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How to measure your self for the correct belt size


Lady Belt Measurement :    Due to the fact that women can order or purchase pants or jeans in three different heights (High ride, Medium ride or low ride) we will require a measurement done with either a cloth tape or a carpenters tape. Either will work fine. We would like this measurement done through the loops of the pant style you will be using the belt with. Please give us a measurement to the nearest inch. This will give us center hole on the belt ordered. Also when we make the belt it will be automatically contoured to fit the female figure.

How to measure for a dress belt (pant belt): 

Simply give us your pant size. This will be the size of pant purchased at a store which fits your body correctly. We only need the waist measurement and not the leg inseam.

Please note:   You do not have to add inches for inside the waist carry.  We make our belts with seven (7) holes to allow for IWB carry.

Measuring for your custom built gun rig:  In order to come up with the right measurement the first time, it is essential you take time and, use a tape measure and provide us your hip measurement to the inch. Some folks assume a pant size is a waist size or hip measurement. A pant size has no bearing on the information we require to build your rig.  For example, if a man's pant size is 34, the hip measurement can be 39-41 inches.  A ladies size 6 pant may tape out to something like 35-39 inches.



For the man ...

measure about 1 1/2" to 2"s below your hip or belt line. Run the tape around your body then pull the tape up snug but not tight. For best results wear a pair of jeans when you are doing this.


For the lady ...

Pick the spot that is centered between the navel (belly button) and the crotch. Then run the tape around your body. Pull the tape snug but not tight. For best results wear a pair of jeans when doing this.

 When building your holster ,  we can only be as good as the measurement's you provide.


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