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This is a demonstration of the Traditional draw style. When performing this draw style the gun must be drawn in a straight up and down motion (no twisting on its side). The picture on the left shows the shooter in the "ready" position waiting for the signal light. The second picture shows the gun in the first stage of being drawn. The off hand is fanning back the hammer, while the trigger finger is getting ready to pull the trigger. The third picture shows the trigger having being pulled while the gun comes in line with the target. The picture on the right shows the gun in the final position after being fired. Notice that the gun has travelled just enough distance to clear the holster.

This "speed" Traditional draw can be accomplished in two ways: 1 - The trigger may be pulled as soon as the gun is drawn, and the hammer fanned back as the gun comes in line; or 2 - The hammer may be fanned back to full-cock while the gun is in the early stages of being drawn, and the trigger pulled when the gun comes in line with the target. This last style is called "slap-cocking". The shooter may choose the technique which best suits them. The current traditional world record of .236 was set by Ed Thielke of Oregon using one of my Concept Fast Draw rigs (this record includes Ed's reaction time to the light signal).

This picture shows the stages of the Twist draw. This is the fastest method of drawing and firing a single-action revolver. The picture at the bottom left shows the gun in the staged position. Notice that it is almost on its side and positioned at about a forty-five degree angle. The picture at the top left shows the hand position while the shooter is waiting for the light signal. The next picture shows the gun being draw and the off hand fanning the hammer. Notice that the gun is being twisted and is now all the way on its side. The next picture shows the gun in the final draw position as the fanning hand is coming off the hammer. You can see in the last picture at right that the gun is almost upside down as it is fired.

In this draw style, the twisting of the wrist that pops the gun out of the holster is faster than the traditional style of picking up the gun and drawing it out of the holster. A slight twist of the hip often accompanies the draw to help get the holster boot out from under the gun. The current world record for the twisting style is .208.

Traditional style contests comprise about 95% of all Fast Draw contests. While you can use a Traditional style holster in an Open style contest, you can not use Open holsters in Traditional contests. This should be kept in mind when ordering a Fast Draw rig. Although, if you want to try Fast Draw at its fastest you'll probably want to give twisting a try sooner or later.

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