Brown Traditional Screw Knife

KN01 REF01 2 lbs

Redwing Screw Knives


Each knife is hand made meaning no two are ever exactly the same.  All pictures are a likeness of the knife in its category.  Redwing knives come with a limited lifetime warranty.

This famous knife was designed and manufactured by Redwing.  Anyone on the shooting line will enjoy its ability.  The end of the knife is an actual screwdriver that can tighten down screws at a moments notice on the line.  The other feature is in cowboy action and its ability to eject a stuck round in the lever gun or shotgun.

All Redwing screw knife measurements are approximate:  Shaft Length 2 1/2"   Handle 3"   Overall 5 1/2"

Because all knives are handmade, lengths will vary slightly but all will fit our "Knife holster / sheath"

All knives are usually in stock and available for immediate shipping.

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