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December 10, 2003

Model:  PS6SYS Ref1

Dear Bob,

Sorry I havenít responded earlier with how much I like the holster rig you made. Itís unbelievable how well this small compact holster support this rather large heavy weapon. I havenít a chance to wear it too often yet but when I did it rode well both in an upright standing position or when I was setting. It is still a little tight pulling the weapon out but Iím sure that will loosen up with time and use. You can be assured I will be ordering again when I make my next handgun purchase. Thank you so much for the personal interest you have taken with my order, its fun to do business with people like you and not some computerized system that just sends a confirmation and a ship date.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.



Another PS6 SYS Testimonial

December 9, 2003

Model: SH7 modified to fit a 1911 (government) with a mag under for an easy draw


After using the holster for a season, I cannot say enough good things about it. While it is a specialized rig, for woodswalking n' such, it excels. A couple that I walk with are full of envy, but lack courage to explore custom leather- their misfortune....

Welcome to America and Happy Holidays!

Jim Davidson

Another SH7 Testimonial

December 8, 2003

Model: PS6SA

Bob, I purchased a PS6-SA holster to carry by Ruger Blackhawk off duty. I am very satisfied with the quality of workmanship and the great fit. The main reason I am writing is to thank your great staff for making me feel like a close friend and not just a customer. You still have that personal touch that doesn't seem to exist anymore. Keep up the great service and products cause I'll be back for any other needs I have that you can fill.

Ricki Russell, Chief Deputy Constable

Another PS6SA Testimonial

December 2, 2003

Model: PB2-9

Bob: Received the PB2-9 belt today needless to say it is elegant, the craftsmanship and quality are second to none. You have built 4 dress and 1 cartridge belts, and 7 holsters for me and they have all been five star quality. to anyone who doesn't quit know what they want, I would suggest just tell you what they have in mind and let you take it from there, this is what I did on the cartridge belt and the buckles for the dress belts, the end results were works of art. Thank you for your craftsmanship and quality products.

 Dwight Teiken

November 3, 2003

Model: PS6

Hi Bob,

I received my order some time ago but have been away until now. The holsters are excellent and were delivered in the time quoted.

Thanks for the great work and performance. It was a pleasure dealing with you.

Alan Leeson

Another PS6 Testimonial

October 21, 2003

Model: FC567 for "N" frame .44 mag

Hi Bob!

Just received my holster today and I couldn't be more pleased. The work is exceptional. I look forward to wearing it during many hunting  seasons. Thanks to all.


Mike Rogers
Salina, Ks

Another FC567 Testimonial

October 19, 2003

Model: HW4

Dear Bob,

Just received my holster and belt made for the 500. Smith....much better than I thought it would be. Left a voicemail, it's beautiful and the gun and shells fit perfectly, going to recommend you guys to everyone even considering a custom holster or any for that matter.

Thanks a bunch,

Steve C

Another HW4 Testimonial

October 6, 2003

Model: HW14

Hi Bob,

I tried several holster makers to get a western holster for my Magnum Research BFR 6 !/2 inch 454 Casull without much success. 

I saw your ad in GUNS magazine and emailed you. You answered the same day. A Saturday or Sunday, usually the only days I am home. You said everything I wanted was possible and the order was placed for an HW14. You actually took the time to call me to make sure of the measurements on the holster belt and dress belt, Made me know I was spending my money with the right person. I tried the fit and it was a little tight and talking to you we tried a couple of things to help and then you said return it. It was about 6 months between the time of the order and the return and getting close to Christmas and even though you were busy you fixed my problem and returned it to me in about three weeks. Also, at the time of my original order I had you make a dress belt, double thickness, and I had forgotten over the years how Mag pouches are supposed to ride. As in high and tight instead of leaning out at the top. It wasn't my body ageing causing this but a sloppy, twisty belt, now cured.

The other CUSTOM MAKERS need to remember. It isn't making my gun fit their holster it is making their holster fit my gun. Which you do.

William S. Lupo Jr.
Oxford, Iowa

Another HW14 Testimonial

October 1, 2003

Model: HW3 REF1


I received my order today (9/29/03) and all I can say is WOW. Just wait until I show these off. I am very picky Bob and I can not find any thing wrong. You have done yourself proud.

I just got the Nov./Dec. issue of American Handgunner and want to welcome you and the family to the U.S.A.

Donald L. DeFeyter

Another HW3 Testimonial

September 20, 2003

Model: FD4 (Click to see image supplied by customer)

Hello Bob & Family,

I wanted to do this a while ago, but I just didn't have the time. A few weeks ago I received my fifth rig from you. This is the third
FD4 I have ordered from you. This was the natural tan one with the Accent Carving. I had no doubts about the quality that it would be. You certainly lived up to your reputation. It is absolutely beautiful and my three screw Ruger fits perfectly.

I'm so pleased with it that I'm sending a photo of it that you may put in your customers photos if you wish.

Thanks Again to you and your whole crew

Cary L Chapman

Another FD4 Testimonial

September 15, 2003


You have the best and neatest holster site I have ever seen --------bar none.

Galco, Safariland, Bianchi, and all the others have to take a back-seat compared to yours.

I have one of your holsters-------love it----bought it used, but still great.

Just trying what to buy next.

I will call you about making a dress rig with a ranger-style belt and cuff case.

Keep up the good work.


Don f. Peyton

P.s.-nice article and pictures of your work in American Handgunner----they know good stuff when they see it !!!!!!!!!!!!

September 4, 2003

Model: PS6 SYS 1


I wanted to let you know that the PS6 system you made for my Springfield M1911A1 came through a foot pursuit and physical arrest with flying colors.

I manage one of three branches of a private security services company with about 35 Officers working in my branch. In addition to standing Officers and special event services, we also handle armed patrol work and alarm response. The Police in our city will only respond to "verified" alarms (someone actually on-site to say there has been a crime). At night I have 3 patrol districts running to handle patrol and the alarms (approx. 35-40per week) but since there are so few alarms during the day, yours truly "clears the office" and responds. (ex-cop, its' still kinda fun) On 08/11/03 I went to a residential alarm at around 11am and when I got to the house I found a window had been broken out and the alarm monitoring center advised me that they were getting motion detector
activations while I was speaking to them. To make this story shorter, I ended up in a foot pursuit with the burglar through the house and down a sloping front yard. At the edge of the lawn the suspect "fell down" with my assistance. Unfortunately, this occured at the edge of an embankment and the two of us slid and rolled about 10-15 feet down the hill. At the end of the slide the suspect struggled briefly before being taken into custody. It wasn't until the Police had arrived to take "control" of the situation that I even thought about my new holster. What brought it to mind was one of the Police Officers quietly whispering, "is your weapon secure?". At first I thought he was referring to your product which lacks a retention strap but then I realized he was talking about
the fact that my weapon had its' hammer back. I politely informed the "new breed of Officer" about "cocked and locked" (he didn't understand but left me alone).

Anyway, the holster is scratched (looks tougher), the gun stayed put, and the burglary suspect will do less time than you or I would for running our lawn mower without a muffler.

Thanks for a great rig!
M. Otto
Eugene, OR

Another PS6 SYS Testimonial

August 21, 2003

Model: CA5/6

Hi Bob,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the rig yesterday. My wife called to let me know it was there and I asked her to open the box. She looked in the box and said "My God it is beautiful". She never gets excited about leather but she really loves the look of the rig. She shoots also, and we will be ordering a like rig for her in the near future. I do have one question for you. I put the rig together last night and have quite a bit of squeaking. How can I eliminate the squeak? As I told you in my previous email, if the quality of your work meets the quality of your customer service you will have a customer for life. Well, consider me a customer for life.

Best regards,


Another CA5/6 Testimonial

August 20, 2003

Model: FD7

Bob, I just wanted to let you know that I received my holsters yesterday.
Aside from the fact that the holsters are very well made, I want to complement you for getting them to me when you said you would.

When placing custom orders it seems to be common to be quoted a delivery time that is much shorter than reality.
In your case the product came in exactly when you said it would.

I had ordered a gun and the same time and was told it would be here in three weeks.
I thought "great, I will have a gun and then have to wait three more weeks for my holster"

Its been six weeks and I have my holster---but still no gun!

Keep up the good work!

I will be contacting you to take you up on your coaching by phone when my gun gets here (maybe around Christmas)

Thanks again

Doug Hunter

Another FD7 Testimonial

August 9, 2003

Model: CA6

Bob -got to tell you you make one heck of a holster. Used it last weekend. Very , Very Nice. Thanks Can't wait for the matching one. BTW I picked up a used Pietta LeMat today. BIG gun! Do you have a pattern for it or would I need to send you the gun?

Thanks again.
Greg AKA Citizen KAne

Another CA6 Testimonial

August 6, 2003

Model: PS6SA


My name is Bob McNally and about six weeks ago I ordered a holster for my ruger single six. I received my holster today and must tell you that it is a piece of art work. It fits the gun like a glove, rides exactly where I desired and is even the exact color I wanted. You have completely sold me on custom holsters, I don't have to be satisfied with "close" any more. I am absolutely certain that you will hear from me in the future for another purchase. Thank you very much!


Another PS6SA Testimonial

August 3, 2003

Model: PS6SA


Received the holster awhile back. Have used same for a fishing trip, some scouting and a few days just walking. Seems great. ( Excellent retention, good high ride and just enough coverage) Nice job!

MJ Pluta


Do you make a vertical angle shoulder holster? Something similar to the old Lawrence, but, with better retention, less drag for the sights of a Ruger and better support?

Another PS6SA Testimonial

July 3, 2003

Model: PS6 System

I received my order from you last week, a PS6 Concealed Carry System. As I told you on the phone, I have tried several other "name-brand" concealed carry holsters, and was always disappointed. They would not draw! You promised that yours would!

I had my doubts when I first saw the holster, although the quality was obvious. My pistol was very tight in the holster, it seemed too tight. So I let it set in the holster over night.

WOW! I am a believer!

The holster is very secure, but draws smooth and fast! The ride is very comfortable and more concealable than the others. Plus it's Beautiful! Everything you told me is 100% accurate.

What is the proper care?

Everyone I know is now finding out about your holsters!

Thank you,
Don Ferguson

Another PS6 SYS Testimonial

June 26, 2003

Model: PS6DA


Just wanted to let you know I received the holster and belt. Itís top quality throughout. The gun fits the holster perfectly. A plus I hadnít intended to receive is that the holster can be worn crossdraw. A very pleasant surprise. Itís fit is every bit as good as the strong side draw. GOOD WORK!



June 25, 2003.

Model:  PS6 for 945 Smith/Wesson

Dear Mr. Mernickle

Thanks for my 945 holsters. I received them today and like them very much. They fit well. Thanks. Good luck on the move.

Tyrone Daniels

Another PS6 Testimonial

June 23, 2003

Model: HW3 with Cross Draw (Click to see customer supplied image shown worn)

Hi Bob,

Thought Iíd send along a picture of the Buscadero rig you built for me in ďactionĒ. You can post it on your site if youíd like although you canít see to much detail on it. Iím really looking forward to getting back to the mainland and using that new FD-7. I have some catching up to do. And just for general info, hereís a link to our Hawaii club. .Thanks again for everything,

Jake AKA ďThe Boothill BanditĒ

Another HW3 Testimonial

June 21, 2003

Model: HW12 Convertible

Bob, sorry for not getting back to you sooner but I have been up to my ears... The two holster dual position brown rig is awesome. I have two new Munden Ivory (imitation of course) fitted grips and sweet action jobs.  They are in the California FFL holding tank for a little longer, of course only one per month. They do look beautiful in the brown rig. I'll send you a photo or two on a grey gradated background as soon as their out of holding.

Thanks Bob



Another HW12 Testimonial

June 20, 2003

Model:  PS6Sys Ref 1

Hi Bob,

 Received the order that I placed with you today. I am very pleased with the craftsmanship and expect that I'll be using this holster for many years to come.


Brian C. Gregory

June 17, 2003

Model: HW1

Hi Bob!

This is Mikael Pettersson! I have got the holster and I am very satisfied. I have been on holiday in Germany and I will apology for I haven't write you a e-mail before.
Once again a Big thanks from us in Sueden!

Till later
Mikael Pettersson

Another HW1 Testimonial

June 12, 2003

Model: FD4

Hi Bob & Family,
I Received my latest rig from you two days ago. This is the fourth rig I've purchased from you. Your craftsmanship continues to amaze me. I got the FD4 with pebble finish and the exotic inlays. It is absolutely gorgeous. I have one of your Hollywood Western rigs with the same finish, so I already knew the new fast draw rig would be beautiful. The fit also was just as I knew it would be. I was so happy with this new one that I called you today and ordered another FD4 in the Tan color with the accent carving. All my other holsters are brown, so I thought I would like a natural tan one. I was also very impressed with the stainless steel liner on this FD4. I have worked in aircraft job shops and have done a lot of forming of various metals. To make a one piece liner like that is no easy task, especially in stainless steel. Well now that I have number 5 ordered, I again have something to look forward too. I have no doubts that the quality will be as outstanding as it was on all my previous orders. That's why you've kept me as a repeat customer.

Thanks Again
Cary Chapman
Nuevo, California

Another FD4 Testimonial

June 3, 2003.

Model: AWS1 System

Mr. Mernickle,

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new AWS1 holster rig combo. It's EXACTLY as specified right down to the custom extras I requested. I wanted an authentic old western style "era" holster with and added hammer loop and leg tie for security. I wear it working around my farm since cotton mouths, copper heads, and rattlers are frequent "visitors", not to mention the occasional coyote that wanders through now and again. I carry a Glock 23 at my "real" job as a probation officer, but on the farm I like to carry my trusty SAA Colt .45 4 3/4" since one shot with this "freight train" of a slug will be all you need to dispatch any varmint you come across. Besides, me being an old fashioned guy I just don't feel "right" going around with a glock while on horseback :)

Thanks again!!


Scott Roberts

May 29, 2003.

Model: PS6


I ordered a PS6 for my H&KUSP 40 and just received it. WOW, unbelievable fit and style. I love it. Keeps the weapon high and concealable. Which is often hard with a full size handgun. I also like the diamond stamp. What a great extra. Have gotten a bunch of comments on it and no one can believe that is was under a 100$. Keep up the great work.
thank you again,

Tim Rustad

Another PS6 Testimonial

May 14, 2003

Model: CA5/6

Hi Bob,

My Holster arrived safely yesterday. Thank you so much as I am so thrilled with it. It looks great and so fast compared to the other one I have. The workmanship is great and I look forward next month to the National Championships here and using it.

Many thanks again.

Another CA6/6 Testimonial

May 13, 2003

Model: HW1  (Click to see image supplied by customer)


Received the HW1 w/ safe leg on Friday. This holster is beyond a doubt the best rig I've ever strapped on. It was perfect out of the box-only a very slight adjustment . It was like you measured me personally for drop, position, fit, etc.. Thank you very much for delivering the rig on time as stated upon the sale. Also thanks for all the advice on reloads for balloon blanks- they work GREAT! I wish you the best of luck in the future and moving to your new location in Fernly, NV.

 Thanks again
 Randall (dakota Cody)

Another HW1 Testimonial

May 7, 2003.

Model:  HW1

Hi Bob and Sherrie,

Thanks so much for making the longer belt for my new black HW-1 rig. It now fits like a glove, the workmanship is outstanding, and for not being specifically a fast draw rig, it sure does act like one. You've definitely made a new friend and happy customer here!

I've attached some photos of the rig with my AWA Longhorn. I don't know if they'll be of use to you, but feel free to use them and my comments if you like. As you may notice, I changed the buckle to an inexpensive buckle set I found at Tandy Leather that matches the color and "engraving" pattern of the conchos very well. It's a three-piece set but the tip opening is too thin for the belt thickness, so I discarded it.

I hope all is going well with the move to the States and all, I know what a pain that must be. Hopefully the burden will be eased by the reduced hassle of conducting business from this side of the line. Thanks again for everything, and best wishes to you and yours.

Best regards,
Mike Fried, aka "Steelhand Mike"
Nashville, TN

Another HW1 Testimonial

May 5, 2003.

Model:  FC3


Got the holster and belt today, they look great (my wife wants to know if you make shoes, I told her probably not.)
I will definitely be buying more.


Jeff Kaszak

Another FC3 Testimonial

April 29, 2003

Model:  PS6T


Just wanted to let you know that I got the holster that you made for me and I have never seen anything like it. It is awesome; it like the gun was made for it, instead of the holster made for it.

The design is great and I could just keep going on an on over about I showed it to some people and everyone asking where did I get it and how can they get one for there gun. I told them that you hand make it for any gun and gave them your phone number and web page so I hope you see some order from my area. Anyway I just wanted you to know that I am very please and if I every need another one you will get the order want even look anywhere else.


Chris Tucker

Another PS6T Testimonial

April 6, 2003.

Model: PS6


Got my PS6SA for the 3 1/2" Ruger Birdshead Vaquero earlier in the week and it looks great. Haven't been able to use it much this week but it is definitely the best made holster I've ever owned! It fits the gun perfectly and rides perfect in cross draw or straight up on my hip. I would recommend your work to everyone. Well worth the wait. Again, great work!


Another PS6 Testimonial

April 2, 2003.

Model: HW5


I love your holsters so much that you can put ANYTHING I say about them on your testimonial page!

"I bought a Hollywood# 5 from you a few months ago. I primarily use it for gun spinning now that I have decided I like that better than fast draw. Any way I am real glad to see you are in the WGA. I am still real happy with my rig and it works great as a spinning rig."

 I also like the way you support all of us gray haired old men with a cowboy fantasy fit for a twelve year old by building great rigs at a fair price as well as being a part of organizations like the WGA and FDA ect. The only thing that ticks me off is your making a living at it while I have a "real" job. But I have an idea cooking that might change that...

As always it is great to hear from you and keep up the great work.

T. Michael
Tucson, AZ

Another HW5 Testimonial

March 27, 2003

Model: PS8


My holster arrived on Friday and was there when I got home from work. It's incredible! The muzzle is barely farther below the belt than the clip on my Uncle Mike's IWB. I am wearing the same vests as covering garments with no fear of the muzzle showing and no printing. The most remarkable thing is how the surface area of the paddle makes the weight of the pistol seem to disappear (I wore it all weekend).

 Scott Morris

Another PS8 Testimonial

March 23, 2003

Model: FC1


Spoke with your outfit just last night & placed an order but slightly changed if to a FC1, you have some nice folks working for you. The lady I spoke to has a hole in the bottom of her holster that I guess a little duck tape repair job. I never knew they shot wax bullets in fast draw, good thing though! One of the things I really liked about your company was the stamp "Made in Canada" on the back, hope that stays as I hear your are about to become a frost back like me. The very nice lady I spoke to last night as I placed my order said she was going to pull out all the stops to get my holster in on April 13 +/- my B-day will see.

I just ordered one of your fine holsters. I wore it the whole time I was home while kicking around my ranch. It is just an excellent product. Being a Canadian that lives in the Great state of Texas I can tell you that your product is beyond compare. I own several custom holsters but I must say that your product is first class particularly in Single action format. You are to be congratulated on a superior product. Being a big fan of single actions for kicking around the ranch

Thanks for making such a great product. Regards,

Cameron LaVigne

March 22, 2003

Model:  FD7


Received my full carved FD7 yesterday ... wow ... well done!!  Beautiful!!! Couldn't be happier, within the first six draws I was getting .44 times@8" wax ... and that's the first time ever trying Fast Draws ... Holster works ... no doubt.

 Thanks so much

Robert L. Houzenga

Another FD7 Testimonial

March 21, 2003


Good Morning Bob

Yesterday I received the PS6DASYSREF1 that I ordered from you for my Ruger GP100. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!.  This is one more class rig that is all and more than I expected. But then I should know the quality of your work by now. The Ruger fits perfectly in the holster and the Colt Python also does. You can't beat a two for one deal!

Thanks for all your help.

Dave Lesslie
North Carolina

March 19, 2003

Model: PB1


I ordered a Model PB1, double thick belt from in the beginning of January. I was told there was a 6 week wait. Due to a misunderstanding the wait turned into a 8 weeks. With too much weight I tend to need a good belt that does not stretch easily and break. Today I received the belt and cannot say enough about it...QUALITY and it comes with a 5 year replacement warranty. If anyone is looking for belts, holsters, conceal carry systems, I suggest you give Bob Mernickle and his staff a close look. They make good quality stuff.

 Best, Jon

Another PB1 Testimonial

March 05, 2003

Model: PB1, PB2-5

Hi Bob:

Just wanted to pass along a quick note informing you that both the belts I ordered from you have now arrived.  Again, I want to express my appreciation for your fine craftsmanship and willingness to make a custom order product to my exact specifications.  First, the PBI Double Lam was a gift for my father.  When I gave the PB1 to him, he immediately was impressed by it, and he quickly decommissioned his discount store belt (which looked weak and flimsy alongside the strong, bold PB1.)  Well, dad called my from Alabama last week and he's still raving about the belt.  He's 61 years old, and the PB1 is by far the finest belt he's ever owned.  It makes me feel good to be able to give him that wonderful gift.

As for the PB2-5 with the money belt feature, well, that's now my official work belt.  When I say work, I am a school administrator, and the PB2-5 is a versatile, but elegant belt I will wear with all of my professional wardrobe.  The money belt feature, well, that's just in case I ever lose my wallet, or happen to need an extra $20.  Let's just say its a little extra peace of mind.  I don't know how many people feel the way I do, but to me, a quality belt is no different than a fine gold watch.  Both are exclusive items that define the wearer.

I previously mentioned to you that, in my experiences, it is nearly impossible to find a well-made belt at a commercial retail store - and forget about customizing!  I've had my share of the "cheapies" - and even the expensive 'fashion' dress belts.  Well, they never lasted more than a few months, either the adjustment holes would bust through, the top side of the belt would go limp and fold over, or I would end up touching up the black dye with a marker.

I must say that it was an enlightening day when I discovered your website four years back.  I fired off an e-mail to you, asking you a bagful of quirky questions.  Within a day, you replied back with all the answers, and you even picked up the phone and gave me a friendly call to double-check my first belt order.  At this very moment, I am wearing the PB1 Double Lam I ordered from you four years ago.  It's been worn every day, in every environment (from firefighting to canoeing to board meetings), and it remains 100% structurally sound, with only a few subtle battle scrapes and scruffs to define its character and tell its history.  This belt will be with me for many years to come.

Well, Bob, my hat is certainly off to you and Mernickle Holsters.  To any potential customers out there who may be hesitant about ordering a belt, or any leather product, because they are still skeptical of the Internet, or ordering from another country -- let me reassure them that they will not be disappointed when they contact Mernickle Holsters.  Again, your craftsmanship is unmatched, and your customer service sets the standard.  You have a passion for your work.  It was truly a pleasure to do with business with you

Although now, with receiving my fourth order from you, I have no further immediate leather product needs, I will certainly continue to recommend Mernickle Holsters to my family and friends.

With My Highest Regards,

David Perrodin
Portage, Wisconsin

Another PB1 Testimonial

February 20, 2003

Model: CA6

Hi Bob,

I just got my new holster today and you did everything just right! I can left hand draw with my thumb just ahead of the hammer and my index finger just a head of the trigger guard. Perfect! You should market that holster. A lot of CAS guys would want one if they saw it. I will spread the good word if you like. Again, thanks and take care, Dingo Dave AKA Dave Nelson

Another CA6 Testimonial

February 14, 2003

Model: CA5/6

I received the order today. All accounted for and all are masterpieces. I also have an Evil Roy Rig but I like your hoslters better. I will be experimenting with what are the best setups for me. Thanks!

Eager to see if the new holsters are quicker.

Your rigs are the Rolls Royce's of holsters.

Paul Finer

 Another CA5/6 Testimonial

February 4, 2003

Model:  FD4

Mr. Robert, received the FD 4 this afternoon and true to your tradition, it is a work of art. Absolutely flawless workmanship. Again my many, many heartfelt Thanks to you and all involved in the making of this rig.

Jack Price

Another FD4 Testimonial

        January 26, 2003

Model:  Star of the Plains

Bob and Family,
I received the rig and am extremely pleased.  You have provided me with a beautiful set of belts and holsters.  Thank you.  I am already considering adding cross-draw holsters to both belts, one left and right.  Maybe next Christmas.  Please share my thank you with your wife.  She was great and thanks for putting up with my telephone calls.

I will be using your rigs in a big shoot this February.  If it is not freezing, I will get my wife to take some digital pictures and I will forward them to you.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you and your family.  You are obviously dedicated to your trade and take pride in your work.  It shows in the final product.

Donald Easterling
Harrison, TN

January 13, 2003

Model:  HW1

Hi Bob!

Today I get your factory Rig from Masaharu.  I am very glad!!
Thank you for your message behind the rig.
I saw many rig in Japan, I feel your rig is very unique shape.
I am looking forward to doing FastDraw and GunPlay with your rig.
Thank you very much!


Another HW1 Testimonial

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