The Boys and Girls Scouts who benefitted from the auction hold up the custom holster rig.

Every year Bob and Sherrie Mernickle offer a holster that goes up for auction at the local Single Action Society (SASS) affiliated club in Fernley, Nevada. When the bidding is all done, whoever becomes the high bidder gets to write their check to local Boy and Girl Scout troops. Then Bob designs a working heirloom for that bidder. Mernickle Holsters does not take one red cent in doing so. Because of this, the local Scout troops now have the cash to do things that they never would have been able to do on their own.

Bob personally enjoys this, as he was a Boy Scout, and now at an older age he realizes how hard it is for the leaders to get donations to help better the lives of these kids. The picture shows the winning bidder along with the Boy and Girl Scouts holding up the shooting system. In Bob and Sherrie’s mind, everyone involved is a winner. Bob and Sherrie get to help out a segment of the community they live in, while the winning bidder gets a rig he or she can talk about for years to come and then hand down to the next generation. But most of all, the kids get to do things they may never have been able to do, and that alone warms the hearts of not only Bob and Sherrie, but all involved—from the bidders willing to give up their hard-earned cash to the staff at Mernickle Holsters, who put this all together. The rig shown brought $3,000 to the local troops and has an estimated value of $6,000.

Bob and Sherrie Mernickle want to thank all the people involved and give a special thanks to Tom Burch and everyone that bid on this rig. If it weren’t for everyone’s support, this would never have happened. For more information, call 800-497-3166 or visit

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Special Thanks To:

Bob Mernickle, design creation
Coast Silver, silverwork
Chisum (Keith Regan), installed the silver
Stormie Schweizer, stitching
Joe Leibel, cut out the design
Chris Vanderkelen, assembly

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