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Break in instructions

To our valued customers

We manufacture our holsters to fit the exact gun intended to carry. Due to this there is a minor break in period. There is no need to use any leather stretching sprays or oils. To expedite the break in please follow the following instructions:      

1) Grab a plastic bag (Such as the one the holster comes in)         

2) Put your gun into the bag

3) Insert bag with gun installed in to the holster (Please make sure your gun is pushed into the holster all the way)

4) Leave the bagged gun in the holster for at least 12 hours (We recommend to leave it overnight)

5) Take the bagged gun out of the holster. Remove the gun from the plastic bag and re-insert the gun in to the holster. The break in should be complete.

For more information on this or any warranty claims call Mernickle Holsters direct at:

Toll free 1-800-497-3166

Local or international 1-775-575-3166





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