SI04 Ranch Hand Mares leg

SI04 4 lbs

Finish: Plain with 24 Bullet Loops

Color Shown: Mahogany Brown



The Ranch Hand  “Companion”

The belt and holster is a mild take off of the original Mares leg rig. We have created a system that is much more user friendly but still keeping with the integrity of that TV series holster (Wanted Dead or Alive).

The “Companion” is a fully smooth lined holster with a Swede lined belt. We have put a pull through loop system that is like that of the original TV series holster belt. Our belt includes up to 24 loops depending on room. We have run the leather down just below the front site so there is no chance of site hang up yet depicting the open look of the original. Finally we have sculptured the receiver area so most is showing again for that original cosmetic look while holding the gun secure and in place.

If you own a Ranch hand this is a must have holster!

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