that I received my holsters yesterday.
Aside from the fact that the holsters are very well made, I want to complement you for getting them to me when you said you would.

When placing custom orders it seems to be common to be quoted a delivery time that is much shorter than reality.
In your case the product came in exactly when you said it would.

I had ordered a gun and the same time and was told it would be here in three weeks.
I thought "great, I will have a gun and then have to wait three more weeks for my holster"

Its been six weeks and I have my holster---but still no gun!

Keep up the good work!

I will be contacting you to take you up on your coaching by phone when my gun gets here (maybe around Christmas)

Thanks again

Doug Hunter

Another FD7 Testimonial

August 9, 2003

Model: CA6

Bob -got to tell you you make one heck of a holster. Used it last weekend. Very , Very Nice. Thanks Can't wait for the matching one. BTW I picked up a used Pietta LeMat today. BIG gun! Do you have a pattern for it or would I need to send you the gun?

Thanks again.
Greg AKA Citizen KAne

Another CA6 Testimonial

August 6, 2003

Model: PS6SA


My name is Bob McNally and about six weeks ago I ordered a holster for my ruger single six. I received my holster today and must tell you that it is a piece of art work. It fits the gun like a glove, rides exactly where I desired and is even the exact color I wanted. You have completely sold me on custom holsters, I don't have to be satisfied with "close" any more. I am absolutely certain that you will hear from me in the future for another purchase. Thank you very much!


Another PS6SA Testimonial

August 3, 2003

Model: PS6SA


Received the holster awhile back. Have used same for a fishing trip, some scouting and a few days just walking. Seems great. ( Excellent retention, good high ride and just enough coverage) Nice job!

MJ Pluta


Do you make a vertical angle shoulder holster? Something similar to the old Lawrence, but, with better retention, less drag for the sights of a Ruger and better support?

Another PS6SA Testimonial

July 3, 2003

Model: PS6 System

I received my order from you last week, a PS6 Concealed Carry System. As I told you on the phone, I have tried several other "name-brand" concealed carry holsters, and was always disappointed. They would not draw! You promised that yours would!

I had my doubts when I first saw the holster, although the quality was obvious. My pistol was very tight in the holster, it seemed too tight. So I let it set in the holster over night.

WOW! I am a believer!

The holster is very secure, but draws smooth and fast! The ride is very comfortable and more concealable than the others. Plus it's Beautiful! Everything you told me is 100% accurate.

What is the proper care?

Everyone I know is now finding out about your holsters!

Thank you,
Don Ferguson

Another PS6 SYS Testimonial

June 26, 2003

Model: PS6DA


Just wanted to let you know I received the holster and belt. It’s top quality throughout. The gun fits the holster perfectly. A plus I hadn’t intended to receive is that the holster can be worn crossdraw. A very pleasant surprise. It’s fit is every bit as good as the strong side draw. GOOD WORK!



June 25, 2003.

Model:  PS6 for 945 Smith/Wesson

Dear Mr. Mernickle

Thanks for my 945 holsters. I received them today and like them very much. They fit well. Thanks. Good luck on the move.

Tyrone Daniels

Another PS6 Testimonial

June 23, 2003

Model: HW3 with Cross Draw (Click to see customer supplied image shown worn)

Hi Bob,

Thought I’d send along a picture of the Buscadero rig you built for me in “action”. You can post it on your site if you’d like although you can’t see to much detail on it. I’m really looking forward to getting back to the mainland and using that new FD-7. I have some catching up to do. And just for general info, here’s a link to our Hawaii club. .Thanks again for everything,

Jake AKA “The Boothill Bandit”

Another HW3 Testimonial

June 21, 2003

Model: HW12 Convertible

Bob, sorry for not getting back to you sooner but I have been up to my ears... The two holster dual position brown rig is awesome. I have two new Munden Ivory (imitation of course) fitted grips and sweet action jobs.  They are in the California FFL holding tank for a little longer, of course only one per month. They do look beautiful in the brown rig. I'll send you a photo or two on a grey gradated background as soon as their out of holding.

Thanks Bob



Another HW12 Testimonial

June 20, 2003

Model:  PS6Sys Ref 1

Hi Bob,

 Received the order that I placed with you today. I am very pleased with the craftsmanship and expect that I'll be using this holster for many years to come.


Brian C. Gregory

June 17, 2003

Model: HW1

Hi Bob!

This is Mikael Pettersson! I have got the holster and I am very satisfied. I have been on holiday in Germany and I will apology for I haven't write you a e-mail before.
Once again a Big thanks from us in Sueden!

Till later
Mikael Pettersson

Another HW1 Testimonial

June 12, 2003

Model: FD4

Hi Bob & Family,
I Received my latest rig from you two days ago. This is the fourth rig I've purchased from you. Your craftsmanship continues to amaze me. I got the FD4 with pebble finish and the exotic inlays. It is absolutely gorgeous. I have one of your Hollywood Western rigs with the same finish, so I already knew the new fast draw rig would be beautiful. The fit also was just as I knew it would be. I was so happy with this new one that I called you today and ordered another FD4 in the Tan color with the accent carving. All my other holsters are brown, so I thought I would like a natural tan one. I was also very impressed with the stainless steel liner on this FD4. I have worked in aircraft job shops and have done a lot of forming of various metals. To make a one piece liner like that is no easy task, especially in stainless steel. Well now that I have number 5 ordered, I again have something to look forward too. I have no doubts that the quality will be as outstanding as it was on all my previous orders. That's why you've kept me as a repeat customer.

Thanks Again
Cary Chapman
Nuevo, California

Another FD4 Testimonial

June 3, 2003.

Model: AWS1 System

Mr. Mernickle,

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new AWS1 holster rig combo. It's EXACTLY as specified right down to the custom extras I requested. I wanted an authentic old western style "era" holster with and added hammer loop and leg tie for security. I wear it working around my farm since cotton mouths, copper heads, and rattlers are frequent "visitors", not to mention the occasional coyote that wanders through now and again. I carry a Glock 23 at my "real" job as a probation officer, but on the farm I like to carry my trusty SAA Colt .45 4 3/4" since one shot with this "freight train" of a slug will be all you need to dispatch any varmint you come across. Besides, me being an old fashioned guy I just don't feel "right" going around with a glock while on horseback :)

Thanks again!!


Scott Roberts

May 29, 2003.

Model: PS6


I ordered a PS6 for my H&KUSP 40 and just received it. WOW, unbelievable fit and style. I love it. Keeps the weapon high and concealable. Which is often hard with a full size handgun. I also like the diamond stamp. What a great extra. Have gotten a bunch of comments on it and no one can believe that is was under a 100$. Keep up the great work.
thank you again,

Tim Rustad

Another PS6 Testimonial

May 14, 2003

Model: CA5/6

Hi Bob,

My Holster arrived safely yesterday. Thank you so much as I am so thrilled with it. It looks great and so fast compared to the other one I have. The workmanship is great and I look forward next month to the National Championships here and using it.

Many thanks again.

Another CA6/6 Testimonial

May 13, 2003

Model: HW1  (Click to see image supplied by customer)


Received the HW1 w/ safe leg on Friday. This holster is beyond a doubt the best rig I've ever strapped on. It was perfect out of the box-only a very slight adjustment . It was like you measured me personally for drop, position, fit, etc.. Thank you very much for delivering the rig on time as stated upon the sale. Also thanks for all the advice on reloads for balloon blanks- they work GREAT! I wish you the best of luck in the future and moving to your new location in Fernly, NV.

 Thanks again
 Randall (dakota Cody)

Another HW1 Testimonial

May 7, 2003.

Model:  HW1

Hi Bob and Sherrie,

Thanks so much for making the longer belt for my new black HW-1 rig. It now fits like a glove, the workmanship is outstanding, and for not being specifically a fast draw rig, it sure does act like one. You've definitely made a new friend and happy customer here!

I've attached some photos of the rig with my AWA Longhorn. I don't know if they'll be of use to you, but feel free to use them and my comments if you like. As you may notice, I changed the buckle to an inexpensive buckle set I found at Tandy Leather that matches the color and "engraving" pattern of the conchos very well. It's a three-piece set but the tip opening is too thin for the belt thickness, so I discarded it.

I hope all is going well with the move to the States and all, I know what a pain that must be. Hopefully the burden will be eased by the reduced hassle of conducting business from this side of the line. Thanks again for everything, and best wishes to you and yours.

Best regards,
Mike Fried, aka "Steelhand Mike"
Nashville, TN

Another HW1 Testimonial

May 5, 2003.

Model:  FC3


Got the holster and belt today, they look great (my wife wants to know if you make shoes, I told her probably not.)
I will definitely be buying more.


Jeff Kaszak

Another FC3 Testimonial

April 29, 2003

Model:  PS6T


Just wanted to let you know that I got the holster that you made for me and I have never seen anything like it. It is awesome; it like the gun was made for it, instead of the holster made for it.

The design is great and I could just keep going on an on over about I showed it to some people and everyone asking where did I get it and how can they get one for there gun. I told them that you hand make it for any gun and gave them your phone number and web page so I hope you see some order from my area. Anyway I just wanted you to know that I am very please and if I every need another one you will get the order want even look anywhere else.


Chris Tucker

Another PS6T Testimonial

April 6, 2003.

Model: PS6


Got my PS6SA for the 3 1/2" Ruger Birdshead Vaquero earlier in the week and it looks great. Haven't been able to use it much this week but it is definitely the best made holster I've ever owned! It fits the gun perfectly and rides perfect in cross draw or straight up on my hip. I would recommend your work to everyone. Well worth the wait. Again, great work!


Another PS6 Testimonial

April 2, 2003.

Model: HW5


I love your holsters so much that you can put ANYTHING I say about them on your testimonial page!

"I bought a Hollywood# 5 from you a few months ago. I primarily use it for gun spinning now that I have decided I like that better than fast draw. Any way I am real glad to see you are in the WGA. I am still real happy with my rig and it works great as a spinning rig."

 I also like the way you support all of us gray haired old men with a cowboy fantasy fit for a twelve year old by building great rigs at a fair price as well as being a part of organizations like the WGA and FDA ect. The only thing that ticks me off is your making a living at it while I have a "real" job. But I have an idea cooking that might change that...

As always it is great to hear from you and keep up the great work.

T. Michael
Tucson, AZ

Another HW5 Testimonial

March 27, 2003

Model: PS8


My holster arrived on Friday and was there when I got home from work. It's incredible! The muzzle is barely farther below the belt than the clip on my Uncle Mike's IWB. I am wearing the same vests as covering garments with no fear of the muzzle showing and no printing. The most remarkable thing is how the surface area of the paddle makes the weight of the pistol seem to disappear (I wore it all weekend).

 Scott Morris

Another PS8 Testimonial

March 23, 2003

Model: FC1


Spoke with your outfit just last night & placed an order but slightly changed if to a FC1, you have some nice folks working for you. The lady I spoke to has a hole in the bottom of her holster that I guess a little duck tape repair job. I never knew they shot wax bullets in fast draw, good thing though! One of the things I really liked about your company was the stamp "Made in Canada" on the back, hope that stays as I hear your are about to become a frost back like me. The very nice lady I spoke to last night as I placed my order said she was going to pull out all the stops to get my holster in on April 13 +/- my B-day will see.

I just ordered one of your fine holsters. I wore it the whole time I was home while kicking around my ranch. It is just an excellent product. Being a Canadian that lives in the Great state of Texas I can tell you that your product is beyond compare. I own several custom holsters but I must say that your product is first class particularly in Single action format. You are to be congratulated on a superior product. Being a big fan of single actions for kicking around the ranch

Thanks for making such a great product. Regards,

Cameron LaVigne

March 22, 2003

Model:  FD7


Received my full carved FD7 yesterday ... wow ... well done!!  Beautiful!!! Couldn't be happier, within the first six draws I was getting .44 times@8" wax ... and that's the first time ever trying Fast Draws ... Holster works ... no doubt.

 Thanks so much

Robert L. Houzenga

Another FD7 Testimonial

March 21, 2003


Good Morning Bob

Yesterday I received the PS6DASYSREF1 that I ordered from you for my Ruger GP100. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!.  This is one more class rig that is all and more than I expected. But then I should know the quality of your work by now. The Ruger fits perfectly in the holster and the Colt Python also does. You can't beat a two for one deal!

Thanks for all your help.

Dave Lesslie
North Carolina

March 19, 2003

Model: PB1


I ordered a Model PB1, double thick belt from in the beginning of January. I was told there was a 6 week wait. Due to a misunderstanding the wait turned into a 8 weeks. With too much weight I tend to need a good belt that does not stretch easily and break. Today I received the belt and cannot say enough about it...QUALITY and it comes with a 5 year replacement warranty. If anyone is looking for belts, holsters, conceal carry systems, I suggest you give Bob Mernickle and his staff a close look. They make good quality stuff.

 Best, Jon

Another PB1 Testimonial

March 05, 2003

Model: PB1, PB2-5

Hi Bob:

Just wanted to pass along a quick note informing you that both the belts I ordered from you have now arrived.  Again, I want to express my appreciation for your fine craftsmanship and willingness to make a custom order product to my exact specifications.  First, the PBI Double Lam was a gift for my father.  When I gave the PB1 to him, he immediately was impressed by it, and he quickly decommissioned his discount store belt (which looked weak and flimsy alongside the strong, bold PB1.)  Well, dad called my from Alabama last week and he's still raving about the belt.  He's 61 years old, and the PB1 is by far the finest belt he's ever owned.  It makes me feel good to be able to give him that wonderful gift.

As for the PB2-5 with the money belt feature, well, that's now my official work belt.  When I say work, I am a school administrator, and the PB2-5 is a versatile, but elegant belt I will wear with all of my professional wardrobe.  The money belt feature, well, that's just in case I ever lose my wallet, or happen to need an extra $20.  Let's just say its a little extra peace of mind.  I don't know how many people feel the way I do, but to me, a quality belt is no different than a fine gold watch.  Both are exclusive items that define the wearer.

I previously mentioned to you that, in my experiences, it is nearly impossible to find a well-made belt at a commercial retail store - and forget about customizing!  I've had my share of the "cheapies" - and even the expensive 'fashion' dress belts.  Well, they never lasted more than a few months, either the adjustment holes would bust through, the top side of the belt would go limp and fold over, or I would end up touching up the black dye with a marker.

I must say that it was an enlightening day when I discovered your website four years back.  I fired off an e-mail to you, asking you a bagful of quirky questions.  Within a day, you replied back with all the answers, and you even picked up the phone and gave me a friendly call to double-check my first belt order.  At this very moment, I am wearing the PB1 Double Lam I ordered from you four years ago.  It's been worn every day, in every environment (from firefighting to canoeing to board meetings), and it remains 100% structurally sound, with only a few subtle battle scrapes and scruffs to define its character and tell its history.  This belt will be with me for many years to come.

Well, Bob, my hat is certainly off to you and Mernickle Holsters.  To any potential customers out there who may be hesitant about ordering a belt, or any leather product, because they are still skeptical of the Internet, or ordering from another country -- let me reassure them that they will not be disappointed when they contact Mernickle Holsters.  Again, your craftsmanship is unmatched, and your customer service sets the standard.  You have a passion for your work.  It was truly a pleasure to do with business with you

Although now, with receiving my fourth order from you, I have no further immediate leather product needs, I will certainly continue to recommend Mernickle Holsters to my family and friends.

With My Highest Regards,

David Perrodin
Portage, Wisconsin

Another PB1 Testimonial

February 20, 2003

Model: CA6

Hi Bob,

I just got my new holster today and you did everything just right! I can left hand draw with my thumb just ahead of the hammer and my index finger just a head of the trigger guard. Perfect! You should market that holster. A lot of CAS guys would want one if they saw it. I will spread the good word if you like. Again, thanks and take care, Dingo Dave AKA Dave Nelson

Another CA6 Testimonial

February 14, 2003

Model: CA5/6

I received the order today. All accounted for and all are masterpieces. I also have an Evil Roy Rig but I like your hoslters better. I will be experimenting with what are the best setups for me. Thanks!

Eager to see if the new holsters are quicker.

Your rigs are the Rolls Royce's of holsters.

Paul Finer

 Another CA5/6 Testimonial

February 4, 2003

Model:  FD4

Mr. Robert, received the FD 4 this afternoon and true to your tradition, it is a work of art. Absolutely flawless workmanship. Again my many, many heartfelt Thanks to you and all involved in the making of this rig.

Jack Price

Another FD4 Testimonial

        January 26, 2003

Model:  Star of the Plains

Bob and Family,
I received the rig and am extremely pleased.  You have provided me with a beautiful set of belts and holsters.  Thank you.  I am already considering adding cross-draw holsters to both belts, one left and right.  Maybe next Christmas.  Please share my thank you with your wife.  She was great and thanks for putting up with my telephone calls.

I will be using your rigs in a big shoot this February.  If it is not freezing, I will get my wife to take some digital pictures and I will forward them to you.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you and your family.  You are obviously dedicated to your trade and take pride in your work.  It shows in the final product.

Donald Easterling
Harrison, TN

January 13, 2003

Model:  HW1

Hi Bob!

Today I get your factory Rig from Masaharu.  I am very glad!!
Thank you for your message behind the rig.
I saw many rig in Japan, I feel your rig is very unique shape.
I am looking forward to doing FastDraw and GunPlay with your rig.
Thank you very much!


Another HW1 Testimonial


December 31, 2002

Model:  HW12 Convertible

"It's gorgeous!  Real work of art.  I'm sure it will blow my son away when he opens the present."

After Christmas addition: Yes, a big hit.  His first words were, "Awesome!"  His first action, after I explained its convertibility, was to change it to the lower setting.  And then he pretty much wore it the rest of the day, strutting around whilst practicing his fast draw (of course, two basic principles: gun unloaded and never pointed at any person anyway).  Yes indeed, a big hit.

Les Rogers.

Another HW12 Testimonial

December 29, 2002

Model: CA4

I just got back from the Post Office where I found my CA4 waiting for me. It is about two weeks early, so I was really delighted!

Well, I can't tell you how pleased I am. The material and workmanship appear to be flawless. The fit to my revolver is impeccable, and I am very well pleased. I have spent a fair amount of time (off and on) over the last fifty years carrying a single action revolver in the woods, and I have never had a rig as nice as the one you made for me. I figure  that it can only get better as I wear it.

Could I sandpaper the inside of the belt to make it just a bit less slick? I don't have much of a butt to hold it up.

It really is beautiful and I am sure it will outlast me by many years.

Thank you ever so much again.



Another CA4 Testimonial

         December 16, 2002

        Model: PS2

I received my PS2 holster Saturday. My birthday is shortly after Christmas and my wife's idea was to give it to me then. However, I talked her into letting me wear it now. I have been using it since and am very pleased with it. It is such an improvement over my old inside the waistband holster that there is no comparison. It holds the gun securely, yet is very easy to draw from. It is very comfortable to wear. But the thing I'm most impressed with is how it stays put. It shifts very little if at all while I move about and conceals easily even under a light vest. I'm sure you know all this, being as you built the holster, but I just wanted to let all of you know how happy I am with your holster. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Feel free to post this on your customer comments page. I hope to be able to do business with you folks again in the future.

Flint Bargar

Another PS2 Testimonial

        December 12, 2002

Model: PS6-SA

Just wanted to thank you for this beautiful holster. It arrived today (Nov. 6th) and I was so excited to open the box the plastic peanuts flew all over the kitchen. My Doug Turnbull restored first generation Colt SAA has found a home that will do it justice. Thanks again

........I cannot begin to tell you of all the compliments I have received so far from wearing this holster.

Philip Rieman
Broken Arrow, OK

Another PS6SA Testimonial

December 1, 2002

Model:  PS6T & PS2


You've done it again!

Two new holsters were waiting for me when I got back from a business trip. That was quick! In plenty of time for Christmas. (As the PS2 is a present.)

Sweet! They're beautiful and solid as always and the fit couldn't possibly be better!

I can't tell you enough how happy I am with your work. You've not only made me a very happy camper again, you've made me a customer for life.

As I discussed with you previously, I need a holster for a black powder revolver and I'll be in touch with you soon.

Thank you very much,

Robert McGowan

Another PS2 Testimonial
Another PS6T Testimonial

November 27, 2002

Model: PS6-SA

Can you give me a quote on an FD9 holster only in roughout tan (natural) for a Colt's SSA 4 5/8" bbl.?  I have an old roughout belt that was made by Richard Boone's stunt double on HGWT years ago that I would like to do something with and I can't think of anything better than to hang one of your holsters off of it.

Don Stadler

PS:  Still, a year later,  carrying my work Colt's in your PS6-SA rig.  I am surprised that there is no wear, considering the economy of leather.  Not a big, bulky rig at all.  A tribute to your skill!

Another PS6SA Testimonial


November 23, 2002

Model: SH9 Shoulder Holster
           PS23 Magazine Pouch
           PB1 Pistol Belt

In a word, Bob, your rig is absolutely beautiful, and I truly appreciate, also, the work that you've put in to the mag pouches and belt, which show no flex whatsoever despite the weight.

Thank you very much for your excellent work. I am honestly impressed by the craftsmanship and details, and am completely happy with all pieces.


Chieh Allen Lee
Cleveland, Ohio USA

Another SH9 Testimonial
Another PB1 Testimonial

November 7, 2002

Model: PS6-SA

Bob, just received my holster, the PS6-SA.  Excellent quality - fine fit.  Already see a couple more I will be ordering.  Nice to find such quality and work, and prices.  Thanks again.

John Burnell
Fenton, Mi

Another PS6SA Testimonial

November 6, 2002

Model: HW1

Dear Bob

I received the rig safe and sound.  It is absolutely first class.

All the best


Another HW1 Testimonial

October 25, 2002

Model: PB1

Howdy.  Got the gun belt yesterday ... looks great.  Definately helped in keeping the colt upright in the PS6.

Thanks for the quality and service.


Another PB1 Testimonial

October 24, 2002

Model:  SH6

Hello Bob!

My shoulder holster arrived today.  Thank you so much for such nice workmanship.  I'm eager to show it to the group we shoot with.  Hopefully I can send some business your way.  In time I will order again.  I especially like the use of the softer leather for the shoulder strapping and the firmness of the holster itself.  A definite winner!

Best regards,

Wayne Schnetzer

October 20, 2002

Model:  PB1

I love my current belt and want another just like it.  I need to get one that I will wear only for "dress" as my current belt has a few scuffs from everyday use (and not so everyday use), but it is still rugged as an ox!  Your products are great investments.

Thanks again.

David Perodin
Portage, WI

Another PB1 Testimonial

October 11, 2002

Model: CA9


I'm sure you hear this all the time about the quality of your products and how delighted you customers are. It is such a pleasure for me as a customer to be able to say that to a person whom I do business with.  Little details like the shelf below the loops to hold the shells in place. Neat stuff.



The shotgun shell holder arrived today and it is exactly what I want. Thank you for the quick turnaround. I could not be happier. I will take the catalog with me to the shoots this weekend and copies of your web page to hand out. More business to come.



October 10, 2002

Model: FD9 with HW3XD

Bob, please excuse the subject name ³awsesome² as it is such an overused cliché. But awesome is the first word that came to mind upon opening the Box containing my black carved rig with a cross holster, the shoulder rig and the belt. When the aroma of fresh dyed hand carved leather came wafting out of the box I felt the excitement of Christmas 1957 when I opened my Red Ryder BB gun at the age of 10. Whoa Mr. Kudos to all. Bonnie your carving is exquisite. Thank you so very much and the very best to all of you.

Patrick S. Cashmore

        September 30, 2002

        Model: PS6

Received my PS6 today and as always you have exceeded my expectations in terms of timeliness and fit and finish.  Thanks a lot.  I am sure I will be ordering again soon.

        Aaron Jacobs

        p.s. The carving is exceptional!

        Another PS6 Testimonial

        September 27, 2002

        Model: PS6SA and PB1

        Hi Bob.  Thanks for the holsters and belt.  Nice work and one of the few really creative useful designs in the business.

        Thanks, Dodge

        Another PS6SA Testimonial

        September 09, 2002

        Model: PS2 and PS26

Thanks Bob.  I got the PS2 holster and PS26 Magazine carrier for my Sig P239 and I am completely satisfied!  I appreciate all your help.  I hope we can do business again in the future.

        Best Regards,

        John Lindly

        Another PS2 Testimonial

        September 01, 2002

        Model: HW12

Boy is this H12 a nice piece of work. Course all your leather is nice quality but I just got this in and had to take it for myself before it hit the shelves, HE HE. That's the one advantage of owning my own store is that I get to see things first!!!! I just sent a check for the cross draw to go with it and can't wait to shoot it at a match. That's saying something coming from me as I have one of your fully carved rigs and a couple others that I own for myself, but this one just caught my fancy in looks and workmanship. Thanks for the fast turn around time and quality.

 Your pard, Hot Rod.

        August 30, 2002

        Model: PS6

Howdy,  received the PS6 Friday.  I have been wearing it since then.  When I put my pants on, I put my gun on, and it is there until I undress.  I actually had to check once to see if I still hand the Colt Officer's model on my belt.  It is so compact and carries the bulk of the gun just high enough above my waist, that the weight is better distributed on my belt.  I carry my pistol right at 3:00 o'clock and no matter what I used in the past, I could always feel that lump bearing down on the side of my hip. 

I find that due to your low cut front design, the "higher carry" in no way slows down clearing the holster.  It is as fast an any pancake, belt slide, or Yaqui or any of that type of holster.  In other words, I like it!!

Your secret tab really works.  I am also impressed by the fit and have found that you can't pull the gun out of the holster from the front i.e. somebody trying to make a gun grab from the front, and yet drawing the gun in a normal manner is slick and quick!

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the decoration on the holster.  I ordered a plain black one and, the stamping is a nice and unexpected bonus.  It is greatly appreciated.

I will let you know how things work out after wearing the holster for a few days, weeks ... etc.  As of now, I am very pleased with the positioning, comfort and quality.  I'll be showing this little critter to my friends and I suspect you will be getting more orders from Wyoming.  Thanks for a great product, and even better service.


Chip Harding

Another PS6 Testimonial

        August 29, 2002

        Model: PS6SA

Mr Mernickle, a couple of weeks ago I contacted you just to see if my order had reached you.  You informed me that it had and that it takes about 6 weeks to ship an order.  You said you received the order July 26, I believe.  That would mean I still have about 2 or 3 weeks wait.  No big deal.  Well, I was surprised today to find my order had arrived.  I was on my way to work and could just give it a cursory look.  It looks better in the hand than in a picture.  It looks great!  I will write you back in a few weeks, after I have tried it, to let you know what I think of it.  I'm sure I will be pleased with it.  There is another holster that I like, it is the HW14.  Who know, I may later on order it with maybe a straight drop instead of the angled drop.  You certainly surprised me.

Ronnie S. Thacker

Another PS6SA Testimonial

        August 21, 2002

        Model: CA5/6


I just received my order in the mail.  Its outstanding!  The entire rig looks terrific and I can't wait to show it off.  You did great work!  My initial look at things shows that the order came in just right and the fit looks good too.

        Chris Casper

        Another CA5/6 Testimonial

        August 18, 2002

        Model: SH7

I want to thank you for the fine job you did on my holster.  It was here on time for me to take hunting.  You stayed true to your word and today that means a lot.  So again, THANK YOU.

Harold Linnastruth

Another SH7 Testimonial

         August 17, 2002

        Model: HW3

        Dear Bob,

        Received the rig last night.

I'm still lacking the words to describe the absolute beauty of your artistry.  It was a given that the quality would be outstanding - the rig is so far beyond the definition of "quality", I find it unexplainable.

The fit is perfect. The six extra loops are completely accessible, and the '58 Remmies fit as if you had the actual pieces themselves.  They draw from the holsters smoothly, and are retained just right.

How you do it I'll never know, but that's why you're an artist.  I've never been really satisfied with the commercial holsters for my carry gun, so in the near future I'll probably be contacting you for your advice.

Thanks so very much - I can't wait for our next shoot to wear them.

Saying I'm a "satisfied" customer is a gross understatement.

Best Regards.

Wally Fish

Another HW3 Testimonial   

        August 7, 2002.

        Model: FD1

        To the staff at Mernickle Custom Holsters

I just received a beautiful holster from the "Mernickles" and wanted to write a thank you for a business transaction that didn't feel like a business transaction at all.  The staff was great, the young lady that I spoke on the phone with, I'm sorry I don't remember her name, but she was exceptional.  I ordered a holster, and by fault, all my own, it wasn't what I expected it to be when I received it.  I was told to send it back, I did.  I called and spoke with Bob M. personally, and together we came up with a design that was perfect.  I received it today and it really is perfect.  So in closing I would like to say thanks to Bob and his staff for the personal attention you just don't get anymore.

Thanks Bob and Staff

Martin A Szoke

Another FD1 Testimonial

        July 09, 2002

        Model: CA5/6

Bob, I want to thank you and your staff for taking the extra effort to get my new holsters to me in time to shoot my first SASS meet.  Actually, you got them to me early enough to make a shoot even earlier than I had planned/asked you to meet.  The holsters are really nice.  They fit well, glad you all leaned on me to get the 40 inch belt.  They do have a gunfight look to them.  I love the new Cowboy stitch on the holsters and belts.  My black boots actually have a matching stitch on the toe portion!  I got a lot of positive comments on them when I wore them to the Virginia Beach, Pungo Posse shoot this past Saturday.  People wanted to know where I got them from, wanted to try their guns in them.  You need to include a few business cards with your orders when you ship them to us to hand out.  Two questions, where would be a good local type of store to get some black tie down straps for my legs if I want to play gunfighter, and two, what is a good dressing to put on the holsters and belt when they get wear marks and such?  (Answer:  "We use Acrylic on the holsters so when they start looking dull just go to a leather shop and ask for some. If you can't find it there we have it here.  Be glad to send you a couple of tie downs.")

Again, thank you very much.  I will be more than glad to brag about these holsters to anyone that will listen.  I really like the simplistic, gunfighter look.

Butch Bendl

        Another CA5/6 Testimonial

        July 02, 2002

        Model: PS6SA

Bob, I received the holster today.  It fits the weapon perfectly (snug but quick on the draw).  As always, the finish and craftsmanship are beyond reproach.

Thank you so much for the prompt service and the wonderful product.  Now I have to go out and buy more handguns so that I have an excuse to  purchase more of your fine holsters.

        John Booth

        Another PS6SA Testimonial


        July 1, 2002

        Model: CA2

        Hi Bob,

Yesterday when I came home from work a packet was waiting for me and ... it was my belt and holster!  It is very beautiful and  fits me and my sixgun perfect.  I had to wear it the entire evening and my fiancee was laughing because I must have acted like a 10 year old boy that got a new toy!

Thanks for the nice job and that you made it possible in that short time.

Best regards, Conrad.

Another CA2 Testimonial       

June 30, 2002

Model: PS6SA

Bob:  After e-mailing you yesterday, I received my holster later in the day.  It's a beautiful piece of work, and fits my gun like a glove.  Thank you much for all your help.  I hope I can refer some more business your way.

Thanks agian.

Dick Haas

Another PS6SA Testimonial

June 01, 2002.

Model: PS6 and PS2

Hi Bob,

Just got home and found my PS-2 and PS-6 waiting for me.  OUTSTANDING!!!!  These holsters are truly functional works of art!  I know they'd be good, but they are beyond good.  They're fantastic!  The fit and retention is perfect and the quality is second to none!

Thanks again from hone very happy customer,

Robert McGowan

Hi again Bob!

I just left my local gun shop where the subject of new plastic type holsters came up. (And how reasonably priced they are.) I told the owner and another patron about your company and how pleased a customer I am. When I told them I had you make a couple of custom holsters for me, the response from the patron was "Yeah. And what did that cost? A couple hundred dollars a piece?" They were floored when I told them "Not even close!" They were amazed when I related the tale about our venture (unsuccessful one) to get a dummy gun from the manufacturer so you could start making holsters for me. And how we (due to your idea) solved the problem. Well, they just had to see one of the holsters for themselves. I said "You're in luck, I have the PS-2 with me." They were impressed. Very impressed! They wanted to know all about your company so I'm sending them your home page via email. The shop owner is very anxious to see the PS-6 so I promised to bring it in for his inspection soon. (There isn't a doubt in my mind that he'll love it!)

Thanks again and I'm looking forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Robert McGowan

Another PS6 Testimonial
Another PS2 Testimonial

May 31, 2002.

Model: PS6


Got the holster (PS6) and the belt and cuff/magazine holster.  Great workmanship ... I am very pleased ... the belt is one heck of a strong piece of leather and I doubt I could ever wear it out.

Thanks again ... I will be recommending you to my fellow law enforcement friends.


Another PS6 Testimonial

May 21, 2002

Model: PS7-2


I got it.  Great craftsmanship!  It holds my Combat Commander exactly where I want it.  Thanks for the great work.  I'll be ordering from you again in the future when I figure out what my next carry gun will be.

Garry McFarlane

Another PS7 Testimonial

April 29, 2002

Model: HW14

I am honored.  Thank You. It does take to the camera good doesn’t it.

PS.  I never did get back to you about my newest holster.  All I can say is:  “It is what I have come to expect.  The best damn rig on planet earth.”  It gets along so well with my Vaquero that they are now married.  Needless to say, it was built perfectly for me.  The more we do this the better everything gets.

David Bailles


March 12, 2002

Model: FC2

Hi Bob,
   Just wanted to let you know I got Your High Ride Field Holster for my Ruger Single Six .22 today.  It's a beautiful piece of work.  I've never owned a holster that fit a gun so well.  It holds pistol very securely, yet allows a nice clean draw.  Very nice indeed.  
I'll be doing a lot of hiking wearing this holster and when the snow melts and our shooting range opens I'll be wearing it there too.  I'll give your name and address to others and I'll recommend your work to them---highly.  Your finished holster made the wait well worth it.  I really like it.  
Thanks very much.  I appreciate it.
Ed Henzi

January 18, 2002

Model: CA5/6


I'm in receipt of the gun belt and holsters today.  I must say I am very pleased when I opened the box and saw the great craftsmanship.  Is it exquisite work and I love it.  My wife is in love with it also.  Thanks for a job well done.  It is worth every penny I paid for it.

Happy Shooting

George Yoder

a.k.a. Frosty Thunder

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

December 14, 2001

Model: CA6

Good Morning Bob,

We got Paul's holster yesterday...just wanted to let you know he is really happy with it!

He really looks sexy with it on!

There's just something about a man with new crackling brings back teenage memories...I was raised on a farm..

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Margaret (Paul's girlfriend)

December 12, 2001.

Model: HW3

Since my SASS character is not a well-off sort and packs a pair of Remington 1858 New Army cap and ball revolvers with 7 =" barrels, I was looking for a double rig of fairly plain design suitable for a C&B shooter. I looked at what was on the market and didn't see anything that really suited my taste and my character.

That's when I ran across your Web site. I looked at your offerings and the double buscadero rig struck my fancy! I liked the look and the idea of the "lady cut" belt as well. I called, explained what I was after, and asked you to make me something.

Well, it arrived today and all I can say is "HOT DAMN!" - what a gorgeous rig!!!! The "lady cut" belt fits perfectly and carries the weight like a dream! The way you cut the holsters to go with the Remingtons is INCREDIBLE! The trim "modified slim-jim" looks positively elegant with the Remingtons. The belt that could have looked very nondescript without cartridge loops looks wonderful with the edge stitching and the few little extras embellishments! The shading of the leather adds yet another touch of class.

There is a saying about "beauty in simplicity" - well, THIS IS IT!

It is a mighty fine looking rig - I have no regrets at all about trusting your artistic talents and you can be sure I'll be telling everybody exactly WHO made this lovely "lady's cap and ball rig"!


Dianne Best
"Calamity Jane Canary" SASS 40978
Manitoba Canada

Another HW3 Testimonial

December 06, 2001

Model: FC 5-6-8

Hallo Bob 

Ich möchte mich recht herzlich für mein Holster FC 5-6-8 bedanken. 
Ich bin von deiner handwerklichen Arbeit und der Verwendung des hochwertigen Sattelleders total Begeistert.
Selten habe ich so ein perfekt verarbeitetes Holster und Patronengürtel Gesehen.
Jetzt endlich habe ich ein Holster für meine 1911er im Western Stiel. Meine Schützenkameraden waren auch total begeistert von der handwerklichen und Leder Qualität.
Einer hat ja mitlerweile auch schon dein CA 2 System bestellt.
Eines möchte ich noch sagen das war nicht mein letztes Holster das ich bei dir gekauft habe.

Ich sage nur DANKE Bob

Michael  aus GERMANY

December 05, 2001

Model: CA5/6

Hey!  Hope your doing fine.
I rec'd the holsters and belt they are beautiful, the guns fit perfect.  Now, all I have to do is wait for Saturday so I can strut my stuff. Thanks for a really fine job, the girls sure did a fine job. You can sure be proud of them.

Yours Truly
Gary Gaff

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

December 01, 2001

Model: HW4




Another HW4 Testimonial

October 30, 2001

Model: CA5/6


After using my CA5/6 "rig" the past few weeks at gun shows and in four matches, I learned that the design of this "rig" is wonderfully technically proficient.  Your knowledge and experience  in fast draw makes significant difference. E.g., the cartridge loops on my "rig" are at the top of the belt and easy to access: the holsters are designed for easy access and re-entry and the cant of the CD is "right". The lined belt is easy on and off.  It simply does not need a "double loop" and it is comfortable to wear

Our CAS club, (Orygun Cowboys) meets for the third NW Regional Planning Session tomorrow night. I am the "Posse Marshall" for sponsors and vendors this year.  One of the agenda items is Sponsors and another is Vendors.   Would you be interested in:

1. Attending the Regional

2. Being a sponsor

3. Display your leather on vendor's row

4. Other (e.g. providing a CA5/6 or similar rig at the dinner drawing).

Thank You for your outstanding service and quality of leather with my first order.

J. Boone Emmons
Portland, Oregon.

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

October 23, 2001

Model: PS6SA

Hi Bob,

As you know, I had to call you to let you know how pleased I was when I received my PB 5 belt with the buckle and PS 6 SA Holster. The workmanship on each is superb. My Colt single action army fits perfectly, and the belt was made to my measurements exactly. I will use them proudly and will enjoy their use. Please use this letter as a testimonial to your great quality and workmanship. I know I will certainly recommend your company to my friends for their leather products, and you have a permanent customer with me.

Best Regards,

Ben Motta, Texas

Another PS6SA Testimonial

October 17, 2001.

Model: PS9-2

Bob, received holsters and, as always (this is my 5th from you) they are superb!  The forward cant of the belt PS9-2 allows me to carry my full-size 1911 with very little needed to cover..usually just a short vest.  Do you think that's because I am getting older and wear my pants much higher?  :)

Anyhow, just wanted to let you know they got here in fine shape. Thanks again.  Ed

COL Edward M. Knights

Another PS9-2 Testimonial

October 06, 2001

Model: FD7

Hi Bob.

I thought I'd drop a line to let you know that I received the new holster a few days ago, thanks. It looks as good as I expected, and I'll be proud to wear it.

Thanks again, and have a great Thanksgiving.

Howard Darby

'The Gunfighter Zone' - Helping you re-live the excitement of the 'Wild West'.

Another FD7 Testimonial

September 25, 2001

Model: FD7


Thank you so much for my new holster! It is fabulous! I never thought I'd ever have my own FD7, but winning one was a dream come true. I just wanted to let you know how much I love my holster and how great of an artist you are! Your holsters are real works of art. I will always wear my Mernickle holster with pride!

So, from the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU!

Shauna Frey
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Another FD7 Testimonial

September 07, 2001

Model: PS9-2


I would just like to let you know that I have received the holster you made for me and to tell you that I am extremely pleased with your craftsmanship. Not only does it fit my weapon but it is very comfortable to wear. I appreciate your time and effort that you put into my holster.

Thank you,


Another PS9-2 Testimonial

September 07, 2001

Model: PS6SA

Dear Bob,

Rec'd the PS6SA for my Colt's.  Really nice job!  Exceeded my expectations.  I really like the weight of the leather.  This one does not need to be thick. I'll start wearing it for concealed carry in the Fall.  It might interest you to know that it is a perfect fit for my "regular use" blue/case hardened 4 5/8" (my "showpiece" nickel 5 1/2" fits well too) but my junker Dakota, that I keep around to let people play fast draw, has too tight a fit.  Good going!  This shows you are the master. This holster is too good for a Dakota anyway.  Nothing but pure Colt's will ever touch it.

Thanks again.

Don Stadler

Another PS6SA Testimonial

August 15, 2001

Model: PS8

Hi Bob,

Just got to Portland and looked at the new holster.  I'm REALLY pleased.  It is so much smaller than the sig unit I'm used to.  Its so small that it's almost cute.

Thanks much for your extra efforts.


August 09, 2001

Model:  PS6SA

Mr. Mernickle,

Received my holsters yesterday and they are great.  I do like them very much.  High quality and good lookin' too" 



Another PS6SA Testimonial

August 07, 2001

Model:  PS6SA

Good Morning Bob,

I received my Taffin #1PS6A yesterday and is all and more than I expected!  The workmanship and material quality is outstanding!  The round carrier is equal to the holster!

The Ruger looks right at home and the fit is perfect.  I look forward to many years of use from this rig.

Needless to say I will show your work off to my friends and hope to send you orders from them.  I'm sure I will have more leather needs myself and I will always check with you.

Thanks again for the beautiful job.


Another PS6SA Testimonial

July 18, 2001

Model: PS9-2


I received it over the weekend.  Although I have double western holsters for cowboy action from you, this is the first "working" holster I have had made by y'all.  It is superb! ...and very comfortable (important for those of us who have not yet legislated away our freedoms and are allowed to protect ourselves.  I will never buy another "off the shelf" holster regardless of brand name and hype.  You have all my business from now on.  Thanks so much for being so expedient and customer focused.


July 18, 2001

Model: HW7

The Mernickles

Yesterday afternoon I discovered my holster was at home awaiting my return from work.  Congratulations on a job well done.  The construction was flawless; the fit and finish is perfect; the carving on the holster was the exact execution of the snakehead I desired.  I now have a one-of-a-kink heirloom that will last for generations.  Thanks!

Dave Busch

Another HW7 Testimonial

June 13, 2001.

Model:  PS6SA

Hi Bob,

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that we received Charlie's holster yesterday and it is fantastic!  The color is won\derful and the fit is, as usual, like a glove.  You really outdid yourself on this one.

What kind of product do you recommend to keep the leather in good condition due to the extreme arid conditions here in Nevada?

Can you make the PS6 for the 1911 with and FBI cant?

Thanks again for the great work.

Charlie and Sue.

June 12, 2001

Got the holster and mag holder on Saturday and was really pleased with the looks and quality.  Your probably don't remember but I told you when I ordered the gear that I wanted to wear it with an old money belt that I have.  I thought I might have to dye the pieces a little so they would match the belt. Not so. They all match perfectly.  Thanks a lot.  I'm really happy with the way everything turned out.

Mike Breazeal.

June 11, 2001

Model:  FC3


I ordered an FC3 from you custom engraved with the Ruger emblem on it.  I received it perhaps a week or two ago, but due to work, was unable to try it out.  It look absolutely fabulous, but the carry is even better.  It fits the Ruger Super Blackhawk like a glove, draws are lightning quick, and it still looks superb.  Thank You for delivering a product well worth the price and the wait.

C. Anderson

P.S. I know Bonnie deserves the credit for the engraving, tell her 'Thanks' for me.  CA

Another FC3 Testimonial

May 07, 2001.

Bob Mernickle,

Just received my "plain Jane" in today's post and it was well worth the wait.  Al I can say is "you are a master magician with a piece of dead cow".  The colt fits it like a shadow and I am well please with it.  Now I can't wait to show it off, and will surely pass your name around down here.  Thanks.

Fred & Audry Klein

May 03, 2001

Model: FC567

I am VERY PLEASED with the holster you made for me.  The Dragon carving is great, please let your carver know that I think it is special.  The overall quality of the holster is excellent.  I will make sure that our customers know how to contact you.

I have not had a chance to wear the holster for any length of time, but will be doing so in a couple of weeks.

Please keep the picture of the dragon on file, in the future we will be talking about additional products.

Again, thank you very much.

Jim Helmick.

April 23, 2001

Model: HW1


Thanks for the fine work on the matched set of three HW1 holsters.  As usual the workmanship was extraordinary.  The fit and finish are flawless.  The mechanics of your holsters are incredible.  You can tell a lot of thought goes into the design.  The world needs more world-class leather craftsmen such as you.

Till next time,

David Bailles
Minnesota, USA.

April 22, 2001

Model: SH3

Sir, just received my special SH-3 shoulder rig.  I was absolutely astonished at the craftsmanship.  You sir are a master of your craft!  I new by the web site I was getting what I wanted but this holster as you said on the phone for my .45 Blackhawk was beyond what I was expecting.  Superb craftsmanship, detail, looks, fit everything was beyond what you said!  I thank you very much for your kindness on the phone, your holster and your speedy delivery!  Now I want to go out and buy another pistol so I can get another holster, thanks again, a satisfied and future customer!

Robert Tomasino

April 21, 2001

Hi Bob!

This is Scott in California.  I've recently received my shoulder holster and it's Way Cool.  Your The Best!!!!!!!!



March 27, 2001

Model: CA5/6

I just came in from work and found the GREAT LOOKIN' belt and holster set you made!  All I can say is WOW!  I've never won anything before, what a prize to win something of this quality and beauty. The SHBfits perfectly!  All I know to say is thank you, now I get to try it out.

Milton Dye

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

         December 23, 2000.

        Model:  HW4


Thank you so much for the wonderful craftsmanship and perfect fit of my very special custom holster. I am certain that I could have found a holster and belt for a slightly smaller investment elsewhere but I would never have been as pleased as I am to have this holster. My custom holster is magnificent example of your dedication and artistic expertise. I appreciate your extra effort and considerate gesture of rush shipping it to me by Christmas. It will give me pride and tremendous protection for my 44 magnum and will certainly be a conversation piece around Bear and Elk hunting campfires for many years to come.

I will tell my friends where to find the finest custom made holsters, belts, and rifle slings obtainable anywhere! 

Yours Truly,

Tom Kehler
Thomas W. Kehler
Service Support Engineer
WW Service Provider Technical Operations Headquarters

        December 22, 2000.

        Model:  FD8


All I can say is "WOW".  You did an unbelievably fantastic job on this rig.  It is without a doubt the best rig ever built for Fast Draw.  It also has to be the best looking Fast Draw rig ever built.  You are the VERY BEST leather craftsman in the world.  A true ARTIST with leather and the best fast draw rig builder this is.  I am extremely elated with this reg.  All I can say is thanks a million times over for such a perfect job.  You are the best there is.  I am really happy with this rig. Wow!  WHAT A RIG.

        Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Part 2: 

Just wanted to  thank you again for the great job on the rig.  I just came in from the garage, I just had to Rock-Out a few rounds, and let me tell you, what a rig.  WOW!  And they say a rig doesn't make a difference.  It feels great, you set it up perfect for me, it needs no adjustment.  PERFECT.

I had a couple of guys over to drool over and they want to know if you would build a less expensive rig for them, and if so, how much?

This rig has relit my fire in Fast Draw that was dying out because of the fact that I didn't feel up to it and figured what's the use, but now, I'm back and on fire for Fast Draw.  Thanks to your perfect rig.

Thanks a MILLION.

       November 23, 2000.

Model:  CA5/6

       Dear Bob and Bonnie

Last night, arriving home after work I spotted your shipping box in the days mail, I immediately open it it putting the holsters on over my business clothes.  I then slid in my six shooters, a perfect fit.  The Cowboy Action shooting holsters, gun belt, knife sheath and shotgun cartridge belt are all perfect -- I am elated!

Bob, your adroit craftsmanship is obvious as shown by painstaking attention to detail.  Additionally, the custom carving of the Adder heads on the holsters by Bonnie is meticulous as well as stunning.  The holsters are, as my 16 year old son would say, "waaaay cool".  I may not be the #1 shootest at the SASS matches, but I know I'll have the coolest looking, best crafted, most functional holsters.  (Is there such a thing as, -holster envy-?).

        Bob and Bonnie thank you very much.

        Rori Marston
        LtCol USAF Retired
        SASS #33657 aka "Adder"

Another CA56 Testimonial

        November 11, 2000.

        Hi Bob:

I just wanted to drop a brief note letting you know that I've received my custom order belt.  Again, the craftsmanship is outstanding.  There is not a single leather shop or           retailer  in the entire state of Wisconsin that comes close to producing the quality products that you've made me. I would like to type up a small testimonial for your            TESTIMONIALS  section on your web page - would this be alright?

        Again, thanks much - I am extremely satisfied.  I will be making additional purchases from you in the future and I hope to direct additional business to you.


        David Perrodin
        Stevens Point, WI

October 13, 2000.

Model:  SH7B

Hi Bob,

Just thought you might want to know how the holster you made for me performed in the field. I used the holster during a black bear hunt in northern Maine during the first week of September. I carried a Ruger Blackhawk 45 Colt with a 5 1/2barrel. I carried it every day and it is by far the most comfortable holster I have found yet for a gun that big.

I carried the gun on 4 mile walks, in tree stands and ground blinds, and in and out of vehicles. On two occasions I helped the guide search in very heavy brush for wounded bears. The search is done by following a very large Rottweiler while holding a handgun and questioning your sanity just about every step.

During all of this activity the field carry holster performed great. It kept the gun secure and out of the way while being very accessible. I would like to thank you again for filling my order on short notice and making sure that I received the holster in time for the hunt.

Mike Fuller


October 5, 2000

Model:  PS6 & PS22


I told you that I would try the holster and get back to you as to how I like it or don't like it. Not much excites me Bob, but I have been wearing my holster daily for a little over 6 months and I indeed love it. I ordered the PS6, mag carrier (P22), and a belt for my Springfield 1911A1 and as a Police Officer I was a little concerned that the holster did not have a thumb strap. Your manufacturing methods are excellent because I have never worried about the pistol coming out of the holster unless I deliberately pulled it out. The holster, belt, mag carrier combo is a great tool that I use almost every day in my duties. The extreme high carry is just the thing I was looking for in a concealed carry package. Thank you for your superior product, personal attention, and honest approach to doing business. I look forward to using my current product for years to come and to ordering other products from your line in the future when the need arises.


R. C. Privett

Another PS6 Testimonial

October 3, 2000.

Model:  HW2


I just received my h2 double rig and all i can say is, what a knockout job you and your people did. Its a beautiful rig and I can tell there was a lot of pride that went into producing this rig. The tooling and other leather work is primo and the fit is perfect.

Thank you for a quality product.

Marv Margolis

September 2000

 Model:  PS2

I turned to Bob Mernickle when I found no major holster maker made what I wanted, and most custom makes weren't so custom. I wanted a leather, IWB holster with a straight cant. Bob gave me this plus reinforced the lip, and cut down the front in the quick-draw style. The holster was concealable, secure, comfortable, and real fast.

I got to test it out chasing down a burglary suspect. We ran 150 yds. full out. The suspect turned and charged directly at me. In the blink of an eye, (Yeah, Blink!), I presented from under a cover shirt and squared my sights on the suspect's chest. He surrendered. Uniformed officers caught up to my location. I identified myself and re-holstered one-handed. The suspect got two years and his second strike.

Looking back on the incident, there are a few things I would do differently now. The one thing I would not change is the holster. I don't consider my Mernickle holster just a holder for my gun; I consider it an integral part of the emergency life-saving equipment I carry.

Thanks Bob.

Dep. Brian K. Irons
Monterey County (CA) Sheriff's Department

Another PS2 Testimonial

August 28, 2000

Model:  CA5/6

Howdy Bob,

I got the holsters this past week and was amazed at how beautiful and well made they are. Absolutely the finest rig I've laid eyes on in almost 9 years of Cowboy Action Shooting.

They instantly became my favorite rig, and when I attended a small monthly shoot yesterday, I got a heckuva lot of compliments on them. Another one of the shooters, Cutter Kid was wearing a rig you made, too. But I liked mine better. By the way, he said he thought you might be moving to Arizona. It's be nice to have you on our side of the border, that's for sure.

I had intended to write a letter to you, but when I looked at the invoice to get your address, I saw your email address. From now on, if anyone asks me, you're the artist who combines form and function better than any other.

Very much obliged,
Curly Bill

Another CA56 Testimonial

August 21, 2000


I received the holster you and Bonnie Lynn expedited to me and I could not be more pleased. It's absolutely beautiful! I really appreciate the personal service you two provided to me. I know my friends will be impressed with both the artistry and the way you conduct your business. I'm sure I'll be ordering more from you in the future. You have both gone way beyond the call of duty and I thank you again for your craftsmanship and for going the extra mile for me.

Sincerely yours,
Ed McCollum

August 18, 2000

Model:  FC3

Dear Bob,

I received your holster yesterday and was most impressed. If you recall I had ordered a field carry cross draw for a 6.5 inch Taurus Raging Bull. The weapon fits in the holster perfectly and is secure while at the same time instantly accessible. Your leather tooling is outstanding and you are indeed a most accomplished craftsman. Thank you very much for your time and attention in constructing my holster and the "Mernickle" attention to detail.

Keller Laging

Another FC3 Testimonial

August 15, 2000

Model:  FD1

Hi Bob, this is Daren Orgill in Tombstone AZ. The FD1 I ordered showed up today, and it fits perfectly. Its hard even to put into words the quality and craftsmanship you put into your work. Thanks again from a VERY satisfied customer.


Another FD1 Testimonial

August 9, 2000


I just wanted to say thanks for the fast service on the holster. The holster is great, better than I had hoped. I will be sure to send my friends your way for leather. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Mike Fuller

June 25, 2000

Model:  FD7


My name is Brian Birmingham, and I just received my new FD-7. The craftmanship is superb. I enjoy leatherworking and considered making my own rig, but after seeing your handiwork, I am glad I ordered from you. It's gonna take me awhile to reach your level of expertise, so you are in no danger whatsoever of competition from me. I look forward to meeting you some day. Thanks again.


May 30, 2000

Model:  PS2

I was just snooping around your site again, and was pleased to see the many new additions. I have been using your holsters now for a year. You will remember that I bought two IWB (one normal, one deep) and a tooled "Extreme" with a thumbreak. In addition, I bought a double thick belt! I could not be more pleased. The quality stays! The most amazing thing is the IWB (PS-2) holsters. After one year, they wear better, retain the weapons very well, and the spring hasn't lost a bit of it's bite. I don't use the belt...just the waistband, and my only gripe is that I have to fight the things to get them off! No...unholstering the weapon will not remove the holster.

I've had many compliments and inquiries about the holsters, and have sent many people toward your web site. Thanks again for the holsters, and thanks for the quality work!

Howard DeWitt

May 13, 2000

Model:  PS6

Dear "Talks very little"

Seldom anymore do I feel like I get what I pay for. It doesn't matter what we are talking about either, work on the house, car maintenance, etc., most people would aspire to have there work classified as "SLIPSHOD".

Imagine my surprise when I opened the package with my new rig in it.YOUR BEAUTIFUL BAYBEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice to find someone knows the meaning of the word CRAFTSMANSHIP!

Could I interest you in taking your next vacation in Ohio and doing some work around my house, on my cars, and then my wife has an extensive honey-do list.

Great job!

Ron Wilson

Another PS6 Testimonial

April 26, 2000

Model:  FD1

Howdy Bob and Sherrie,

Just got the rig today, and I have to tell you, it's perfect! The rig fit like a glove. It was well worth the wait. I have already given your name and site address to two people and I will most certainly continue to do so. I have never been so pleased with a rig as I am with this one. I thank you both so much for the time and incredible craftsmanship that went into my rig.

Dwight Hull
Tombstone, AZ

April 1, 2000


Just received the latest holster I ordered from you. It fits and works like a charm. Will definitely recommend you to others. Keep up the good work you are true professional.

Bill Cassingham

March 17, 2000

Model:  PS7

Just wanted to let you know I got my holster and it is by far the most comfortable concealed holster I have ever worn. Like all Small of Back Holsters, I don't think I would want to wear it on a ten hour car trip, however, for everything else it is great.

Mark Olberding

Another PS7 Testimonial

March 1, 2000

Hi again:

Received my order today. My expectations were exceeded. Great craftsmanship. Keep up the good work and thanks a lot. It proves that you get what you pay for.

Thanks again.

Herman K. Hinshaw

February 17, 2000

Model:  CA5/6


My wife's present arrived today and it is stunning. I couldn't have picked a better style, color and most importantly, craftsman to make it for me. I was so lucky to find your website and to have selected your business. I can't wait to see her face when I give it to her.

Keep up the great work and I'll be in touch when I need one made for me!

William Coffman

After being asked for approval to use his e-mail on this page, William sent back the following reply:

Dear Bob and Sherrie,

I would proudly allow you to share my letter of gratitude for your services. I am thankful also to the internet and this new form of commercial business that introduced me both to you and your excellent craftsmanship. I assure you that whenever the subject of custom holsters comes up in conversation, your name will quickly follow.

Best wishes and prosperity,

William Coffman

Another CA56 Testimonial

January 12, 2000

Model:  PS6


I have been wearing your PS6 for the past few days now and it is everything that you said it was. I barely know I have it on. It's the first time I've been able to comfortably wear a belt holster with my Colt for the whole day. As with your western rigs, fit and finish is superb.

Thanks again.
Rick Buono

P.S. Feel free to use either/both e-mails on your sight. After seeing four samples of your work (my hw2, hw1 double, PS6 and my buddies SOB for his S&W 29), I have no reservations in recommending your work.

Another PS6 Testimonial

January 8, 2000

Model:  FD4

Dear Mr. Mernickle:

You probably don't remember us, we met you in South Dakota about 2 years ago. My father purchased one of your FD-1 (Cal Eilrich Signature) holsters for me and I think of you every time I wear it. I also tell everyone who asks about it (and everyone asks) about you and how GREAT your holsters are. I recently started shooting S.A.S.S. and they all loved it too. I can't 'sing' your praises enough. Thank you for not only such a beautiful, fine quality holster but also one that has been comfortable from the moment I put it on. I don't even consider wearing any other holster (and I've been offered many).


October 12, 1999

Model:  FC3

Hey Bob,

Received the Field Carry holster for my Super Blackhawk today. I must say that it far exceeds the fit, finish, and quality of any "off-the-rack" holster I have ever purchased. Very well made, and just plain beautiful. The Super B-hawk looks grand in it. This rig will ride my belt during my bird hunting expeditions next month.

Hope your wedding went well. Be sure to put your pictures on your web site.

Best regards and thanks again.

Chuck Hodges
Snohomish, WA

October 7, 1999

Bob, I received my holster in the mail yesterday and it is absolutely wonderful. I appreciate the hard work and craftsmanship you put into it. Thank you again.

Dan Clement

April 2, 1999


Got it, very happy with the results.

Love the workmanship and the angle of the holster.Went riding the other day and the rig function perfectly.

Thank you so much.

Be in touch.


March 23, 1999

Subject: Received my order!


Just wanted to let you know that I received my order and am very impressed! You did an excellent job and it is exactly what I expected! Thanks... you have been great to do business with. If I ever need another system (or any accessories) you will be the first one I turn to. Again, thank you and take care.

Brad Coolidge

January 2, 1999

Model:  CA2

Subject: Trailmaster Holster

Mr. Mernickle,

Just to let you know, I received my "Trailmaster" belt and two holsters on December 21st, just before Christmas. Timing could not have been better - it was my Christmas gift after all!!

The fit and finish of everything was excellent, beyond my expectations. The quality and workmanship is first class and best of all it looks great. I can't wait for Spring to put it into action.

Thanks and have a good New Year!



November 15, 1998

Model:  FD2

Subject: Holster FD2 "New Brown"


Just a note from Gene "The Kid". Got my holster and it is gorgeous, like everyone else I wear it around the apartment all of the time. Thanks for doing such a nice job on my holster!

Another FD2 Testimonial

September 21, 1998

Model:  FD2


I received my FD 2 holster today and it is PERFECT!!! I could not be more pleased. The fit, the quality of the workmanship, everything is great. I will highly recommend your work to my friends and anyone who asks.

Thanks again for the excellent holster.

Best Regards,

Craig, Co.

September 10, 1998

Model:  HW7


Jim VanDeman from Oklahoma City here.... finally got the rig - I missed the postman on Friday and had to wait past the holiday on Monday and so picked it on Tuesday. I am very glad to say, that with your creations, "what you see is what you get". In the beginning I was very impressed with the images of your work as I viewed them on your net site - then I got the real thing - WOW!!! Very, very nice. Thanks.

I still have plans to order another rig (in left hand), but I have had a set back in my work due to my being very ill. So, it will probably be around December or January before I can send the order to you. The good thing is that I have people wanting my artwork (it sort of happens that way when one is low on work and has very little to offer!)

Thanks again, the belt and holster are beautiful. My Friend Don Faulkenberry who has an order in for one of your rigs, saw mine when I got it, and is chomping at the bit to get his. I can see how you are six weeks back logged. Great!!!

Best of luck to you and your family...
Until later....


August 28, 1998

Model:  CA5/6

Hey Bob!

The holsters arrived yesterday and my family has been making fun of me ever since 'cause I've been wearing them around the house, showing them to the neighbors or just about anyone else who will pretend to be interested.

When I ordered them from you I said what I really wanted was to open the box and go "Wow". Well, I got what I asked for. Really first class work.

Thanks for a great job and delivering the goods.


July 7, 1998


Just wanted to let you know that the holster was waiting when we returned home last evening. And what a fine holster it is! Really like the sunburst color and my Ruger Super Blackhawk loves it too! Thanks for a fine product. I certainly will seize every opportunity to tell and show friends and acquaintances the fine product you turn out.


June 9, 1998

Model:  CA5 Holster; CA4 Belt


Aloha! I am truly blessed by this fine piece of workmanship. It will be worn with pride carrying an EMF 1873, 45LC, 7 1/2" barreled, Hartford Cavalry Model - I believe one of the more beautiful reproductions. The rig looks fantastic and is much appreciated. Your leather work is not only excellent but it is complimented by a balance and authenticity in design that makes it a piece of art.

It will be in Williams, Arizona at the SASS cowboy shoot over the fourth of July.

I hope our paths cross one day, it was a pleasure talking with you on the phone. Keep the coffee offer open, I hope to take you up on it. God bless! Thanks again.

Jim, Hawaii

May 21, 1998

Hi Bob.

I received my holster in the mail yesterday and it is beautiful. You did a nice job on it.

I know that everyone will want to know where it came from, and I will recommend it to everyone.

Thank you.
Rodger, Pennsylvania

April 6, 1998

Model:  PS7 with Thumbreak

Hi Bob,

Well, you were right, it did "come any day now"! .....and I'm excited! I have never been disappointed with your work. The holster is the top quality that you always produce! The 6" Mod. 629 44 Magnum fits like a glove. The leather is thick and strong, the stitching and design holds the holster firmly in place. This is no small feat for a large revolver such as this in an SOB holster!

The angle you tilted it at is perfect to keep the revolver high enough for concealment under loose fitting clothes (I usually wear like a denim shirt, open over a "T" shirt). Since I'm big (not over-weight type big) -- 6' 4" / 245lbs. (Well, not too much over-weight) conceals great. Of course, if you bend over the grip will protrude (unless you glue it to your back) -- so you just have to be conscious of how and when you do it. Since I was use to carrying a S&W .45 Auto in SOB fashion, I know how to sit, etc. and still be comfortable.

The thumb-break holds the revolver in securely and will take the worry out of doing things like riding a motorcycle. I had mentioned that my brother and my very best friend are police officers. Whenever I use to talk to them, I envisioned and described my "wish list" for the perfect holster to carry a large revolver. I even spent much time looking for one for the .45, but never found one with everything I needed. This one has it all! Nobody else had such a rig until I talked to you...................SO THANK YOU VERY MUCH -- and good luck with this new product. I'm sure the word will get out!

Neil, NJ

March 20, 1998

Model:  HW3

Dear Bob,

When I visited your website, the appearence of your products were fantastic, and after our phone conversation, I was sure of the quality and workmanship that you provide with your products.

I ordered a western rig and when it arrived, I had high expectations of looks and quality. It is not often that when ordering a product 'sight unseen', that these expectations are matched, however, I was simply amazed at the quality at appearance of my rig.

My guns fit perfectly and looks GREAT! I couldn't be more pleased!

Thanks so much,
Michael, Ohio

March 9, 1998

Mr. Mernickle,

I received your holster on Monday, I just want to say a big "Thank You". It is indeed beautiful and my ruger fits like a dream. I will be recommending your company to my family and friends.

Tammara, WA

March 4, 1998

Model:  PS6

Dear Mr. Mernickle,

I ordered a custom holster from you after speaking with yourself and your friendly wife. Since my order was so custom, I was concerned that either there would be miscommunication or just an inability to "get it right".

My name is David Woroner. A graduate of Executive Security International, PADI SCUBA Instructor, USCG 100 Ton Master of Vessels. I have worked as an Executive Protection Agent, a competitor in IPSC competition, NRA Firearms Instructor, Instructor of Executive Protection to Members of Law Enforcement, Instruction in Officer Survival.

Sir, you "got it right". If you remember, it was a cross-draw for a lefty, slightly canted forward, for a Glock. I am so pleased with the fit, comfort, quality of workmanship and overall performance. I wanted to let you know that there are still people who care about quality & service. You delivered both and more. You may expect more orders from myself and my fellow gunmen. I would also like to extend you the offer to use this as a testimonial. I feel that strongly.

David Woroner

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