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Model: BW1 Ref11
Finish Shown: Custom Conchos and Name Plate
Color Shown: Mahogany Brown with Black Background


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Again Mernickle Holsters is proud to display the Holster that was built for the winning bidder at the 2010 Boy Scout Auction. As before 100% of the money raised went directly to the Boy Scouts Of America (Fernley Chapter). The winning bidder wrote their check to the boy scouts aw we built and presented him with the holster pictured here. With a little of the bidders input we created a holster around his personality. He liked turquoise so we went ahead and had custom Conchos made with the turquoise stones installed in them. Then we custom ordered spots also with the same stone. We have a number of people to thank for putting this together.

Chris- for getting it all cut out and doing the final mold.

Cathy- for the great carve job along with the hand painted background.

 Coast Silver for all the silver work

Herman OAK- for their great leather

Stormie- for all the stitching

Patty- for all the spot work

Amy along with Bob for all the final fit and finish checks

This rig leaves our shop as a labor of love by all those involved.

It is again with thanks to the winning bidder that made this project possible

On behalf of the boy Scouts we thank you

 Bob and Sherrie Mernickle


The Evil Roy "ER1" is loaded with features:


An up-graded 2 1/2" wide belt (from the original 2")

Heaver leather belt construction to stabilize the belt on the body better.

7 holes in place of the original 5 for more adjustment to the belt. (winter/summer clothes)

Heavier two ply leather construction on the holster for longer years of hard usage

Stronger thread for both longer lasting stitches and a nicer cosmetic appeal.

A thick Suede belt lining to keep it where you want.( Not where it wants to go)

A stronger metal lining to keep the holster opening more rigid.

A contoured Mexican loop shank to easily get the thumb behind the gun

A wider opening to allow a faster one hand re-entry with out the fear of the guns cylinder hanging up on the edge of the holster.

Easy snap on, snap off speed load shell carriers.

High set shell positioning for a faster grab during a mandatory re-load.

An attractive 1800's style full boarder tooling job

A beautifully engraved tri-color 5 point star