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Fast Draw

Model: FD7 REF1
Finish Shown: Diamond Print
Color Shown: Black


Fast Draw Video

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All our Fast Draw holsters  come with a built-in "SAFELEG" deflect system.
 SAFELEG was designed to deflect only WAX  bullets used in the sport of fast draw



The FD7
This is the fastest holster I have yet designed. This holster has a thinner belt than it's predecessors and tends to hug the body. It is designed to pull the gun in to your body so you can lock your wrist on the draw. The first outing for this holster was in February of '99 in Langley, British Colombia at the B.C. Provincial Championships where it set the world record for 4-inch balloons at 10 feet at .264 of a second. Check out a fully carved version of the FD7.

FD1, FD7, and HW5 are "Traditional Style" holsters under World Fast Draw Association Rules and can used in any WFDA sanctioned contest.

"The steel liner is no longer available for any World Fast Draw holsters"

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