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Cowboy Fast Draw

When deciding what cowboy fastdraw holster is the right one for you, there’s a few things to consider. How far back do you lean when you draw? If it’s a lot we would suggest a slight cant (CFD3) or vertical rig (CDF5) because your body has already gotten the gun pointed at the target for you, a heavy canted holster would only make it harder for you to draw. If you stand more vertical when drawing, we would suggest a more canted holster (CFD15) aim quicker on target. Another thing to consider is, where is your arm most comfortable drawing from? Our CFD9 is a high ride, our CFD15 is a medium ride, and our CFD15LR is our low ride. The bottom line is, we would recommend trying out some holsters from your local club, giving us a call and we can talk you through what to order, and even practice your draw in the mirror and see what angle you will naturally draw your gun from. All of our rigs are CFDA legal and meet the standards. We also have Safe leg° in every Holster to help protect you from any accidental firing (the infamous bootshot). We’ve provided rigs for many great shooters, Quick Cal, Oregon Ranger, Flying Cowgirl, Stormie Weather, Von Zipper, and so many more. Once you’ve decided what style of rig to order, next comes the fun part, THE DESIGN! The possibilities can go on forever, but send us a message and we will see what we can do. Leather is personal, and we are here to help make sure you get the rig of your dreams!

All our Fast Draw holsters  come with a built-in "SAFELEG" deflect system.
 SAFELEG was designed to deflect only WAX 
bullets used in the sport of fast draw

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