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Our Warranty, Repair, Return Policy

All products manufactured by Mernickle Holsters come with a 90 Day repair or replacement policy. After the warranty period is up, Mernickle holsters will repair or replace a product at the expense of the customer and only at the discretion of Mernickle Holsters.

All reasons for exchange or repair are looked at on an order by order bases.

Any replacement will be replacement of the exact holster for the gun it was ordered for.

When submitting an item for return please provide the warranty card, proof of purchase, and a description of the pronblem. 


Samples of reasons for exchange are as follows:

-Wrong color (ordered brown and got black)

-Wrong Thread color (ordered black and got white)

-Wrong molding (ordered for a Smith and Wesson and received a holster for a Ruger)

-Leather flaws ( natural rip in leather)


An example of repair would be:

-a thread which required a re-stitch or a blemish in the dye that was repairable.


These items are NOT under warranty:

-Normal holster wear in a non warranty item. All holsters will show signs of wear due to the leather meeting metal or other gun manufacturing materials. Also some guns have sharp edges left over from their manufacturing and can scrape the leather almost from the outset. That is not a leather issue but rather a de-horning issue of the gun.

-Any order that has been changed by the customer to accommodate a specific requests (i.e. A Custom order) is not returnable for any reason. It will however fall under repair or replacement at the discretion of Mernickle Holsters.

-Due to the type of material used 100% color match is not a warrantable item. (Dye lots can differ as wel as the leather used and is something beyond our control)

-Loss of or damage due to abuse, mishandling, or modificiations 


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