HPHSR2 Hipshot Authentic Old West Carve

HPHS REF2 4 lbs

Authentic Old West Carve with 24 bullet loops

Color Shown:  Gunfighter Brown


*Knife and Knife case not included*


Shown with optional Knife and Knife Case - not included in price shown above. 

The” HipShot rig” as it is called is in honor of SASS’s own SASS # 7 Life shooter and member of the Wild bunch HIP SHOT!

HipShot came to me and said doesn’t anybody make an 1800s traditional looking rig that was worn in the 1800s any more. So I asked him “what yu lookin fur” . So he showed me a rig he had worn for many years and went on to explain who made it and the year approximate that it had been made. So I looked him in the eye and said (with a little pause) I can make you something like that; but!!!! He said but what ? I said I will do it, but I will also make it as competitive as anything out there which includes all the other lines we make. He said how are you going to do that? I said first we are going to make some minor changes to the style you are wearing so you will be able to not only draw the gun out with lightning speed but also get it back in at the same speed. Hip shot says but when I pull the gun out the holster currently it collapses so I have trouble getting it back in. I laughed at him and said and that is why you came to me! That is also when I let him know I was going to metal line the holster in between two laminates of leather but you will never know it was there.

Once we got all that done I then said I would follow through and do an authentic style carve that was traditionally used in the mid to late 1800s.

So after our collaboration I created for HipShot a 100% traditional looking rig that looks like you just rode into town in 1878 to finally take that bath!

It is because of HipShots love for both the sport and the look of the more authentic wrangler of the era, right down to the wooly chaps that this rig now exists. It was also his love for this style rig that allowed us to create it so we wanted to do something special for him

 So we asked and he humbly accepted and the rig has now been named in his honor

The HP (high performance) HIPSHOT Rig!

Thank you HipShot

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