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CFD 9 The High Ride System

CFD9 The High Ride

This rig is our high ride rig, it has a moderate cant to it but sits high on the hip. This allows the wearer to get into a power stance similar to a tug of war except instead of looking off to the right you look forward at the target. This holster comes fully lined and with a rawhide interior to help the holster keep its shape making for a faster and easier draw. This holster also has a Safe leg° in it to help protect yourself from any accidental firing ( the infamous boot shot). As far as style goes, this holster comes with a plain finish and a buckle strap, however it is fully customizable to meet your style, just send us your ideas and we’ll see what we can do!

CFD9 R1 High Ride Series

Finish: Plain with Buckle Strap

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