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  Read Customer comments about this product!



This is where it all started for me. As a young man trying to make his mark in the sport I had a real problem trying to find a holster that I could adjust to fit me. I found that most builders built so rigid a product that you had to stand like the designer or it would not work. After many years of design changes and testing I was able to take my product into the field and set numerous world records.

The product that you see is a result of those many years of testing. The shanks of all my fast draw holsters can be tweaked to fit the person using it. I also encourage you to do so because no two shooters stand the same. I am very honored to have World Champions and World Record holders using my products. Renowned shooters like Cal Elrich, Dinah Elrich, Ted Blocker, Jim Vonfeldt and Suzie Vonfeldt all use Mernickle Custom Holsters.

In May 1998 the fastest traditional shot in the world was fired by Ed Thielke of Portland, Oregon in 23.6 100ths of 1 second using the Cal Elrich Signature Series rig and a Ruger single action. This is the most complete line of holsters dedicated to the sport of Fast Draw because no two shooters draw and shoot the same.

All our Fast Draw holsters  come with a built-in "SAFELEG" deflect system.  SAFELEG was designed to deflect only WAX  bullets used in the sport of fast draw (see the close-up of the FD7 for a view).

Please visit my Fast Draw Techniques page for tips on maximizing your speed out of these holsters.

The holster on the cover of this novel by
Robert J. Thomas is the FD7
The Reckoning" was the first in a planned
series of westerns based on the character of
Jess Williams.  There are 3 novels now

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Womens'   Fit

Mernickle Custom Holsters can custom build your
rig to fit the curves of a women. Just remember
to mention it when ordering.