Your rig will only fit as well as the measurement you provide.

Measuring for your custom built gun rig.

 It is a common thought that a pant size works for a gun belt measurement. That is incorrect!  A pant size has no bearing on the information we require to build your rig.

 Please follow the procedures below for a correct fit.

Man's measurement.

The difference between a pant size and a real taped measurement can be as much as 6".  For example,  a person wearing a 34 pant can measure out to somewhere between 39 to 41 actual inches.

A taped measurement on men should be taken 2" below the hip bone or if wearing a pant belt the same 2" drop can be measured from the underside of the belt. All measurements should be taken with the clothes on that you would normally wear when wearing your holster set (jeans work well).  When measuring pull the tape snug but not tight

 The women's measurement is a little different.

Pick the spot that is centered between the navel (belly button) and the crotch. Then run the tape around your body. Pull the tape snug but not tight. For best results wear a pair of jeans when doing this.

If this guideline is followed there should never be a miss-measured product


Bob Mernickle