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Our Story

Mernickle Holsters has been producing holsters since the mid-1970s

It started with Bob Mernickle making a holster for himself to compete in World Fast draw. After his 3rdattempt, he was pretty happy with the results. He went to a contest in Washington State and the first time out with the rig, he set his first world speed record. The holster he made was different from what other people of the day were using and it caught a lot of interest. So much so, he was asked where they could get one. When Bob said he had built it, he was asked if he could build a holster for them. And so, a holster company was born.

Each holster you see before you today comes with the same cutting edge designs as those early starts. All holsters are made totally with the end user in mind. No matter what the discipline!

If you are a competition shooter, the holsters will make you the best you can be. Concealed carry will max out the concealment, yet give you a smooth and extremely fast draw. And so on through all the holsters made.

Bob believes the holsters should not only allow you to shoot well, but they should look good as well. So, you will not find a more comprehensive line-up of finishes anywhere.

Bob Mernickle has three things in mind regardless of the holster design. Safety first, followed by function, that is they have to work and work well. Then lastly they have to look good. Period! Bob believes a good working product does not have to be ugly!

We hope you enjoy the line-up presented. Come back often because he is always creating new designs or tweaking the existing holsters to make them even better.




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