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Model: BW1 Ref5
Finish Shown: Full carve with spots and silver conchos and buckles by Wages Silversmith
Color Shown: Black
Price: $999.95


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You asked for it - we made it!  A full blown B-Western rig with dual muzzle forward holsters.  This is one tricked out unit.  Cathy (our carver) never lets us down when it comes to style.  We hope you enjoy!


This system was designed by World Fast Draw champion Bob Mernickle to be the fastest system money can buy in this style of shooting.   Taking the ideas of both great sports, Bob has designed a shooting system that will meet the demands of the most discriminating Cowboy Action Shooter.  He has recognized that getting the gun back in the holster as fast as it came out is of equal importance.

All our "B Western" holsters are loaded with the following features:


-     The belt has a unique contour  to the back which depicts the way the belts were designed during the Hay days of the B-Western movies.

Wider slot area. When we cut the slot and produce the holster to hang off it we make it considerably wider than a normal slot found on a buscadero or Hollywood style drop loop system. This stabilizes the holster to a much higher degree helping to stop the flopping around when running from stage to stage.

-     Our B-Western holsters have been developed using the same metal technology found in our popular . This includes stabilizing the gun when running with a calculated retention factor yet allowing the gun to come out with ease when being drawn.

-     Each holster has an outward lip curl to help with a faster re-entry of the gun.

The tie down has a small piece of leather attached with a slot in it to go over the hammer. When slipped off the hammer, the weight of it keeps it low and out of the way when drawing the gun.

-     All our B-western belts come Swede lined so with the weight of the guns and belt it does not slide down on the body.

When being made for a lady we will automatically curve the belt to fit the body contour correctly.

This system can be made for all hand guns used in the B-western class.

-     The B-western shooting system is also used in most other classes shot under SASS rules.

Now you can dress the part and have a ball. 

-     Bob Mernickle (signature)

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