Cowboy Action

Cowboy Action
CA24/24:  "Star of the Plains"  Full Double Rig
Finish: Plain

This complete double-gun rig comes with 25 loops on each belt, and each holster gets a genuine silver star. Both holsters are double laminated leather. The holster has a special lock-down screw on the back so after you adjust the holsters to your comfort you can tighten these screws and they won't move around. These holsters come with original "clip corner" buckles that do up on the same side, and come with snaps so you can change them to your own buckles if you wish.

Our PriceUS$489.95
Weight 4


The sport of Cowboy Action shooting is growing at a tremendous rate, and whether you are there for the fun and camaraderie or out to try and beat the worlds best, these holsters are for you.
 The CA2, CA4, CA5, CA6 and CA5-6 Cowboy Action belts and holsters were created especially for the world of COWBOY ACTION (tm) shooting. These holsters and belts are made with the realization that it is as important to get the gun back quickly into the holster as it is to draw it out. Our holsters are set up to do just that. The holsters have a lip curl so when you reholster, the cylinder will not hang up. They come with a minimum amount of retention yet enough that you won't loose the gun running from stage to stage. All the CA series belts have 25 loops so you have 5 rounds of 5. The only exception is the CA2, which comes with 36 loops.
 In this series of holsters we have developed a feature called the "lock system". This system allows the shooter to set the holsters where they want it and they will stay put. The full "CA" series line of belts and holsters, with the exception of the CA7, is fully lined with 6/7-oz vegetable tanned tooling leather. This is the same leather we use on the face of all our holsters. Our full "CA" Series line (with the exception of the CA7) comes with full border tooling.
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