QCU R1 Quick Cal Ultra extreme crossdraw

QCU Ref1 4 lbs

Finish: Tooled Holster

Color Shown: Black


"Knife and Knife case are an optional extra"


The system includes 1 belt, 2 holsters, 1 slide.  Knife and Knife Case are an optional extra. There is a huge amount of changes from the conventional Quick Cal.  The new name for this system will be the ("QCU" REF1) - a system that is not for the meek!!
(Here Meek means people that just don't think they could use anything that aggressive!)

     1.  Complete new design Cross draw.  Holster is only attached at the bottom and  belt fixed. Internal metal goes from the holster pouch over the belt and down the back of the skirt.  It is aggressively spaced away from the body at the top.  Holster is still fixed to the belt with the strong side holster moveable for two fist adjustments and then locked into position via two T-nut screws below the belt line.  This Belt is designed for a buckle back wear (Buckle worn in the rear and not the front).

     2.   There is a stabilizer plate incorporated into the belt behind the cross draw to secure the holster and holds solid for years to come.

     3.   A heavy muzzle forward strong side holster with dual reinforced metal in two strategic areas with an aggressive outward cant that is adjustable through bending but will stay put when the end user finds their sweet spot.

     4.  Belt is Swede line so tightening the belt strong will stabilize the system with no movement even during turns and stops.

     5.  Both holsters are metal lined for accurate adjustable retention on the gun.

     6.  Hammer thong comes with a heavy weighted loop to keep the thong out of the way during competition but yet have an ease of installation to secure the gun when off the line.
                                                "Lets go win the stages"

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