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Conceal-Carry Performance Series

Our line of concealment products has been developed for maximum concealment. The first holster in the Performance series was the PS6 and is called the Extreme. This holster is probably the highest rig on the market, yet when you draw the gun your end of barrel will clear at the top of the belt line. Even though you start with a high draw, your finished draw is lower than most other brands of holsters on the market.

We took this concept and applied it to every concealed product we make. All our concealed holsters are made of the highest grade vegetable tanned leather that we double laminate to provide a firmer longer lasting product.
Our Inside the Waist Band holsters are no exception to the rule. We design this holster so the finished draw is to the top of the belt. Also, our IWB products are metal lined so that when you draw the gun a one handed re-holster is easily done.

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