QC01 R1 Quick Cal Shooting System

QC01 REF01 4 lbs

Border tooled with Montana silver diamonds

Color Shown: Black


This is the Quick Cal Cross Draw Series. Quick cal is one of the fastest shooters in the sport. And for Good reason. He has been in Various competitive Shooting sports for most of his life. The big thing he learned is, if you don't have the right equipment then the task at hand becomes increasingly difficult. As a Professional Fast Draw shooter, to shooting on the US team in IPSC and now to Cowboy Action, Quick Cal learned you are only as good as your equipment will let you be. Quick Cal and Bob Mernickle have been friends for over 30 years. He spent a great part of his Fast Draw life using Mernickle Custom Holsters. So when it came time to get a Cowboy Action Holster he came to Bob. Quick Cal and Bob Mernickle worked together to develop a holster system that would work exactly the way he wanted to shoot. Quick but accurate! Quick Cal uses the Cross Draw method and wanted it to be Fast and safe - with the emphasis on safe. Quick Cal says we have succeeded in both areas.

   Here is the list of features:

A 2 1/2" belt with a hard taper at each end.

Suede lining to secure the belt to the body.

This holster is secured to the belt via a pinch system that allows you to position the holster exactly where you want it. Once that is done you snug the two screws located on the backside of the skirt  and the holster stays put. If you need to relocate the holster simply back off the screws move the holster and cinch the screws back down. This system does not damage the leather or leave any marks. The reason we do it this way is so you are in control of holster position 100%  

The cross draw is also a fixed holster set as forward on the belt as possible.

A roller buckle with keeper is used for a solid cinch up.

The tail on the belt has a special tuck placement behind the holster to ensure it is out of the way of the gun for an unobstructed re-holster.

Holsters are metal lined to prevent collapsing when the gun is drawn.

Both holsters have a lip curl to insure that the cylinder does not hang up on gun re-entry. 

Actual silver Diamond on each holster.

An attractive border tool job that anyone in the 1800's would have been proud to own.

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