HPHS1 Hipshot System

HPHS REF1 4 lbs

Finish: Mexican loop Show Shine

Color Shown: Gunfighter Brown


*Can be finished in show shine or dull to give it a more authentic look*


So you want to be a real looking 1800's Cowboy but you want a competitive holster at the same time!!  Normally, that means a holster that fits the bill as far as true looks of the 1800's go, never works as a competitive shooting rig.  That is no more!

This rig is metal lined to both hold the gun with a mild retention and does not allow the holster to collapse when the gun is drawn.  Then we gave it a cut down front and a lip curl for a fast re-holster.  So now you get it both ways, a competitive shooting system that looks right out of the 1800's!  We are pretty sure you will enjoy this one.  It has already been in a Movie with Trace Atkins playing the lead in the remake of the Virginian.

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