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Authentic Western

The full line of "Authentic Western Series" holsters and belts are a collection of designs that were used in and around the beginning of the 1870's, towards the end of the 1890's. These belts and holsters were picked because of their popularity as well as being a good holster to use in the ever growing sport of Cowboy Action Shooting.

What we have done here is to let you (the customer) decide what you would like to match with what. Also, any holster you might see and like can be ordered in left, right. We have set it up in a way that you design your own shooting system. This will make it very hard for everyone to look the same; as every one's taste is different. In addition, we have put our top gear together into three "systems" to help your decision making process.

Remember, these holsters and belts can be ordered in any of the available colors.

AWB1 Authentic Western Sewn Bullet Loop Belt

 Finish Shown: Plain

 Color Shown: Natural

< Comes with 24 Bullet Loops

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