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December 22, 2004

Model: PS6

Morning Bob,

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the fast response on my holster. That bad boy fits like a glove, and rides exactly where I hoped it would. You sure don't have to hang your head when it comes to quality. In a word, it's outstanding! Two of my partners saw it, and I gave them your web address. Anyhow, thanks again. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. May your Xmas be happy and your New Year be prosperous.

 J.R. Chamberlin

Another PS6 Testimonial

December 17, 2004

Model: SH5 in a double vertical.


Feel free to use it on the website, advertising, or anywhere you think it will generate business. I don't usually give feedback, but in this case I really wanted to let you know how impressed I am with everything.

Merry Christmas,
Andy Davis

December 15, 2004

Model: PS6 & PS23

Hi Bob,

I just received the PS-6 and magazine carrier I ordered for my Steyr M9 this afternoon. As always with your gun leather, both are as near perfection as human hands can manage. I couldn't possibly be happier with both products. The holster fits the Steyr so perfectly that normal "break-in" isn't even required, a most unusual attribute with most holster makers, but you folks always seem to manage it. I truly believe a better holster in which to carry this weapon could neither be designed nor built by anyone.

Take care and Merry Christmas to you, your family, and staff.

--Rich Rollins, your loyal customer in the wilds of Colorado.

Another PS6 & PS23 Testimonial

December 11, 2004

Model: FD7

Bob, here is a pic of me at Big Timber this year wearing the FD7 you made me. I got 4th in Mens B class in my first contest!

Dave Livingston
Oklahoma City

Another FD7 Testimonial

December 7, 2004

Model CA5/6

 Hi Bob.

Here is a photo of me with the holsters I won on the draw at the Kelowna SASS regional match last October. I have decided to keep it with the larger bullet loops rather then the hassle of sending them back. Thanks again for your donation and your continued support of Canadian shooting events.
Straight shooting & shoot safely.

Can-Hop [Canadian Hoppy]

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

November 29, 2004

Model: PS6 & PS23

Hi Bob,

First off, I wanted to express my sincerest possible thanks for getting out that PS-6 in time for my son's graduation from the Police Academy in Denver. I realize it was a big favor to ask and I want you and your staff to know how much the effort was appreciated. I received the holster and mag carrier today and, as always with anything I order from you, the workmanship is second-to-none. My son will love it! I can hardly wait until December 3 to present him with it.

On to new business . . . I bought yet another pistol today, Bob (yeah, like I really "needed" another one!). My local dealer made me "an offer I couldn't refuse" so to speak. Anyway, I bought a brand new Steyr M9 (9mm), with three mags, for $450. The quality of the handgun is right up there with an H&K (some experts say it's even better) and the sighting system (trapazoid it's called) is amazing. Obviously, with a new pistol of that quality it must be matched to a Mernickle PS-6 without delay! Before I called in a credit card number for this one, I simply wanted to make sure you can make it. The Steyr pistols are still not too well known in this country, so I wasn't sure you had, or could get, a mold for it. Below is a link to the Steyr website so you can take a look at the pistol if you like, though the site is written in German. Just click on "Pistolen" to see the M series weapons Please verify for me that you can make the holster and let me know. The holster is for me so it will be right handed and I want it in saddle tan. I will call in a credit card number to you on Friday or Monday.

Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving season to you and yours.

--Rich Rollins

Another PS6 - PS23 Testimonial

November 24, 2004



My Carry System just arrived and I figured that I would write and tell you my thoughts on the product. You had some large expectations to live up to. I asked around and did some reading on your product. Everything I read or heard said that you made a great product. The only down that I read about is that the customer had to wait for the product to be delivered. You not met my expectations, but exceeded them. The craftsmanship of the product is far beyond what I was expecting. In short you have made a customer for life.
I will soon be placing another order for a holster and mag carrier for my 1911. I will also be referring other customers to you.

Thank you for a superior product,
Nathan Messler

Another PS6DA SYS Testimonial

November 17, 2004.

Model: PB4

Hi Bob,

The belt arrived today and it has impeccable quality. A work of art that is appreciated for it's style.
Certainly worth waiting for. Best regards.

Larry Kleiman

November 16, 2004.

Model: PS6SA

To the design department--

Just wanted to let you know I received my 2 special order holsters for the concealed carry Ruger 4 and 5/8 in. and Bird's Head 3 and 1/2 in. for my wife. These were the ones that you added the "small of the back" belt slots to the normal side carry holes, so that my wife could carry her smaller .45 Colt Vaquero behind her. I can't believe the quality in these holsters! I ordered the "no frills" black holsters and they fit like they grew on the guns! In fact, they are so comfortable, I find that I'm wearing my Vaquero more than my usual Kimber automatic just because the holster feels like it isn't even there!

Great work! It's very much appreciated, and the ability to add the extra belt slots for just a few dollars more was wonderful. It makes the holsters do exactly what I want them to do, and what nobody else is making. Thanks again, and as soon as I get the cash together, you can bet I'm getting one for each of my Kimbers as well! It certainly is nice to get this kind of service and still have a reasonable price on any item today. Thanks for the extra time you spent with me on the phone--the holsters worked out perfectly!

Kirt, KY

Another PS6SA Testimonial

November 15, 2004

Model CA17/18 REF1/ MC1 REF1


Received my gorgeous new leather Friday as promised! WOW! Very, very
nice! I appreciate the attention and follow up to my order from both
you & Steve. Since we're brand new to CAS shooting, it really feels
good to get the personal "touch" from experts such as yourself & Steve!
My SS Rugers never looked so good! Not sure if your working the SASS
convention in Las Vegas....if you do, hopefully I'll get an opportunity
to thank you in person! You & yours have a great holiday season and
thanks again for a great custom product and outstanding service!

Jim & Shirley Fairbarn

Another CA17/18 MC1 Testimonial

November 5, 2004.

Model SH7


A quick note to let you know the holster arrived. It fits like it was custom made for me.

Bob, count me as another 110% satisfied customer. I deeply appreciate the personal service.

Joe, CA

Another SH7 Testimonial

October 28, 2004

Model PS6

Bob and Bonnie-Lynn Master Carver)

I got to tell you ....I was getting a little concerned at the 9 week mark about receiving my new holster but right about then there was a honk at the front gate....My carving had arrived!. I had the box open before I stepped foot inside the house! I have worn the "Carving" for 3 days now and I have to say that.....Great things come to those who wait! The fit is totally unexpected. It fits like a fine leather glove. Please forgive me for my many telephone calls during the completion of my holster as this is the first "custom made holster" I've ever owned...Please understand that it will not be the last.....I promise not to call so much the next time. Please feel free to use this in your testimonials if you like and again Thanks So Much for an awesome piece of Workable Art.

Jeffrey, Florida

Another PS6 Testimonial

October 21, 2004

Model: PB1

Bob received the PS6DA and the belt buckle a awhile back been up to my butt in alligators lately. the holster is perfect as usual carries real nice when riding the HD. Thanks for replacing the belt buckle, which was caused by abuse rather then a defect, like I told in our phone conversation that I had buried my ATV in mud and had to use the belt as a securing strap around a tree then use a strap attached to the belt to reach the winch cable, the belt is fine but the buckle is very distorted, can't say enough about the quality of your products.

Thanks dwight teiken

Another PB1 Testimonial

October 10, 2004

Model CA5/6




Another CA5/6 Testimonial

October 12, 2004

Model: PS7

Dear Bob,

I would like to order another PS-23 plain magazine holder in mahogany brown. It is for a single stack Smith & Wesson 945. You made me one last year and I really like it. Iím going to start shooting IPSC and need to carry a few more mags.

By the way, I really like the SOB holster you just sent it really hides the big 945 and is a very comfortable carry. I had the gun on all day last Friday and by the end of the day didnít even know it was there. It matches everything else you have made for me and is another fine example of your quality and workmanship.

Thanks again, Nick

Another PS7 Testimonial

October 11, 2004.

Model: PS6


Got the holster today way ahead of time. Love it. Thank you for your quick service. If you ever need any references, please be sure and use me.

Thanks again,


Another PS6 Testimonial

October 7, 2004

Model: CA5/6

Woops I did it again. But those Mernickle holsters saved my ass !

Hey Bob,

How the heck are you doing ? How is Sherrie and the girls. Say hi from me please.

Woops, I did it again. Made an ass of myself.
I went to the 2nd annual SASS CANADIAN REGIONAL competition in Kelowna BC this past weekend and did OK. I placed 3rd in TRADITIONAL and was 8th overall. Caribou Lefty beet me even if he was sick than a dog.

Of the ten stages, I even beat the Canadian Champion's time ( Kanada Kid ). So that made me feel VERY happy. I would have done better but I fell during one stage. I was try hard because I knew I was close to placing well. SO as I was running, I tripped on a piece of 2X4 on a prop and fell hard in the gravel face first. I did not hurt myself but everyone said I just kept moving my feet so fast and was up in no time at all and finished shooting the stage like nothing happened. When I finished and caught my breath, I saw that my hands were bleeding from falling in the gravel. The other shooters could not believe I still had such a good time even after I fell and had to get back up and continue shooting. Apparently I still had the 18th best time on that stage despite falling !

NOW COMES THE GREAT PART ! The part that worried me was my two loaded pistols. As you know, a dropped loaded gun is a MATCH DQ ! As I fell I had to make a choice to either grab the guns or brace for the fall, I chose the latter because I had utter confidence in your holsters Bob. Well they did not let me down. I fell at a full run and bounced off the ground hard, came to my feet and continued to run to the next shooter box, all that time the two pistols sat snugly in those Mernickle holsters without the tie downs on the hammers ! They saved the match for me.

So after words everyone was talking about the guy from Mission, BC who fell and still finished and placed third .

Thanks for the donation of a rig to the shoot. I did not win it ( wish I had ) but the winner was very happy with the prize.
We had beautiful sunny weather all weekend and it was as hot as 25 C, but at night it was cool only 2 C. You remember that cold BC weather ?

I think I want to play gunfighter next year, so I am on the hunt for a new gunfighter rig in black this time. What do you recommend Bob ? It will be for my RUGER VAQUEROS in 38 with 4 3/4 barrels. Let me know what you think.

Talk to you later, Peter Riedel

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

October 4, 2004

Model: PS6

Dear Bob,

I received my holster on Friday, It's Great! My Star PD fit perfectly, really very little break-in is needed, I will feel very confident with it next week when I qualify with it. The workmanship is just excellent. Thanks again and be certain that I will recommend you t many of my fellow law enforcement officers her in New Jersey.

Lt. Joe Britton

Another PS6 Testimonial

September 24, 2004.

Model: CA5/6

Dear Bob and Sherri, just a note to say thanks for rapid response in filling my order for the Cowboy Action rig model CA5-6. There is always some concern when ordering things over the Internet. You never really know what the quality and workmanship will be until the product arrives. I should have not worried because the workmanship and quality are really excellent.

In my career as a Border Patrol Agent and U.S. Customs Officer I have worn a number of gun belts and rigs. Aside from the workmanship it is important that the rig be comfortable to wear. I have had some rigs that were not all that comfortable to wear for a long period of time. I have to say in all honesty, your rig is one of the more comfortable I have ever worn. Given the weight of two pistols, a shotgun slide and what ever else we cowboy shooters hang off our belts, comfort is important. The CA5-6 rig is really comfortable to wear. The rig I was using, after several hours of wear, felt like I was wearing lead weights around my waist. The CA5-6 rig reminds me of a duty rig I wore for years made by one of the top makers in the industry, Don Hume. Both excellent products.

The CA5-6 rig looks great, the pistols stay in, come out when they are needed and go back in with ease. Good job Amigo and keep up the good work. I would and will recommend your products to anyone who wants a good looking, working rig that is comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Sincerely, Dollar Bill SASS 57784, BOLD 595, Mormon Posse 106, NRA Life

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

September 20, 2004

Model: CA15/15

Hi Bob,

Hope you had a nice holiday back in Canada.

I wanted to drop you a line re the CA 15/15 I ordered for myself in that last order. Firstly I used it yesterday for the first time in competition and I couldn't have been happier. Excellent piece of gear, many thanks (there is a picture attached of it in use).

However, (there had to be a "however", my apologies) and this is my fault, the belt is very slightly to long. I think I've lost a little weight, not surprising as I've been trying to. But where as the CA5/6 I got previously has about 7 holes, the CA15/15 has only about 5, so I cant get it any tighter. I'm going to try lining the belt with some foam or such to see if at will take up a little of the slack (or do you have any other ideas), but failing that can you sell me a replacement "tongue" i.e. the portion with the holes in it. It would need to be circa 3" longer in order that I can position it further along the belt, so that a) there are more holes to allow me to tighten the belt and b) so that when I position it it covers the stitch marks left from the original tongue. I would also need some thread.

As I mentioned I will try lining the belt first, but if that doesn't work can you let me know the cost of a new tongue and some thread.

Other than that the rig really is excellent. It was getting a lot of comment yesterday so perhaps I will get some more orders.

All the very best


September 13, 2004

Model CS17/18

Hey Bob & all

I just saw you in the new Shoot magazine. Great looking family! I wish I could get one of the kids into SASS. Oh well it won't stop me. That brings me to the point. I received the gun rig this afternoon. I am very pleased with it. It is a little awkward at the computer but I love it. When the time comes for another rig, and we know the time will come, I won't even shop around. It may be a while but , I'll be back. I was happy with the product but seeing you & family together was a real nice plus.
thanks again,

Seafarer SASS # 60382

Another CA17/18 Testimonial

September 11, 2004.

Model: PS6 SYS1 & PS6DA SYS1

Hi, Bob ~

Received the two PS6SYS rigs exactly when you promised delivery, and have been wearing them for a couple of weeks now.

Re the 1911 rig: this is, without doubt, the slickest and sneakiest hideout setup for full-sized Colt Government autos EVER!! It hides under anything, and hugs tighter than my Grandma! Your anti-tip device works perfectly, and weapon retention is terrific, even with no strap. We've conducted "snatch tests" on it, and the Colt can't be drawn from the front, but for the wearer, it almost jumps into the hand. A truly outstanding design, Sir.

On the DA rig: this one fits the 3" custom Smith 629 like it was born there. Large-frame .44 revolvers are hard to hide, but this rig tucks it away most admirably. Again, retention is excellent, while still allowing a very rapid draw.

As always, your materials and workmanship are truly first-cabin; we haven't yet determined if your belts are, indeed, "grenade-proof".... but we have no reason to doubt your claim.... Ha!! We just may have to forego that testing session. Nonetheless, Bob, we're highly pleased and completely satisfied with these rigs; you build the best!

Many thanks, once again, for maintaining your very high standard of excellence in design, workmanship and service.
We'll be back!


Kirk Likes

Another PS6 SYS1 Testimonial
Another PS6DA SYS1 Testimonial


September 08, 2004

Model:  HW3

Hi Bob,

Just wanted to let you know that my gun belt/holster was delivered to me Tuesday evening (arrived sooner than expected considering the holiday weekend.) It's a beautiful thing.......I was definitely impressed!
I am very pleased with the caliber of your workmanship and design. It certainly is a fine piece of quality work.

I was a little worried about fit with a "here are my dimensions" kind of order, but it's just fine.....buckles right in the center hole.

Thanks much for your fine service,
Walter Schaefer
New Jersey

Another HW3 Testimonial

August 25, 2004.

Model: HW3

Hi Bob ! Yesterday i got your western rig and I must say WOW -  that's a western rig. The handcraft is outstanding, and the rig fits me and my guns perfectly. When I put the rig on for the first time I felt that my dream come true. I'm gonna be proud to wear a holster done by you when I'm shooting Cowboy Action. YOUR THE BEST !! When i want another rig I'm gonna contact you and I will tell all my friends that if they want a rig made by the best they must contact you !
thank you so much, your the KING of custom work !

Sincerely ,
Peter Carlsson
Falun , Sueden

Another HW3 Testimonial

August 20, 2004

Model: PS6SA

Bob and Sherrie:

Got my PS6SA rig today, and couldn't wait to try it out. WOW!! The holster is a perfect fit for my Ruger Sherrif's Vaquero, and even ordering the plain saddle tan, it looks great. My initials really set it off. And it got here a week early. Pretty hard to beat service like that. Just wanted to let you know that you get my vote for holster makers of the year.

Thanks very much.
Take care,
Chuck Buchanan
Durkee, OR

Another PS6SA Testimonial

August 13, 2004.

Model: SH6

Bob, and Company:

I received my shoulder holster from you about two weeks ago. I've used it in the field and must say that it fits and works as good as it it looks. This fine piece of workmanship will help make me the best outfitted in the group for this years deer season. The S6 is a beautiful piece and I will highly recommend it and your other holsters to all.

Thanks again, Russ Meyer St Charles MO.

Another SH6 Testimonial

August 10, 2004

Model: PS6DA

Hi Bob,

The PS-6DA and double moonclip reload carrier for my Taurus 455 arrived early this afternoon. The design and workmanship of your products has once again wholly delighted me. I've been wearing the rig most of the day, but it fits so comfortably that I've hardly noticed it was there--quite an accomplishment for so large a revolver. As usual, the holster is so well formed to its intended weapon that it requires virtually no break-in for smooth operation. I did not realize the holster was a three-slot design since that feature is not shown on your website illustration. This is a most thoughtful "just in case its needed" addition. As always, you add just a bit more workmanship than one anticipates to your products.

I really like how you designed the reload carrier for the moonclips, Bob. The extra rounds extend just far enough above the leather to be easy to grasp. I don't know of anyone else who would have even made a reload carrier for this weapon, much less one that works so efficiently. Suffice it to say, I'm delighted with it.

I hope this finds you and yours enjoying a wonderful--if undoubtedly hot--summer in the wilds of Nevada. If my wife and I find ourselves in the Reno vicinity sometime in the future (I have been known to play a hand or two of 21 upon occasion), I would love to drop by your shop to meet you personally. In the meantime, take care and keep up the excellent work.

--Rich Rollins

Another PS6DA Testimonial

July 21, 2004

Model: CA5/6

Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful rig you made for me.  I know it was going to good looking based on your website photos.  But what really impressed me hen it arrived was how well engineered it is.  Needless to say, it works great!  There is no doubt in my mind that if you had been in business 100 years ago, there would have been only two kinds of gunfighters in the old west; those ones who wore Mernickle gun leather and the ones who died young.

Sincerely, Mark Fox.

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

July 23, 2004

Model: CA11/12

Hi Bob,

Just received the gun belt and three holster set you made up for my 1860 Colts and they are beautiful pieces of work. I really like what you sent me. They turned out much better than I anticipated. You really can not tell from a web photo what you are truly going to end up with, but I am exceptionally happy. Feel free to use me as a reference and testimony to your excellent workmanship.

Thanks Again, Armadillo Joe (Joe Kirby).

July 10, 2004.

Model: FD4

I've been meaning to drop you a note. I bought an FD-4 from you along  about June 1. It's everything you and your web site said it was. It's probably more holster than I really need, but damn it's pretty and efficient. I haven't used it in competition yet (still practicing).

I'm still thinking about a cowboy action model.

Jim Mehl


July 9, 2004

Model: FC5629

I just wanted to drop a note and say that I received my new holster and belt today, and I am very pleased. I have tried most of the upper end holsters, tried yours on a whim, and it is most certainly upper end. I do not think I have ever been so impressed with the quality of any other rig I have purchased. Fit and finish, exactly what I wanted.

I know that in the future I will return to you for my leather needs. I will display my new rig at an upcoming hog hunt proudly.

Thank you for the quality product. I got more than I paid for. I will tell others about you.

David Watson

Wheeler Texas

July 7, 2004

Model: FD1

Bob And Sherrie, I have just recently returned from Paris, incidentally, a wonderful city, but for the French! I was delighted to find upon my return a box in my office, with the Mernickle holster Label upon it. To my surprise I  did not rip into at first glance knowing full well the contents.
Instead I basked in it's presence, like a child at Christmas, leaving what I thought to be the very best present of all till last. One
Christmas (and I know I have mentioned this before) the last was the best! A Red Ryder BB Gun. The following day I opened the box that I knew to be my FD/1. It's always the aroma the strikes the senses first, then the sound of fine treated gun leather and finally the prize itself... whoa, silently rushed through my mind, and there it was: the product of a master craftsman. Three or maybe four rigs later I believe this is the one for me. My times though still sluggish, due in part to my right hand index and second digit surgery, are constant in the low to mid 30's with wax. Black powder may help improve these times, but I am delighted with the position on my body of the FD/1and you offset the buckle perfectly, as to keep it centered when the
holster is drawn around to the middle of my right pocket, and canted, so the barrel points inward slightly, toward my crotch.

Thanks to all Bob, Sherrie and Bonnie.
All the best,
Patrick (J.J. Hanlon) Cashmore

Another FD1 Testimonial

July 6, 2004

Model: FC2


As usual, just like the last time I ordered one of your holsters, it is a perfect fit. The only thing wrong was that I did not order a belt with it. With this holster, deer season doesn't seem that far off. I am already looking forward to sitting in a deer stand with the 44. in the past few years, I have taken several trophy bucks with pistols that were drawn from Mernickle holsters, and this year should be no different.

Thanks again,

Tom Swaim

Another FC2 Testimonial

July 5, 2004

Model: CA5/6

Hey, Talks-A-Lot,

How's my holster doing. Man I ordered the think last week and haven't seen it yet. (Tee Hee)

This old pair I have been using for over four years is starting to look a bit ragged. But, Let me tell you!, they still work better than any thing I have tried, or seen!!!!!

They go in, they stay in, they come out, shoot, and go right back in and stay in. I run, they stay with me. I stop, they stop and the guns don't move!

That's a set of holsters.

Just thought I'd send a note to hassle you. When it gets hot this afternoon, have a cold one and think of shooting.

Take care,

Ol' #4

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

June 30, 2004

Model: CA17/18 MC1

Just wanted to say thank you! I absolutely love the holster!!!! It's perfect!!!! The Texas Stars are great!!! The whole holster is great!!! I couldn't be happier with it!!!

You guys looked pretty spiffy in your duds at the Western States! It was fun, sorry we didn't get a chance to chat, but there really wasn't much time for socializing with having dinner and the awards immediately following. Anyhow, it was fun and you all looked great!

Sherrie, if and when you have the time, we would like that garlic salad dressing recipe.

Say hello to Les and everyone!!

Thanks so much!! The holsters are giving me new incentive for pursuing the mounted shooting idea.


June 28, 2004.

Model: PS6


Certainly, you are more than welcome to use the note if it would be helpful. By the way, I took that 455 out to the range this morning. Believe it or not, it shoots like a dream. Recoil with the ported barrel is not more than, if as much as, a Smith "K" frame .38 Special loaded with +P ammo, but one hell of a lot more effective. The revolver shoots right to point-of-aim with 230 grain ammo at 15 yards. Also, I mailed off those two moon clips to you yesterday, so I suspect you should be receiving them within the next day or two.

Take care, and try to keep your rounds somewhere close to the 10-ring.


Another PS6 Testimonial

June 23, 2004

Model: HW3 REF6

I received my HW3 ref 6 holster I finally know what a holster is supposed to look like and work like. Even my wife said, "that is really nice!" . Great construction, highest quality craftsmanship. You obviously care about, and take great pride in what you do.

Here's the "bad" part...I am fortunate (stupid) enough to have acquired a S&W 500 magnum, 8+ in bbl, and I love shooting it (more stupid). The problem is that its current holster is a patio table with umbrella. Further, I tower in height at 5' 7", so chest-high, vertical draw, huckleberry type rigs are not an option unless I want to do a cartwheel, then go back and look for the gun. Maybe another type or angle of draw?

I think I want something like a low drop HW3, or similar holster & belt, but I'm not sure, mostly because I'm concerned that I'm going to have my hands busy trying to keep 4.5 pounds of handgun from dragging both the rig and my trousers down. What do you think?

I would like to get fairly fancy with this one also.

Thanks again, Richard Everhart

Another HW3 Testimonial

June 21, 2004

Model: FC567


I got my rig in on Sat. and it was everything that you promised. The workmanship is excellent, as always. This is a duty rig for a Ruger Vaquero and I have had lots of compliments on it already. It is great to deal with honest folks like you and your crew. You can buy a "bargain" rig that looks like you got it at a garage sale or purchase quality that will last a life time. I recommend your site to anyone looking for something they will be proud of and will serve them well.

Thank you for your straight forward dealings and complete honesty. In this day and time that is rare. I look forward to dealing with you on any further holster needs that I might have.

A very satisfied customer,
Ricki Russell, Texas

Another FC567 Testimonial

June 17, 2004

Model: HW3 REF1

Bob & Sherrie:

My holsters arrived today safe and sound and great lookin'. (I was the guy worried about them being shipped to my house.) Making me 'fess up to my real waist and hip measurements was a really good idea as this rig felt "right" right out of the box. Keep up the good work.

Larry Murphy

Another HW3 Testimonial

June 9, 2004

Model: CA5/6

 I received my holsters on Friday and took them to a shoot on Saturday. They are gorgeous, everything I had hoped for and just as I pictured them. They hold the guns just tight enough to keep them in but not a hint of drag when they come out. They were admired by a number that saw them, I think they could still smell the new leather. When I opened the package I stuck my face in and took a few big breaths.. I do have one question I need to ask. One holster slipped over the belt but the other I had to take apart and wrap around the belt then try to put it back together. The lower screw was no problem but my gun belt is wider at the bottom than at the top. I tried for two days to get the provided screws back in but I finally had to go to the hardware store to get screws just a few threads longer. I thought pulling it in tight with those would allow me to get the screws started, but it was not possible. Do you happen to have those wide head screws in 1/2 inch? The 1/2 inch screws I'm using have very sharp edges that cut my pants the first day. I have been unable to find anything long enough that has a wide head. If you don't I'll try a round head machine screw or if you could give me the name of your supplier I'll try them for a longer screw.

Thank you again for the wonderful work. The dye turned out exactly as I had hoped. I'm grateful for your effort. When the fever comes on me again I'm sure I'll be writing back for more. There is no thing as too many guns or too much leather. The new leather rig creaks like a new saddle and brings back so many memories. I think two of my favorite smells are new leather and Hoppe's gun cleaner.

Thanks again

My sister came in my room today and looked at me like I had lost my mind. I was holding the cross draw holder to my nose and smelling the leather. It takes me back so far. I love the smell and I love the holsters. I told you I used them the day after I got them and I have no recollection of either drawing the guns or returning them, so everything had to fit and function so perfectly that it never reached my conscious mind. It doesn't get any better than that.

Thanks again,

Craig Madsen (aka Danite)

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

June 4, 2004

Model: PS1

Bob and Family,

Thank You ! I received my PS1 holster last week and love it. Rides high and tight and functions great. By far the best holster I own. I will recommend your products to everyone I know. This holster not only works just like I need it to but looks great too. Job well done.

Thank you.

Jeffrey D. Sandhofer

Another PS1 Testimonial

June 3, 2004.

Model: CA5/6


I have just received my rig through the order placed by Bill Irvine. Your work is fantastic and I am over the moon with the rig, I can not wait till my next cowboy action shoot to try it out. The 4 month wait for it to come over to Scotland was well worth it, I would have happily waited another four months knowing what I was going to receive. I will definitely be ordering from you again bob.

Thanks Again.

David Murphy _________

Another CA5/6 Testimonial.

June 1, 2004

Model: CA5/6

Just wanted to take a minute and let you know how pleased I am with the holster rig that you made for me. The workmanship is beyond description. The rig positions the pistols exactly where they should be. It is rare that you find something beautiful and is functional also. Once again, thank you and I believe I'll be talking to you soon about the new Cowboy Fast Draw rig that we discussed when I placed this order. Take care and God bless.

Larry Lake

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

May 27, 2004.

Model:  PS6 System REF1

Dear Bob,

I received my holster, pouches and belt yesterday. Great job! Now I know what class is. I had to add a couple of holes to the belt. But, hey! That just gives me an opportunity to brag.

All the best,

Kevin Burns

Another PS6 System Testimonial

May 14, 2004.

Model: CA5/6

Hello Bob;
You outdid yourself on my rig, OUTSTANDING JOB, everything fits perfect, I love the stitching and color You truly know how to make custom holsters. Bob I don't know if you make wrist cuffs or not, let me know if you do, I might get a matching set made.
Thanks again, it's been a pleasure doing business with you.

Pete Kennedy

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

May 12, 2004.

Model: PS6SA

Hey Bob! Stevie B. here. I recd. my PS6SA holster today for my Ruger Single Six 22 w/5.5"barrel, and you may not believe this, but it fit just like it was made for it. Okay, so you are a straight shooter. The holster was beautiful, & top quality all the way. I really appreciate the service & I look forward to doing business with you in the near future for that quick draw rig we spoke about. Talk to you soon sure as shootten.

Stevie B.

Another PS6SA Testimonial

May 11, 2004.

Model: CA5/6

Dear Bob,

The new CA5/6 rig arrived this morning. To say that "I am pleased with it" would be a gross understatement. Both the design, the fit and the craftsmanship are outstanding. In a word it is superb. You may recall when I first spoke with you about a rig, I said I wanted nothing "Flashy". To the contrary, I wished it to be quietly elegant. That is exactly what you crafted and delivered. Please relay my respects to Bonnie for the immaculate engraving.

This rig truly complements the Bowen converted OM Ruger Blackhawk which carries Roy Fishpaw elephant ivory grips and has the receiver case colored by Doug Turnbull.

Thank you for the attention to detail evident in this work.


Jim Jackson
Athens, GA

Another CA5/6 Testimonial

May 10, 2004.

Model: PS6SA

Thanks you very much for the custom holster. It came out even better than I imagined. You do top quality work.

Bob Garner
Hempstead, Texas

Another PS6SA Testimonial

May 4, 2004.

Model:  PS6DA

If you insist on providing exactly what I wanted, very fast and in perfect condition, how the hell are you supposed to improve your service.

The holster arrived today and other than the fact that I donít keep the gun in the office and must therefore assume that it fits, it is perfect.

See you soon.

Stephen G. Price

Another PS6DA Testimonial

April 28, 2004

Model: CA5-6


I just want to let you know the Cowboy Action CA5-6 in Mahogany Brown you made for me arrived by UPS today. Good God, son, you do pretty work!

Besides much praise and such, I do need to make one more adjustment in Order #4546-0416 the FD9 Ref 2 in Mahogany Brown I ordered a few days ago. When I put on the CA5-6 rig, which I did as soon as I busted it out of the shipping box, I found I'd lost some weight and am on the next to the last hole. I ordered the FD9 in 42" as I did the CA5-6 but, if I can, I'd like to change the size to 40" so I can snug the rig up. I think that will give me a perfect fit.

Thank you for being the craftsman you are both with leather and a six-gun.

Donald R. Leach

Another CA5-6 Testimonial

April 27, 2004

Model:  PS6 System REF1


I received my order today. Damn, that's nice! The holster looks good, feels good, and draws quickly. You have earned the highest praise any vendor can earn and that is a word-of-mouth recommendation. I shall be back in the future for more of your handiwork. Great job! 

My Sincerest Appreciation,

Steve Bobbitt
Phoenix, Arizona

Another PS6 System Testimonial

April 26, 2004

Model: PS6SA


I just wanted to say thanks! I received my holster
on Friday afternoon and it fits my Vaquero perfectly.
I am sure this holster will provide years of service
due to the quality.

Joseph P. Chirik

Another PS6SA Testimonial

April 7, 2004.

Model: PS6

I received my holster from you in the mail Friday- a real work of art and a perfect fit.

Dennis Rodenburg

Another PS6 Testimonial

March 24, 2004

Model: PS6SA & PS 18


The UPS man dropped off the PS6-SA and the PS-18 I ordered from you and they are great! both the Vaquero and the Makarov fit great, thanks so much, you'll be getting more of my business in the future.....still need something for that J-frame....until then, thank you very much,

Brad Gentry

Another PS6SA Testimonial

March 23, 2004

Model: SH7

Wow... Congratulations, Bob. That is so cool..!!! Another accolade for you to bring to the table for the work/art that you do so very well. It's great to be able to make and use your work to that end. Did anyone take any pictures? I would love to see one. Feel free to use my note.... And if you want a better picture to use, I can do that too. That one was a little in low light, which I like.. But I can take it outside for a better one, and even put some of this long revolver ammo in the picture, just to give it some scale. LMK

I bet your daughter was very proud of her papa!


Another SH7 Testimonial

March 22, 2004

Model:  PS6DA

Dear Bob,

Once again I am beyond happiness with the results of the latest work you have done for me. I received the PS6DA holster for my S&W M-66 F-comp revolver. As you know this is no lightweight revolver, well with your holster with the belt running through the top slot to give it a bit of a forward cant I hardly know the gun is there. The fit, finish and workmanship are all top notch. You have matched the colors on all the various holsters, magazine carriers, speed loader carriers and belt from orders placed over a period of time. I will always come to you with my equipment needs and spread the word to others of your fine work and the friendly business relationship you and Shari foster. Thanks again for another happy experience, I will be saving up my pennies and talking to you soon as I have just purchased the S&W 500 PC need to get it scoped and then will be looking for something in leather.

Best personal regards to you and family,

Nick Malina

Another PS6DA Testimonial

March 20, 2004

Model: PS6DA


I have been wearing the holster you made for my Smith & Wesson 620-2 with a 3 inch barrel and it is the finest holster I have ever owned!  The gun fits it perfect and it rides close to the body nicely!  It holds this 40+ ounce revolver so snug that it feels like you are wearing a gun half it's weight!  Your website doesn't do your holsters justice.  I am having a Ruger MK-2 engraved and I will look to you for a carved holster fo it, possibly a FC9 with Maple Leaf Carving.

Thanks for the Great Product!  I'll be in touch soon!
Doug Campfield

Another PS6DA Testimonial

March 19, 2004

Model: PS2 Holster
           PS26 Magazine Pouch

Hi Bob,

Just wanted to let you know that I think the PS2 and the PS26 with sewn on loop are fantastic. The PS2 is the most comfortable IWB holster I have worn, and the PS26 is very stable with the sewn on loop. The draw on this is silky smooth, yet providing great retention. I will attempt to wear them out as soon as possible.... which to date has proven impossible with any of your holsters.

I thank you for crafting these exceptional tools to meet my sometimes demanding specs.

David Bailles.

Another PS2 Testimonial

March 18, 2004

Model: PS11-2

Just a quick note to say thanks for the custom holster I received today!!! The handgun fits perfectly and looks and feels terrific!!! I cannot thank-you enough!!! I am looking forward to the picture of the coach-gun "rig" that Bob made for a friend when he gets time to get it (picture). I have many friends and family members that shoot and carry here in Pa that are going to LOVE the holster you made for me, and hopefully will generate some business for you all!!! Thanks again and God bless!!!

Chris Horton

February 24, 2004

Model: CA5/6

Dear Bob & Sherrie,

I ordered my holster just before Christmas of 2003, and received it the first week in February of 2004.

The work man ship is absolutely fantastic, I was very anxious to try it out, so I took it to one of our indoor shoots.

It is just a little to cold for any outdoor shoots, here in the great white north at this time of the year.

The compliments a got on your holster where never ending. Several of us compared it with the evil Roy rig, and the consensus was this rig was as good if not better. You certainly give us value for our money.

Thanks again

Tony líAmi aka Lefty Dutchman
Oakville, Canada

Another CA5/6 Testimonial


February 23, 2004.

Model:  PS6DA

Holster received. Feels, rides and looks beautiful---was surprised, after carrying it for an evening how much more the revolver weight feels in the hand vs the holster.

Thanks so much, and best of luck to you both.

Dick Tenglin

Another PS6DA Testimonial

February 20, 2004

Model: SH6

Just a note this morning to let you know that my wife Debra Roberts received the shoulder holster that I had ordered for her. I must say that she was very pleased with it.
The holster came at just the right time since Monday is her birthday, and I was wondering what to get her.
You can rest assured that you will get all of my holster business, and everyone else's that I know of.

Marion L. Roberts

Another SH6 Testimonial

February 19, 2004

Model: PS6 Ref 14

You guys are the best, I took your advice and put my gun in the holster wrapped in the plastic you sent it in. After just a few draws, the holster was accepting my Beretta perfectly. The tanned vegetable leather was smooth, and seemed as though it was softening before my eyes.

I liked the look of my gun with the holster so much, that I wore it around the house the rest of the evening. (Much to the displeasure of my wife!) I am amazed at how close the holster conforms and hugs to my hip. I have never worn a holster where it is so much like not wearing a sidearm. I liked it so much I think the next purchase will need to be a matching belt.

Thanks Again!
Logan Rees

Another PS6 Testimonial

February 18, 2004

Model: PS6 System


The PS6 system arrived yesterday. It is even better than I expected. With the excellent belt and the design of the high-ride holster, I don't even feel the weight and bulk of a big 1911.

Thanks very much,

Another PS6 System Testimonial

February 12, 2004

Model: FD4

Dear Bob!!

The rig is a beauty! The great attention you've paid to all details in combination with hard-wearing durability makes your work outstanding! It fits perfectly and really hugs my anatomy. I'm very happy indeed! I seem also to have got a lot more than I paid for, so I'm a bit lost for words. My hat's of to you Bob! You've made this my most pleasurable purchase ever. The dedications are also very cool, please pass on my heartfelt thanks to Cal as well!  And of course, to your family, I wish you all the best.

I hope to be able to make a trip to the US within the next couple of years and when I do Iīll be sure to give you a call!

Custom made? It sure is :)

Warmest regards,
Daniel C

Another FD4 Testimonial

February 11, 2004

Model: HW3 Custom
Click Here to see customer photo's

Hello Bob

Finally sending pics. of the criss-cross rig you made to my specifications.

This being the 4th rig you have made for me, you did a tremendous job (as usual) making this rig, & I was so impressed that you kept at it till I was COMPLETELY happy with every aspect of it. If you wish to pass this on, that you actually made this rig 3 times to get everything PERFECT!

My thanks again Bob, for not only your craftsmanship, but the professionalism you display. I recommend you to all my shooting friends.

Wishing you & your family all the best in your new location.

Phil Peterson
"High Country Amigo"

February 10, 2004,

Model: HW16 with HW3 Cross Draw

Dear Bob,
Dear Sherrie,

Here I am back again. I wanted to tell you how satisfied I am with the rig that I bought from you. Everything is just the way I would have wanted it. The dress belts are a delight as well and I love to wear the matching dress belt with the rig, it's such a "watch me". I told you, we are the first Cowboy Action Shooting club over here (CAS is just in it's children shoes in Switzerland) and we are 28 members right now if I get that right. These members were impressed by the quality of your art. Now, there is just one man to impress over here, when it comes to dresses, rigs, guns, authenticity, Hollywood westerns, historically correctness - in short - just everything about the cowboy way. He lives the cowboy way for more than 20 years now - here in Switzerland as (much as you could do that over here). He tried to form a CAS-club already 20 years ago, when IPSC just had learned to walk. He had to wait for a long time until his words were heard and echoed. I am talking about my personal friend and Swiss SASS Territorial Governor "Palouse Creek Hondo", the Swiss guys just call him Hondo. He is the one, consulted by everyone in our club, when one wants to buy a dress, gun leather or guns. He was the one who recommended you, when I was looking for a quality rig. Though he never bought some gun leather from you he told me from the pictures and the way you describe your work on the net, that this must be quality gear. Now that I wear your rig, he could see his predictions proofed. There are just but few guys in our club, that buy from the states themselves, most of the time, Hondo takes care of all overseas orders. This is the reason why I would like to introduce you to my friend. He is going to write you about some specifications for another members holster.

I wish you happy trails, good business... and take care of your Cougar


February 9, 2004

Model: SH7 with Snake Inlay

Bob...picked up the gun and holster today...well worth the wait, the holster and snake skin addition is gorgeous. Fits great and really handles the wait of this big gun great...Thanks again Greg

Another SH7 Testimonial

February 5, 2004

Model: PS6

Hi Bob,

Today I received the two PS-6 holsters for my Glock 33 and my Glock 30, along with the belt I ordered. I felt it only appropriate to drop you a note to let you know I utterly pleased I am with all three items. In short, they are everything I hoped they would be and then some! To be honest, I have never before encountered a holster as well designed, and as well made, as the PS-6. It is the perfect design for my carry needs. Both my Glocks carry high and close with the PS-6 (which I find absolutely necessary for concealment), but the pistols remain rock solid and stable at all times. Perhaps even more importantly, the fit is so perfect that the handguns come out as smoothly as a well-oiled piston in a cylinder when drawn. Frankly, I was amazed at how smoothly they work right out of the box. Most new holsters take a couple of weeks hard wear to break in, and the handgun tends to "stick" until that happens. This is not true with yours. Smoothness is a tremendously important factor for a carry holster, as you obviously understand quite well indeed. The workmanship, weight, finish, and color are also the finest I have encountered. Rest assured, any further needs I have for leather work will be directed to you. Take care. I hope this note finds you and yours well and enjoying a prosperous new year.


Rich Rollins

P.S. I love the belt too, but I am so taken with the holsters I almost forgot to mention it!

Another PS6 Testimonial

January 27, 2004

Model: HW5

Dear Bob:

Many thanks for your very superior workmanship! I've been using your HW5 double rig for over two years now, and so far it appears to be (incoming pun alert!).... bulletproof! No wear spots, no pulled or broken stitches - this rig still looks brand new. Excellent work, indeed, sir!

Now I'm pondering a pair of your PS6SYS rigs, and a question presents itself: Since one of these would be for a S&W Mod. 629 .44Mag with a 3-inch barrel and round butt grip frame (not the Mountain Gun, this is a standard 629 frame (except for the round butt) - standard weight barrel, standard front sight and ejector-rod housing.... but just 3 inches long, as a factory offering about 15+ years ago).... can you build the PS6DASYS to fit this oddball? Big problem, or not? Think of it as just a standard 4-inch 629, with the barrel 1 inch shorter, huh? Hmmm....

Congrats on your move south! Looking forward to hearing from you again -


Kirk Likes
Bailey, Co. USA

Another HW5 Testimonial

January 26, 2004

Model: PS6SA System

Dear Bob,

I received my order about a week ago. Here is my evaluation of it.

In this time, when when the current theology is that ALL holsters must be stiff as a board and wear as comfortable as a short plank, (so that the gun is always kept in the same position when you reach for it). (HAH).
When I first opened the box, I thought, "It looks like a holster, but where's the weight? I can even bend this one." It was a hair on the tight side, but that's good. I stuck the old Colt SA in it and left it for the night. The next morning I examined it and found that it acted as if the gun had grown a second skin. I then tried on the whole rig and found it conformed to my body as if you measured me before building it. Everything totally perfect. I haven't seen this quality of craftsmanship since the days of Chick Gaylord. Only difference I can think of is that his usually cost 2 to 3 times as much as the guns they carried.

You are a true artist, and I thank you.

Ken Douglas
Tavares, FL

January 23, 2004

Model: PS6SA
Click Here to see customer photo's

Hello Bob&Sherrie,

As you know, my PS6SA finally arrived. Although it took longer than anticipated and I was acting like a little kid waiting for Santa Claus to come down the chimney, UPS was not halfway up the walk way and I'm asking where the package is from . This was my first experience ordering a custom made leather product and while I didn't have a point of reference for this type of product, I am very impressed with the quality and service that you offer. Without a doubt, I'll be contacting you again for my next purchase and sharing my pleasant experience with others. Perhaps you will post this on your web site with my compliments along with the attached photos.

John A. Trusewicz
PS.....Please note the snug fit of the NRA's "Silver Bullet Brigade Round" in the PS30 Belt Slide!

John A. Trusewicz

Another PS6SA Testimonial

January 19, 2004

Model: PS6 System REF1


The holster, belt and mag pouch arrived yesterday. Thank you VERY much! I'm extremely impressed with all of the items. The belt is fantastic and the mag pouch is by far the most comfortable I've ever worn in 26 years of carrying a 1911. Everything you told me about the holster really makes sense now. The high ride with the low draw stroke works great. I had the rig on all day yesterday and it was so comfortable that I kept forgetting I was wearing it. I did about a hundred dry fire draw strokes during the course of the day and several dozen reloads. I've never had a rig that didn't need any breaking in and that worked perfectly for the very first draw. AWESOME would be an understatement.

Thanks again! Yours is now my every day carry rig.

Chief Leonard M. Breure

Another PS6 SYSTEM Testimonial

January 14, 2004

Model: PS6

Dear Bob:

Just got my PS6 this morning. I switched it out with what I was carrying, and I really like it so far. I've been having some back problems, which my inside-the-pants holsters seem to aggravate a bit. My full-size 9X23 1911 rides like an alloy Commander in this rig, and it's almost as concealable as what I usually wear, at least under a sport coat. I think it may even help my back! The workmanship is superb. After I wear it awhile, if it continues to work as I expect it to, I'm either going to order another in a different belt width, or I'll order one of your double-thickness belts, or
both! Thanks!

John P. LeVick

Another PS6 Testimonial

January 9, 2004

Model:  PS1

Dear Bob and Sherrie:

I received the PS-1 with the snake inlay. It arrived in a timely fashion just as Sherrie promised. Thank you so much. It fits perfectly and the workmanship is marvelous. It will serve me well as my "grab and go" set up.

I have already recommended you to several others and will continue to do so. Thanks again for a job well done.

I trust you are enjoying your new home.

Ken Little

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