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Mounted Cowboy Action

Model: MC1 REF 1
Gen 3
Finish Shown: Border Tooled, Metal Lining, Suede Lined Back
Color Shown: Mahogany Brown - Mahogany
Price: $379.95


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This rig was designed for the Mounted Cowboy  & Cowgirl.  It has higher sides to give better gun retention while allowing an extremely fast draw.  It works equally well in Cowboy action. The main difference between this and our popular CA5/6 is the gun sits a little deeper.

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Shown Worn


When we decided to look at making mounted holsters for the fastest growing horse-related sport there is, we travelled to shoots and watched how the guns were being drawn as well as the re-holstering.  We noticed that almost all shooters wore their guns in a fairly vertical position, and when asked why, the common answer from the riders was fear of losing a gun on a canted holster.

 In developing our second generation mounted shooting system, we paid close attention to the current way most riders draw the gun on a vertical holster, and called that draw the “M” factor.  What is the “M” factor?  When the first gun is re-holstered, it is being inserted in a downward motion.  From there, the hand releases the gun, lifts up then drops to the next gun.  The gun is grabbed, lifted up and out of the holster.  Hence, the motion is done in the form of the letter “M”.

 With our new holster design, when you insert the first gun, your arm and hand naturally come around, staying low and not affecting the upper body positioning in the saddle.  The rider slides the hand back, landing on the second gun, using the same motion.  This sets your thumb right on the hammer during the transition.  Our new design creates an in-and-out natural loop, cutting back on gun transition time.

 The new holster design does away with concerns that guns will come loose.  We have metal-lined our holsters, and the rider can set the retention value as he or she wishes.  It won’t be necessary to get someone to add tightening stitches. 

At Mernickle Holsters, we are dedicated to holsters.  We understand gun technology and what is needed to make the gun work for the shooter, both coming in and out of the holster, quickly and safely.

Bob Mernickle / Designer