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Model: ERWB1 Ref1
Finish Shown: US Stamp Series
Color Shown: Saddle Tan, also available in Mahogany Brown or Black

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This system was designed in a joint effort by World Cowboy Action Champion” Evil Roy” and World Fast Draw  champion “Bob Mernickle” When SASS introduced the Wild bunch category for the “Cowboy Action Shooting Society”

It was only natural that these two champions put there heads together and created the ultimate shooting system for the sport. What was created was a holster system that would look like something that could have been built at the turn of the century yet possess state of the art speed and accuracy shooters have come to expect from a Mernickle/Evil Roy rig.  The holster is hard moulded to never loose its shape even after 1000’s of draws and re-holstering. The grip frame is spaced away from the body so you get a full combat grip on the gun. Then we include the T-nut lock system to ensure the holster stays in place during a draw.  From there we went to the mag pouch.

These are spaced just right so when you grab one mag,  the second is not in your way. They are also accessed above the belt line so the belt does not interfere with the draw.  Also the mags are set at the max depth required by the sport and no more so you get a full grip and the ability to index with your forefinger for a rapid mag well insert. We didn’t stop there. We went on to the belt. We used a 10 oz leather then backed it with the best suede available to insure that when you put the belt on it stays put. We also included 10 rounds of extra shell split up between the Proudly displayed “US” stamp that was on all the early military products. Also note the stopper plate to be sure the Rimless 45”s do not slip through the loops.

We then finished it off, proudly displaying the Mernickle Holster/Evil Roy Wild Bunch Stamp of authenticity .

Although this holster system was designed  for Cowboy Action Shooting it will find a fun and exiting home in IPSC as well.

Another optional use for this rig is hunting and everyday field use. The versatility in this rig is only stopped by your imagination

Although this system was designed  for the 1911 we have also made a pattern for the M9 Beretta that our fighting forces carry on there side every day all around the world. This can be ordered by special request.


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