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Authentic Western

Authentic Western (15)

The full line of "Authentic Western Series" holsters and belts are a collection of designs that were used in and around the beginning of the 1870's, towards the end of the 1890's. These belts and holsters were picked because of their popularity as well as being a good holster to use in the ever growing sport of Cowboy Action Shooting.

What we have done here is to let you (the customer) decide what you would like to match with what. Also, any holster you might see and like can be ordered in left, right. We have set it up in a way that you design your own shooting system. This will make it very hard for everyone to look the same; as every one's taste is different. In addition, we have put our top gear together into three "systems" to help your decision making process.

Remember, these holsters and belts can be ordered in any of the available colors.

Childrens Holsters

Childrens Holsters (1)

This is a children's holster and is available up to 33" (actual) inches around the hip bones. It is designed to accept most small frame singe action hand guns. Ex - 32 H&R, 22 Single six etc.


Conceal-Carry (71)

Our line of concealment products has been developed for maximum concealment. The first holster in the Performance series was the PS6 and is called the Extreme. This holster is probably the highest rig on the market, yet when you draw the gun your end of barrel will clear at the top of the belt line. Even though you start with a high draw, your finished draw is lower than most other brands of holsters on the market.

We took this concept and applied it to every concealed product we make. All our concealed holsters are made of the highest grade vegetable tanned leather that we double laminate to provide a firmer longer lasting product.
Our Inside the Waist Band holsters are no exception to the rule. We design this holster so the finished draw is to the top of the belt. Also, our IWB products are metal lined so that when you draw the gun a one handed re-holster is easily done.

Conceal-Carry Systems

Conceal-Carry Systems (16)

Our line of concealment products has been developed for maximum concealment. The first holster in the Performance series was the PS6 and is called the Extreme. This holster is probably the highest rig on the market, yet when you draw the gun your end of barrel will clear at the top of the belt line. Even though you start with a high draw, your finished draw is lower than most other brands of holsters on the market.

We took this concept and applied it to every concealed product we make. All our concealed holsters are made of the highest grade vegetable tanned leather that we double laminate to provide a firmer longer lasting product.

Click on the pictures on this page to view a larger image, or click on the descriptions under the pictures (if any) to view alternative pictures of that holster.

Cowboy Action

Cowboy Action (50)

The sport of Cowboy Action shooting is growing at a tremendous rate, and whether you are there for the fun and camaraderie or out to try and beat the worlds best, these holsters are for you.

The CA2, CA4, CA5, CA6 and CA5-6 Cowboy Action belts and holsters were created especially for the world of COWBOY ACTION (tm) shooting. These holsters and belts are made with the realization that it is as important to get the gun back quickly into the holster as it is to draw it out. Our holsters are set up to do just that. The holsters have a lip curl so when you reholster, the cylinder will not hang up. They come with a minimum amount of retention yet enough that you won't loose the gun running from stage to stage. All the CA series belts have 25 loops so you have 5 rounds of 5. The only exception is the CA2, which comes with 36 loops.

In this series of holsters we have developed a feature called the "lock system". This system allows the shooter to set the holsters where they want it and they will stay put. The full "CA" series line of belts and holsters, with the exception of the CA7, is fully lined with 6/7-oz vegetable tanned tooling leather. This is the same leather we use on the face of all our holsters. Our full "CA" Series line (with the exception of the CA7) comes with full border tooling.

Be sure to check out our line of Cowboy Shoulder Holsters.


Cowboy Action - High Performance

Cowboy Action - High Performance (18)

The NEW HP1REF1 comes with a lot of new design ideas .
Here are just some of them.
- We have dropped the holster down 1 " lower than anything we have done before
making for an easier reach for the gun.
- We have cut the front down to allow a full thumb landing on the upper frame for
those who do a gun transfer.

- For gun transfer we now do a taper below the trigger guard that tapers to the point
where the guard meets the frame allowing the center finger to reach under the
guard for a one hand draw keeping the grip fame completely free of the hand.
This makes doing a gun transfer easier than ever thought possible. The side
has been dropped and then flared out for the easiest re-holster ever!

- The new "WR " Wrist Relief! This is designed into the angle of the holster
so when you reach for a gun you will not have to flex your wrist back to grab the
gun yet you will be able to bring the gun straight up for an extremely fast draw
with the quickest accessibility to the front site ever!

- The newly designed "Speed Load " shell holder no longer needs a stopper plate
under the shells and can be staged at any height you the shooter would like to
see them at. Also you no longer have to pull the shell straight up.
You are free to choose the angle of grab which suits your shooting style the most.

- Then to finish all this off we have had a new dye lot created called
Gunfighter Brown"

Now you can shoot fast, be accurate and look good at the same time.
It doesnt get any better than that!

High Performance Shooting Systems

Cowboy Action - Mounted

Cowboy Action - Mounted (9)

This rig was designed for the Mounted Cowboy  & Cowgirl.  It has higher sides to give better gun retention while allowing an extremely fast draw.  It works equally well in Cowboy action. The main difference between this and our popular CA5/6 is the gun sits a little deeper.

Cowboy Action - Quick Cal

Cowboy Action - Quick Cal (17)

This is the Quick Cal Cross Draw Series. Quick Cal is one of the fastest shooters in the sport. And for Good reason. He has been in Various competitive Shooting sports for most of his life. The big thing he learned is, if you don't have the right equipment then the task at hand becomes increasingly difficult. As a Professional Fast Draw shooter, to shooting on the US team in IPSC and now to Cowboy Action, Quick Cal learned you are only as good as your equipment will let you be. Quick Cal and Bob Mernickle have been friends for over 30 years. He spent a great part of his Fast Draw life using Mernickle Custom Holsters. So when it came time to get a Cowboy Action Holster he came to Bob. Quick Cal and Bob Mernickle worked together to develop a holster system that would work exactly the way he wanted to shoot. Quick but accurate! Quick Cal uses the Cross Draw method and wanted it to be Fast and safe - with the emphasis on safe. Quick Cal says we have succeeded in both areas.

Cowboy Fast Draw

Cowboy Fast Draw (26)

Membership applications, CFDA Gunslinger's Guidelines and more at:



Dress Belts & Buckles

Dress Belts & Buckles (30)



We are so sure that you will like and wear these belts daily, that we offer a five year  replacement warranty against defects in material or workmanship. No other company that we are aware of, offers this type of warranty.

At MCH we realize most of our belts are used in the daily carry of a gun. All our belts are designed to have little or no side flex to them. This stops a high ride holster from tipping out at the top (remember, when packing an auto you have a gun that is top heavy). The second thing and equally important is when carrying a gun all day it tends to get heavy in the carry area. Our belts are designed to distribute the weight through the full side of the body making long period carry much more comfortable. With these features in mind, this makes the Mernickles Belt line the ideal everyday use product for many years to come.

All belts are available in three different widths (same price): 1 1/4 inch, 1 1/2 inch (our most popular) and 1 3/4 inch, and are available in four colors.


Exotic (1)


Field Carry

Field Carry (23)


Hollywood Automatic

Hollywood Automatic (5)

This is our Hollywood Buscadero western drop loop holster for Automatics.  This holster can be made for most full frame autos.  The security strap may differ from model to model to ensure a safe carry.


Hollywood Western

Hollywood Western (27)

All of these products are metal lined between two layers of leather in the holster to insure that when you draw the gun, it will come out clean and smooth without binding. All our Hollywood's are designed to depict the golden era of the Hollywood cowboy (and cowgirl). These Western Holsters are also available in a 'Lady Cut' belt designed for a more comfortable wear.


Ladies Speed Purses - Carry Bags

Ladies Speed Purses - Carry Bags (18)

The Mernickle  SPEED PURSE - Ladies Speed Purses - Carry Bags

We had thoughts of actually building our own Speed purse when along came Gun Totin Mama's with their new innovative line of Purses. We were so impressed with the quality, usability and price points, collaborating with them became a no brainer. Now we are able to present purses designed by women for women. These designs show what is needed to comfortably work out of the purse day after day plus provide ease of access to the gun.

Bob Mernickle

Screw Knives

Screw Knives (5)

Each knife is hand made meaning no two are ever exactly the same. All   pictures are a likeness of the knife in its category. Redwing knives come with a limited lifetime warranty.

This famous knife was designed and manufactured by Redwing. Anyone on the shooting line will enjoy its ability. The end of the knife is an actual screwdriver that can tighten down screws at a moments notice on the line. The other feature is in cowboy action and its ability to eject a stuck round in the lever gun or shotgun.

 All Redwing screw knife measurements are approximate: Shaft Length 2 1/2" Handle 3" Overall 5 1/2"

Because all knives are handmade, lengths will vary slightly but all will fit our
"Knife holster / sheath"

All knives are usually in stock and available for immediate shipping.

Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder Holsters (11)

With these unique shoulder rig you have the choice of a single holster, a holster and an 18 round shell holder, or two holsters (double rig - no shell holder). The straps fit up to 48 inch chest, and the angle of the holster and shell holder are fully adjustable. Be sure to check out the picture of the Double Shoulder Rig in wear position, as well as a close-up of the carved holster. Note: Due to space limitations on the shell holder, carving is only available as an option on the actual holster.


Special Interest

Special Interest (4)

This was designed after the most recognized holster used on the Paladin series that ran from 1957 through 1963 on CBS television.

Our popular CFD5 was the base for building this rig. The new SI1 fits all the legal criteria to compete in the sport of Cowboy Fast Draw. We will make this in both 4.5 and 5.5 inch lengths.

In keeping with the original concept of the TV series we will only be making this on the CFD5 base and for the drop loop people we will be making it on the HW3 series base. The HW3 series  style cannot be used in Cowboy Fast Draw.  You will have a lot of fun with this rig.

Wild Bunch Series

Wild Bunch Series (14)

Wild Bunch Shooting Systems

World Fast Draw

World Fast Draw (5)

This is where it all started for me. As a young man trying to make his mark in the sport I had a real problem trying to find a holster that I could adjust to fit me. I found that most builders built so rigid a product that you had to stand like the designer or it would not work. After many years of design changes and testing I was able to take my product
into the field and set numerous world records.

The product that you see is a result of those many years of testing. The shanks of all my fast draw holsters can be tweaked to fit the person using it. I also encourage you to do
so because no two shooters stand the same. I am very honored to have World
Champions and World Record holders using my products. Renowned shooters like Cal
Elrich, Dinah Elrich, Ted Blocker, Jim Vonfeldt and Suzie Vonfeldt all use Mernickle Custom Holsters.

In May 1998 the fastest traditional shot in the world was fired by Ed Thielke of Portland, Oregon in 23.6 100ths of 1 second using the Cal Elrich Signature Series rig and a Ruger single action. This is the most complete line of holsters dedicated to the sport of Fast Draw because no two shooters draw and shoot the same.

All our Fast Draw holsters  come with a built-in "SAFELEG" deflect system.  SAFELEG
was designed to deflect only WAX 
bullets used in the sport of
fast draw
(see the close-up of the FD7 for a view).

Please visit my
Fast Draw Techniques page for tips on maximizing your speed out of these holsters.

World Fast Draw Association