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High Performance Series

The NEW HP1REF1 comes with a lot of new design ideas .
Here are just some of them.

- We have dropped the holster down 1 " lower than anything we have done before
making for an easier reach for the gun.
- We have cut the front down to allow a full thumb landing on the upper frame for
those who do a gun transfer.

- For gun transfer we now do a taper below the trigger guard that tapers to the point
where the guard meets the frame allowing the center finger to reach under the
guard for a one hand draw keeping the grip fame completely free of the hand.
This makes doing a gun transfer easier than ever thought possible. The side
has been dropped and then flared out for the easiest re-holster ever!

- The new "WR " Wrist Relief! This is designed into the angle of the holster
so when you reach for a gun you will not have to flex your wrist back to grab the
gun yet you will be able to bring the gun straight up for an extremely fast draw
with the quickest accessibility to the front site ever!

- The newly designed "Speed Load " shell holder no longer needs a stopper plate
under the shells and can be staged at any height you the shooter would like to
see them at. Also you no longer have to pull the shell straight up.
You are free to choose the angle of grab which suits your shooting style the most.

- Then to finish all this off we have had a new dye lot created called
Gunfighter Brown"

Now you can shoot fast, be accurate and look good at the same time.
It doesnt get any better than that!

High Performance Shooting Systems

HP1R4 Full Spot System

Finish: Border tooled with full spot system

Color Shown: Gunfighter Brown

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